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Frankincense And Holy Sacred Frankincense

I have decided to conduct famous health and beauty with bryan next year March..... so u will get to learn aromatherapy etc

Click on the picture below, frankincense usages will be shown.
You can refer to old articles on frankincense usages

Video 2 back in 2012 Omhealth has research on frankincense back in 90s. Whenever I use frankincense a drop everynight as my before sleep beauty regiment, my memories always goes back to SOGO.


Before going to Army back in the 80s, I work as a part time packer at SOGO departmental store.  That time I am working as a packer beside the cashier to pack items after u made ur payment.

I am in the clothing department. So right at the basement I come across an aromatherapy shop. From there I bought my first frankincense resin from a Japanese lady. She share with me the art of aromatherapy is about nature and one should not over exaggerate the properties and u must understand the oil before u sell and also u shouldnt over promise people.

But my memories locked on the Frankincense she burnt on charcoal.
She told me that many frankincense grade is very low and those from little india side is not meant for beauty. ahahahha...

She mentionedt  that she burnt frankincense resin on charcoal before sleep.

Image result for frankincense resin charcoal

But I cant afford to buy the frankincense which a box of resin cost $30 that time and charcoal also not cheap. But everytime lunch break she allows me to try out her oil and she will burn frankincense in her shop and I will ahahah inhale... And i think my antiage is because of that.
She shared with me every day she burn at home before sleep.

The frankincense grade she uses was amazing. And guess what after 15 years of waiting and research , your HOLY sacred frankincense is this grade and omhealth most powerful item.

My healing frankincense also super nice.

And 2014 I manage to bring the frankincense resin to the 女人我最大 show and use it for the show. And i manage to explain to everyone what is frankincense.

The resin i show that for extraction to holysacred in TV:>

For me I use frankincense in breathing exercise . A drop on palm warm palm and inhale and do some butterfly dance.

I dont know about other properties people say until very power. But for myself a cyst at arms has reduce in size and a cyst at thumb disappear when i combine with rose geranium.

And when i research on, frankincense is also use in chinese herbs for tumor and also joint pain but the quality they use is very low grade. And nowsaday even is in many herbs formulae u ask TCM doctor, dont dont even know some.

For me, I really believe it is antiaging ahahha. Bevause it works on my face. As this oil help in healthy cell regeneration and keep existing cells and tissues healthy. It's useful for skin health, and can help treat dry skin, reverse signs of aging and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Frankincense oil's astringent properties help

  • Strengthen gums and hair roots
  • Stop wounds from bleeding
  • Speed up the healing of cuts, acne, insect bites and boils
I got try to use for gargle for mouth ulcer and it works well.

In chinese research material they state:

For me I take calcium supplement with Frankincense as it has heal bone inflammation properties

Side Track: OCtober month good luck can go Unity Plaza Sing to buy any supplements.

I suggest those have knee or joint issue or always neck pain

go buy the 3 leg brand rejoince. According calculation this month buy any supplements ur brand also can and see TCM or go massage can cure many health issues. This is type 2 collagen and u can take with calcium.
Anyway u can get ur own brand is ok. My purpose to share is go UNITY plaza sing get even a sweet is good. And joint always pain buy ur rejoince and vita realm calcium and Bosch lingzhi

Errr not spokesman ok, bevause if spokesman they only allow i say one brand. so u buy ur own brand also ok.

Three Legs Rejoince is specially formulated using Type II Collagen, Glucosamine Sulfate (GS), Chondroitin Sulfate (CS), Methylsulfonulmethane (MSM) and Calcium Ascorbate. It is an all-in-one, natural cartilage care solution which contains all the scientifically proven ingredients that helps in repairing damaged joints and building stronger and healthier cartilage.


Hi omhealth main team has gone overseas

now left with Uncle Gan

to check email, pack and courier packing.

Liuhe Gui ren email will still be check by the team on Monday.

All email takes 3 days reply.

Currently if u order items, is me who reply sometimes broken english ahaha

but super good luck

I notice leng leng send many parcel since august and many forget make payment. Do make payment now, as I am gouing thru the record and dont want to sms la.

for email order do transfer first ok

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Aromatherapy LIVE video Lesson

Live Video:

Birthday Promotion OMhealth

Facebook 5 set and students 10 set

Total 5 bottle oil FREE Fresh Morning Oil at $180 Courier $3

Dear all this oil are very useful from aches to relax and rinse and bath:>

To order email to with name and address

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Foot Care and heel pain (2012 revamped2016)

Decided to compile 2012 --- 2016 article and video into one so to benefits more people on heel, ankle pain recovery.

Singapore weather is dampness, alot people have leg and heel and knee pain. By learning early tips, prevention is best:>

My mission now is to travel to different clinics to share:> And hope people listen and accept this simple methods.

My key Advice:

A) Remove dampness once a week with remove dampness tea, use Bryan relax blend foot bath 2 time a week
B) Avoid cold salads, if u eat salads make sure u drink omhealth ginger tea morning (prevent heel pain)
C) Stretch daily calves see youtube many stretch and go to a good foot reflex
D) Use oil daily and weAR SOCKS.
E) press the acupressure 三阴交穴daily.

See a western doctor for a scan xray, and a chinese TCM too. Western doctor will always ask u go foot specialist and talk to them hor is 3mins $200 and than make the insole is $500 (i have but never wear too hard). End up i make $300 insole from those cart on sole at Plaze Sing (end up also didnt wear too uncomfortable) End up i wear NEAT brand or scholl brand.

Doctor insole cannot wear too long may be few hours a day , wear too hard insole also no good.

heel pain in TCM is:



Especially if u are stress and tired, and once home u shower cold water , ur feet daily accumulate dampness. And once it happen, heel pain is overnight one and months to recover.

Can u believe this guy both heel has spur and xray and scan by Candemen Medical and see Many doctors, specialist, physio and whatever u say I tried... 10 years ago. I was so stress because alot of my work need to jumb and move.... i so upset that time. Lucky I meet up with expert from different fields of studies and come to this method.

Heel Pain and he Plantar Fascia is a thick band of tissue running along the foot bottom and connecting the heel bone to the toes. Now this is when the tissue have pain and inflammation. And this inflammation cause pain heel side

To a western doc, we work on fighting inflammation, for TCM we work on circulation, for a natural therapist we work on mind state to overcome as it takes time.

But for omhealth, we combine all the above into one ahhaha. U see if all this profession can work togther , alot illnesses can be reduce.

Image result for side heel pain
U cant imagine my both heel also have spur. But how i recover? and now can jump run and walk.

Image result for ebene socks
Above socks doesnt work for me but, quality is good, buy one and last forever and ahahhaha when apply oil wear hor, very comfy.

Heel Pain, Ankle Pain to me they are in relation

And only by

1) rest
2) Anti inflammation
3)  Good support
4) Foodcure
5) Stretching
TCM accupuncture legs and arms area is powerful combine with chinese herb powders for 2 weeks.

can recover,

Heel pain and spur and Plantar problems is common now. Poor diet, stress and poor body Ki movement may happen to anyone.

Image result for side heel pain

Heel pain can also result in Tendonitis, side ankle pain.

Image result for side heel pain

Background of omhealth Heel research
I have two heel pain and bone spur ten years ago and may need operation. I spend so much money and research in physio, chiropractor, Doctors, foot specialist, TCM. End up I find a cure. And i am sharing here, but those who do not have essential oil , can use any Chinese Medicated oil ba. My main purpose is to share and hope u recover from heel pain.

Oil we use for heel or pain are (lavendula vera, peppermint, marjoram, Purification Oil blend). And I am sharing my experiences here in treating heel pain.
Supplements i suggest u take full dosage for 2 months (ask doctor for u have doubt)
Lingzhi method for heel pain was imparted by  medicine woman in Malaysia, She imparted to me using lingzhi for heel pain recovery. Must take normal good lingzhi (not cracked spores) and follow dosage, finish a bottle or 2 , ur heel will fully recover when combine with the masssage.

1) 3 Oil Lavendula vera Peppermint and Marjoram with (lotion or rice bran oil) massage legs.
2) Before sleep, apply a drop Purification blend heel pain area and wear socks to sleep
3) Diet: Avoid cold and sour food for 2 weeks
This 1 month take:
1) Calcium plant base with Boswella
2) 3 leg rejoince (or ur own brand glucosamine plant base)
3) Lingzhi simple type (follow the instructions from the box)
4) Stretch calf stretch each legs 30 seconds each leg but 3 set, twice a day
5) Change to fitflop shoes and slippers this period and wear slippers at home
6) Deep breathing exercise to heel daily is good.
7) Heel spur, buy the scholl and put back of shoes
8) Sports shoes change to the insole for knee and heel pain

Omhealth has done extensive researched on Heel and Ankle pain issues for past 5 years and with good results

2012 to 2015 : Received more than 34 email on heel pain recovery using omhealth method.

 I really hope doctors or TCM doctor and western doctor can see the video and use this massage for the heel pain patient and give them the right suggestion.
Sometimes when i See how TCM doctor cure heel pain, the put needles on certain locations but if they combine with some points pressing is better.

2016 Latest news: A temple lady she walk barefooted in temple for many years until lately develop heel pain. So I show her the video and ask her daily apply Purification Blend 2 drops at heel and wear socks before sleep. And it works.

A lady went steroid injection in 2013 but pain comes back after 9 months and before she go for second injection she tried my massage method, stretch and diet and works wonder. She can run now and no need go for injection. Because steriod injection maximum can go 3 times. And now Yoga le.

Omhealth Steps in Heel Pain:

Supplements when heel pain:
1) Calcium With frankincense(boswella) in it.
Latest I found a good one this calcium has frankincense and plantbase. (bonecare I am not spokesman, as long as u found any brand with boswella u buy and plant base calcium)
2) Lingzhi supplements for 1 month (follow full instructions) normal type (no need cracked spores)
3) Use aroma oil like
Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram, with rice oil massage calves. Purification oil apply heel wear socks. (socks use ebene brand). Key to recovery is the massage video below.
4) wear insoles and get a sport shoes where the back is hard.

What Insole I use?

This are the things I have when I had heel pain last time.
The top one is for heel spur problem when first occur very painful when walk and this cusion is introduce by a friend who is a specialist in heel spur pain. Works wonder and is just an insert to ur shoes. The Second one is a 3/4 insert. But end up i bought the full length one. 

And now in my sport shoes i remove their insoles and use a full insert.

Buy the ebene socks, the reason is keep ur foot warm before sleep and also apply purification oil at heel pain area so when wear socks can absorb in.

Shoes, u need to buy those the back of shoes is hard not soft. And insole invest in a insole that is below $45 good enough. Scholl last time have now may be other brand. Super heel pain, u buy heel cups gel powerful.

Also I use scholl that time but now whether have anot or other brand have anot i dont know.Massaging Gel Heel Cushions

Heel Pain Method ONE(video in 2012)

Once upon a time

Mr gan
Left foot inflammed, Right also heel inflammed and spur.

See TCM, Specialist, Foot cure. Need steroid or operations.

Spend thousands and thousands... In the end cure in Thailand just one time... Now share with all in the two videos shown.Hi all. A client who has heel pain recovered:> Please take care: First buy the scholl biomechanics rubber 1/4 insole than do this massage

1) Get a good insole (Scholl biomechanics ,NEAT)
2) Calf Stretch
3) Power massage (lite)

Oil Used: Lavendula, marjoram, frankincense, peppermint and purification blend
Model: Cousin's Leg.
Congrats Jessica recovers from HEEL PAIN.

massage need to do below and the next post. So total 2 videos must follow.

Stretching is important.
And this to be done 3 times a day each leg 30seconds than it works.
Stand about an arm's-length from the wall.

  • Lean forward and place both hands on the wall about shoulder width apart.
  • Extend one foot (the side to be stretched) behind you with heel on the ground and one foot closer to the wall.
  • Lean into wall with your hips until you feel a stretch in the calf of the extended leg.
  • Hold this stretch for about 30 seconds and change sides.

  • Oil use: :Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram and Frankincense and Purification Oil

    Heel Massage Gentle. No time to finish video. After that must massage the calf side of each legs and also back of calf to release any sore knots.

    Disclaimer: Seek medical doctor for help. I am just sharing here. Please take note and disclaim or claims.

    Below is calf massage. Instead of cream, u can use 15 drop rice oil, 3 drop of LV, PP, MAR and after finish massage a drop frankincense.

    2012 Article:

    The herbs is powerful :

    U go medical hall:田七blend牛膝 $6 boil water and drink 2 cups and for 3 days

    Doctor's Antiinflammation drugs, u can check with ur doctor can have a 90mg Arcoxia antiinflammation pain killers. I personally do not like pain killers although there are certain condition when these are must but we can avoid pain killer with the help of painkillers. Rheumatic Leg pain can be treated with acupressure quite easily. Prevent and Maintenance wont regret.

    Each day I have so many email telling me about leg issues. I share with them
    1) Calcium (plant base must eat but no need overeat) ( bone bone bone, u need)
    2) Lingzhi normal one (pill form) few times a week. (Tone all organs)
    3) Tumeric powder  mix water drink 3 times a week. (natural reduce inflammations)

    Disclaimer: disclaimer of the disclaim... read beside. (my friend teach me must put disclaimer if not sometimes introduce eat rice,that person allergy to rice also complaint ahahha)

    Drink this tea twice a week. But if got leg problems, drink daily for 5 days. If lazy medical hall just buy Niu Xi and Tian Qi $5 and boil half hour. Two cups a day for 3 days, recommend for any leg pain.

    Twice a week drink this tea is good for legs. Also those suffers leg related problems is good to drink.

    U need go HDB medical hall buy ; Branded medical hall won't sell u.

    1) 牛膝10-30 g、(u sometimes tell them $5, they don't know gram, u buy $5 a lot and go home weigh la)
    This root herbs famous to move Blood and Qi to leg area.
    Strengthen kidney and heal leg pain and knee cant stretch problems. But I feel is good for drinking to prevent. If that evening you drink already, u use some rice bran oil on palm and put lavendula vera, peppermint and marjoram massage both legs. U can see good effects. End with 2 drops frankincense on bottom of feets.
    2)田七 5 gram
    3) 干木瓜 10 gram (add to 15gram if u have leg cramped problems)

    This is such a grandmother recipes but , I think by your generation u will totally forget. End up pay some fake TCM $$$$ for a simple ingredients which pains me to see that is the trend now.

    Put all ingredients in 600ml water slow boil for 40mins ba.
    Drink twice a day for 2 days.
    Best timing to drink : 5pm to 7pm.

    Follow by leg massage or acupressure with 3 oil (lavendula, peppermint and marjoram and rice oil more drops so smooth transition of the blend to the legs. Powerful way.

    I have upgraded to replace lotion with 15 drops rice oil on palm than put the 3 oil.

    I tell u when u drink at this timing, qi starts to move to leg at highest force. Than massage legs at evening with the 3 oil and rice oil. U can see improvements in legs problems.

    End with frankincense/purification oil a drop on base of foot.

    New 3 oil for legs method

    15 drops rice bran oil on palm, 3 drops lavendula,3 peppermint and 3 marjoram on it. Than mix apply both legs. Than massage one leg at a time, slowly look for any sore area and gentle kneading. Than apply frankincense at the bottom of feet.
    massage both legs with the blend.

    Personal Views
    Have a strong legs singaporean:
    Ur whole life work so hard so dont let leg pain affect u

    My heart very pain when i see elderly have heel pain and cant walk. And do u think they have the money to see specialist? They dont. So i invented massage method and donate medical oil to Elderly home.
    Singapore has too many doctors TCM or western, if all can seat down and discuss and compile a remedies prevention, that will be great. So far none doing that and omhealth role Mr Bryan Lao Shi is doing that. Not easy. But I will try my best

    Elderly in Singapore

    her heel pain recover alot, this indian aunty is 70 plus, last year when i go volunteer work, she cant walk much and now alot better after i teach her the massage.,

    Lately I have also advice many elderly. Sometimes i visit different TCM doctor for research, and i am surprise when they suggest on heel pain is just put needles on few common points. It will be great if the TCM doctor can advice people to do

    1) Stretch calves
    2) Wear insole
    3) daily massage legs.

    When I visit western doctor for research, they always say no cure need injection steroid and give pills and refer to foot specialist and make the $600 insole

    It will be useful if they care and concern and suggest heel insole, stretch and non surgical treatment.

    I always ask u to do this eat this and that are all simple method. So whether u wan follow up to u

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    Face radiance

    For new beginners this is the video on usages of cleanser (taken 3 years ago)

    So can be a kick start for you.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    Healing oil blend

    I will be blending 18 bottles of healing blend with crystal flower energy; this month so if u need can email to with name and star sign western;

    Each bottle is $45 and courier fee is $5

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    Thank You All

    I have completed the Life Story Chapter 19

    u will see the 10 years of old pictures

    Enjoying wealth will bring happines now
    Giving wealth brings happiness in future
    Wealth that is wasted by not enjoying or giving
    brings only suffering and no happiness

    A clip

    Yesterday they were moving around with the pair of healing balls and is not easy exercise but amazing class students, u all did well.

    Completion of 5 element exercise classs

    Monday, September 26, 2016

    19th Year Anniversary Talk

    It was a wonderful Sunday just like past 19 years. omhealth was founded in 1997 but exact workshop in public begins with YMCA in 2001.

     From 15 students to now few hundreds. Truly thankful.

    The trend in the market now is not many people will attend health workshop le, so for me is not a easy task to organise but I believe my intention is to share knowledge to benefit people, the class will happen and will be full house:>


    Inner heart:
    Many youngster told me blog is outdated but for me, I shall continue to work on this blog  as long as omhealth is around.

    Go and like this post so next time ribena have discount can get for all of u ahahah.
    Thanks too all once a gain who came to this wonderful once a year gathering and hope u really enjoy:>

    The ribena and chicken essence yummy right and the rock bun.

    All students I will email u the slide Friday because will rest first and numerology number:>

    Recent years I have given less workshop but hope to deliver one health class, one exercise class yearly.

    Alot of old friends appear in the class. But the topics given delivered are 95% new topics.

    I am a person who think too details to the fine details in everyworkshop . Normally after one talk I will be exhuasted aahah. But i ensure myself to recover fast by doing moxibustion and breathing exercise using aroma oil.

    Yesterday was so coincidental. The moment I want to perform the Butterfly breathing exercise with everyone using a CD (1996 given by a friend same old CD). A friend who used to help me in workshop back in 2001 appeared. And everything seems to synchronise nicely.

    I always believe if u have intention for highest good of all, what u do will always turn out positive so be determined and persistent in health care and acupressure.

    Butterfly dance was inspired more than 18 years ago but observing the movement of butterfly and meridians flow and acupressure, it activate the Lao Gong Xue and Yong Quan Xue in the body and raise once person healing energy. Normally after butterfly dance with healing oil, one will feel relax and good.

    Those who ask me to blend ur healing oil blend once a year, this is how u can use the healing oil. But for u, u can massage more to chest and stomach first before exercise. For others u can use one of my essential oil blend and apply wrist and inhale.

    Below is a soup for prevention of cancer related issues and boost immune system.

    Specially consist of many herbs and very heng one:>
    SHampoo use daily and conditioner can use up to 3 times a week.

    Shampoo and Conditioner Promotion is $70 a set
    (many wonderful feedbacks within one use)

    The purple Balm is also powerful arrival at $25
    (scroll down last items)

    Bear Stomach exercise for digestive problems

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    Details Product List

    Many were not know of this site

    It describe my product list clearly.

    Sunday, September 4, 2016

    Omhealth live today at 8 pm

    Insect repellent

    Hi all first batch repellent will only arrive Tuesday! So we need time to process ok

    Friday, September 2, 2016

    Insect repellent no stock

    Hi all since 2014 the insect repellent is $28 and apology I type write 25!

    Also because the FedEx arrival more now and remain also $28 apology for the mistakes ;

    Because if not previous buy one $28 suddenly $25; thanks for messaging me telling me the typo thank u

    Upcoming classes

    25th Sep 2016

    Get Younger with Bryan Lao Shi

    is a very informative talk and all attendees on top of that will receive a auric roller and footpatch
    If u have been feeling exhausted all the time and want to know more to the point method for improving health and beauty. U shouldnt miss this talk. I only conduct once a year health talk so u can have more time to practice.

    I am first in Singapore to combine, herbs, meridians, acupressure and health foodcure to work together for wholistic approach to handle
    1) Aging
    2) Aches
    3) Commin Ailments

    This is a talk where alot of effort is put in for you.

    As we know this is a year of certain stars that move in opposite directions.

    Sometimes we are slow in making decision of doing the right thing and even though u know the right way but u are lazy to do it. Or fear of changes.

    Two Classes:

    1) Get Younger with Bryan lao Shi
    2) 5 element Exercise Class 2016

    Anyway try to attend this classes this 2016 which harbours good energy to u.

    A good September to December 2016 ==== to a good 2017.

    The preparation for once a year beauty health talk is not easy. But is a need and must to do so. To keep you updated the informations and reminder of what to do to reduce the damages of pollution and stress. Topics cover insomnia, aches, anger management and many more:>

    19th Year Get Younger with Bryan
    25th Sep 2016:
    Get Younger with Bryan Lao Shi.
    Venue: CSC Auditorium
    Time: 930am to 12pm
    Fees : $45
    Gifts; Auric Roller and a foot patch
    Email name and mobile to

    CLASS 2: Be early Birthday with Lao Shi Special Edition 5 element exercise class

    Venue: CSC
    Date : 8th October 2016
    Time: 930am
    Fees: $55
    Free: A set of $48 worth Healing wall health balls

     will be email to registered students:>

    Aahha this class is really a almost free class to gather:>

    平安吉祥如意 Bryan's Birthday Class--
    Heng Ball Health Ki Gong Class

    This class we will perform the 5 element exercise together ,

    how to use this health balls for good sleep and health

    And also slimming 2 track of cardio exercise:>

    Bring ur Good Morning:>

    Venue: CSC
    Date : 8th October 2016
    Time: 930am
    Fees: $55
    Free: A set of $48 worth Healing wall health balls

     will be email to registered students:>

    Aahha this class is really a almost free class to gather:>

    To me this class is really a exercise class to bring all 5 element class student together:>

    And this class I invest on this health balls for everyone a set:>

    8th October 2016 ( Bryan Lao Shi the day before birthday). Some fees will donate for charity de:>

     August time: Limited 50 seats only, priority to 5 element class old students.

    U can register first , will be a Sunday date announce tomorrow. With mobile . Priority to ex students:>

    1) Work with Heng ball a pair worth $48
    2) Revise 5 element exercise
    3) Muay Thai Kick to for slimming the waist line
    4) Meridian acupressure tips
    5) Head kwa Sha methods for eye brightening

    Fees is $55

    Thursday, September 1, 2016


    I I'm Omhealth oil insect repellent recipes super concentrated!

    25 ml rice bran oil
    8 drops purification blend 
    8 drops Eucalyptus 
    5 drops lemongrass
    5 drops rose geranium oil
    5 drops lavendula Vera

    Above blend can apply wrist ankles; but if u find out too concentrated u can increase the rice bran oil to 30ml!
    Or to dilute further for body application u squeeze some body lotion on palm and add few drops above blend and mix and apply hands and legs!

    Omhealth insect repellent sold out
    Arrival next week ; u can order $28 by email 

    Monday, August 29, 2016

    special blend with u for mind and for body

    Any way many ask me where is the essential oil list is at Shopping cart and also product details at

    omhealth is managed by one person call Bryan lao Shi. Alot of times email per day on questions that can be found here is 100 over. And if i spend time reply email, i will lost my freedom to enjoy my passion. So a product list is produced and also shopping cart is there for u to order .

    Time has changed, where information is easy to find. Thank u So much. Not that i dont want to answer email sometimes. But if u put urself in my shoes, beside doing video for u, blog for 10 years frequent updates, seminars, radio , magazine... what more do I have the "me: time right ahahah. So apprecite my effort of daily update of blog .

    FOr healing blend do refer to

    Our mood and emotion beside governs by your work, people around you but also the environment.
    Environment can be the gravitational pull, technology radiation, lights, star sign.

    Star Sign:
    Example this period star sign movement;
    Alot of you past few weeks may suffers from health and issues and really辛苦你了。 Everything will come to a conclusion.  So this period, Sun in Virgo means issues like health and work will have new challenge.

    This period there may have more natural disaster and travel everything must be more vigilant too. Also do more charity to help people this period is very very important.

    Aroma Oil Blend How to Use

    Is the combination 3 drops each in water rinse body final . But those with need to use sandawood, u can rinse le than apply sandalwood a drop stomach.

    Or u can blend 6 drops each in 30ml rice bran oil. Use this blend for a month by massaging stomach and after a month u can apply whole body and shower.

    September Special Blend: Bryan Lao Shi Personal Blend for u (20 bottles)
    Image result for dragonfly healing
    Every year, I will blend oil for 20 people call dragonfly oil healing blend. This blend u can use for 3 months.

    Each blend is $45 20ml of blended oil for massage chest and healing. Is blended with many flowers:>

    each blend u need to give information of

    1) Name( in nric) and star sign
    Interested email to with details. Order one item include $5 courier fees.
    Working with Aromatherapy Formulas For Balancing your personal star sign this September:

    Below are some use of oil u can DIY:

    Star Sign and u

    Aries: New beginnings is good. Also start new thinking plan.
    Use some red this September
    Aroma Oil Blend: frankincense, cedarwood and rosemary

    Taurus: Alot profession will come to help u.
    Use Pink
    Aroma Oil blend: Lavendula vera, rosemary and Lemon oil

    Capricon Alot of hardwork needed
    Use: Black pen do some writingsl
    Aroma OIl Blend:  Cypress tea tree and lavender

    Pisces: Need to communicate alot and brain work
    USe more white color
    Aroma OIl Blend: Ginger, lemon, Canaga

    Scorpio: Emotion may be affected in up and down
    Use black pen write some auspicious motivational words
    Aroma Oil Blend: Spice Oil , Bergamot , Lavender

    Libra: Alot of ur personal power will be reveal and people seems to like u alot
    Use some brown color
    Aroma Oil Blend: Lemongrass, grapefruit and lavender

    Sagittarius: Trap in situation and people dont know what u angry at
    Use Light blue
    Aroma Oil Blend: Healing trees oil and sandalwood

    Aquarius: Need to talk to people more and learn to listen and give advices
    Use Yellow color
    Aroma oil Blend : PAF line. bryan relax blend and lavender

    Leo: Spend right ur money and also dont be petty
    Use Yellow
    Aroma OIl blend: rose geranium, lemon and rosemary

    Vigro: U need to take charge of things more
    Use: some orange
    Aroma OIl Blend: peppermint, spice oil and love miracle blend

    Gemini: Health so so
    Use yellow
    Aroma Oil Blend: Lime , rosemary and lavender

    Cancer: U extremely exhuasted , need to sleep more
    use Green
    Aroma Oil Blend: Clary sage, cedarwood and lime

    Frequency for health and luck

    1. Human healthy frequency is within the range of 62-72 Hz 
    2. Diseases like cold and flu 58 Hz, were more likely to appear.
    3. Lower levels (42 Hz) Cancer appeared in quite many humans.

    High energy oil are pure, clinical grade and requires an experienced aromatherapist to blend and reach its peak frequency. Once you smell this oil, it increased the frequency of your body. 5 elements oil blended since 2001, and Bryan relaxation blended in 2009 have went through a lot of research and carefully selected herbs concoction. 

    Power bath with Bryan's Relaxation Blend
    Helps to deal with following negative aspects: > Always over committed
    > No time for yourself
    > Impatient
    > Always rushing here and there
    > Always worrying about things

    Helps a person to:
    > Calm, stabilise and peace
    > Cope with changes
    > Wind down
    > Relax and have fun
    > ClarityThis blend is sincerely blended to help those who experienced the above negative aspects. I urged all to try this Bryan's Relaxation blend. It took me a long time to come up with this formulae and many feel the results. 

    Bryan's 5 Elements Blend
    Helps to remove:
    > Negative mental, emotional & psychic energy
    > Disharmonious or unpleasant environments

    Helps to:

    > Enhanced sacred space
    > Creates safe, harmonious environments
    > Allows one to feel still and reflective

    Monday, August 15, 2016

    Kick Start Energy Tea

    Gold Tea Omhealth plus Nepal Gold Tea

    Hi those with Ginger omhealth remember to keep in freezer ok. As the weather is humid and it has no chemical in it.

    Wake up good energy Tea. This combination represent abundance, courage and healing from within.

    I hope if u have the tea. Make a pot for the family.

    I call my this blend, heng blend.It has good energy which lift up a person energy to max yet is not because of high caffein but wonderful healing when both mix.

    Gold Tea: $28 Organic and is best price fresh
    Omhealth Ginger: $20

    Try ok:>

    Many who drink this Gold Tea feel the goodness of body energy and brighten a person aura/

    This high grown tea originates from the Himalayans features a pronounced flowery overtone and bright, yet mild flavor. This tea is best when served plain.

    iT has high antioxidant content that helps protect its drinkers from many ailments and diseases.

    u CAN TRY a teaspoon with a slice of Omhealth Ginger. Make the tea. And add some honey if u want to.

    It is a great start of the day with good energy and immune system

    Thursday, August 11, 2016

    The Plates of healing LIVE FACEBOOK today 11th August 6pm

    I have been giving Kwa Sha class since 2007. So is amazing all these years how this tools helped me for my scolosis and cervical spondylosis issues
    In 1999 AH diagnose me with this issue because i went for check up for constant maigrains. The reason is when I was young i keep doing my homework on the floor bending down. It was really bad.

    But with different doctors and physio and TCM friends in my team back in 2000. I have found a method to overcome the pain and make it less frequent and touch wood now.

    Below are my Kwa Sa plates.

    1) Is a very power Bian Shi ___ Very powerful They are generally considered to be a precursor to acupuncture, utilising heated pointed stones (instead of acupuncture needles) in the treatment of back and neck pain.

    Monday, August 8, 2016

    25th Sep 2016: Get Younger with Bryan

    Hi all, this class is now left with 15 seats.

    If u have not registered, do register fast
    Fees: $45
    Free: Auric roller and foot detox patch a pair

    Is a class that is flooded with good tips. And hope u can make an effort to attend

    Antiage serum and Vita Serum (2007 article)

    Below article was written in 2007. Thats the first generation serum call Antiage Serum and Skin vita serum which the packaging was in simplest form.
    Antiage- serum is for day and Magwhite Serum (used to call Skin Vita serum ) for evening.

    Both serum now having promotion at $100 and lifespan is 1 year. So u can get few sets to keep.

    To order promotion: email

    name, mobile, address and perform a transfer to POSB saving 033485310 , courier fees of $3-$5 applies for distant.


    Serum set $100 for blog readers 10 set

    Above rose series at $160 (10 set for blog readers)

    ++++++++2007 Article( to preserve the memories I make no amendment++++++++++++

      I have received hundreds of feedbacks ever since I launched my serum in May. Thank you very much. Both serums yield good result for many.

    I feel so encouraged and motivated whenever people tell me, "Bryan thanks my skin much more clearer now". Serum is a must when you are above 25. It really helps to slow down the aging process.
    6 years ago, I used to buy serum from a spa. Usually, a small bottle will cost more than $160. For my research purposes, I also tried out XXXX brand 10ml for $200.
    After trying out so many different types of serum in the market and spending so much money, I thought why not come up with my own serum which would be more affordable and fresh. Today I will talk about collagen which is the key ingredient in my serum. The serum contains marine collagen and many antioxidants that readily absorb by our skin. Read my previous post for the detailed ingredients found in my serum. My research does not stop here. I need to do constant reviews and research so that I can keep up with the changing environment and demands.

    I remembered somewhere in May 07, due to my not so nice packaging, a few confronted me with words like,"who do you think you are?" I guessed they are used to the branded facial products which gave them the doubts in my products. I take it as this is a learning point for me but I still stand firm to my beliefs. A nice packaging will appeal to more people but a good product will shine out eventually. These 2 serums will be my trademark for beauty and I promised the price will remain for the next 10 years.
    Many thanks to those who have supported me, including MC KING who use my serum with faith. Thank you susan, mary, jennifer and many others who willingly become my testimonials.
    Using natural serum enable skin to be thicker(haha),elastic and youthful. Fine lines and wrinkles will be lighten. The face actually undergoes a visible change of youthful pattern.

    Marine Collagen (one of key ingredients in serum and moisturiser)
    Collagen is like a kind of superglue that holds our body together. Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the body 60% of the body is made up of connective tissue and collagen represents high percentage of all connective tissue. 75% of the skin consists of collagen. From the age of approximately 25-35 years onwards, the body loses collagen at a rate of 1.5% per annum.

    Bryan anti-age technique (31days)
    Cleanse face properly. Apply serum (Use any brand so long it does not contains any harmful chemicals). Follow by your moisturiser. Eat one apple and one orange noon time before 3pm and after lunch. Eat 3 servings of veggie ( natural antioxidant from food).

    Festive season like New Year and X'mas time is the easiest way to get wrinkles and dark eye circle.
    Quick remedies to get pretty in 15mins using Pearl Powder:

    Apply Skin vita serum after toning, than follow by ur favourite moisturiser and dab abit pearl powder at freckles area. (do 3 times a week before sleep)

    Vita serum ($45) and antiage serum($68)

    Have a great new year. New Blog:;
    Check out the details for Bryan's talk - Get prosperous in Rat Year at civil service club.

    Wednesday, August 3, 2016

    Skin care and news

    Ok being soon 45 people do ask, what skincare i use. Sometimes my friends ask me what I use. But they are into brands and not about fresh ingredients and tested ingredients.

    But again I am the walking example for my brand. So I will want to encourage all of u.
    Kick off with few items from omhealth skincare. And stick to it. Example the Lenovol Ginseng facial mist , i didnt intro much but many know how it radiance ur skin.

    Today Shall share with u some tips and what I drink.

    Item 59 : Dragonblood A8D face neck gel

    As time goes by, our face vessel get thinner and skin also become "lazier" to efficiently remove toxin.

    This results skin to appear less define and jawlines sometimes just disappear.

    Now by performing

    1) Proper facial Cleansing use Astiquer cleanser (item 46)
    2) Facial Flora Scrub (item 67) (omhealth most powerful scrub that regulate the cellular of face and flush away the toxin leaving skin rich and smooth)
    3) Lavender or rose  otto water(item 49) to let ur skin hydrated after cleanse and prep for serum
    4) Antiage serum (item 51) day time follow by the Dragonblood gel face massage

    Dragonblood Gel can be used daily or 3 times a week for massage. Daily night cream can be Marine Collagen, Synergy cream or Perfectionist

    All items can be found in

    For newbies: If u want to try our most popular skincare. Kick off with

    1) Lavender water (put in fridge and with cotton compress face)
    2) Serum Antiage
    3) Eye care series

    U will love it:>

    Bryan Lao Shi recommend Rose Tea:

    Given our exposure to environmental free radicals and toxins, our skin needs all the help it can get. You do not need to spend a fortune on expensive cosmetic products when you can receive all the healthful, nutritious properties that your skin needs from a more natural source.
    Skincare from omhealth are in natural form and is well like by many:>
    Drinking plenty water and also some flower herbal tea can help reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging. 
    Rose tea also supports the body’s immune system while promoting essential collagen production and we know that collagen is the protein most responsible for the health of your skin and your hair.

    My favourite recipes: (drink 3 times a week )

    3 rose bud
    1 red dates (slice it remove seeds)
    All in a cup boiling water , steep for 15mins .

    Than add Linden Honey (if u drink evening, linden honey can help sooth the nerves)

    For day time

    3 rose  bud
    2 omhealth nepal ginger slice
    in a thermal flask pour in boiling water steep.

    Day time use Acacia honey represent skin beauty.
    Bring office drink.

    Support local products

    $45 Acacia and $35 Linden honey, they are very super certified organic and u can sms order 96523139.

    Sometimes u need not be spokesman but u can be supportive of good products.

    NB: omhealth no longer in contract with Goji C. Two years ago, a investor into my formular of amla so i do all free promo because at least i done something for the market. Frankly speaking omhealth no profit from the GojiC which many dont know. So we break contract and now I am so free to intro what i want.