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Breakthrough Omhealth 21

Upcoming Event

1) 5th August : Spleen meridians and Energy with HAN TCM (40 pax only)
9am to 11am
Fees: $45

22nd Sep 2018
 free BBOunce Cardio class sponsored at centerpoint bbounce studio. Conducted by Ex national swimmer. Worth $35. U get to attend the class and also receive $20 door gifts (limit to 30 pax and u can register now and once register u must turn up if not $50 will be charge from u and donate to charity)
10am to 11am

16th Sep 2018
Crystal Chakra Energy Class (open those who attended crystal class before or welcome year class)
(newbies must attend one of the omhealth class before this class)
$45 (comes with a free healing oil) U will love this class
Venue Waterloo: 9am to 1130am

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and indoor

yesterday 21st Anniversary was one of the most exciting event I have throughout 21 years.
The decoration of the stage is with care and love to show u 21 years I always put plant herbs on stage. The piece of Orange cloth is 21 years le and follow me to all workshop . Reminding not to forget my passion and to help people. The Sunflower represent hope and love to all.

The herbs arrangement tells u all illnesses will have a remedies.  THANK YOU ALL>

6 Powerful TCM Physicians

A stage of 6 TCM  physicians and ensure all will share a topic that benefits all is my man criteria.
There are no rehearsals and yes is s success.

This is my first time to be a HOST and a teacher and it just flow so beautifully.

I must say < I MADE IT> ahahahhahah. I tell u all ah, i am so happy the talk turn out so well.

This is so rare to have a talk with 6 doctors and all helping each other to flow.

Minor Disappoinment
I am abit disappointed didnt see many faces of old students and may be all are busy. But hope u all can come to omhealth workshops again. See the difference and make an effort.

10 years ago: 2010

I still remember 10 years ago, I hope to find good TCM doctors ( remember my Fb 2010 post)  to work together and benefits others.  I hunt around searching good doctors, either they are famous and arrogant or they are stuck in their level of healing knowledge and unwillingly to accept new things or healing skills too weird with not much scientific base.

And  I think God heard my prayers. Suddenly 2018  Dr Xu resigned from MA KUANG and together with Dr Lin Qin recruited good doctors and here we have HAN TCM . Up there send me 6 Doctors to work with and all are Singapore TOP kind compassionate doctors which every students who visited them told me about it and my personal experience.

HAN doctors is so knowledgeable because they continue to upgrade their skills and all comes from different background yet monthly they hold meetings to share their knowledge and how to improve individual skills. That is what i want to see . Anyway Singapore is really a lucky country to have HAN TCM and yes i am not a spokesman and dont pay me for me to mention this. Is from my heart. As I grow older i know the important of preventive maintenance. I shall talk no more but let u all listen to some of the clips and u will know what I mean.

Omhealth 21 years le, many might of forgotten me and too tired to come workshops. I have done what I can to motivate u this 21 years. I hope upcoming small workshop u can make an effort to attend.Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting


This 21 years I seldom make effort to talk about my products because I worry people think I am coming to give sales rather than talk. but again I find that because of that many abit confuse how to use my products so yesterday I used 10mins to explain omhealth SKINCARE and i go around to put eucalyptus radiata oil on 200 palms. And all love this powerful oil.

Image may contain: 4 people, including Yuen Mei, people sitting and indoor

Book Read with bryan ( My dream is to have book read on health topics with public again )

I used to have book read at orchard library but ever since library change of management i applied before is so much red tapes. So my philosphy in life is , if people dont give u chance u create ur own chance"
Image may contain: 3 people, including Qing Lin, people smiling, people sitting
So yesterday i shared about Da Chang Jin Health recipes:>

Bryan Share unique exercises:>
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Collections of items

Hi for the 15th July

event, if u want to order items and collect on Sunday please email by tomorrow noon latest as leng leng need time to pack.

U can email to with mobile:>  U will before hand get a $10 discount.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wellness of Body Mind and Emotion

I was an engineer and now I am in wellness field. I am very passionate about balance diet (not into full salad, or health diet or unhealthy diet) . To me having a balance diet and mindfulness helps in my health and my daily energy.

For 20 years has been going around Singapore to talk about wellness and is time that I need some youngster to take over this work. And I am glad that HAN TCM has some doctors who are very well interest in crystal and aromatherapy. Thank God.

Upcoming Health and Beauty Talk 2018 Omhealth 21 years anniversary , hope u can attend:>

Image may contain: 4 people, including Eunice Ong, people smiling, people standing and indoor

I love to cook but hate to wash and I love to do alot of sports too.

As I grow older i find that besides balancing my body energy. Having a peaceful mind and healthy thinking and thoughts is really important. Is not about religion etc. I find that as we grew older what we need is peace of mind and feeling happy.

I have friends who are not happy and dedicate all their time to buddhism but in a wrong way, they may have do alot prayers and also do alot ritual or attending alot buddhist classs but they forget about simplicity and balance. Which is the middle path. Normally i will tell them to perform a spiritual detox. Ask them spend a week, no need do any prayers just be with themselve and relax and not too tense up.

Everything in extreme will back fire. That relates to Chinese Yin and Yang. There is no good or no bad. But too much good and too much bad can cause inbalance. But I hope u can think about this in deeper level.  I am not asking u to cut down to do good and start doing bad. What i mean is everything you do must balance and let it go and have a healthy smooth flow in life.

I have friends who spend alot of time to do charity and go about helping others end up neglected own health, 2 of them is sick now. One just had strokes which pains me to find out lately. This friend go around church, temples and do free acupressure for elderly and also need to take care of his clinic. Anyway may healing takes place for him .


Ask yourself, whateever happiness and unhappiness you facing now is really a movie like, we project our sadness and happiness . If everything u can take it easy and think all is not real . Than u will feel better. Is very easy..... recall the scariest moment in ur life, now think back, is over le, not that bad right.

TCM , Crystal Therapy and Color Therapy and Aromatherapy 

TCM was once not recognized but now is recognized treatment for alot of illnesses. But again SGD is flooded with alot of commercialized one we need to be mindful.

healing is such a beautiful art but sometimes the over promised of properties really disturbed me and also working with the oil without knowing the healing energy is really not effective at all.

Example : lavendula vera (omhealth) activate liver and kidney meridiant
Eucalyptus: Lungs meridian  and Spleen meridians

I love working with Awakening blend when mind lack of focus and Love miracle blend if i need to handle alot of family issues or relationships issues.

All these are based on experiences and no books or youtube can be found. I am really worry sometimes when people sell oil base on books properties which may result in adverse effect which is no effect.

Crystal Therapy:
Image may contain: table, food and indoor
Since 1998 i have worked very hard to share with many crystal therapy is like an energy therapy and not about fengshui and Spiritual although it activate our body to be at good energy. It helps us to cultivate peace, calme and joy and concentration. But till today flooded with the wrong directions I have decided to make a come back with more crystal class and chakra healing class.

Image may contain: outdoor

Every piece of crystals is an inspiration about art beauty and love of mother nature.:>

Omhealth Body Movement Breathing Exercise with Aromatherapy

This was first created by Bryan in 1998 and first dance was held in NTU talk. And till now omhealth has created
1) Butterfly dance
2) Peacock Dance
3) 5 element meridians movement
4) Tapping with VW U exercise
5) Vibrational dance and stomach healing qi gong

Western Medicines:

I really respect western medicine and at all times i tell many natural therapist , any health issues must also see western doctors as they have a proper proven system for some health issues like spine scan etc. But whether to go for operations for certain illness, i suggest u all have 2 more opinions from a doctor and also a TCM. Lately a lady save for going to Knee operations after TCM treatment for 2 weeks.

Do u know if sometimes u have serious back aches or pain in body, a western doctor prescription of arcoxia 90mg works wonder than follow by A TCM treatment

My dream one day is when a western doctor, combines with TCM and crystal color therapy treatment for any illnesses will have a cure i think.

But may be need to wait for many decades.

In the mean time from blog and health talk i try to impart as much as I know.

+++++++++++ Example++++++++++++++++++++++

Back Pain Remedies ( short term)
For backache or neck pain. I will use 3 oil method, lavendula vera, peppermint and marjoram with a spray of rice bran oil and massage the pain area. Than end the area with purification blend.

Than I will hold my black tourmaline bracelet and do 636 breathing exercise with a CHuiiii sound to activate kidney energy.

Than if needed i make appointment to go for a neck and back acupuncture.

Chronic Back Pain or bone degenerations

I will use Medisave to do Medican Scan of my back. Than I will go physio 3 times to learn about structure and exercise for my problems

Than I will use 3 oil method daily follw by once a month TCM treatment and do stretches.

I will take green diet 4 times a week.

For back bone degernation normally western doctor say no cure, but surprisingly i see many TCM cure the problems lol


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A Few Gifts

Hi all

there will be more and more promotion from some of the reputable Shops in Singapore for omhealth 21 years anniversary.

They thank me for making effort in introducing their products even without being spokesman. And I am so glad. I cant be spokesman because if i intro company A vitamin I cant intro another company so i leave it this way ehehe:> Thank You XIn Zhong.

DO u know when young back in 2001 i bought a cupping set made in USA which cost me $180 that time but worth it as the quality was amazing and magnet in each cup . So u can invest it.

The shifu is very good for eyes. U can put abit with one Dong Zong Cao and drink 3 times a week.
Just show them this pic for the follow items discount

Cordycep: $63.2 a gram was $80
Shi Fu $78 yi liang was $108 etc

Xin Zong at chinatown one and bedok mall

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Saturday, June 23, 2018

21st Anniversary

Image may contain: 2 people

Omhealth decided to have a special 21st Anniversary with 5 TCM Doctors on stage.
This will benefits alot of people as the things shared covers a wide area of health and beauty questions.

Attending a session like that is very very rare opportunity. When we aged more and more health symptoms seems to slowly appear. How and what can TCM knowledge and omhealth aromatherapy and foodcure assist us to have a better aging.

Fees: $35
Venue: CSC 60 Tessensohn road auditorium
email name and mobile to : (Payment to be made )
Time: 930am to 12 pm
English but First hour with TCM in Mandarin.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Upcoming Event

A Oil a day from Today;

Eucalyptus Radiata:

Represent: Health, Purifying Thoughts, Speed Up Healing.

This oil remind us, we can be healthy again. If your house if overwhelmed with negative energy especially in house or office there are some arguments. This oil will help to dissolve these negativity.

Just 5 drops in a cup of boiling water leave it there for 5 mins. After when water turn cool add 3 more drops and wipe table.

I love omhealth Eucalyptus of its highest quality

It is commonly employed in classrooms as a form of causal aromatherapy to increase student performances. And also i love to put in tissue with lemon oil to boost immune system.

It is very effective against cavities, dental plaque, gingivitis, bad breath and other dental infections owing to its germicidal.  When have sore throat i put a drop of eucalyptus and a drop of lavendula in a mug of water, use a wooden chopstick stir and gargle mouthwash 4 times a day. Each mug can gargle 4 times,

Relieves Muscle Pain

The volatile eucalyptus oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. If you are experiencing muscle pain or soreness, massaging oil on affected areas in a circular motion helps relieve stress and pain.

Hi all

this few events are extremely good talk where U will benefits alot from it.

15th July Health and Beauty with Bryan lao Shi 21 Anniversary
Image result for beauty health natural

Bryan and Han Medical 3 doctors will be sharing health tips and their personal experience in Aches, Pain, Eye issues and cyst and Sleep issues.

They are very kind to give everyone a $20 Han TCM voucher. I am really thankful.

Fees: $35 , 930am, Civil Service Club Auditorium

17th June SBG Garden Walk
$10 per pax. Rain or shine i will be there.
If u have registered and because of rain, the money can use for shopping cart.
Email to

Is a best Energy of The Year , all will be given 2 aged Ai Cao to burn at home.

24th June 2018 at Han TCM clinic beside waterloo
Bryan Lao Shi Crystal Aroma and Color healing for students and customers and old friends
9am to 11am

U can bring ur crystal for charging too.
Fees: $28


Monday, June 4, 2018

Bryan Relax Blend and Vitality Blend Secret reveal

Image may contain: food

Is such a wonderful feeling that you blended a oil in 2001 and till today it still shine shine and helping alot of people
:>------- Bryan relax Blend.

I have never revealed what's the blend inside as in the past all aromatherapist will have a secret blend that is used for blending.
And yes this is my secret blend ahahah.
Well today I shall let u all know the Blend inside:>

Bryan Relax Blend: Patchouli, Frankincense, Mandarin, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Thyme
But the secret proportion still a secret to make it effective

And this kind of blend may cause up to $120 for a 12ml bottle. Omhealth stays at $45.

Till today I have not change the label of this oil. because the design was once praise by a France natural therapy group:>

Vitality Oil Blend: Is a wonderful blend for digestive system and remove cellulite too.

My favourite Stomach massage Blend

15ml rice bran oil: 5 drops each in it. Use this blend daily massage stomach for longevity and remove dampness in body:>

I have the most wonderful time with all of you in this class

Spleen Class Completed on 3rd June 2018 and the next similar class will be 5th August. And I am glad all of u came and learn quite abit right:> 

Upcoming Event:
A) 15th July 2018
21st Anniversary Health and beauty with Bryan 

Bryan Lao Shi and Han Doctors will present to you a most caring workshop.

Venue: CSC auditorium
Time: 930am to 12pm
Fees: $45
Gifts: Han Medical $20 voucher
Omhealth : $10 voucher
Fees: $35
Email to

B) 17 June: Hengness Qi Gong Walk at SBG 645am meet Singapore Botanics garden $10 per pax


The most powerful rose Shea Butter. Stay tune 200 roses in a bottle">

A video will be post here soon:>

Image may contain: text.

I am very thankful for to Han Medical and All of u still willing to listen to my talk after so many years. And thank u again

Image may contain: 25 people, including Kelly Ang, Toh Suat Lay, Pauline Ong, Yee Oi Lian, How Candice, Yuen Mei, Jessica How, Ann Chan, Tan HS and 4 others, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Image may contain: 9 people, including Sin Irene, people sitting and indoor

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Full House Talk

I will be having a series of workshop with Han Medical on

5 organs class. So first class is SPLEEN

follow by

Kidney, Lungs, Heart, Liver

Every class will look into the importance and how we can further understand the way to take care of each Organ Qi thru

1) Food
2) Herbs
3) Acupressure
4) Aromatherapy
5) Reflexology
6) Qi Gong
7) TCM
8) Meridians Identification

This Sunday 3rd June marks omhealth first offical class with Han Medical on Spleen issues which relates to damp energy, tiredness and digestive issues.

Notes for all attending the class

This Sunday class is full House.

1) All who have registered. Please come in Proper attire (no skirt or shorts) , as we will be seating on the special wooden floor . And also some exercises will be taught.

2) U will be having a one needle acupuncture to be done in class

3) Ur $10 omhealth voucher u can use now except on promo and crystal items. U can choose ur item in cart and email to before Friday , so leng leng can pack. Minimum $80

4) First part will be in Mandarin with the doctors, second part i will be using English

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Omhealth Lavender Water Organic

NEWS: Try Rose Geranium blend with Bryan Relax blend and rice bran oil. It becomes very good

Lavender water was launched back in 2001, and many has been using it for more than 10 years.

Till today omhealth provide fresh good organic lavender water.

Shall not explain about the quality more.

Let me tell u here why this lavender water is so nice:

The only place we have Organic Lavender water because each batch is by Fedex and we never keep stock. So the day u receive is fresh and u can keep for 8 months in fridge. This water cant be commercial off the shelf because the shelf life too short
Image result for omhealth lavender water
Omhealth Organic Lavender water is the key to good skin in humid weather.

Omhealth Lavender water can prevent breakouts, clear up any little pimples you have on your skin or full blown acne.
It balance out your skin type and it smells great too!

It helps to balance our skin pH, 

On top of that it has
anti inflammation and prevents acne
Anti-ageing because it cool the skin which also rich in antioxidant
Improves circulation in your skin
Helps the pores to be clean in a gentle way
Evens the skin tone
I find that it increase blood flow and ensuring that skin cells receive adequate nutrition and oxygen.

Omhealth Lavender Oil since 1998
Image may contain: food
When newbies says" Is ur oil fresh or good grade, without hestiation I ask them to try my lavendula vera and is from Bulgaria Highlands and this grade cost alot in market. Plus is fresh."

20 years le my trademark starts off with Lavendula vera.

Acne remedy:

I will put lavender oil on cotton bud dab onto the acne blemishes or skin infections.
twice a day for 3 days. And also combine with double blue flower aloe gel second day.
The science: Lavender oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. So, it simultaneously attacks acne-causing bacteria, while reducing swelling and redness.

Burn by fire or oil , when rushing to see doctor, quickly apply neat lavender oil

How to: Pour a few drops of lavender oil onto cotton and apply to burns for healing sans scars.
The science: Lavender oil’s burn-healing superpowers are responsible for the very birth of modern aromatherapy. In 1928 a French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé, burned his hand. He accidentally applied lavender oil to it and noticed the burn healed much faster than expected. David then discovered that lavender stimulates new skin cell formation. This reduces scarring and helps burns heal quicker. It also works as a pain reliever, while the antiseptic action helps reduce infection
Testimonial: A lady from Jolly bean suffer from second degree burn and using omhealth lavender oil now skin almost zero scar le.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Feeling Immune Protected when travel

This are my usual kit that I will bring when travel.

Lemon is so powerful when someone around u in an enclose environment cough. U inhale 3 drops from tissue can stop the airborn disease.

Lavendula and Peppermint is a must when having neck tension.

Spice oil is a immune booster.

The white bottle is my aloe gel double blue flower which help to calm any rashes.

Do u know when lavendula vera combine with peppermint it create a powerful way to relax headaches too.

Before sleep in hotel room. Blanket put few drops of lavendula vera and lemon oil, it helps to create a wonderful sleeping aura.

Ten spice oil is good to use for immune boosting too.

all the oil in shoppping cart. Time to travel time to protect urself.

Image may contain: drink and indoor

Monday, May 21, 2018

Garden Exercise

Email to

Singapore Botanic Garden Exercise

Is $10 per pax and for father is $5 and u are $10.

Do register fast:>

Image may contain: text

Eye Care with Frankincense and Acupressure

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A wonderful talk not to be missed

Hi all is a wonderful talk not to be missed:>

Hope to see u:>

Email to with name and mobile, and fees need to be paid with reference number thank u

No automatic alt text available.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Foot Care and heel pain (2012 revamped2016)

Success Stories:

Heel pain and Spurs has been my problem back in 2010 due to over exercise and also wearing wrong shoes and take too much cooling Juice (because research)

What has saved me is special supplements (many brand has with frankincense one) and also lingzhi (choose ur own brand) and also massage .

Also using of the insole from Unity (no need customed made because is $300 $400 , end up i didnt wear ahahah , Uncle went 2 specialist, end up Unity one is best (imparted by one specialist).

Decided to compile 2012 --- 2016 article and video into one so to benefits more people on heel, ankle pain recovery.
Singapore weather is dampness, alot people have leg and heel and knee pain. By learning early tips, prevention is best:>

HEEL PAIN recovery

1) Apply purification oil direct on the heel and wear socks to sleep (if skin sensitive dilute with a drop rice bran oil
2) Perform Calf stretch as shown below
3) Do the video massage.
4) Change ur shoes to better brand

Within 1 week u can see good improvements

My mission now is to travel to different clinics to share:> And hope people listen and accept this simple methods.
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My key Advice:

A) Remove dampness once a week with remove dampness tea, use Bryan relax blend foot bath 2 time a week
B) Avoid cold salads, if u eat salads make sure u drink omhealth ginger tea morning (prevent heel pain)
C) Stretch daily calves see youtube many stretch and go to a good foot reflex
D) Use oil daily and weAR SOCKS (good socks).
E) press the acupressure 三阴交穴daily.

See a western doctor for a scan xray, and a chinese TCM too. Western doctor will always ask u go foot specialist and talk to them hor is 3mins $200 and than make the insole is $500 (i have but never wear too hard). End up i make $300 insole from those cart on sole at Plaze Sing (end up also didnt wear too uncomfortable) End up i wear NEAT brand or scholl brand.

Doctor insole cannot wear too long may be few hours a day , wear too hard insole also no good.

heel pain in TCM is:



Especially if u are stress and tired, and once home u shower cold water , ur feet daily accumulate dampness. And once it happen, heel pain is overnight one and months to recover.

Image result for heel pain
Can u believe this guy both heel has spur and xray and scan by Candemen Medical and see Many doctors, specialist, physio and whatever u say I tried... 10 years ago. I was so stress because alot of my work need to jumb and move.... i so upset that time. Lucky I meet up with expert from different fields of studies and come to this method.

Heel Pain and he Plantar Fascia is a thick band of tissue running along the foot bottom and connecting the heel bone to the toes. Now this is when the tissue have pain and inflammation. And this inflammation cause pain heel side

To a western doc, we work on fighting inflammation, for TCM we work on circulation, for a natural therapist we work on mind state to overcome as it takes time.

But for omhealth, we combine all the above into one ahhaha. U see if all this profession can work togther , alot illnesses can be reduce.

U cant imagine my both heel also have spur. But how i recover? and now can jump run and walk.

Above socks doesnt work for me but, quality is good, buy one and last forever and ahahhaha when apply oil wear hor, very comfy.

Heel Pain, Ankle Pain to me they are in relation

And only by

1) rest
2) Anti inflammation
3) Good support
4) Foodcure
5) Stretching
TCM accupuncture legs and arms area is powerful combine with chinese herb powders for 2 weeks.
can recover,

Heel pain and spur and Plantar problems is common now. Poor diet, stress and poor body Ki movement may happen to anyone.

Image result for wear sock for foot sleep
I wear socks to sleeep for heel pain area, a drop Purification oil good.

Heel pain can also result in Tendonitis, side ankle pain.

Image result for side heel pain

Background of omhealth Heel research
I have two heel pain and bone spur ten years ago and may need operation. I spend so much money and research in physio, chiropractor, Doctors, foot specialist, TCM. End up I find a cure. And i am sharing here, but those who do not have essential oil , can use any Chinese Medicated oil ba. My main purpose is to share and hope u recover from heel pain.

Oil we use for heel or pain are (lavendula vera, peppermint, marjoram, Purification Oil blend). And I am sharing my experiences here in treating heel pain.

Supplements i suggest u take full dosage for 2 months (ask doctor for u have doubt)
Lingzhi method for heel pain was imparted by  medicine woman in Malaysia, She imparted to me using lingzhi for heel pain recovery. Must take normal good lingzhi (not cracked spores) and follow dosage, finish a bottle or 2 , ur heel will fully recover when combine with the masssage.

1) 3 Oil Lavendula vera Peppermint and Marjoram with (lotion or rice bran oil) massage legs.
2) Before sleep, apply a drop Purification blend heel pain area and wear socks to sleep
3) Diet: Avoid cold and sour food for 2 weeks
This 1 month take:
1) Calcium plant base (Vita realms have promocode get15)
2) Regenerix Gold with Best ingredients
3) Lingzhi simple type (follow the instructions from the box)
4) Stretch calf stretch each legs 30 seconds each leg but 3 set, twice a day
5) Change to fitflop shoes and slippers this period and wear slippers at home
6) Deep breathing exercise to heel daily is good.
7) Heel spur, buy the scholl and put back of shoes
8) Sports shoes change to the insole for knee and heel pain

Omhealth has done extensive researched on Heel and Ankle pain issues for past 5 years and with good results

2012 to 2015 : Received more than 34 email on heel pain recovery using omhealth method.

 I really hope doctors or TCM doctor and western doctor can see the video and use this massage for the heel pain patient and give them the right suggestion.
Sometimes when i See how TCM doctor cure heel pain, the put needles on certain locations but if they combine with some points pressing is better.

2016 Latest news: A temple lady she walk barefooted in temple for many years until lately develop heel pain. So I show her the video and ask her daily apply Purification Blend 2 drops at heel and wear socks before sleep. And it works.

A lady went steroid injection in 2013 but pain comes back after 9 months and before she go for second injection she tried my massage method, stretch and diet and works wonder. She can run now and no need go for injection. Because steriod injection maximum can go 3 times. And now Yoga le.

Omhealth Steps in Heel Pain:

Supplements when heel pain:
1) Calcium With frankincense(boswella) in it.
Latest I found a good one this calcium has frankincense and plantbase. (bonecare I am not spokesman, as long as u found any brand with boswella u buy and plant base calcium)
2) Lingzhi supplements for 1 month (follow full instructions) normal type (no need cracked spores)
3) Use aroma oil like
Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram, with rice oil massage calves. Purification oil apply heel wear socks. (socks use ebene brand). Key to recovery is the massage video below.
4) wear insoles and get a sport shoes where the back is hard.

What Insole I use?

Image result for neat feet insole
This are the things I have when I had heel pain last time.
The top one is for heel spur problem when first occur very painful when walk and this cusion is introduce by a friend who is a specialist in heel spur pain. Works wonder and is just an insert to ur shoes. The Second one is a 3/4 insert. But end up i bought the full length one. 

And now in my sport shoes i remove their insoles and use a full insert.

Buy the ebene socks, the reason is keep ur foot warm before sleep and also apply purification oil at heel pain area so when wear socks can absorb in.

Shoes, u need to buy those the back of shoes is hard not soft. And insole invest in a insole that is below $45 good enough. Scholl last time have now may be other brand. Super heel pain, u buy heel cups gel powerful.

Also I use scholl that time but now whether have anot or other brand have anot i dont know.Massaging Gel Heel Cushions

Heel Pain Method ONE(video in 2012)

Once upon a time

Mr gan
Left foot inflammed, Right also heel inflammed and spur.

See TCM, Specialist, Foot cure. Need steroid or operations.

Spend thousands and thousands... In the end cure in Thailand just one time... Now share with all in the two videos shown.Hi all. A client who has heel pain recovered:> Please take care: First buy the scholl biomechanics rubber 1/4 insole than do this massage

1) Get a good insole (Scholl biomechanics ,NEAT)
2) Calf Stretch
3) Power massage (lite)

Oil Used: Lavendula, marjoram, frankincense, peppermint and purification blend
Model: Cousin's Leg.
Congrats Jessica recovers from HEEL PAIN.

massage need to do below and the next post. So total 2 videos must follow.

Stretching is important.
And this to be done 3 times a day each leg 30seconds than it works.
Stand about an arm's-length from the wall.

  • Lean forward and place both hands on the wall about shoulder width apart.
  • Extend one foot (the side to be stretched) behind you with heel on the ground and one foot closer to the wall.
  • Lean into wall with your hips until you feel a stretch in the calf of the extended leg.
  • Hold this stretch for about 30 seconds and change sides.

  • Oil use: :Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram and Frankincense and Purification Oil

    Heel Massage Gentle. No time to finish video. After that must massage the calf side of each legs and also back of calf to release any sore knots.

    Disclaimer: Seek medical doctor for help. I am just sharing here. Please take note and disclaim or claims.

    Below is calf massage. Instead of cream, u can use 15 drop rice oil, 3 drop of LV, PP, MAR and after finish massage a drop frankincense.

    2012 Article:

    The herbs is powerful :

    U go medical hall:田七blend牛膝 $6 boil water and drink 2 cups and for 3 days

    Doctor's Antiinflammation drugs, u can check with ur doctor can have a 90mg Arcoxia antiinflammation pain killers. I personally do not like pain killers although there are certain condition when these are must but we can avoid pain killer with the help of painkillers. Rheumatic Leg pain can be treated with acupressure quite easily. Prevent and Maintenance wont regret.

    Each day I have so many email telling me about leg issues. I share with them
    1) Calcium (plant base must eat but no need overeat) ( bone bone bone, u need)
    2) Lingzhi normal one (pill form) few times a week. (Tone all organs)
    3) Tumeric powder  mix water drink 3 times a week. (natural reduce inflammations)

    Disclaimer: disclaimer of the disclaim... read beside. (my friend teach me must put disclaimer if not sometimes introduce eat rice,that person allergy to rice also complaint ahahha)

    Drink this tea twice a week. But if got leg problems, drink daily for 5 days. If lazy medical hall just buy Niu Xi and Tian Qi $5 and boil half hour. Two cups a day for 3 days, recommend for any leg pain.

    Twice a week drink this tea is good for legs. Also those suffers leg related problems is good to drink.

    U need go HDB medical hall buy ; Branded medical hall won't sell u.

    1) 牛膝10-30 g、(u sometimes tell them $5, they don't know gram, u buy $5 a lot and go home weigh la)
    This root herbs famous to move Blood and Qi to leg area.
    Strengthen kidney and heal leg pain and knee cant stretch problems. But I feel is good for drinking to prevent. If that evening you drink already, u use some rice bran oil on palm and put lavendula vera, peppermint and marjoram massage both legs. U can see good effects. End with 2 drops frankincense on bottom of feets.
    2)田七 5 gram
    3) 干木瓜 10 gram (add to 15gram if u have leg cramped problems)

    This is such a grandmother recipes but , I think by your generation u will totally forget. End up pay some fake TCM $$$$ for a simple ingredients which pains me to see that is the trend now.

    Put all ingredients in 600ml water slow boil for 40mins ba.
    Drink twice a day for 2 days.
    Best timing to drink : 5pm to 7pm.

    Follow by leg massage or acupressure with 3 oil (lavendula, peppermint and marjoram and rice oil more drops so smooth transition of the blend to the legs. Powerful way.

    I have upgraded to replace lotion with 15 drops rice oil on palm than put the 3 oil.

    I tell u when u drink at this timing, qi starts to move to leg at highest force. Than massage legs at evening with the 3 oil and rice oil. U can see improvements in legs problems.

    End with frankincense/purification oil a drop on base of foot.

    New 3 oil for legs method

    15 drops rice bran oil on palm, 3 drops lavendula,3 peppermint and 3 marjoram on it. Than mix apply both legs. Than massage one leg at a time, slowly look for any sore area and gentle kneading. Than apply frankincense at the bottom of feet.
    massage both legs with the blend.

    Personal Views
    Have a strong legs singaporean:
    Ur whole life work so hard so dont let leg pain affect u

    My heart very pain when i see elderly have heel pain and cant walk. And do u think they have the money to see specialist? They dont. So i invented massage method and donate medical oil to Elderly home.
    Singapore has too many doctors TCM or western, if all can seat down and discuss and compile a remedies prevention, that will be great. So far none doing that and omhealth role Mr Bryan Lao Shi is doing that. Not easy. But I will try my best

    Elderly in Singapore

    her heel pain recover alot, this indian aunty is 70 plus, last year when i go volunteer work, she cant walk much and now alot better after i teach her the massage.,

    Lately I have also advice many elderly. Sometimes i visit different TCM doctor for research, and i am surprise when they suggest on heel pain is just put needles on few common points. It will be great if the TCM doctor can advice people to do

    1) Stretch calves
    2) Wear insole
    3) daily massage legs.

    When I visit western doctor for research, they always say no cure need injection steroid and give pills and refer to foot specialist and make the $600 insole

    It will be useful if they care and concern and suggest heel insole, stretch and non surgical treatment.

    I always ask u to do this eat this and that are all simple method. So whether u wan follow up to u

    My Latest Blend 2017 Blend for aches

    Heel pain or bone spur. Apply

    Purification blend direct 1 -2 drops foot before sleep . Also use 3 oil method massage calf and foot.

    FOr details video, visit, search under the label heel and foot

    Or Bryan Wonder Power heel pain/back pain foot pain blend:

    4 drops Purification blend
    4 drops Lavendula vera
    4 drops Peppermint
    4 drops Marjoram
    4 drops Healing Trees Oil
    4 drops Frankincense (optional)
    4 drops Spice Oil
    25ml / 15ml rice bran oil or Omhealth Coconut or Jojoba oil

    Rub the blend on the location as often as you can think of it. If u do daily, many chronic aches will feel better and recovery 9, 21, 30, 60 days. Some results are seen quickly, even immediately upon first application. Some take more time [even up to a year]. The best thing to know is it works! Be patient…for all bodies are different and they all have their own schedule for healing.

    Oil can be found

    Wednesday, May 2, 2018

    Saturday, April 28, 2018

    Yearly Botanical Garden Walk

    This year the SBG walk is on 1st May 2018

    U will learn

    1) Meridian Qi Gong
    2) 5 element Qi Gong
    3) Sound Qi Gong

    Also for those attending, u can before go, order shopping cart items by email to will have $10 voucher for $100 above.

    Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, grass, outdoor and nature

    Time: 730 am
    For: All students who have been omhealth customers or students
    Fees: $10, $15 for adult couples (5usband and Wife or Mother or father and u)
    Include: A Garden healing crystal

    Email to

    For 30 pax only

    Friday, April 27, 2018

    omhealth Skincare Dragon Blood Gel A8D

    • Image result for a8d omhealth dragon blood gel
    • It Increases the production of collagen which helps skin to be tight and firm and wrinkle firm.
    • Helps to firm and tone the skin..
    • Dragon's Blood helps to reduce inflammation and very good for stress sensitive skin.
    • Peptide: Reduces fine lines, promoting younger looking skin.

    Do you know our skin need good lite products to nuture it instead giving them a complicated formular

    This A8D Dragonblood Gel is designed for all skin type and it helps to activate the natural regenerative energy that your skin cells has. The blend of herbs and dragonblood gel and peptide helps to defy age and produce a luminous complexion.

    OMG Series improves dark spots and uneven skin tone by filling melanocytes with moisture and go into the pigmentation problems..

    OMG Serum and OMG Moisturiser

    OMG Serum
    Without alot of effort this OMG range is for helping pigmentations and tired skin. An anti age whitening serum help ur skin's youthful cycles that result the pigmentation to be hyper active. It brighten and clear skin. The overal tone of the skin will be even. This serums really targets dark spots.

    OMG Moisturiser
    After apply serum follow by this wonderful moisturizer it flood your skin with powerful whitening active ingredients that further repair those dark spots.

    Thursday, April 26, 2018

    Neckaches and tension and breathing exercise and Meditation

    Image may contain: 2 people

    Just completed a volunteer work at clementi with Han Medical Group for elderly. And I think omhealth Charity Group is doing well.
    After a number of volunteer work for past 20 years I find that a lot of problems is really comes from a lost heart or forget the happiness within! So last night while meditation I think I can’t be lazy anymore ! Used to give this class often and now lazy until once every three years ahaha! Is a good class to reset ur energy back ! Nothing to follow sometimes just listen to my niam u will wake up! Life is too stress if u need to do so many things to search for happiness ! U just need some niam;
    This class will be very relax to reset your body and mind and nothingness to something to nothing.

    5th August 2018
    Fees: $25
    Email to fees to be paid to secure the seats. If never turn up, no refund

    Music affirmation mindfulness Meditation class with Dr P and Bryan lao shi ! Breakthrough in the world!

    A class that look into ancient methods of simple breathing exercise and sound therapy to bring back the calmness and happiness that we have ; with research in medical background with dR P ;
    Is a break thru Bryan will share the non religious way of hand yoga ( demo in tv show and learnt now by Taiwan artiste) and accu points ;
    Limited seats of 80 pax! Date time to be announce ! Who interested ? $25
    Leave comments here and register will get a $10 Han Medical voucher !

    Image may contain: text, nature and outdoor

    Because of stress:


    One of the most popular area of problems in our body when u are affected by stress can be felt is the neck and normally from the base of the skull to the top of your shoulders, your neck can become a center of pain and tension as stress and worries build.
    Related image

    U will be surprise if u can practice simple breathing exercise with aromatherapy oil to release this neck shoulder tension issues.

    For past 20 years we share about omhealth 3 oil methods. So today I add another 2 more for more serious neck problems

    (Do refer the blog right side Bryan 3 Oil MEthods)

    1. Lavendula vera – will reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and is an excellent stress reliever.
    2. Peppermint – will reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain. It’s especially great if your neck pain is turning into a headache.
    3. Marjoram – will reduce muscle spasm, increase circulation (dilate blood vessels), and promote relaxation. 
    4. Cypress – will decrease edema, increase lymphatic flow, and reduce muscle spasm.
    Image result for peppermintImage result for marjoram
    My 2 Oil combo

    Peppermint/lavender is a good combo if you’re really stressed and your neck muscles are in a constant state of tension.
    awakening blend /lavendula work well together if the muscles actually spasm when you move and you have a lot of heat, redness, &/or a “squishy” feeling from severe inflammation.
    Peppermint/cypress together will benefit you if you have a lot of constant neck tension/pain, have lots of headaches associated with the neck pain, or have been ill lately.
    Lavender/marjoram work well together if most of your muscle tension or pain is due to stress.
    My 3 Oil: Lavendula vera, peppermint and Marjoram.