Thursday, April 17, 2014

Registration starts at 1 pm

Event starts at 2 pm de la

Planning :>

Photo: English workshop with invited famous TCM doctor to talk about female health and beauty too; are u ready? Is all by Bryan lao shi only; 3full hours for u! Wait for my registration announcement !

Aahhahah So cute u will meet him Monday:>

In life everyone is a kid before. Sometimes in office u angry with certain people. U quickly switch ur mind and think. By right everyone is cute at heart and actually many are just being stressed out.

So why not be a fun person and bring out the good ness of everyone. No bad people in the world de.

Everyone is born pure .

May be their life experience has changed them. So let us thru aromatherapy and love send all people in stress with love.

19 th April: I am doing a favour for admin ( a reply to the 11 email eheheh , happy u email me that will save me alot trouble later ahah)

Some email me ask me is it buffet or light refreshment. I mean I don't know really. I am doing a favour to register for u all de. So if food no good, will u come confront ma,,, I worry now. So I take some precautions. Thanks for ur email to clarify. At first I abit eheheh feel funny, than I think , lucky got ur email , if not after event if food no good , many new comers unhappy. Hey hey really thank u ah.

Ahahha...In my sms, I reply to all attendees I say light refreshment but poster put buffet. Because I really don't know what is the spread..

I wake up early 5am, prepare your free gift (don't u think is better than the buffet). And help u all submit names, register.  ANd design new Qi Movement for u all.

Buffet Again ( I niam one more time,a lot hor ahhaha)
I don't know about buffet. So when u  ask me why poster put buffet and sms I put light refreshment. I don't know because those who know me, knows that I wont like to create expectations. SO I put light refreshment .

But think for me, I not organiser de. I already spend time extra effort prepare gift for u and also register for u. If u ask me food turn out is how. Than , I really cant answer

But there are goodies bag from iweekly.

If you expect good buffet I am sorry , I cant guarantee de. If u want good talk from me, I do my SUPER BEST. Those not sure u getting buffet, in order not to create unhappiness, u can ask cindy to refund u this 2 days.

I am exhausted really. 5am start preparing what to teach u best de. No angry to the 11 that email me clarify ok. U know I direct one. Is better u email and ask me ah, this will prevent misunderstanding thanks a lot ah.

Thank You Cindy besides helping me volunteer work and need to travel by Saturday, now still help me email to all.

And I appreciate all who come support me, even u have known me for years and still come for my event activities. I will remember u all in my heart and will thank u personally.

This Saturday 19th April 2014

19th April 2014 Please remember all your registration number .

There will be a table put Bryan Lao Shi Registration and 3 volunteers are helping me.

So go to that table, tell them your number, that is how we identify u from others register thru i-weekly. So I can give u the free gift. Goodies bag are from Iweekly which give u all at the end of workshop.

Personally, I feel tomorrow the machine can buy because special price (errr up to u, I no profit).

I have 1 machine at home because it helps. A good skin should have natural good products and also a machine. For me la.

U see go beauty salon, one machine treatment is $120 minimum . But with machine, that is as good as beauty salon, u safe a lot money and do twice a week.

Photo: Bryan lao shi share with all is there a way to remove hair at home and save a lot of $$$$$; after months of research will be revealed this Saturday are u all excited?

Dear all remember remember, I am not spokesman of any products. Only my omhealth. For 15 years many want to pay me to talk about their items I didn't accept unless I try.

So this Saturday , what I am demoing are things I tried and willingly to share. So please take note hor.

I don't want to break the tradition of this blog where I share all I can. From toothbrush to all things.

I am only spokesman of omhealth products ahaha.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

18 May Suntec Book fair (more details out) 5pm. I appear 10mins with all taiwan stars/

Photo: 女人我最大Bryan suntec ; those who come after register will relieve a $12 worth limited edition Duckie from me; one event one design and this suntec I will give ... So re u coming? If yes register class

女人我最大Bryan suntec ; those who come after register will relieve a $12 worth limited edition Duckie from me; one event one design and this suntec I will give ... So re u coming? If yes register class. I use all my talk fee to buy this exclusive for 50 people. U register and come ba:> is totally free. My way of saying thank you.

I am only given 10mins to share... Don't worry I will do my best to benefit people:> is 5pm exact location suntec will tell u.

u can register ( I wan free duckie). Only 50 pieces.

19th April

Are you all coming for this HI TEA Buffet and talk?

I am given an hour to demo, latest technology for home use skin beauty (I not spokesman but is good things)

and Of course share with u my most fun natural therapy

I have a special recipes for

19th April Bryan Lao Shi will share with U
some recipes for :
Diabetes - treatment of type 2 diabetes.
Eczema Allergies - Two catechin derivatives (C-1 and C-2) with potent antiallergic activity.
Obesity - power out both EE and fat oxidation in normal weight men.
Bacterial infections - Inhibited the enzyme activities of some types of streptococci.

I am given an hour but I will use all my energy to share. That's omhealth style.... if u don't come aiya waste all my effort le hor.

19th April if register through u will be given a free gift from myself. And also of course the goodies bag from iweekly.

Each person is $30 and 2 person is $50. All to iweekly not me. But I help u all give.

So please transfer money to me hor, if not I pay until I blur ahhaa. And I need reference number when u transfer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Busy from Morning to Night

This period is totally busy. I am almost locked at home to work daily followed by recording ,write articles and volunteer work.

Photo: 还要写稿但月亮陪着我;)还有阿姨送的杯子好幸福安康;

How do I take care? I drink tea, acupressure, I sing, I use Bryan Relaxation Blend for body Power Bath. I do breathing exercise. I do stretching, crystal color therapy and yoga.

Today share with you my MUST DO do your Power Bath (read label beside)

And also INdia royal body scrub: Just take half a teaspoon of my spa grade Sandalwood Powder scrub body. U will know how good u feel after it.
(Wet your body, than this sandalwood powder scrub gently whole body. It can detox body.)

But for more SPA FEEL:

Recipes (for those who have my other oil)
half to a teaspoon Bryan's spa grade sandalwood powder
5 drops neroli facial oil
3 drops Bryan Relax Blend.

Everything on palm and mix than scrub whole dampen body.

Physical Properties:
1) Tone the liver and Spleen Qi
2) Erase Aches cause by anger and emotions and insomnia
3) Body skin detox and whitening.
4) Specially blend where it will remove all impurities and dead skin cells. It will leave your skin tone, supple and pampered.
5) Scrub the back shoulder, treat acnes and aches.

Emotional Properties:
Clear confusion of the mind.
Bring back focus
Enhance body to appreciate and listen to the organs clearly
Release anger

Removing Tan
Sandalwood powder is an effective anti-tanning agent, and is used for the removal of tan caused due to ultraviolet rays of the sun. A paste of rice bran oil, lavender water and sandalwood powder is used for this purpose. Apply it onto the affected area and allow it dry. Wash it off with warm water.

After the scrub body and face mask. Drink a warm cup of rose bud tea.


Bryan;s Sandalwood Powder : $38
Bryan Relax Blend: $45
Neroli facial Oil: $45

Monday, April 14, 2014

19th April 2014: Have you registered?

This Saturday

all those registered through me, I will send a email by Wednesday tell u all what time register ok.

remember ur register number, we recognise by the number :>

Photo: Few more days le! Are u attending? Don't miss this fun workshop ;

Do come ok?  I left 18 bottles of aura spray for those who register
payment made before register ok:>

Face Kwa Sha Methods

Many asked:

This are the write out and videos new comers.

Planning 19 April

My event start at 2 pm; but I need to go early do registration and give free gifts for those register from me; my concern now is how to separate crowd from myself one and those register from I weekly one; wait free gift give wrong people; so we must think may be go earlier pass them at hotel different area first !

Let me think how hor; those who register I will email

U which level to meet first in hotel than take my gift than go main room take I weekly gift ok; heheheh

Thanks ah 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Wonderful Gather Day

Come Ba:> First 100 will have my dragonblood power Aura Water 15ml

includes" HI TEA BUFFET, Bryan teacher teach u slimming , technology, herbs food cure and beauty health things, goodie bags.Plus makeup some more from other teachers and hair care...

19 April:> u want come?

Venue: Royal Pavilion Ballroom (The Regent Hotel)
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Date: 19th April 2014
Fees : 1 person $30, 2 person $50
include buffet, and goodies bag:>

First 100, I personally give u a present. Register thru but must make payment first so I can help u all pay. And if not u register through media corp side which will out details soon. Now they have not load up the icons.

How to register from me NOW?

Transfer le, with reference number than pay hor:>
Email to,
make payment to POSB 033485310 and I help u register.
include payment reference number hor.

If not next few days u all email and pay online to them. U email secure seats only when payment made. Don't confuse me. And each POSB transfer must tell me dat...e u transfer and reference number.

One person is $30 and 2 person is $50. Media not out yet but u can register because once announce full house fast de.....

Important Message for all.

During  this busy period with TV show, Volunteer work, I like to thank all for being so nice. Like courier no receive u make effort inform my cousin.

I hope my appearance in media can help me to amplify my charity work to motivate more youngster to help elderly to regain confidence and transform them to help more people.

Looking at my photos, I find I have aged a lot all these years but again more radiant right ahahha.... 1 ....2 .... 3... vomit ahahah. Trust me a good skincare works. Do you know, your support of my products help me a lot too. And really is all through words of mouth and no advertisement. I believe if is good, is good.

Bryan Gan's photo.
we manage to provide lunch and medicine
Many sms and email no time reply u all resend nicely and remind me. This is what I call care.

I don't have anymore email scold me why no reply. Many understand my sms and whatsapp flooded daily. And ur understanding allows me to do more charity work which is my passion.

19th April Iweekly, many wants me to help register, yes and many come not because of free gifts but to learn. I appreciate. Still can register 30 more. Please come ok support me.

And I will do my best. Do you know in the market many teacher, teach one thing and reuse for years. For me every appearance or workshop or public talk. I will think

" People come all the way to learn, Bryan u must share things that can help people don't waste people time even if is 15mins sharing (like last year). I will . Do you know sometimes one simple remedies takes months to verify validate and share."

with love Bryan

When you see people's pain reduce, u feel great. All sms and email I no time reply. Because many info here blog beside label. Make effort check.
Bryan has spread acupressure for all elderly since 2001
Upcoming 19th April is my first appearance to work with H and B in Iweekly. I hope you can come support and I will definitelt share with u beauty and health to help u and also u can help people.

21st Sep 2014: Biggest Health and Beauty Talk in Singapore by Bryan lao shi. Details out soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


My facebook is Bryan Gan

A contest to win first user of dragonblood serum

:> Facebook one of the post I ask who use lavender oil and flora water experience. Go join ba and leave comments.

Winner of OMhealth photo taking of products

Om...... Om my way to healthy lifestyle! Since using omhealth products from 2007 onwards, I am feeling great inside out! Always supporting, 永远支持你!!
— with Bryan Gan.

Good Cleanser and FLora Water

Art of beauty skin begins with Bryan:

Today I want to write about lavendula vera oil. The oil that I start my business in 1998. The grade that from that time till today many still love my lavendula vera.

I suggest all should have Anti-Age Cleanser (daily): Soft texture for gently remove impurities and skin surface dullness. The formation prevent skin Loss of Natural Moisturising Index. Improves blood circulations, give radiance to the skin
 contains no chemicals like paraben etc.

Tea tree cleanser (no need use daily). Sometimes skin more dirty, u use to cleanse and antibacterial. Don't cleanse too long, just 30 seconds will do.

A) Antiage Cleanser $50, Organic Lavender water $45, Lavendula Vera $28.

Bryan Lao Shi Lavendula Oil Grade: Is not only high grade but fresh. Do u know my oil is not in store, everytime is direct fresh. How u know? Ur nose can tell..

One of many uses:
Stops Bleeding:
Applying lavendula vera on slash can halt bleeding, clean wound and kill pathogens. In case of bleeding nose, place a drop of lavender oil on a tissue and cover it around with a small portion of ice. Placing the tissue enclosed portion under the middle of the peak lip to the base of the nose, hold as long as snug or until the bleeding stops.

Lavender Organic water helps many to rebuild skin cell.

 Lavender Oil and lavender water boosts circulation, thereby increasing blood flow and ensuring that the skin cells receive adequate nutrition and oxygen. This keeps the cells healthy and boosts their turnover. Also anti blemishes (lavender water with cotton put face 3 mins).

But lavender oil can apply direct to problem area or acne or neck for pains. Only lavender water can apply a lot on skin.

There are 280 species of lavender, omhealth secret recipes pure lavender touch the heart of professional. And price remain same for 10 years. Is not easy le:.

Lavendula Vera:> ($28)

Good Facial Cleanser and Flora water

Many of the top facial cleansers can be identified by looking for certain features of a product. A good facial cleansing product will be suitable for use for any type of skin. All natural ingredients will also be included in the best facial cleansers. Any man-made, chemical ingredients should be avoided.

It is not a good idea to keep changing facial cleansers and other treatments as this may cause further irritation of your skin. A top facial cleanser will be able to prevent further damaging and rebuild skin cells. Rebuilding the skin is very important, especially if you are using any other skin care product like an anti-aging regimen.

Antioxidants are wise to look for in a facial cleanser. Antioxidants will help in the prevention of further skin damage. A facial cleanser that is rich in antioxidants will help to restore and rejuvenate your skin. These antioxidants stimulates skin in a way that makes it work better than if the antioxidants were not present. Ingredients that stimulate collagen growth are also good to keep and eye out for.

Old article lavender oil

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

Heart To Heart Talk with Bryan

2014 Focus Event:  Organise by BRYAN ALONE;

We will not touch and go but fully focus on each problems and Work on IT.

 Heart To Heart with Bryan 21st Sep 2014

I) Insomnia Issues ( best cure using kitchen herbs and acupressure)
2) Tummy Slimming ( best tea and methods)
3) Face Puffy and Blemishes Remedies
4) Female Cyst and related problems with invitation of expert.
5) Bryan Lao Si 15 years of beauty and health tips ( Selected some every year to share)
6) Exact Best Remedies to live with Joint... pain and how to help elderly
7) Type of Porridge for ur family for
I) Flu, weakness, Female problems, aging, insomnia, heart
8) 2014 3 best meridians remedies.
9) Heel Spur and Leg Pain results reveal and motivate all.
10) Few things Bryan used for health and beauty (non sponsored product and not spokesman , a very very independent way of looking some of the product in market which is good, no good don't say, wait kana sue).

$50 per head. Same problems we face but every 2 years new updated method.

 Morning: 930am to 1pm.

Product List

Hi all

I forget how to update the le

ahaha give me some time to update the product list

DragonBlood A8D Gel is $80



Dragon Blood Gel

Hi all


this gel only arrived by FEDEX on Monday.

Thanks for understanding. As is totally out of stock le:>

Lavender organic water also fresh one arrived today le

The serum set $110 today freshly arrived 20 set.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2 Serums Fame to TV soon.

This 2 serums were even compared to top notch skincare. So good until hahaha.....
Have you not tried my facial serum, now is the time.

Both Serums details can be found

Day time we use Antiage serum and Evening time Magwhite serum

The ingredients are so pure and suit pregnant women too. And delivers good results.

Magwhite serum: $45
Antiage Serum is $68

Both at $113

If u get both tomorrow is $110 and free courier:>

Applying it the right wayFor best results, incorporate the serum in your daily beauty routine. Use only a dime size of the product. 
After cleansing your face, use an alcohol-free toner and leave it damp on the skin before applying your serum. This way, the ingredients will penetrate deep within the skin.

Wait for a few minutes until the serum is fully absorbed by the skin before applying a moisturiser.
Keep your moisturiser in the refrigerator as when it is applied cold, it pushes blood away from the skin and in the process, creates a vacuum effect to pull the potent serum ingredient deeper within the skin.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

19th April 2014

I am given ONE hour for this talk. But I will share with u all 2 machine and natural beauty health care.
I can speak for 5 hours on stage, ahahha u all hor not sleepy one ah... I am grateful , my speech draws interest in you. Thankful.

I use my love and heart and concern for ur wellbeing to speak.

Till today, I don't endorse any products only my omhealth.

Many company wants me to be their ambassador but I don't want. It will restrict me. So I want to clarify here, all product outside one from toothbrush to honey to water to machine, I willingly use and buy from them and introduce u.

Reason omhealth can have so much trust from u all because of the independency. I always say but the brand u like.

I have updated the article on pregnancy. U can refer to the label beside on pregnancy ok:>

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

For all 19th April Attendees:>

Photo: A blend concoction by Bryan Lao Shi for all who comes to 19 April Talk:> I used up all most of the talk fees to prepare this gift for u all le:> Is specially made in States:> FedEx to arrive just for u:> Hope those who register like it. And thanks to Oh Terrence for your wonderful design. Is for u:> 19th April students:>

I have use most of my talk fees to prepare 100 gifts for attendees specially made from states. And my concoction. Hope u love it:>

For me, can share health and beauty and u come listen to me, I very contented le:>

Monday, March 31, 2014

Please transfer le than email

Halo Cindy is helping us do a favour so transfer first with reference number than email her;

U know if not u all need go media corp buy ticket de;

Help me hor if not I can't handle email or she also blur ah

Also Cindy is the one help me coordinate volunteer work. So email give her 2 days reply hor:>

Don't scare her off ahh

She very kind and I am very grateful for helping me unconditionally and her family for helping me in volunteer work too.

5th April 2014 I need 2 more person to help me distribute rice. Sms me

First 50

First 100 to register for the talk 19th April

will receive an exclusive from me person de, not launched de

(15ml) Remember ah, this is my personal de ok:>

DragonBlood Extract Flora water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Balancing of AURA and Body Magnetic Fields:>

DragonBlood Gel Facial gel

Is amazing how people sms me to tell me testimonials. Is so precious right. And testimonial cannot fake one. Aiya u know me de la.

Photo: Thank u universe! Dragonblood gel indeed reach new heights!!!! Aiyo very touched;

Extracted from News:
Photo: News "To incorporate a local perspective to the expert advice, Singapore’s top gurus Bryan Gan and Keith Png will return as the skincare expert and style whiz respectively. New to the Singapore’s team of gurus are celebrity hairstylist Dexter Ng, and fitness instructor Jackson Tan."
News "To incorporate a local perspective to the expert advice, Singapore’s top gurus Bryan Gan and Keith Png will return as the skincare expert and style whiz respectively. New to the Singapore’s team of gurus are celebrity hairstylist Dexter Ng, and fitness instructor Jackson Tan."

Bryan's mainwebsite:, Bryan's more religious website

 Being term as Top Guru to me is WOW....

I don't why now I am still feeling like the first day I am sharing natural therapy that kind of passion (when people ask me about lavender (my first Oil) I am still so excited.

I think may be is passion ba. So the choice not to be an engineer in 2006 was right.
This article are for my parents and cousin who give me support all along.

Till today, people cant find a title for me. Skin? Health? Mind Body? expert?

Don't bother, just say I am a Formless and Form Teacher. I have come to a state and when I see any new therapy is actually or same same from ancient knowledge de.

Practice natural therapy (yoga, aromatherapy, crystal, color, TCM, Western Physiology , reiki etc) is my life exploration for balance, beauty and health.

I remember in 2001, my first few workshop was not easy, and is norm if you are new , and you don't have any PR skills or help from media people don't really take in what u say even you are enthusiastic to help.

You need to earn every trust slowly. Example, whatever I say now, people believe. And because of that, I am very very careful for what I introduce.

Life is very delicate and short, do things that can help people to open their heart and encourage them in right attitude and path in life.

Case Study:

Example early in the morning, when u see your friend in train, don't first thing say " WA ur dark eye circle jia lat". I mean as if they don't know. Have compassionate over it, as they are already very concern with that le....

U should say: " Aiya, lately I learn some acupressure from Bryan lao shi and also books say this juice very good for busy people etc....:" But be sensible la, don't say " Wow u look so fresh etc" (fake )

Art of saying can help or can bring people down.


Promoting my Products. ( I have this thinking, if your product is good, God will send an army of angel to promote for u, u can promote and don't think and don't over do. Doesn't mean do nothing but do with passion can le)

Many media friends knows that I don't promote my products to them. I don't want to. And I always buy items from others and give them ahaha.

Because I know a lot of media star, people get close to them is to promote items. For me aiyo I want to be simple Bryan. And hopefully can spread love and happiness to people around me. Errr till today, I dare not and not use to go for any media gathering or lunch dinner. I always give excuses ... ahahah they know liao.

Reason is, I just not comfy la. But I am happy they sms me etc or email me to ask advice I will surely share.

What I learn from my Granny is: Be truthful, be yourself, never take people for granted. And if the intention is not right (aiya we all not saint ma) correct urself and slowly improve.

Be Yourself: This is toughest because, easy to say not easy to do. Like on the Show, because I expose to media not more than 10 times all these years, u all think I a lot media because I do a lot workshop seminar la (30000 students) but camera media etc little. So when see camera and Star I feel stress one. But this few episode, I learn from my friends who remind me to " Be Myself".

I now than understand what is be myself.

Introvert and Extrovert aahaha:

When u see me teaching in a seminar , u may think I am extrovert right ahha

The majority of people are extroverts. That leaves introverts in the minority, which doesn't mean introverts are wrong. I'm an introvert. I generally process feelings by myself, rather than with a gang. People are different from each other. Some people love bungie jumping, while others enjoy operating on elbows.

But what I do to help myself le: I use a lot of Lavendula vera and Grapefruit Pink essential oil which helps me on stage or TV.

this 2 oil when combine opens your heart and give u confidence that is stored in your body. The oil don't give u confidence but the oil surface ur hidden confidence.

Suggestion: FOr this having presentation, 3 drops grapefruit pink, 2 drops lavendula, in cotton, put in pocket for the day.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Best facial Massage Gel : Try it, u can feel the natural and the active ingredient!!!

Photo: This really lift up my skin a lot even not enough sleep past few days !!! Is testimonial!

This Dragonblood facial gel , lift the skin. After massage is totally absorb and is totally amazing.

is more like serum gel, u can after massage leave on for 5mins, is totally gone and absorbed. U can feel it.

Than u can apply ur moisturiser if is not hydrate enough.

Photo: Lalalala

Press Conference le:>

Photo: #女人我最大 #新加坡 回来了!第二季 你们准备好了吗!#女人我最大新加坡 #ladyfirstsg #pressconference