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Rose Gel Mask better than paper mask

Launch Date: 1st Jan 2015;

Ingredients: Purified water. Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolised Collagen, Chrysanthemum flower extract, Jojoba extract, Seaweed extract, Grapeseed extract, Rose Absolute,Licorice extract, grapeseed, vitamin E, Cranberry Extract.

Hydrating Bionic Rose Gel Mask

When skin is dehydrated u may look dull or aged, this 10-minute moisture facial gel restores moisture balance. 
Prevent fine lines and whiten skin because many time, freckles and blemishes grows with dry skin. I was inspired by some of my Taiwanese actress friend. She told me she will use mask daily. And they very into Gel Mask.
Good Gel mask must be gentle yet powerful hydrating. 

Because they are always under strong light and makeup, so mask is important but cant do paper mask all time. One good paper mask cost $5 to $25. but u think with this power gel mask u safe alot of money.

It is perfect for aged and sensitive also Singapore humid weather yet dehydrated skin. Also it is a good mask for  skin irritated by wind and weather.  This soothing mask formulated with rose, chrysanthemum, Hyaluronic Acid and liquorice to calms dry, dull and irritated skins. With Collagen it reduces fines lines and wrinkles.

This sumptuous, thirst quenching mask floods skin with moisture and nutrients, repairs damage, renews and revitalizes the skin for results you simply have to see to believe.

A soothing , cooling, and calming gel that helps soothe dry, ageing skin. It can achieve radiant, beautiful, and youthful-looking skin.  

What can it to do:
This soothing gentle gel helps soothe, hydrate, and detoxify dry skin with botanical extracts. It is excellent to calm and soothe irritated skin.

Suggested Usage:
Put mask in fridge-Apply a generous coat on cleanse skin. 
-Allow mask to remain on for 10 minutes. 
-Rinse with cool water. 
-Use two to three times a week or daily for intensive hydration.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

PMS cramped

I dont have PMS, but I know and I see how my ex colleagues cramp until need to squat down that kind.

Well, nowadays young woman don't really know how to take care health. With cramps and still eat salad cold food, result in cramps, and ageing yellow skin.

I have many doctors friends, when I share with them how my clients has recovered from tumor cyst after using frankincense holy, they just errr ok. Sigh..... a medince used by Chinese ancient, egypt etc no need gain medical science to verify validate. All these years many clients using holy frankincense share with me success stories. But serious cancer, they use as one to comfort their mind. because i dislike overclaims. There is also limitation.

I hope one day, medical science and natural therapy will seat down in discussion. Again I want to say there are some natural therapist also overdo, like all illness can cure one, which I disagree. Sometimes i feel if u have serious pain, is ok to see a western doctor to find out and may be take a few days antiinflammation pills follow by natural therapy to maintain.

Below material from a expert:
Science in Aromatherapy: The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research showed that a cream consisting of essential oils was sufficient to dramatically reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramping.

3 Oil for PMS pain, u can 1 drop each with 5 drops rice bran oil, massage navel and lower back.

Here's what the science shows about each essential oil:
  • Lavendula vera can relieve anxiety, depression and pain in previous human studies. And it has studies support its use as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Peppermint improves blood circulation and immunity. It is also useful in curing headaches, motion sickness and urinary tract infections. Pregnancy should avoid use
  • Marjoram Oil has been demonstrated as an analgesic, and to dilate blood vessels, which relieves menstrual cramps in previous studies.
In this study, four molecular components of the oils used accounted for more than 79% of the oil composition. Those four components have potent properties themselves:
  • The lavender and clary sage essential oils contributed two specific molecular components that are known to be anti-inflammatory and relieve pain in both humans and animals. In addition, one of those molecules inhibits the secretion of the prostaglandins that cause uterine muscle contractions.
  • Marjoram oil has a component that also interferes with the prostaglandin pathway, and has pain-relieving properties. Another component in marjoram is a known local anesthetic.

2 Oil method Female Power Blend / Male also can
Myrrh and frankincense holy produce a Royal scent. Myrrh if use alone too strong le.
Holy Sacred frankincense oil apply chest and tummy daily will reduce alot female illnesses.

Myrrh 6ml $50
Holy Sacred frankincense $90
Healing Frankincense $45
Empty bottle 15ml $2
Rice bran oil 100ml $45 see how to order
What’s incredible is Frankincense and Myrrh are used in TCM combinations or herb formulas mainly to unblock the flow of blood, treat traumatic injury and stop pain. 

They really good for for abdominal pain during menstruation and for irregular menstruation .  
In Chinese TCM Frankincense is known to ease the tendons and muscles while myrrh is used for non-healing sores such as bed sores.

U know last time i blend 2 drops myrrh and 2 drops frankincense in 10ml rice oil and apply to my neck bone problems. U wont have the hot feeling but it will slowly do clearing of pain, is not instant but it goes down to deep root of the problems.

I suggest the use of Holy Sacred frankincense if u want the scent to further help u. It can
  • acts as a sedative, great for insomnia, helps anxiety, anger and stress.
  • relieves pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, etc., soothes inflammation.
  • improves digestion and alleviates gas, abnormal sweating, uneasiness, and indigestion
  • promotes urination to purify the body and reduce bloating
  • helps regulate estrogen production and delayed menstruation. Helps PMS symptoms and pain.
Frankincense Oil blends well with PAF Lime, Lemon,,Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh, Healing Trees and Sandalwood oil but my powerful blend is blend Frankincense with is Myrrh. the two of these oils work like magic together.

When myrrh and frankincense oil blend with rice oil, it has properties for healing to use daily.

1) relieves inflammation of tissues in body
2) Protect body from viruses.
3) Blood circulation
4) nerves and IBS when massage stomach 

This Christmas, give something to your friend.
Blend 3 drops Holy sacred frankincense and 3 drops myrrh in 15ml rice bran oil. Do a nice label and print out properties and usages.

Apply the blended oil on navel and lower back is a must. Is call 2 point method. Than put hot water bottle. Girl Using Hot Water Bottle / Nils Hendrik Mueller - <previous> 10/06 <next>

Acupressure for cramps. Apply one drop blend or direct holy sacred to the point below and press soreness mayhave for 3 mins. Stop cramp and pain.

Power Tea for cramps
8 slice of San Cha (hhawthorn), 1 big boiling cup water, steep for 15mins. Add dark sugae 1 table spoon. Drink warm.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

PMS Cramp recipes

Stay tune tomorrow.

Moisturiser usages

omhealth has few moisturiser

Marine Collagen (rich )
Synergy Cream (rich)
Above both matured skin or dehydrated skin is good to use at night. Start with minimum amount. Not too much

Perfectionist: All skin type and oily skin.


Treatment Moisturiser: Dragonblood Facial Gel: Light and also good for oily skin.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Organic Lavendula water famous ok

Xmas Gift for friends will be
A) Rose water
B) Lavender water ( u can show them this video and using a famous unique product ok) C) Rose balm

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cyst and me

Ahaha I had a cyst under my arms before and was growing! But after using frankincense for awhile it's size reduce a lot a lot;

I just love the healing properties of frankincense; but this is not a advise for medical treatment; u do need see doctor for advise than use frankincense;

Sometimes doctor surprise why the cyst reduce to almost nothing after go back check again

Hmmm I don't know how to say but my personal experience with frankincense cause me to use this oil daily le a drop

8th March 2015 Health Beauty Class

Fees $38 is alot below market and

Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi (Beginners Class) 
(Old friends can come too)

Date Venue to be announced.
Fees: $38

As omhealth every year has more and more new students. Need to educate basic techniques.
This class is famous since 1999. And run for longest show. Even media many artiste know Bryan thru this workshop and many using his 3 oil method. Want to come?

Fun Royal Health Beauty Gathering with Bryan Lao Shi
(三八美美Beauty Health Class) (Mandarin + English + Dialects)
Date: 8th March 2015
Pre-requiste: Only for those who attended any Bryan Lao Shi health beauty class before
Venue: National Library (room to be announced)
Fees: $38
Attendes: limited to 100

Email to now . Open for registeration.

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Launch in Jan 2015

This mask save me from dehydrated skin packed with so much hydrating ingredients!

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh 6ml : $50

I had my first experience with Myrrh oil was in 1999 Takashimaya one of the famous essential oil shop. that time I had throat infection for 2 months and antibiotics 3 course still cant help. So i use this oil blend to apply neck. Also a drop a cup warm water gargle.

Myrrh was very popular among ancient cultures. Our Chinese ancestor use as medicine.

One of the oldest Egyptian medical texts, dating back to 1550 BC. Even the Greek soldiers made use of this resin, bringing it with them to battle to stop their wounds from bleeding.

1) Dental problems and prevention, use in gargle.

2) a drop to water and compress any wounds.

3) U can add to any creams or lotions and become a remedies for

Myrrh has high antioxidant, antifungal,antiviral.

In chinese is use heavily in respiratory issues like cough.  Digestive ailments, gum and mouth disease,  immune problems.

How I use?

Using myrrh alone hor, the smell of oil too strong for me, that time i put a drop at neck. Aiyo whole day the scent heavy. Unlike frankincense, myrrh stays on so so so so so long.

I dilute it or use for healing but putting hot water steam face.

A) 2 drops hot water inhale gently the steam
B) U can apply undiluted to skin, or mix with frankincense, spice ten oil, lavendula vera with rice oil become body massage oil.
C) IN TCM it helps move liver Qi. Any oil blended with myrrh , can become a liver oil. By massage the blend right side of body before sleep.


In fact when I research on TCM secret powder for joint pain (remember, grandad time, when people sprain leg, they have a white cloth with sticky medicine apply wrap at joint) this sticky medicine has myrrh powder and frankincense. But do u know if they use the oil is best

New Joint Pain Blend (Bryanlaoshi铁打还魂骨灵膏)

Myrrh 4 drops, healing or holy frankincense 4 drops, lavender peppermint marjoram 3 drops each in 20ml rice bran oil. 

This blend can use to apply daily heal bone issues


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My Biggest Challenge is Packaging But again is my style now

Hi all omhealth eye gel is launched! We try to do minimum packaging de without the box and print all ingredients etc and put outside the plastic!

So far only HA eye serum have box was actually requirement for overseas department store launch soon.
But for my usual style, i just want to reduce raw material. And minimum ink. But again, i cant totally no put label. So for those who follow me 10 years, know my packaging style and my biggest challenge.

Hope u don't mind my style of packing since 2001 which some new comers may feel normal packaging! But once u use u will know the quality! Today launched

On and off new comers commented" Bryan ur product really good but packaging not appealing..." but after they use they know what I want.

This time i imported the stylo recyclable bottle in gold color for elegant look. Dont laugh, I try my best le la.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Eye Gel Launched on Tuesday

$55 each bottle at 20ml (Tuesday than launch)

Only 30 bottle this month. U can order now, but remember ok:> Order have the courier handling fees.

This eye gel is really good. 

I share with you how I use my eye product now.

U see u have 2 bottles, doesnt mean u spend more but u take longer time to finish.

Day time, I apply HA eye serum, than dab eye gel.
Night time, I apply HA eye serum, follow by ginseng eye cream.

Features of Dragonblood Eye Gel.
This eye gel if u read the ingredients carefully it has science in it, peptide 8, kakadu plum, it optimise the elasticity and also enhance collagen of the skin. It has those whitening herbs that improve eyes circulation.

Kakadu: Give the skin around eyes natural glow and rich vitamin C. U know our eyes once dark le, i must really tell u the truth, takes long time to whiten, i myself experience all eye product , to me i find hydrate and less chemical best. I used to have panda eyes, but now semi le and better le. Eyes area skin u may have try many things, nothing can work instant. But i find i need a product that can use thick and thinto hydrate skin.

Quercus Bark Extract: Firming and lifting. form a microcrystalline network that supposedly binds to the surface of the skin, helping to tighten it. smoothing effect on the skin, which could be of great use in anti-aging skin 

Because of the above factors, dragonblood eye gel utilize Vitamin C, many herbs, Liquorice Root Extract, Kakdu Plum, and other natural products to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, providing you with beautiful, younger eye area.

Nothing in the world can cure dark eye circle after one application, u need watch ur diet and sleep. But this eye gel is free from chemicals and when apply u can feel happiness and smooth flow.

Eye Gel this quality can be like $180 to $250. But i am not branded brand. I am NICHE brand, for people who use quality and natural fresh skin care. Try ba :>

I tolerate ehehehhe

Hi all
tomorrow i have charity work also.

So all email i will reply when home tomorrow.

Because all helpers holiday.... lao shi no holiday :>>

Pack day and night end up they cant pick up... Me also panic le. U all wait ok.

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All courier even I pack le but delayed

Courier makes me headaches even most busy ahah they festive and all pack no come collect ! Aiyo 

I try another courier same ! What happen to courier in Singapore !

U know why ahaha over populated and too many people courier Xmas present

Thank u and new level for omhealth

good morning and really thankful to a successful recording yesterday even though of 4 hours sleep the night before! U know why? Because every moment I feel is the chances that universe given to me to share goodness! And this is call infinite love from u and universe thank u all SMS and whatsapp !u see we do stretching happily together ! And omhealth coil sandalwood incense is used too for health!

San Cha cake was intro on tv and my exercise ! Oh the Shan zha I buy from yue Hua guo huo level 3 must be seedless than can make Shan zha GAO 

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All helper overseas

Email and courier now will delay

As my helper all
Overseas tonight and I have tv recording so I will try my best to reply orders email and also courier ASAP , courier festive will delay even I pass them so u all be patience ok

Thank u really help me this period if courier no receive wait abit as pass them le ; others wait for me reply email when I finish recording on Friday 

Courier company latest news

A news from the courier company they say festive and all parcels will be delayed le thanks a lot just for info and I am still busy recording 

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Updated le:>

Email reply slow

Hi all

All helpers including mother travelling this month on and off.

Left me alone, do email checking and packing .

Plus have TV recording and seminar preparation.

So take note ok.. All info please help me provide clearly like address mobile. And transfer money once receive within 2 days.

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Good Eye cream: Ingredients since 2007

I love this eye cream, it just really feel so good. But stay tune for the eye gel also.

When we aged le, night after eye serum we use abit eye cream very good. Since 2007

Purified Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice,Macadamia extract, Apricot Kernel Oil, Stearic Acid, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, CRosehip Oil, Silk Powder, Vitamin B5, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Chamomile Extract, Ginseng Siberian Extract, Tocopherol, Lactic Acid
Features: Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Propylene glycol-free, Silicone-free, DEA-free and Artificial colour-free.

Eye Cream: $50 best.

U dab gently to eye area.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. If that’s the case, many of you would rather fresh, youthful looking areas under the eyes rather than sags and wrinkles. For many, excluding genetics, the difference between the former and the latter is an effective eye cream, eye serum and eye gel.
For day time normally i use eye gel.
When developing a beauty regime, many women skip using an eye cream, particularly in their 20s. The popular belief is that many aging concerns will appear in our 30s and 40s. However, the skin directly under our eyes is the most delicate and as well as the first indicator of aging. This area ages faster and loses elasticity faster than the rest of the skin on the body. Once the plumpness and elasticity is gone, it is almost irrevocable unless extreme measures like surgery are involved.
Using a daily eye cream is beneficial at any age. Finding the appropriate eye cream for your age and concern is key. Here are a few suggestions that are great treatments for common under eye issues.

After apply eye cream. Press this point below for 2 mins with eye close.

Third Eye Point Acupressure

Than the feet first toe tip and second toes whole toe massage for 3mins

tips of big toe

In between the toe and second toe press for 1 minute.

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I know I can

Many knew me for 10 years le. Back in 2001 I was diagnosed with bone dengerations and scolosis. Pain killers and anti inflammation pills and physio seems to be and will be part of my life. But for me, i enver give up. I do have maigrain but lesser now. And even though my bone is twist and curve... i know the theory of bones. is to strengthen ur muscles than ur back will be ok. Many who have pain, but stop all exercises. This is infact the cause of dengeration worsen. For me, everyday for past 10 years, I applies 3 oil or sometimes frankincense. It seems to protect my tissues . 3 oil : Lavendula vera, peppermint, marjoram and with some rice oil apply neck shoulder Frankincense , direct a drop to pain area daily. and than ahah palm still have frankincense slap face for wrinkle preventions. See weekly i take up sports to strengthen my health. U must ok.

Friday, November 21, 2014

HI many new comers not aware of my

1) Aloe Gel and sandalwood powder, apology I didn't update my product list

Ah my article for rashes and Hives , is being selected for the magazine:> And thank you :>

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Two items launching

I have been using myself two months le I feel great and I even compare with $300 eye gel in market ; is fresh tested and free from chemical and u use with love!

Launching before Xmas at $55; this I can mark up very high but I just wanna earn enough can le and I wan make good skincare affordable! Use one time u will love love love


1) HA eye serum
2) Ginseng EYE Cream
3) Dragonblood Eye Gel

Most powerful dragonblood with fruits extract eye gel !

Most powerful rose mask!

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Have cough ma, or recovering left abit. This is best

Monday, November 17, 2014


Omhealth has never stop to help and work with elderly.

It doesnt need to be big organisation to do these.

We small company but has been doing for 10 years le quietly:>

And just want to know omhealth care and share also:> And all skincare products are in natural fresh state with love.

Teas recipes that works hand in hand with aroma oil and acupressure

I wonder people still read blog. But as long as I am still working, i will write.

Many have the 7 days cough. Or abit heaty or weather making u feel not comfy. Or flu recover 90 % still have some linger around.

So what can u drink when the flu or cold is recovering but left abit like not totally clear?

When come to herbal tea cooking, is Agaration, like we dont really need measure until so accurate.

Bryan End Your Trouble DE Tea

1) 桑叶 5 leaf.
2)Yellow Chrysanthemums 30 flower
3 Brown sugar abit

Boil the (1) in water, half small pot, 15mins , off fire add the (2). Than add brown sugar.

Now u also can drink if eyes feel not comfy or cough or abit heaty.

Sangye:contains the antioxidants ascorbic acid and beta carotene. Antioxidants inhibit cellular damage caused by free radicals, which get created during food digestion and smoke and radiation exposure. Regularly consuming foods and drinks rich in beta carotene may reduce your risk of cancer, according to PubMed Health

According to a study published in 2013 in the "Journal of Functional Foods," leaf has been traditionally used to treat inflammation caused by chronic diseases, and the results of the study verify its anti-inflammatory effects. In vitro, scientists found mulberry leaf inhibits inflammatory agents in the body, cutting off the body's inflammatory response.


The energy of The above Tea blend with Aromatherapy: Eucalytpus, Lemon, Peppermint and Lavendula vera.

If after drink, use any above anyhow combine in tissue inhale, the effect is tremendous.

Than tap here gently with eyes close 80 times. 

It clears sickness and after sickness weakness.

Below, should press more when sick as it can speed up recovery. When middle of night wake up, tap above 50 times and press below. Before than apply rose balm at neck and chest. It helps u to sleep back.

Breathing for immune, stomach bloat and neck pai or during flu season. This help figh sickness bloated stomach too. Ur stomach can apply 3 oil when do this exercise and neck shoulder too.

yoga breathing exercise lying down
To elaborate, As you inhale, bring your hips up, while keeping your shoulders on the mat. While you are in up position, take two full breaths.
Than slowly down your spine back to the mat, one vertebrae at a time, as you exhale.
  • 4. Repeat 3 more times.

breathing exercise in yoga while lying down

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Mask in the making: And u can use daily.

A mask that will make many happy and is full of science and also wonder.

This mask if market sell worth $180. It will be launched soon at $68. Stay tune.

Mask Will have these ingredients: Are u excited?

Hyaluronic Acid Powder
Marine Collagen
Licorice Root
Garcinia Mangosteen
CoEnzyme Q10
Rose Garden
Rose Bulgarian Absolute 3% in Jojoba Oil

Containing above , Vitamins and minerals to restore essential moisture to the skin. This calming uniquely formulated mask  rehydrates and protects the skin.Refines pores and promotes healthy tissue rejuvenation leaving the skin feeling replenished and rejuvenated.

Give soothing relief to skin suffering from excessive dryness, stress and exposure to the elements.

  •  Our intensely-hydrating, oil-free masque cools and rehydrates with a surge of moisturizing seaweed etc
  • Soothes, cools and calms the skin's surface
  • Increases skin's moisture level

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Frankincense Further usages

Try a drop to palm and rub chest and inhale. Let ur parents use. Very good for them. I put a bottle beside their bed. I feel great because i know the oil will take care their health.

1) Jaw  Pain: A drop frankincense and a drop rice oil apply jaws.
2) Bedtime Lullabies (mix with Rice Oil and apply to children’s feet at night) 
3) Back Relief (apply neat on lower back for soothing comfort) 
4) Alert Mind and dispel tiredness (mix with Peppermint and apply to bottom of feet) 
5. Head tightness and sadness (apply to temples for soothing comfort) 
6. Cough problems (apply on neck and throat to soothe irritations in throat or with coughs)
7) Calming yet without making u sleepy.
8) When immune low, a bottom of feet before sleep and press below acupressure for 1 min

Above point helps insomnia, sore throat,poor memory, night sweat, low back pain, chronic headaches ; All these problem by apply this point daily, and determined will have result after 1 month.