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Famous Facial FLora Flora Scrub

Omhealth facial Flora scrub was launched in 2004 at Toa Payoh Safra. That day it was a 5 element exercise class and , i happily bring a scrub to the class and apply to everyone's hand and ask them to scrub and try out. It was amazing.
Image result for facial scrub gallery
And this scrub has been around for 13 years. Can u believe a scrub can be in the market for 13 years.

omhealth facial scrub is very powerful technology is enriched with herbs and vanilla and bio jojoba round beads , it is mild which very effective and thoroughly remove dead skin cells at the same time provides skin with precious nourishments and to moisturise and refine the skin.

U wil definitely feel smoother and finer and fairer.
Once the dead skin is removed  ur skin can absorb the flora water and serum easily.

I am proud to tell all, omhealth so far is one of the only group selling fresh facial flora water.....

Specification of omhealth facial flora scrub

1) Gently exfoliate and reduce formation of black and white heads.
2) Cleanse deep layer of skin for better absorp of ur skin care
3) Balance oil production
4) Revitalise skin texture and makes skin softer and smoother
5) fairer complexion
6) Make up glides easily and looks natura;

( An old article back than)

Lately if you find your skin extremely dehydrated. Is time to take some action.

A) Drink enough water is so important. Sometimes we can be so busy and totally forget to drink enough water. If this carry on for days, ur skin will be so dehydrated the 5th day.

Things to DO!

A) Exfoliate Your Skin (2  times a week)

i) Exfoliate your skin with this Vanilla Flora Facial Scrub. Regular exfoliation achieves a visibly clearer skin and thereby unclogging pores and preventing formation of pimples , white and black heads.
I find that in Singapore we can easily get clogged pores. The office dust and also the sunblock and foundation if never cleanse proper... It can create this problems.

Omhealth Antiage Flora scrub contains herbs that is so gentle and yet power to skin. Many use this scrub and love it immediately. Because the technology of round sphere.

For all, if can using lavender water or rose water with cottom wipe face is good, if no make up in office, if everyday lunch wipe face with rose or lavender water, ur skin will be very nice.
But those with makeup, go home after cleanser face, remember use the rose otto water to wipe face.

Try Vanilla Flora Scrub (It was first launched at Toa Payoh Safra in 2006, and many till today use this scrub) 10 years le almost.

New skin cells are created in the skin’s inner layer (dermis). As they form form, the old, dead skin cells are pushed to the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). These dead cells gradually flake off. But some of them hang on for too long, making your complexion look dull & rough and clogs your pores causing acne & other blemishes. Exfoliating the skin removes these dead cells.

A Powerful Facial Scrub $45
A powerful Organic Lavender water. $45
A Powerful Rose Otto hydrosol. $45
A powerful pearl powder white clay mask $45
A8D DragonBlood Gel $80

Lao Shi Lavender water is famous de, Use as toner or hydrating agent to soothe the skin.

Antiage Flora scrub with Vanilla extract

Vanilla helps in moisturizing and hydrating skin. It can also help in sloughing away dead and damaged skin cells, bringing about a radiant glow to the complexion.
Provides: soothing effect on skin which makes it especially beneficial for use on sun-damaged and inflamed skin.

Imagine a scrub that is packed with loads of natural plant extract and is free from chemicals. Once you use it you will know.
As out skin turned matured, performing scrub is necessary. But using wrong products to scrub face will create more damage than help.

Benefits of this Vanilla extract Facial Scrub

Major Benefits of using Face Scrub:

• They help to remove and Grim the dirt:

The first benefits of using face scrub is it helps to remove the Grim, whether it’s Grim from a hard day’s work or sweat from a long gym session, there are departing to be juncture when your skin needs a yawning clean up steps a face scrub.

• Spot Prevention and Clearer Complexion:

It helps to attain spot prone skin, all of above it removes the oil from the skin.

• Make improve your shave:

The dead skin that clog up your razor, lift tough hairs of beard, as well as it also remove and prevent the nasty ingrown hair.

• Flake Free Skin:

Another important feature and benefit of using herbs fresh scrub is flake free skin, and divulge the black spots and dry or dead skin. Its instant reaction leads to reach for the moisturizer but the answer lie with exfoliation.

• Scrub Complex:

Then here is another important benefit of using face scrub and that is it helps in boosting against aging complexion. Because our skin is actually very good at repairing itself, regenerating around every thirty days. But as we hit the thirty so the regeneration process get slow down, so in such case you should to use face scrub.

For beginners:

Anitage set: $215: Refer to , in the comment u can change to rose water or other moisturiser of same value

A) Cleanser, Lavender water, Antiage Serum, Perfectionist Moisturiser


Scrub alone: $45

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life story Updated

At my age now if people still ask me what is quality of ur oil.... Is like asking a uncle selling a kuek 30 years and u ask him, uncle is ur kuek fresh ahahha.

U can read the  life story newbies...
is at Chapter 19
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Granduer Facial oil powerful

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Live with Students on quality of oil ( Peace ah... for newbies)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Beauty 15th FUll Moon Tea

This is a special tea that is compressed of fruits and seeds. I can say is a foodcure than medicine tea.

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1) American Gingseng  5 thin slice
2) Wu wei zi  15-20 seeds
3) Red dates 2 Smash it with fingers
4) Mai Dong 10 pieces

All in 2 cups of water boil for 20mins.

This tea

ontain loads of Vitamin A,C B1, B2, protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. This makes them great for people suffering and recovering from tiredness In particular,  It stimulate the production of white blood cells – which improves immunity and protects the liver.

It strengthening the liver, kidney,spleen and stomach Qi (energy) – which in turns helps to digest food, tonify blood and tranquilize the mind.

So is good for mental fatigue too and skin dull dull.


Latest Products that helps u safe $$$$ and brings tons of benefits:>

1) Rose C Serum: This is a fountain of cell repair serum it has protective flowers properties, firming and is a powerful serum for fresh luminous skin. Apply after cleansing toning and this Rose C serum.


Market this kind is ($180)

2) True Brightening Moisturiser:
No automatic alt text available.

Is a cream to replace snow cream because after each use, ur skin will feel rested, and boost up pumping the skin up and bouncy. This is a blend of science and nature:> Use for day or night .
Once apply it is like a moulds of Kuek that stick to ur skin seamlessly to shield ur skin and brighten ur skin. And ur contour will be so nice.


( market this kind is $320)

3) Milk Day Moisturiser:

Many asked me to re launch day hydrator . So i decide to launch a new Day Milk lotion. Is for all skin type. The texture suit singapore weather. It leaves skin a velvety finish and refine ur fine lines. Provide long day hydration
This is a light weight moisturiser than instantly smoothen ur skin


(market this kind is $235)
4) A8D Dragonblood Gel
The power of Dragonblood trees celle unique gel water liquid care to heal , rejuvenate skincell, skin booster renewal and known for being champion in antiaging products. It has firming properties
Dragonblood tree survie in harsh environment and it has a exceptional properties that do alot to ur skin and regenrate skin youthfulness.


for shopping cart

(full set of Day Milk, True Brightening moisturiser (use evening) and ROse C serum ) is $150 using email order and shopping cart is $152

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omhealth Charity Group

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rooster Year and Health

2017 is 治暗病年
 (1 in every 12 years, there is a symbolic chinese tradition according to Grandma ma time that Rooster year is a anti hidden illness year.

For this I will be organising two important workshop for health and beauty.
2nd April 2017 and Also 20 year anniversary October time 2017.

2017: Powerful soup is 佛手瓜soup!  I will share in the talk.

Please register fast the 2nd April 2017 talk as it will be a chit chat and valuable workshop to answer things from kwa sha, acupressure, meridians.

2017 I wish all good health. Go see Dr Xu li li one time or ur favourite TCM to tune ur body ok. I am not spokesman for any people or brand. But she is a good doctor.

2017 we will also donate more medicine to organisations:> Stay tune

8th Jan 2017: welcome 2017 (religious content) will have many powerful topics how to have a better 2017
Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting

Rooster represent Good Health and once in 12 years

For new students u can come to this class .

they was a saying according to the weather and planets. Is a year where we can overcome many hidden illnesses.

Because of that I will be celebrating my 20th year anniversary between August 2017 to October 2017 one of the date.

Also 2nd April 2017 is a special date health and beauty with Bryan Part One (the one is a name, there is no part 2). Is a talk for all to attend and some students even attended 6 times still come because there is alot of informations:>


Health and Beauty with bryan lao Shi part ONE
2nd April 2017
National Library
930am to 12pm

Aroma acupressure music therapy with bryan lao Shi

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Firming Moisturiser

Omhealth moisturiser which has firming effect are

Marine Collagen (since 2001)
Super A8D dragonblood gel

Now we have

Day Hydration Milk Lotion, True Brightening Moisturiser
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omhealth has tailored made a moisturiser that is formulated for brightening and also skin firming ingredients.

This introduces a an automate powerful ingredients with remarkable chemical free ingredients that effectively can be used by even pregnant woman.

Many Singaporean skin are dehydrated and fragile . This complex helps to attract and retain water for good long lasting hydration.


My rose C serum is a very powerful brightening serum for daily skin usages.

Hope u enjoy omhealth skincare products. Time has changed. Last time i tot good quality skincare is important. Lately than i find packaging also de. I slowly improve ok:>


As a first beauty step; Cleanse ur face with omhealth astiquer cream cleanser. Use cotton with rose or lavender water on skin. Than apply one of my serum and follow by moisturiser.

new year have a good great skin ok:>

Monday, January 2, 2017

Powerful Launch of Skincare

Hi do email to with mobile and address and will courier. Please make payment before we send ok:>

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A)  Hydration Day Milk Moisturizer  ($55)

This texture takes me 4 years to research for Singaporeans skin and easy absorb yet good for sensitive skin and nutrients absorption.
And i proudly replace the algae series moisturiser with this. And is really amazing the texture.

Hydration Day Facial Milk comprises hydrating, nourishing and enriching ingredients formulated to help protect the face from dehydration and environmental damage
Design for Singaporeans skin and weather.
Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free;silicone-free, artificial colour-free.

B) Rose C Brightening Serum  ($55)
No automatic alt text available.
A super hydrating serum enriched with Hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, honey and macadamia oil for an intense moisture boost and also Rainforest plumfor brightening the complexion.

Algae collagen : Hydrating extract with excellent skin feel for day-long moisturisation and repair.
Rose:  Skin repair properties and light aroma
Certified organic Honey:  is also a rich source of antioxidant flavonoids and phenolic acids for skin repair.
White Kaolin: Dissolve impurities
Jojoba: o protect from environmental pollutants.
Macadamia: Rich in Omega 7 fatty acid which has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Great for skin rejuvenation and moisturisation. Light skin feel.
Hyyaroulnic: binds over 600 times its weight in moisture to keep the skin looking hydrated and feeling smooth.

C) True Moisturizer  ($55)

This Anti-Ageing Face Cream is enriched with antioxidant Resveratrol and White Tea for all-round anti-ageing benefits. It has power C works to help u achieve a bright and even complexion plus the famous hyaluronic acid boosts skin hydration throughout the day.
Directions: Massage onto face and neck until fully absorbed. Use morning and night after applying omhealth serum (rose C serum or antiage serum or magwhite serum(night)

New Year Special Blog readers 15 sets $150 for 3 and courier fees is $5 ok because of the rise le and also festive.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

21 st December dong zhi

Go unity pharmacy 

Get a vitamin that day for yourself or elderly! Or u can go any pharmacy ! I go unity because they support elderly!

Well get a vitamin c, Swiss brand is good!
Get a joint care protect joint! Is a special day people take supplement and kick start new lne

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi Part ONE

for old friends and newbies must come:>

Sleep Quality Tea

Dont forget

2nd April 2017
Health and Beauty with Bryan Part ONE
Fees: $38
Time: 930am to 12pm
Door gifts included
Old and new friends do join in:>

They say is an era , people dont attend workshop anymore as informations are flooded in youtube etc...

But those who attend my workshop will know what is a health and beauty talk. I teach u the structure and from there u excel....

Live 845am on a tea 15 Dec 2017

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

neck bone degeneration (is not that bad)

Disclaimer: Below are information base on my research and findings and at anytime u have health issues do consult doctor and omhealth not responsible for like teach u things still need kana . so I don't disclaim here , don't know why must write this kind statement, share also need protect myself nowsaday

when we see a doctor for this issue because many times doctor is not us and sometimes the remedies they give and advice cant be extreme but again is good to see doctor and listen. But whether painkillers u wan take long term check with a TCM is good.
Alwayr remember ur body can heal itself with proper care.


I have this cervical Spine bone generation back in 2001 when I first discover why I always have headache and neckache. That time I was very worried and the AH doctor say nothing to do but pain killers (they give me a big pack).
But as a beginners of natural therapist I ask around doctors and friends and TCM professor. They say is very common people have that. When first discover will be pain pain all the time but with proper
food, stretch , exercise, ur body slowly will adapt to it and be normal.

So after 17 years, uncle me is the best example. I have neckache once a blue moon but is because of over exercise and sleep less when have seminar.

1) I use 3 oil method (please refer all the 3 oil method under the label beside
2) I twice a week, use warm towel with bryan relax blend compress neck to improve circulation
3) Once a month I may or may not go see a very food chiropractor
( now chiro has many, some are $$$$$, good one, is u go 1-2 times ok wont ask u go again. Please check around) And once chiro le, rest well.

4) I take lingzhi for 3 months, Joint care and calcium(last time I take other brand but I research calcilum must be plant and have frankincense). Joint must take the collagen one. So the 3 leg brand is best.
5) I do stretch or lie down on floow do breathing exercise because the  hard floor is like a natural chiropractor.

Slowly ur body will adapt and changes form and u ok.

I tell u la, 7 out of 10 people of above 40 go x ray, all like neck bone narrow.
Oh also take B complex and vitamin C first month daily after that 3 times aweek.

Oh also take B complex and vitamin C first month daily after that 3 times aweek.

Image result for spondylosis neck pain

so warm up and simple TCM kwa sa is very benficial. SAll these year I found that oil works wonder and also keep neck warm and choosing good pillow is good.

It is a condition involving changes to the bones, discs, and joints of the neck. These changes are caused by the normal wear-and-tear of aging. But most of time now is people always use Phone.

The discs of the cervical spine gradually break down, lose fluid, and become stiffer.
Cervical spondylosis usually occurs when u are 35 but uncle me appear at 28

As a result of the degeneration of discs and other cartilage, spurs or abnormal growths called osteophytes may form on the bones in the neck.
These abnormal growths can cause narrowing of the interior of the spinal column or in the openings This often  cause neck pain and stiffness,

Image result for stretching cervical spondylosis

Left top follow arrow pull back. Right side both arms push forehead to back

Apply 3 oil and cream and stay this posture for awhile
Image result for crocodile posture yoga
Image result for yoga crocodile posture

Image result for Cervical Neck Pain Exercises

Today is known as 大雪season

Hi all hope you have been doing well.

Taking care of health is something we should look into it when we are healthy.

Times has changed . I still remember back in 80s, 90s, 2000s early people love to attend health workshop and talks. But now if u look at the trend, youngster or even you may not attend a physical workshop because the youtuu is flooded with informations.

But sad to say so many informations are half way correct and people follow blindly. Attending a workshop physically is very good because u see, u interact and u learn . The energy that u learn from a teacher can immediately affect ur meridians and feel the importance of wellness.

I hope all can renew your interest in health talk again in 2nd April 2017;

Health and Beauty with Bryan 2017

Open to all old students for revision (u sure will learn new something). Newbies to learn aroma acupressure music and herbs therapy for general health.

Venue: National Library
Date: 2nd April 2017
Time 930am
Fees: $38

A) True Brightening Mask $68
B) Grandeur Facial Oil $55

Shopping Cart

A white X-mas:

This Xmas omhealth has introduced this true Brightening Mask. It can really helps to hydrate, brighten and ensure skin in good shape.

True Brightening Mask:
Ingredients is amazing
Ingredients: Purified Water, Avocado, Macadamia, Natural Vitamin E,, Soya Bean Oil, Powerful Lavendula vera, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Paper Mulberry Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Cranberry Fruit Extract
It can soothe and calm skin too..
This mask is taking over the rose mask as we have further increase the herbs and good for all.

When ur skin is tired, dehydrated and lack of brightness. Use it.

U can leave it in fridge. And daily use 15mins and wash off. Or apply 3 times a week. U will love it.

Grandeur Facial Oil
This is the latest facial oil with Cactus fruit, Cherry seed oil, and pomegranate oil and u love it .

Very fast absorbed
BECAUSE it has high linoleic acid and without being greasy residue

RESTORES elastic and brighten skin

It can stimulates cell renewal and enable u to have fresh bright skin and reuce pigmentation yes pigmentation.
This oil intensely hydrates the skin, it is suitable for all skin types but works 
Shrink ur poreS
This oil keep the collagen layer of your skin moist and healthy, this keeps your pores tight.
5. Lighten dark eye circle
Because of Vitamin K it lighten dark under-eye circles and minimize spider veins.
Contains the highest levels of Betelains of any known plant (more than Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Gogi and Beets). Betelains are super antioxidants with powerful anti-aging effects.
Increases cell renewal. The high fatty acid content plumps the skin, reducing wrinkles and adding firmness, as well as intercepting free radical damage.
Having a high Linoleic Acid content and a low  Oliec Acid content makes this oil absolutely non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores and lead to breakouts.
This oil is non-irritating, deeply nourishing and soothing. It calms inflammation and hydrates the skin.

Beautiful Skin And Energy Soup

Herbs: 丹参 7g, 何首乌 10g, 茯苓 15g, 远志 7g,酸枣仁10g,当归one slice,甘草2g,黄芪5g, 红枣8g, red dates 8, Goji Seed 15, 

Dark chicken x 1 ($5)

Rice wine two tablespoon,

Wash the herbs and put all in with 3.5litre of water (dark chicken small ok). Big fire 10mins and than small fire 2 hours.

LIVE VIDEO about above soup

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Products Promotions

Omhealth has 3 powerful night cream and for perfectionist can use day time too! Which one is ur favourite? One at $55 only why not combine with serum set at $100 and rose water or lavender water $45? So a total of $200 u can have two serum and a flower water and a moisturizer! 

Who wants $200 dollar set exclusive 18 set. Start to have faith with this moisturizer again when u have lost touched with omhealth
To order email to phone, name, address and will courier once payment made and courier fee is $3-$5. And also state clearly what u want:>

Thursday, November 24, 2016

newsletter 001 sending to all who attended workshop

I am sending newsletter to all who attended workshop before

After so many years i decided to upgrade my system (takes me 2 days) and start to send email to all students le:> with good health recipes:>

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Granduer Oil and how u use oil for face

Facebook Live video: Using of facial Oil. U can visit for details of this new oil
Granduer Oil is launched


Friday, November 11, 2016

Ten Spice Oil 2014

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Power of Ding Oil

This is omhealth 11th Blend. This is a wonderful creation that sort of calm the mind in 1 minute and stop spiral thinking:>

U can try put 2 drops in cotton. and fold it inhale. Than Press the Ying Dang. It calm u down immediately within 2 mins. And do deep inhalation.

Especially if u anger.......   and mind not in clear state u can use this oil, effect quite immediate good.

Share with u which point for what effect

Tai Yang: Compress left and right 1 min: Clear over stress
Yin Dang: COmpress cotton 1 min and do inhalation clear overthinking
Tian Tu: Clear poor immunity
Tanzhong: Clear heart heaviness issue.

This is a wonderful ol and we have a feedback from client today:>

Image result for 印堂


Event: 19th Nov 2016

( Is amazing omhealth has been asked to go to all new mall since 2009, from City Square, Suntec new mall, Bedok Mall, Compass ONe and One KM.... must be heng heng of yellow shirt student:)

 I will be at ONE KM mall to give a talk for 40mins at 4pm:>
so for my usual Yellow shirt students, u can register to collect marble if u are attending from Cindy (is my gesture to thank u). Also 5 element oil order can email to collect that day only with free Big yellow marble.
Purpose for omhealth register is for cindy pass marble to yellow shirt students or students registered and not for the 2pm show. So if u arrive near 4pm stand around the stage ok.

Niam again:
Remember the show starts 2pm, if u want a seat u need to register Iweekly urself from the email
to ; i only appear 4pm. So 2pm is for other people talk.

with name, mobile and nric number and title put (iweekly event 19th nov talk, ONekm)

Below is for 5 element oil collect from Cindy for those who want to buy $38 that day exact passs to Cindy

Below is for all attendees coming who register at will be given one NEW

Monday, November 7, 2016

3 new products updated

Hi all I was so busy with my talks seminar and forgotten to update u:>
Image result for aromatherapy
The detail product list updated:

u can order by shopping cart or by with proper details and payment.

1) True Brightening Mask: Launch within a week sold to 23 customers. And some has written back to me how good it feels.  (item 90)

2) Purple Balm (continuation of rose balm) was lunched and with blue pea flower. The effect is great for tension neck shoulder and a great balm to put in office . Can release stress

3) WOW the shampoo and conditioner set. : How come this set , receive feedbacks daily ahahhaah. The hair has never been so smooth.
Some ask me whats the different with my former Cedarwood and Hairgrowth shampoo. First is the price . U can use this set daily and well the cedarwood one can use few times a year. Interchange.
(item 94 and 95)

4) The Ding oil: Is amazing (Item 19)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bryan 老师 Self facial massage (tired skin and dark eye circle and puffy eyes)

LIVE at 8pm on omhealth facial oil 

Neroli facial Oil helps
1) Sun damage skin
2) Dehydrated
3) Stressful skin
Is a perfect night treatment oil.
Start applying at night: place 3-5 drops in the palm of your hands and then spread lightly over your face with upward, circular strokes and few drops apply neck. Over time your skin will tell you how much oil you need, and you will use it twice a day.

Neroli Facial Oil

It has just arrived fresh:> Neroli facial Oil

True Brightening mask will be avaliable on Monday too:>

A 2008 aticle but revamped in 2016

Many days of running about and hot and cold weather almost damage my skin. But a simple DIY rejuvenated my skin:>

By applying some simple acupressure facial massage can bring radiance to a dull face. Need not spend a lot of time to achieve a radiant look. Only 8 minutes few times a week to achieve a more youthful look, and help to release stress at the same time.
Benefits: Improve blood circulations, zero chemicals, skin texture improves, reduced formation of wrinkles, natural glow of the skin.

Professional Method before massage: 1 drop of Lavendula Vera oil onto your palm. Rub both palms till warm and massage head first. This create negative ion around head area.

Duration: 10 minutes
Items needed: Lavendula Vera Charcoal Flora water or rose hydrosol, 

Neroli Facial Oil or immortella or 4R flower oil  and Warm towel

Bryan 老师 Facial Massage For A Natural & Immediate Glow

STEP A: Apply Lavendula Vera Charcoal Flora water/ rose water on cleansed face.

Dap on some flora water. This will refresh the skin and rejuvenate the skin cells naturally. And the dampness of face will prepare skin to work with the facial oil
Purpose: Refresh and brighten skin. Preparing the face for Neroli massage.

Step B : Apply 4 to 5 drops of neroli facial oil onto damp face.

Massage for 1 minute. It is fine to do gentle massage under the eye area. However, remember not to touch the eyes or at eye lines, as the oil will irritate the eyes. But it will do wonder for dark eye circle.
Next, rub both palms untill warm and compress your face for 20 seconds. Press 10 seconds on any facial acupressure points that you know. You can also press some acupressure points around the eye area.
Step C : Complete the massage by using a warm towel to cover the whole face for 5 minutes and rest. This soften wrinkle and skin and let skin eat alot of nuitrients.

Step D: Simple rinse face with COLD WATER:> Splash more to the eyes (close). Dap dry gently.
Than apply simple serum and moisturiser to sleep

Above is 2 times a week.


A lady who has been using Neroli Facial Oil since 3 years ago called me today. She is 42 years old, but many people commented her skin has improved and is really nice.

Yes our skin needs good oil (one that does not block the pores). When use with care, it can fight blemishes, freckles, wrinkles.

Neroli facial Oil is packed with natural Vitamins which reduces the signs of aging, increases collagen production and minimizes fine lines, for incredibly improved skin. It works wonders on the skin, by restoring the glow and charm.

Simplest way to use neroli facial oil for beginners:
Method 1:
Apply 2 to 4 drops on a cleansed face. Light massage even under the eye area for 1 minute. Cover face with warm towel. Close your eyes and rest for 3 mins
Within 5 mins, the skin around your eyes area brightens, facial skin smoothen and strengthen. Followed by a spray of mist on your face, if you have one.
Method 2:
After washing your hair, put 2 drops neroli oil onto your palm. Massage your hair. Best natural way to condition hair :)
Fresh Neroli facial oil arrived at $45 a bottle. For face and hair.

Fresh arrival of Neroli Oil($45) and Lavendula Vera Charcoal flora water/rose water ($45). Face and eye mask ($68)  Its best to to the above facial massage once or twice a week, before sleep. But daily u can use neroli facial oil on neck.
This method has been tried by many of my students since 2004. Numerous feedback includes an instant nice glow on the skin, reduced of eye bags and dark eye rings, headaches and stress subsided within 10 mins after the warm towel compress.
More details on Neroli oil and Lavendula Vera Charcoal Flora water can be found at