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First Post After Back from China

Well it was a difficult one week. But again , we must be strong and I always remember Mr Lee, talks about being grounded, excel in yourself benefits people and be a responsible person too. Do your job well....My task is a to share with your knowledge and true information and his works will further strengthen my journey on natural therapy.

So what is your new views of your life and task? Cant see clearly .... make this tea and think. Dont have a life of dont know what u want. Today today set a target.

For me is to go Wu Tai San next. This trip from China I have learnt much new natural therapy and will share further.

Tea for Eyes ah:>

Tea of  Clarity by Bryan Lao Shi

1) Sang ye: 20 to 30 gram (must immerse water 30 mins and rinse) 桑叶 3 leaf also can)
2) White chrysanthemum 6 pieces (it can look yellow de) 杭白菊
3) CHeapest quality Shi Fu 3 (optional) 石斛

2.5 to 3  cups water boil Sang Ye and cheapest ShiFu for 20mins, Off fire, and add white chrysanthemum. Sometimes u can add one slice of Gan Cao if u have sore throat.

After a week of tearings, this tears from the heart , is like it just flow from your eyes may result in eye iritations and fatigue, so this tea can help u to regain ur eyes comfy. Just 2 cup for a day will do the work. no need to drink when no problem. After 2 cups, no need drink anymore. But u can make this tea once a week , a cup will help eyes to be strong.

I remembered once I need to study abouy tears and crying; ---> Crying have few types, the most sad one is the tears that flow non stop without even making a sound. Than after some time ur lungs will feel the heart aches....As liver, lung, heart Qi affected.

So u can make this tea to regain ur energy and be a good nice person from today and be a strong, compassionate, hardworking Singaporean. And stay grounded.

Properties of Tea:

  • Expels wind, clears lung heat - wind-heat with fever, headache, sore throat; also for lung dryness causing dry mouth, dry cough, lung heat with thick and yellow sputum.
  • Cools liver and clears the eyes - liver channel eye problems due to wind-heat or yin deficiency, red, sore, dry or painful eyes, floaters.
  • sadness and giddy
After drinking this tea, inhale peppermint or eucalytpus a drop from tissue, can clear eyes irritation very quickly.


记得小的时候 (生活教育,陈老师,爱同小学):


NB: Product List (to be continued...)
 all courier resume on Wednesday start.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

After 3 hours of walking my foot legs exhausted. The healing trees oil and rosemary is good for footbath as it clear fatigue and veins blockages; follow by neroli facial oil!

Havering six chrysanthemum before sleep when travel prevent fatigue heatiness follow by lavender oil bottom of feet and rosemary neck shoulder

Nb: Ever since intro xue Lian Zi some shop out of stock and markup price; that's why lao shi don't like to say where to buy; in future lao shi will collect some$$ from them and ask them donate charity

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Product List

Link for product list can be found here:

Product List (to be continued...)

This trip is also a interesting trip; besides quieting mind; met up a daughter of a old grandmother in china who was very fit even at age of 90 she walks like 30s and looks young; a technique of palm full set acupressure was imparted to Bryan and also some foodcure; I think is a really fruitful trip ;) the weather is extremely cold because of studying and sleeping 4 hours and many hours in transport , this morning I have a serious neck pain because u all know I have bone degeneration and scoliosis since young ahaha and age catching up; well luckily I brought my oil and do a Kwa sha and now take some rest and I am 90 percent ok le; I think is lack of water because I refuse to drink certain water may not be hygiene as I scare of LS and can't find toilet; today I boil some water and bring out le! Heard is raining today !
Since 2004 many who travels to cold countries told me rice bran oil and neroli facial oil works wonder and this is true ! Face hair and body is nourished ! Anyway do take more nourish food , I find that Singaporean diet seriously lack of vegetables

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In china now before going to the mountain to close deal on selling clarity and auric roller and is approved the boss wife love it

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bryan away to china

Hi all I will be away and have a good month ok!

Remember make the soup!
Algae hydrator no stock April arrive !
At mean time do support omhealth and order any oil and skincare as Leng Leng lai lai will handle!
Take care la

Friday, March 13, 2015

Immortal Porridge Addition: U may FART WHOLE DAY if ur stomach dirty

Aroma product list:

High Moutain Lotus Seed:

Immerse in water 1 hour and throw in ur dessert. Is very good. And also taste like Hashima (i cant eat as is frog). 10 seed per person can le.

Can be added to my immortal porridge,  this porridge  not heaty, not cooling, food for parents. All can take. Is likefood la. What weak stomach whatever can take. But flu time dont eat.

After eat, u all that night use 3 oil and apply neck shoulder use porcelain spoon kwa sha abit, u will feel good.

My friend a lawyer ask me put disclaimer. And niam u . Oh after this porride 10 days u will find energy increase alot. yes this porridge give u energy to niam people
Longer Disclaimer: The foodcure is meant for sharing, i share so much , and eat so much no problem. U eat have problem because is u and isolated case and u no check with ur doctor u cant eat. Some people eat one apple also problem, how can u expect me to tell u what can eat what cant eat, I am not ur doctor.
Nowsaday share effort still must ask u careful because this is a internet world has all sort of people. I disclaim and u disclaim until u nothing to disclaim. So this is foodcure for my parents, u want copy is ur own "pa sa". So many people eat until good health , but is ur choice i no force u eat. Disclaim u until u dont know how to disclaim. Also dont keep asking how to cook with so much info given. Just buy ingredients and cook , keep ask ask ask. So simple so old le still dont know how to cook. disclaim u than u know. 
The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by Bryan Lao Shi, and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.
Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, lao Shi Bryan takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

When dry look like this:

Mountain Lotus seed look like this after immerse in water for 1 hour.


If u cook any dessert add in ba:>


1) Joint pain, sex drive gone problem, poor memory, painful PMS.
2) Immune improve, antiage and fight skin aging problems
3) Combine with with my Immortal dessert improve eyes and urine system and acne problems
4) High amino.
5) Cook for parents/edlerly, heaven will see and love u more.

Eat once a week this:>

I cook with Black Chicken before. Power soup
雪莲乌鸡煲: Strengthen reproductive system, remove skin blemishes, enhance Qi and strengthen Body

So for previous immortal porridge add this to it ba . One person eat, 10 seed in water ba

3 oil method: lavendula 1-2 drop, Peppermint 1-2, Marjoram 1-2 in 5- 10 drops rice oil massage neck. Or no rice oil use lotion.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

An article

Bryan Lao Shi Chapter 11: Powerful healing method for pain and also Why lavender oil is related to Mama of Bryan

Is a very powerful article:.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Food cure

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Power Bath please do

This article first published in 2009 than update till now. Many who has body dampness and aches or moody performed this bath and feel good:> Follow by 3 oil neck or back rub. U must try de de. I designed this bath because no bathtub at home and many aromatherapy developed by ang mo use bath tub. Also for 35 years my family till today don't use water heater.


Four fingers below back of wrist can reduce Heaty constipation and neck issues !
Zu San Li : 保健immune and longevity U can press

This points can apply eucalyptus or rosemary and press

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hi all,

please pay once receive items can.

is a small family business.

Thank You.

Successful Workshop

3 speakers and me:.

I always believe to share and care and well being of attendees is the key.

To me, able to promote other people in my talk is a blessings.

Dr Xu drawing meridians on my body.

Upcoming 2 workshop

1) 5 element Qi Gong
2) 1998 Aromatherapy with Bryan lao Shi (all about aromatherapy)

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Hair serums offers now only

Many people love this hair serum; apply on dry or towel dried hair and massage hair not the scalp u will Love it many many feedbacks 

With today's stressful lifestyle, pollution, excessive hairstyling, bad eating habits, exposure to sun for long periods and lack of hair care our hair tend to lose their shine.
Hair serum helps to bring back the  lost shine.

using this hair serum is like doing a hair treatment in salon. U got to try to know.

This hair serum is best .  Now only $45 as to celebrate woman's day.

Hair serum is one of the big solutions for frizzy, rough and dry hair. By using the hair serum you hair becomes silky, smooth and manageable. Do you what hair serum contains? It contains silicon which coats the hair and makes you hair look shinier. Hair is being protected from hot sunlight, pollution and humidity. By applying the hair serum gives your hair a healthy appearance. Lets see some of the advantages of using hair serum.

Hair serum protects the hair from damaging factors like pollution, dust, styling tools and humidity. This acts as a shield to the hair and prevents the dryness.

How to apply hair serum:

Applying hair serum is quite easy.
  • First wash your hair normally with a shampoo (cedarwood bryan shampoo) then wash them with cold water so that open pores close.
  • dry hair with towel.
  • Then take few pump of the hair serum on the palm of the hand and apply them on the hair and let the hair dry normally.
  • After applying the serum there is no need to wash the hair with water again as the serum does not have any harmful chemicals. 

To order email to

How to order, see under order icon

Thank u please help omhealth ;)

Many forget transfer money for products ah;) do transfer ok by Tuesday 

Today talk successful and we also gather mushroom for elderly and good quality one  thanks all

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8th March 2015

Above is a yummy yet powerful ingredients for beauty ahahah will tell those who come ok:>

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Essential OIl: PAPER by Bryan Laoshi

Omhealth essential oil has 18 years History, Insist on good quality and fresh. Cannot lie one, u use u know. Can tahan so long means is good u know.

Today let me write more on oil.

Oxygen : Is like an oxygen quality to your body

Smaller molecular; Ready to absorb. immediate detoxify body system. If u put oil direct on palm it immediate absorb to its benefits and no need digest. It is absorbed to blood stream, cells and organs and detox and rejuvenating our body.

0) if always sick, can use lemon oil and lavendula vera on palm and rub both balm and inhale. Aromatherapy massage stomach is amazing. Because human digestion is lousy, blood cell has alot on indigested "items". Let essential oil help digestion simulation to the cell. Let the oil works on the cell, improving transport of vitamin, enzymes.... In nature, essential oil in a plant is like blood to plant and move around the plant to transport nuitrients.

Using good oil, is like a tonic to body.

For me, I use lavendula bottom of feet and healing trees.
Using essential oil is good. I use essential oil daily for almost 20 years. And is amazing good.

High Frequency: Vibration Energy. Highest EM frequency. The body vibrates at EM frequency. So disease enters at 50MHZ, all cancer cells vibrates below 42 MHZ. All essential oil has high vibrational energy. Using oil increase body cellular vibrational energy. Rose otto 320Mhz, thats one 1 ml rose otto is amazing. Dab abit at wrist is good.

If u have toxin , constipation and digestive poor. Using oil like 10 spice oil and 3 oil with rice oil on stomach massage. It raise stomach vibration and u heal faster. Many time I share with people the important to massage stomach often before sleep. It can helps in many area.

For parents, give them sacred frankincense apply chest as a best gift for elderly.

For some who are very sick all the time, I will suggest

lavendula, peppermint and marjoram direct a drop on tummy. Than massage abit and apply 5 drops rice bran oil on tummy againe and Clockwise massage 54 times. And if have time put warm towel on tummy seperated with dry towel. Or hot water bottle.
Follow by, massage bottom of foot with healing trees oil

U can feel ur health diff the next day.

智慧活性: They are living frequency which can helps to go into different parts of body. Affect nervous system and heal your body.  I design acupressure with essential oil can help many area. One example holy frankincense can help certain cancer.
Example frankincense molecules sort of knew where the cancer are and tell them when to stop. But again this still need to be further research. So far, cyst and tumors I do have some feedbacks. And many suffers from tumors and cancer, use it as a daily use.

They have research if you use oil with positive affirmation.

Oil can transport and amplify healing words and affirmation. Because oil have vibration that inline with your affirmation and activate body button to heal.

Example if u have depressed for long.

Try ur oil combination on tissue. Choose 3 u like a drop each in tissue and than inhale and rub abit on wrist. Than say affirmation like.

Below are affirmation from famous people. U can use essential oil and say affirmations

Perfect health is my divine right, and I claim it now.

I listen to my body and pay attention to what it is telling me.

I create my own beauty. I take care of my body, outside and in. I feel and look my best.

My inner dialogue is kind and loving. My thoughts create only good experiences.

Sleep is sacred. I show my love for my body by giving it the rest it needs. I sleep deeply.

New comers

Do read breathing exercise the label beside

also 3 oil method 

Bryan lao shi 8th march 2015 Read

If cant do the following, eat papaya before coming class the next few days.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Omhealth Charity Project

This year have completed the project first one for elderly also donated many medicine to a clinic

And all these made happen with ur support of omhealth.

See elderly happy , my heart also happy. But I really find if all of u is trained in omhealth method and u do for elderly, they wont suffer from skin issues so much and also joint pain.

To me is important to take care of elderly and they have a good better health and less medical issues.

Body Lymphatic Massage shower: renew life

Sacred Paste of Lymphatic Drainage .

Physically: Long term body fatigue, stress and aches.
Mentally: Unknown anger , unhappy and irritable. Instant relieve.

Sandalwood Powder Spa Grade can be found :

A mixture that I share for u only. 8th March will share another recipe.

1) 1 teaspoon of Bryan's sandalwood
2) 20 drops rice bran oil or immortella facial oil or royablue chamomile facial oil
3) teaspoon of sugar fine
4) 3 drops eucalytpus
5) 3 drops lavendula
6) a teaspoon honey and also 10drops rose water
7) a tablespoon water or 2, or more, make to liquid paste, scrub body and behind neck or ear.

Mix the paste. In shower after shower, pour mixture to chest and massage whole body.

First warm the body by shower rinse body with warm water. Than off water, apply the paste whole body and massage the area that need most attention.

For me I massage 10 times gentle with the paste at the brown area as shown. Picture is extracted from the website is not property of omhealth.

When massaged, the oil enters into the body through the pores, softening the skin and lubricating the joints. It is also used for autoimmune diseases, gout, inflammation, problems due to excess heat and Pitta doshas
Application: Pinda Tailam is used only for external application. Warm the oil and apply all over the body or the affected area. Massage the area. Leave it there for 1 hour and wash with hot water and soap. There are no reported side effects.

Skincare: Hydrate Skin first

CLick here for product List

To order email to with item list, name, mobile and address. Once courier transfer within 2 days. Courier is weekdays.. Must wait. details

Lately I observe many ladies in Singapore has a problem with dehydrated skin. Really u all must do the right things.

Trust me la.....
Oops today have volunteer at elderly home, but I better do some intro my products here..... if not hor, many new comers dont know I have very good skincare. U see, many only channel for sales is here le:> But I do give back to society de> Thanks all for support. Every bottle of items u buy, I put in alot of love and effort and quality.

Many times heavy expensive moisturizer wont work. U need to hydrate . But what is hydrate. Let me share.

I sincerely write this article, u can replace my product with other products . My main purpose is to share. But again, hehhehe u can support my work to use my high quality with love products:>

Hydration of SKIN 5 days to radiant skin

1) 8 glasses of water a day (one of the glass has a teaspoon of honey,alternate between acacia or linden)).
2) 1 glass of Vitamin C water ( GOJI C after lunch, or ur own brand C). Whiten SKIN IMMUNE too.
3) Morning use Astiquer Cleanser with warm water, follow by Lavender or rose water and than antiage serum with Algae moisturiser.

4) Office noon time, dab  rose water on face (even with foundation ok, it wont interfere)
(My rose water u can bottle in a atomiser bring to office)
5) Evening time, use my Raffael cleanser wash face, follow by rose water
6) Before sleep apply Magwhite serum and my moisturiser (either strong Synergy cream or perfectionist, but if skin is oily u use back the Algae Moisturiser)
7) Lavendula oil bottom of foot to detox liver before sleep and rose balm chest and neck

Key thing:

Point Number 6, u can use Immortella facial oil with warm towel method, as it can improve face circulations.

Oh many after use my eye serum and eye gel, fine line around eyes reduce

Price of Items:

Astiquer Cleanser , Raffael Tea Tree cleanser $50 each
Serum antiage $68, Magwhite Serum $45
Algae Hydrator Day (night can use) $55
Rose water or Lavender water $45 (super allergy skin try rose otto water first)
Rose balm $25
Lavendula oil $28

Saturday, February 21, 2015

8th March 2015

This will be a very fun interesting seminar on important health tips and slimming topics with beauty tips. 
First 15 mins of talk are to review on the methods taught in blog and my talk for past 15 years which received alot
of feedbacks.

Health and Beauty in a Natural Way

Venue: National Library Possibility Room
Time: 930am to 12pm. please arrive 915am to register
Date: 8th March 2015
Fees: $38 (please make payment and with reference number)
Special Guest: Dr Xu Li Li (she will teach some moxibustion for slimming that you can perform at home... and some slimming tips which are useful)

Bryan will talk about: ways in dealing ailments and
preventive remedies to keep body fit. A very fun way to be
health and beauty.(foodcure and accupoints). U will love it
la:because I have some new findings to share with u .  Spend alot of time to prepare and share with you. 

Bryan's health talk popular since 1999... EHheheh hope u enjoy:>

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chinese Barley Time Again

Omhealth has always been around to give advises and healing method. This period weather is weird. So make some Chinese Barley Drink is beneficial

CNY Period: Remove dampness and reduce fats:>

1) Neck Shoulder tension: Please use 3 oil method with abit rice oil massage neck shoulder.
2) Drink this tea

By far and away the best remedy for a horrible stomach bug is Cinnamon. It make sense because Cinnamon is a powerful anti-bacterial. 

This 2 weeks, we will expect the weather to be stuffy and also resulting in dull skin.

Another problem we may face may be neck shoulder tensions due to damp energy in the air. 

NB: Having cold drinks is a no no after 4pm. Look at your tongue is there alot of teeth marks?

Remove Dampness in body

This may be due to too much damp energy.

A) Bryan Lao Shi Beauty remove damp energy Barley Water

A) 1/2 cup of  china Barley (Immerse in water for an hour)
B) 6 cups of Water
C) 1/4 of a Cinnamon Stick
D) 5 slice Ginger
E) 1 Freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

How to make: A to D into a pot and simmer for 30 minutes. After cooling, strain the mixture and finally add fresh lemon juice for extra flavor. Drink between 1 and 3 cups daily .
Perform a rose mask After Cinnamon Barley water:

A)Rose Mask, Hydrator Algae lotion, Gold Foil (24 pieces):

B) 3 oil (Lavendula, Peppermint, Marjoram)  (see besides label) massage neck shoulder. [3 for $80 Offers]

Than 3 oil with cream or rice oil few drops massage neck shoulder. (this will totally expel damp energy from body because of barley water u drank and the oil that absorb to the skin)

NB: cinnamon has some amazing health benefits and helps us get glowing skin, it even prevents hair loss. What you probably didn’t know about this deliciously fragrant spice is that cinnamon has been used in medicine and cosmetology since ancient times. It is rich in antioxidants that are known to slow down aging processes in our body, it also contains numerous minerals and vitamins that make our skin and hair naturally beautiful:


Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Day Hydrator is the only one of Omhealth Moisturiser for day use. But for very oily skin u can treat it as night cream

as this is powerful moistuiser.

For new comers,

try omhealth Antiage skin set

A) Astiquer cleanser
B) Lavendula flora water or rose otto flora water
C) Antiage Serum
D) Moisturiser Choose from one of my few.

Above set $215

Product List u can check:

Rosemary Oil 1/7

Today I wanna talk abit about rosemary spanish essential oil

Omhealth has 7 Grandparents oil. They are founded in 1998.

Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram, Rosemary, grapefruit Pink, Lemon oil, Rose Geranium .

The 7 starts out.... and famous till now.

Today I will start talking the oil one by one.

Rosemary a wonderful oil to use. Sometimes after shower, u put a drop on ur palm and than warm palm use fingers comb thru hair. U can feel the effect of brain tonic.

What so different with omhealth essential oil is it is fresh and , u can tell once u open the bottle.

U can tell de really.:>

If u travel, hotel room blanket a few drops of rosemary symbolise protections also.

I find this oil has ability to improve memory. Because it has a compound  call rosmarinic acid improves blood circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain

This aids concentration, alertness and promotes relaxation. Research found that people performed better in memory tests and were more alert when they worked in a room smelling of rosemary.

Rosemary contains minerals which help to fortify the immune system, such as iron, and its high levels of saponins have detoxifying abilities.

Rosemary is also thought to stimulate the adrenal glands to provide energy while boosting mood and relieving stress.

A compound in rosemarycarnosic acid, has been found to simulate nerve growth, meaning that rosemary helps build and repair the nervous system, strengthening it to cope better with stresses

Bryan usages:
A) Footbath
4 drops rosemary oil and 4 drops lavendula vera and 3 drops lemon. Warm water footbath 15minutes. And than water wash toilet.

B) Body Power bath: Rosemary oil 3 drops and Bryan relax blend 3 drops a small pail warm water and use good morning towel scrub from neck to body .
C) Restore your soul: 2 drops rosemary oil right footbottom and 2 drops lavendula vera left foot bottom before sleep.
D) Omhealth Secret Massaage Blend: 15ml rice bran oil with
5 drops rosemary oil
5 drops lemon oil
4 drops rose geranium oil

this blend was once by a famous professor and we call it purifant. As it purifies the body when massage on back and stomach. U can blend and the blend last 3 months.
For people who are always fatigue , try the footbath.

NEWS: Scrub and follow by Pearl Clay mask and than Flora water and ur moisturiser.

Have you tried omhealth Pearl Clay Mask and Vanilla Flora Scrub

First Scrub ur face gently , cleanse and than apply this Pearl clay mask 10mins. Wash off and u willl feel ur skin really smooth.

Description Pearl Clay Mask

Gentle formula that deep-cleanses the skin. Visibly detox the skin without drying it.

and it helps to eliminate impurities and to balance dry, combination and oily skins. And helps to revive even the dull complexions, tightening the pores and refining skin texture. Clean, toned and radiant, your skin glows with freshness.

Promotion Time.

Pearl Clay Mask $45
Scrub $45
Flora water (lavendula or rose otto) $45

Full set now: $120.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Travel Kit 2015

airplane 177511

Every time, when we are ready to go for holiday, the few days before going holidays, we need to work extra hard and take care many things.

By the time need to travel, neck-aches, or mouth ulcer or flu. End up cant enjoy. But with a little care, u can enjoy travel...


1) 5 days before travel, after meal drink my GOJI C at the noon time.
2) 2 days before travel, 3 oil method kwa your neck shoulder urself. Daily apply ten spice oil bottom of feet
3) Pack the following oil to travel
4) U travel bag must have auric or clarity roller.
5) Apply 3-4 drops immortella or neroli oil to face before plane. Ur skin will be so radiant once arrive the destination.

Once arrive hotel, carpet put few drops rosemary oil. 

Go to bathtub warm water, add rosemary and peppermint and immerse bath tub 5 mins. Water cannot too hot, if not u sleepy.

4) In ur bag put a bottle of Auric or clarity roller. 
5) Before sleep pillow a drop lavendula vera.

AHahahahha.... when travel come back leg sore or neck pain, apply the 3 oil with abit lotion and massage abit la.

A Story re told.
 Uncle me like to use oils like lavendula, eucalyptus, or peppermint to keep me awake when I travel or on tour bus. Also oil like tenspice oil have uplifting, stimulating, and immune-boosting properties. Once sore throat a drop in water gargle.
For longer trips I always pack my aromatherapy trip kit, which includes a few oil ; It helps to fight tiredness, jet lag, indigestion, colds and flu, and minor skin injuries (lavendula direct).
Auric Roller (fresh by season and different scent) is at the top of my list because of their power uses. It not only does it help relax me but it helps protect me from any cold and flu germs circulated in the recycled air that passes throughout the plane.
Tea tree oil has very powerful antiseptic and immune-stimulating properties. It disinfects and is excellent to use as a hand wash while traveling. I always use one drop on my hands after I wash them in a public washroom to protect me from bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Tea tree is also beneficial for coughs, sinusitis, blisters, burns, cold sores, infected wounds, insect bites, and rashes.
Hotel Room (make it comfy)
The air quality in many hotels is often poor. I always travel with a some cotton balls and drip many oil in it and put beside bed. ahahah slowly the whole room smell perfect.
Lavendula Grapfruit and eucalyptus rosemary anyhow mix also nice
Eucalyptus is a powerful bactericidal and has antiviral properties. Eucalyptus is an excellent immune stimulant, and it’s good for travellers who are tired, run down, and prone to frequent colds. Eucalyptus is also beneficial for muscle aches and pains, sprains, burns, blisters, cuts, wounds, and insect bites; it can also be used as an insect repellent.
I love to put a drop of Rosemary  essential oil in the palm of my hands and rub it all through my hair; 
Add the oil to warm towel wipe neck and body power for pain.
Travellers’ Aromatic Shower for Jet Lag
Add a drop or two of Healing Trees oil and peppermint essential oils for a quick pick-me-up inhale from cotton or put bottom of feet

Travel Headaches:
Peppermint a drop on palm, massage ear temple neck and forehead (avoid eyes) Instant ok.

Many confuse with my product and price...
Now a simple list first before shoppint cart

Click below

We back on Valentine Day to reply email