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The fast come fast Go Viral Now

Below are flu cold article from past 18 year i cut and paste to one article so easier for many.

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My latest method is inhale oil from tissue

Also gargle:

A cup of water with 1 teaspoon salt: Add a drop each of peppermint and frankincense


Lavendula vera and eucalptus

Article ONE 

Hi all

there is a flu/Cold bug can " Wei Wei". Anyway flu has fever de....

Below is my personal remedies. U can use it as a reading guidance, children, pregnant and serious health condition must see doctor. Below is I write base on 12 years experience with Yin and Yang and flu viral. Disclaimer la. Any herbs try if not sure must check with Doctor.

Personally I feel this "weiwei" viral in a way after kana, remind us to take care of health.
This viral is call wei wei is because no matter how good ur immune is, if sudden just for that few hours u very stress and no eat well, u kana.

Essential Oil High Fresh Good Quality : . Destroy germs floating through the air, say from a sneeze for instance. I add to water atomiser spray environment. 
f the germs have already invaded the body and you are at the sore throat stage, then the best method for using essential oils is in a gargle. In half a glass of warm water a drop lavendula and eucalyptus. gargle.

"Spice Up Life" is an exotic blend of spices and very strong in handling virus.

"Wei Wei" Common Cold Bug Features

For no reason, once u outside abit stress, the "Wei wei" will invade you first with a few sneeze. And that's it. The little Cold Viral symptoms appear.

1) Sneeze non stop at first (Quickly, weaken this bug with peppermint and spice oil on tissue inhale)
2) Throat become very painful by the time at night ( Drink herbal Tea and honey, gargle with lavendula and eucalyptus oil in cup of warm water)
3) Take 连翘解毒片(buy good quality one) 。 This is my house first AID kit. Buy in Singapore shop super safe. This brand very old le. Also Have made in Singapore brand. As long as call Lian Qiao Jie Du Pian. And buy the Strepsil blue color one or best Dequadine.
( Is a good remedy for viral attack in early stage)
4) REST is needed for 1st 2 days.

This "weiwei" virus is very funny. If for first 2 days, u successful fight , the 2nd day evening time u will be ok, throat pain also disappear. But if u get this flu and continue to work and no rest. Wei Wei will become cough and takes longer time to recover.

"weiwei" can be destroyed in 2 days if u take care or it can last up to 10 days. If first 2 days u fight it, it will not become cough. REST is important. See ba, u wanna take MC, just take and rest. If not once u kana this flu and no rest, very tired one, in office. drag and drag to recovery. Than ur cough alot phlegm type....

The Fighter against " WeiWei". Also lavendula eucalyptus in warm water gargle power.
Image result for dequadin singapore

Many essential oils have anti-microbial actions, protect against colds and are highly effective for respiratory support, whose essences can be inhaled to address ear, nose, throat and lung problems. These include:
  • Lavender (Lavandula Vera)
  • Spice Oil
  • Lemon 
  • Peppermint 
  • Rosemary 
  • Tea tree oil 
  • purification blend
for gargle my latest is frankincense and peppermint.

i sometimes, blend 10ml rice bran oil with above . And use this blend massage chest throughout the day. And upper back.

But u may also get flu this season if u in office with many flu. So surround yourself with this blend

BRYAN's Cold and Flu Prevention Blend

  • 3 drops tea tree oil
  • 3 drops lemon oil
  • 3 drops peppermint oil
  • 3 drops SPICE oil
in 10ml rice bran oil, massage chest

Article 2 : Flu remedy 2

1) Ten Spice Oil 2 drops and add 2 drops peppermint in tissue inhale. (fold half so oil dont touch ur nose).
2) Environment u can use purification oil.
3) Tea Tree oil and lavender a drop u can add to a cup of water gargle.

Before u sleep, apply lavender, eucalyptus and lemon oil direct bottom of feet.

In bag bring a bottle of eucalyptus. When someone sneeze, quickly inhale from the bottle as it kills airborn diseases. 

Shop for the oil at

The lung protection aroma oil which will defend your system are :Lavendula vera, Eucalyptus Radiata, peppermint and Lemon Oil and they have arrived super fresh! Especially for morning sneezing, quickly add one drop each onto a piece of tissue and inhale few times. Next, use hair dryer to blow upper back. You will be surprised how your runny nose stopped. Especially for young kids, this method has zero side effect.

Below is a Ah Ma tea for you.......Here's a picture of my herbs used for this tea recipe. Hope it will be useful for you. Acually, I ran out of one ingredient, 党生。 You can simply add one good enough.
Bryan 老师lucky 7 Herbal Strengthen lung improve Qi Tea:
1. 荆芥, 2.防风, 3.百合, 4.连翘, 5.Peppermint, 6.甘草, 7.党生
I used a Chinese Table spoon to measure for all the above ingredients. Around 1 table spoon each. Except for ingredient 1, 2 table spoons.
Put all ingredients except peppermint into 1.5 litres of water. Boil for 20minutes. Off fire and put in peppermint . Cover lid for 15mins. Drink a cup when its warm. (A lot people do not know its useless if put all at one go) My old friends, remember to register for MBBT Ah Ma's secret.

This tea helps to strengthen lungs, fight virus naturally, activate immune systems. Drink like a tea 3 times a week. It can also help to prevent flu, sinus and sooth the throat. This tea is for preventive maintenance and can be used for slight flu and cold. Personally, I drink this tea during chinese new year to prevent sore throat, flu and tiredness.

I would say this is a 老字号blog, all recipes are not easily obtained. I hope you can treasure and keep it. 

Article 3: FLU

24 Articles on flu and cold: CLICK HERE

Bryan's grade AAA fresh aroma oil have been tested by many people including QI Gong Master who commented it has the highest energy. Each and every oil was researched by me and I make sure that only the freshest oil reach my customers.

FedEx increase their price again. Prices for the special blue bottles has also increase. I will keep my promise and maintain the price of my aroma oil. This is made possible because I do not need to do consignments for shopping malls and save on rental charges. I am really sad when I see high mark ups for aroma oil at shopping malls and the kind of oil they are selling. It is not people who want to sell low grade oil but it is the high rental charges in Singapore that obstructs many young aromatherapists to excel. Last month, I have seen another aromatherapist who gave up her practice because its too difficult to survive. She told me Singaporean do not know how to appreciate good oil and only go for those cheap oil. Well, I know that doesn't apply to my students Hahahaaa...

Now you may wonder..... . Which oil to use for flu and cold?

Well, its up to your creativity to mix 3 oil onto a piece of cotton pad. Inhale this piece of cotton pad throughout the day to fight cold, prevent cold or enable speedy recovery to prevent flu from escalating to stage 2.

Bryan's favourite aroma recipe (inhale from a piece of tissue or cotton pad) :

Refer to number above; If kia Shu, I use Lavender +2+4+5 in tissue , inhale, it will last full day. ANd upper back apply peppermint.

A) 2 + 5 + Lavendula Vera onto a piece of tissue/cotton to boost immunity, or when your colleagues have flu.

B) 4 + 2 + Lavendula Vera if you catch a flu already and want speedy recovery.

C) 3 + 5 + Lavendula Vera in oil burner to kill airborn disease.

D) 2 + 5 + Lavendula Vera use on airplane. The smell is nice and will not affect others. Enable you to have a good trip to overseas.

E) 1+ 5 a drop each in a cup of water and stir. Immerse your toothbrush into this cup of water. Leave it for 5mins to kill all germs.

Use pure Sweet Lemon (freshest lemon oil by FedEx from USA) 2 drops on all knifes and kill all germs effectively.

Many years ago during the SARS outbreak, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus became good friends.

Master Zhou Remedies :

1. Put 1 drops of Tea Tree Oil and 1 drops of Eucalyptus Oil together in cotton and carry with you throughout the day. Inhale when needed.

Tea Tree Oil has been known for its disinfecting property and also is anti bacterial, a natural antibiotic used for fungus, bacterial and viral infection.

Eucalyptus is predominantly Orange Prana which is used for expelling diseased energy and also helps in the expelling process.

For me, I felt it too strong so I add 1 drop of Lavendula vera.

Article 4 

Well, the common cold is here. But again fret not. This common cold last for 5 days if u can take care and it helps ur body to build a new defense system. When ur body react to common cold virus, is also a good sign your body defense system is fighting and you should not be depressed. I tell you. This cold normally 5 days but if this 5 days u dont take care it will develop into dry cough and is very sianz one... Like u go movie or in meeting room, suddenly u want to cough and dare not cough......

Bryan's Research: Day one: Sneeze with sore throat; Day 2: Full Runny nose ; Day 3: Runny nose may stop and headache abit, Day 4: All stop abit tired, itch cough, Day 5 : 95% recovered u feel so good.

Crucial is Day 2 start u must use aromatherapy (as in previous post) and eat antivirus herbs and eat Vitamin C with Zinc. And hydrate your body. I will take Vitamin C with Zinc because it has antiviral properties. U take when u feel cold is coming so even u caught a COLD u recover within 5 days.

Personally during common cold I will start to boost immune system by eating [YIN QIAO JIE DU PIAN] for 2 days.

FACTS: It is natural for your body to sick and it is actually healthy to get colds once in a while, because it purges your body of old and weak body cells during the healing process. Do not distort your system by taking antibiotics to treat small cold or against certain symptoms. These symptoms are there for a reason and you should let them all run their course. For example, as your body develops an antibody and starts killing off the virus, your body gets rid of it by either peeing it out (hence the importance of drinking lots of water) or through your mucus out your nose.

Day 3 start u should drink this tea, as cough may developed:

2 Sweet Dried Orange, $1 (North and South Almonds), 3 slice Gan Cao,, Chrysanthemum 15 flowers. 1.8 litre water. (Errr dont ask me translate please) Picture is here.

Wash all, and boil all except Chrysanthemums in 1.8l of water for 20mins. Off fire and put in Chrysanthemums, steep for 15mins.

[ This is the water I will bring to office during flu period because , cough syrub makes me drowsy. My own method is drink half cup of this and suck a tablespoon of Pi Pa Gao. And dont drink for 15mins....] This tea super good in Office were cough is killing u.

Article 5 : Sinus and COld

Well before I get into these....

Important: If u want to overcome ur chronic morning sinus you must

A) No fruits or cold drinks after 7pm
B) Stop milk for a week

If you fail to observer the above, than forget it.

Success Case A:
Mr Lee every single morning, the passed couple of years he will wake and sneeze every morning and sometimes end up waking up at like early to sneeze and its super annoying. After he sneeze, his nose starts running for about a half hour and by noon will clear off. This causes him to have serious dark eye circle and eyes always watery and puffy.

So I ask Mr Lee, to see my blog, right hand side label under sinus. He recovered after that.

Simple Method:

A)1 drop lavendula vera, 1 drop peppermint /Euclayptus radiata and 1 drop lemon in tissue, fold tissue to half than inhale from there.


B) 3 oil method with cream massage upper back and kwa sa abit if can.


C) Flu Blend as described below. Massage neck shoulder and upper back before sleep daily.

Drink Ginger water with brown sugar. Also use the hair dryer method:
Bryan's secret point above is especially good for stimulating the body's natural resistance to colds and flus. It's located near the spine, off the tips of the shoulder blades.

The muscles in this upper back area tend to get tense just before a cold or flu takes hold.

I used to have neck shoulder pain and sinus, ever since i frequent use of 3 oil method to kwa say this few points and sometimes use warm hair dryer to warm this few points, not only cure my neck pain but sinus.

Recently, one of my best friends, a doctor at SGH, was suffering from a bad cold with a stuffy nose, a hacking cough, puffiness around his eyes. He hadn't slept well for few nights because of these discomforts and was very tired.

So I ask him to inhale , lavendula, peppermint and lemon oil. from tissue. Than also apply 3 oil with cream massage neck shoulder , abit kwa sa.. When I saw his sms the next day, he told me he had slept soundly and felt much more refreshed. His eyes looked much clearer, and already he was no longer coughing and blowing his nose.


1) 3 oil with 5 drops rice bran oil neck shoulder than kwa sa and press the point as shown above.


2) Hair dryer warm the above area for 1 min (careful not to burn the skin), than apply flu blend at the upper back


Articles 6 2011

Cold, Tiredness and Flu congee

6 slices of fresh ginger; 3 scallion roots (cong Bai); ½ cup rice .

Prepare the rice in 4 cups of water. While the rice is still hot, add scallions and ginger. Bring the entire mixture to boil, cover it. Simmer for 5 mins. Eat this congee on an empty stomach, twice a day for 2 days. This congee should induce slight sweat , which indicate the condition has improved.

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Foot Care and heel pain (2012 revamped2016)


25th Sep 2016 (Health and Get Younger with Bryan Lao Shi has alot of good information)

Make an effort to come for this seminar ; 930am to 1230

All oil can be found in

Support local brand that has gained recognition. Trust ur scent and instinct not the packaging. omhealth since 1998.

Update for 2016:
I have decided to revamped this 2012 article and put all videos together. Please do this for elderly  and ur parents so that in future wont have leg pain and can go tour with u.  It really helps many.

I always ask my parents to do calf stretch and also the leg massage weekly. I blend the oil in a bottle for them use. Sometimes lazy I just squeeze body lotion on palm or use rice oil and mix the oil on palm direct apply.

Heel pain and spur and Plantar problems is common now. Poor diet, stress and poor body Ki movement may happen to anyone.

Oil we use for heel or pain as below. And I am sharing my experiences here in treating heel pain.
Supplements i suggest u take full dosage for 2 months (ask doctor for u have doubt)
Lingzhi method for heel pain was imparted by  medicine woman in Malaysia, She imparted to me using lingzhi for heel pain recovery. Must take normal good lingzhi (not cracked spores) and follow dosage, finish a bottle or 2 , ur heel will fully recover when combine with the masssage.

Above are oil must have for heel pain or any joint issues

2012 to 2015 : Received more than 34 email on heel pain recovery. I really hope doctors or TCM doctor can see the video and use this massage for the heel pain patient.
Sometimes when i See how TCM doctor cure heel pain, the put needles on certain locations but if they combine with some points pressing is better. Again many doctors have arrongance with them so i do a video so after TCM u go home can press ahahah.

2016 Latest news: A temple lady she walk barefooted in temple for many years until lately develop heel pain. So I show her the video and ask her daily apply Purification Blend 2 drops at heel and wear socks before sleep. And it works.

A lady went steroid injection in 2015 but pain comes back after 9 months and before she go for second injection she tried my massage method, stretch and diet and works wonder. She can run now and no need go for injection. Because steriod injection maximum can go 3 times.

Supplements when heel pain:
1) Calcium With frankincense in it. Last time i take a brand call Homeremedies(now no more). Latest I found a good one this calcium has frankincense. (bonecare I am not spokesman, as long as u found any brand with boswella u buy and plant base calcium)
2) Lingzhi supplements for 1 month (follow full instructions) normal type (no need cracked spores)
3) Use aroma oil like
Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram, with rice oil massage calves. Purification oil apply heel wear socks. (socks use ebene brand)
4) wear insoles and get a sport shoes where the back is hard.

Buy the ebene socks, the reason is keep ur foot warm before sleep and also apply purification oil at heel pain area so when wear socks can absorb in.

Shoes, u need to buy those the back of shoes is hard not soft. And insole invest in a insole that is below $45 good enough. Scholl last time have now may be other brand. Super heel pain, u buy heel cups gel powerful.

Good Slippers : Fitflop brand and Bikenstock (forget spelling)

Video in 2012:>
Now is 2016; I had heel spur both leg and also pain foot for 6 months in 2008 due to muay thai and bad shoes when walk.

I spend alot on making insole (one at $550 by specialist), make insole at plaze singapura those cart.
In the end , i find wearing good sport shoes and u change in insole which u can buy from guardian those full support.

So that time when i buy sport shoes i bring my insole with me and than take out the insole and change.

Also I use scholl that time but now whether have anot or other brand have anot i dont know.Massaging Gel Heel Cushions

Heel Pain Method ONE(video in 2012)

Once upon a time

Mr gan
Left foot inflammed, Right also heel inflammed and spur.

See TCM, Specialist, Foot cure. Need steroid or operations.

Spend thousands and thousands... In the end cure in Thailand just one time... Now share with all in the two videos shown.Hi all. A client who has heel pain recovered:> Please take care: First buy the scholl biomechanics rubber 1/4 insole than do this massage

1) Get a good insole (Scholl biomechanics ,NEAT)
2) Calf Stretch
3) Power massage (lite)

Oil Used: Lavendula, marjoram, frankincense, peppermint and purification blend
Model: Cousin's Leg.
Congrats Jessica recovers from HEEL PAIN.

massage need to do below and the next post. So total 2 videos must follow.

Stretching is important.

Stand about an arm's-length from the wall.

  • Lean forward and place both hands on the wall about shoulder width apart.
  • Extend one foot (the side to be stretched) behind you with heel on the ground and one foot closer to the wall.
  • Lean into wall with your hips until you feel a stretch in the calf of the extended leg.
  • Hold this stretch for about 30 seconds and change sides.

  • Oil use: :Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram and Frankincense

    Heel Massage Gentle. No time to finish video. After that must massage the calf side of each legs and also back of calf to release any sore knots.

    Disclaimer: Seek medical doctor for help. I am just sharing here. Please take note and disclaim or claims.

    Below is calf massage. Instead of cream, u can use 15 drop rice oil, 3 drop of LV, PP, MAR and after finish massage a drop frankincense.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    Carrier Oil

    Is about time to share with all about carrier oil

    In commercial world now, u can find many kinds of oil . Some says are natural but yet can be on shelf for 3 years and if u look at the ingredients is natural oil plus some mineral oil and fragrance chemicals.

    For 18 years omhealth has 3 kind of carrier oil or vegetable oil for skin (not cooking)

    We didnt wanna do much on the label because is not necessary . If this oil is spoilt it will have a smell. And all oil u receive is very fresh.

    As we aged, using natural oil on body is extremely important. Many of us neglect our body skin nourishment. As a result when aged many starts to have hives, eczema or skin issues.

    I have seen alot when doing volunteer work for elderly. And if only all can listen to me to apply few drops of oil on body after shower can really beautify skin.

    If legs foots dry, u apply and wear socks can see great results.
    Image result for jojoba fruit

    1) Rice Bran Oil
    2) Jojoba Oil Eabsorb
    3) Coconut oil Eabsorb

    Personal Use: For me I love to use carrier oil for body.

    Sometimes I will put few drops on palm and 3 drops of any aroma oil and massage legs or arms.

    9 Benefits of Using Carrier oil

    1) Protect skin from harm environmental pollutions
    2) Nourish skin but not block pores like mineral oil
    3) Repair skin problems ( a good news for eczema skin if u combine with double blue flower aloe gel)
    4) Recovery from scar (no chemical so safe)
    5) Smoothen skin (especially if ur feet has fungus infection , u apply lavender oil direct for first 3 days, follow by a few drops carrier oil, the rest 4 days apply tea tree oil too.
    6) Radiance of body skin
    7) Refresh skin cells
    8) Skin whitening and pregnant women and babies can use jojoba very good prevent lines.

    For Singapore weather i use oil at evening time before sleep. 

    Facial Oil JUST For Face

    1) Neroli facial oil
    2) 4 R rose facial Oil
    3) Immortella facial Oil

    Extra Tips

    Cold Sore Treatment

    Prone to cold sores? Dabbing coconut oil on them can help speed up healing time, alleviate pain and reduce the risk of scarring or discoloration.
    Coconut oil contains three fatty acids —capric, caprylic and lauric acid — that possess both disinfectant and antimicrobial properties, helping to protect against as well as heal microbial infections
    Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil is on a rise in popularity for treating skin conditions like eczemapsoriasis and other skin conditions. In fact, a recent study found that 46 percent of patients with a chronic skin disease who used coconut oil had an excellent response in treating their condition. Meanwhile, only 19 percent of those who used mineral oil (chemical oil in market) to treat their condition had an excellent response.  If you suffer from a skin disease, using coconut oil regularly might help alleviate symptoms.
    Rice bran, coconut, jojoba
    If your skin’s seriously dry, apply oil for skin is one of the best remedies. Rub  in hands to warm it up and then use it in lieu of body lotion. Focus on spots like elbows and knees that tend to get even drier than other spots.
    Rice bran oil active ingredients:
    – Gamma-oryzanol, ferulic acid: Beneficial for skin health. They have powerful antioxidant activity – –Phytosterols: anti-inflammatory, healing and restorative.
    – Carotenoids: beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), lycopene: healthy glow and natural antioxidants.
    – Vitamin E: natural antioxidant.
    – Enzymes (co-enzyme Q10, polyphenol oxidase…): protects the skin aging induced by free radicals.
    – Minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper …
    Jojoba Sometimes, you can apply across the body before bathing. You can massage your body to stimulate blood circulation, which will provide you with radiant skin.
    I will damp my body than 10 drops jojoba oil on palm and massage the damp body. Rinse off abit. And wipe body. Whole body smooth

    Oil can be found here:

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    Pluto enters

    25th September 2016

    I have chosen the date for this talk because of the star signs too.

    We need u to register early to choose the room. As now we have left 20 more seats but if u are coming register now and I will increase room size.

    is the date selected for the Health and Beauty 2016 Talk ( a recap of Get Younger with Bryan's topic)

    Pluto goes Station Direct in Capricorn at Sun Sep 25 2016 ( Ur health info )

    Past few years we’ may either been dealing with, or holding on, to much more than we probably thought we could handle. 

    Time to release  and flush out the toxic and having a healthy body mind emotions.
    This is a date where we gather and perform the EMF release for better health and energy. (Congrats this time round I have succcessfully share this topic internationally)

    This seminars works with

    1) Herbs
    2) Meridians
    3) Breathing exercise
    4) Crystal Therapy with important acupressure
    5) Aromatherapy to
    6) Foodcure to better sleep and quality life
    7) Basic Supplements (independent view to take now)
    8) 4 Power Juice to have more energy and calm ur body
    9) Numerology and food (small segment)

    make peace with all areas of our life, by discharging all that we have been wrongfully digesting over the past months (emotionally, mentally, physically). 
    Flushing this away with a good internal cleanse, provides a chance for closure as well as healing

    With Pluto in Capricorn, we could see different areas of our lives reshaping or parts in the world destroyed, to allow eruption regeneration, and regrowth

    Sunday, June 12, 2016

    Very Independent Views

    I am glad that I am not tied to companies and I can talk about things I tried and is good.
    Is very blessings to be able to share.

    I am not the spokesman for the following items. So is a very independent views.

    Do try the aloe detox avalon is good de. Anyway u are pregnant or any health issues, do consult doctor. I am sharing here base on personal de:> Disclaimer here.

    Some friends say: Bryan u have Goji C all these why u share with people other brand. If in future, u want to produce this products how?

    Halo, life is short, not everything is money. The main aim of this blog 10 years ago is to speak up and share things that are good. I dont care de. To me, i find health is so important. U all can call me Lao Shi, that means i must ensure I hold this title with care and compassion.

    Omhealth has now finish contract with GojiC and AlmondCal as I only want to intro things i like more. Is my path.

    Today i am going to share with Detox.

    Long ago there was a brand call Avalon Aloe vera detox. It was 10 years ago. I saw the high advertising about it and how good people say this product is. But I didnt take because to me i dont need it ahahha. 10 years later, as I aged, i find that simple detox is needed and the product must be super natural, tested and approved.

    So i started off to take ezyfeel powder once a week (one tube i divide into 3 portion ahaha kiashu and safety ma). It is good.

    Lately I was told in Singapore there is a detox food (i dont call it supplement) that is the best seller in Singapore for 10 years it detoxification. And I decided to try on because I was asked to introduce on a TV show (not paid de).

    But my principle is before i intro on TV i must try 3 months.

    And dear friends , i must say this is a best detox programme I ever gone thru. Because my body is ok. I only take one pill half hour before sleep. For people with stomach bloated and serious constipation u can take 2 before sleep for 3 days.

    I tell u , the SHIT is like layers of dirty things comes out and u dont feel the cramped. And u shit until like all worries gone and feel good.

    I suggest that day noon time u take Vitagen.

    I start to perform a deep research on Avalon , why this brand is so successful and can be in Singapore for 10 years and even many detox pill in market it still make it.

    Dear all, with the stress and food we eat. once a week detox is needed. Although instruction in the booklet u can take 2-4 a day. But to me one pill before sleep twice a week is super good le.

    For first time take I suggest, day one u take one before sleep. Than try day 2, take 2. To me 2 is alot. One is good. And than for following 3 days u take one before sleep.


    A) It really has slimming effect. After you take that night, u put a drop of bryan relax blend on ur stomach.
    B) U feel good. ( and no need waste money on the Juicing programme which cost $280 for few days)
    C) No need go slimming salon. And if u combine masssage with sunflower slimming oil. Gosh u can see ur body tone up.

    ++++++++++++FULL INDEPENDENT VIEWS__________________

    Aloe use in this product is from America and highest medicine value aloe vera using -38degree freezing to extract.

    I personally research it

    • Clears away accumulated waste
    • Promotes bowel regularity
    • Relieves the discomfort associated with bloated feeling
    • Improves facial complexion
    • Helps breakdown fat deposit

    Aloe if is good quality (i find that there are many brands in market but only this brand has the kind of rights and dont know what certification) Aiyo me kia shu.

    • Detoxifying. ...
    • Supports the immune system. ...
    • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. ...
    • Excellent for digestion. ...
    • An easy way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. ...
    • Hair growth. ...
    • Good for burns, acne and hydrating skin.

    I let my dad tried who has abit of old age constipation. And he loves it and not dependent.

    My conclusion is , u can choose ur own brand to detox. Is ok. But do ensure is natural and proper research and also please do once a week can le. No need daily. But dont tell the seller, if not i kana la.

    Things I under research:

    Ling ZHI
    Pearl Powder
    more coming up independent views

    My Personal Heng heng Detox date

    Ahahha to me I am a kia shu to have good luck. Certain dates do detox before sleep, brings good luck ahahaha. A 5 element teachers taught me.
    So I suggest u take one avalon before sleep this dates if u free. Or ur own detox things.

    Few years back a master always see the date to do detox. I dont know ur mom last time got say, certain day of the year if take tonic that day, whole year no need take tonic.

    Precious Answers:
    16, 18 ,23rd ,28th , 30th June:

    Health Luck: This day acording to the star gravity I suggest perform a avalon one pill before sleep or ur own detox, (but aloe is good luck to me and drive xiao ren away)
    Paste a detox patch
    A drop bryan relax blend.

    Old saying Ang Mo
    Aloe vera attract good energy and luck. . It is known for attracting prosperity and positive energy . It clear negative energies. No wonder is used in detox ahaha
    Aloe Vera has a long history of use with no negative side effects. Although it has been documented to improve a wide variety of ailments. Aloe  stimulate cell regeneration, and that the enzymes effect chemical changes which intensify healing. Either way, we know that it is doing something right! The proof is in the benefits!

    Omhealth has Double Blue Flower Aloe Gel for Hive, rashed etc: Do consider to get a bottle at $38 fresh now.

    Anyway u can order the items from the website above. The patch so far so good. u can try.

    What I am Taking beside natural food: And also wan parents to take

    I cant take milk so super plant base calcium important.

    Multi B i take only when i know that week stress and only take 2 days.

    Power Eye i take because i have 600 degree short sighted so i know when age eyes will degenerate so now is a must for me.

    U dreamz is Wu Ling Shen has high healing properties. I take when tat evening hi stress and take after dinner.