Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rollers is $18 each
Healing Trees oil $45
Five Element oil $38
Rose Balm $25

 Creating Protection Using Clarity Oil

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For 21 Sep students

Hi all, the black beans must rinse quickly and blow dry or make dry by putting on dry cloth. For me I use hair dryer. Actually i use half cup of Jam Jar.

Than i put on medium heat fry pan (non stick one), and slowly fry until cracked open can le. Must have alot of patience. and keep stirring.

When cool. Add in CHEN CU old vinegar. Good one around less than $15 i think.

And immerse actually overnight, second day can eat le.

But if u can wait for 7 days wa lao taste even better.

U eat 3-5 a day with food. And wont cause gastric at all and is delicious.

Good for hair and eyes.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A jam: Nice

I am touched when a student type out for me the recipes:> Thanks florence

Hawthorn Jam (for slimming)

1 cup hawthorn (山楂)
1 pkt lotus roots powder (莲藕)
1 tbsp maltose (麦芽糖)
2 tbsp sugar ()
Some honey (蜂蜜)

1.            Soak the dried hawthorn in water for 2 hours.

2.            Boil 2 cups of water and add the hawthorn to boil until starchy and then press till smaller pieces.

3.            Add lotus roots powder, maltose and sugar and mix well.

4.            Add some honey.


10 spice oil Power


Hi all the reason why i have not share my slides for talk out is because i spend time to do video for 21st talk recipes and if I dont do that, u receive slides also useless de. So give me time ok. As everyday u can see me doing recipes and put blog put facebook. U see outside people after workshop where got do so many things. ehehhehe slides will share out after my birthday tomorrow, let me enjoy my week first ok thank u all for ur excitement for slide, i am glad because u want to learn eheheh ----- a reply to 50 sms who ask for slides..

Wait wait wait la.

Kelp Bud and Miso in love

I always bottle one bottle for mom, so when the two go out eat any soupy things they add to soup. Kelp bud important for health.

kelp buds contain a large number of minerals, vitamins, cellulose, calcium, potassium, iodine. 
I find many of us always health no good also because lack of this minerals which food cant find de. And we eat too little vege. So how I increase my greens ehhehe smart right.

U start eat daily for a week, u can feel more energy.

It is very suitable for modernbeauty and health food.

No need cook de, add to hot water few mins later it soften.

How to Make MISO?

Buy a box of miso, organic shops has . For me i buy from ISetan lido there the market.

I take a bowl of water boil in pot, add tofu(optional) or prawns. Or add nothing. Than once boil off fire. For me I like stronger taste, i add a tablespoon miso, than a teaspoon of kelp bud. Cover for 10 mins. And is ready to drink.

Be creative of the ingredients example, some fresh mushrooms, spring onions, mussles.
Tell u drink plain also good.
U try do tofu and strawmushroom also yummy.

I get my kelp miso here this time

anyway u ownself can buy anywhere de la

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For 21st Sep Students notes: (part 1)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Damp Energy le


I will want to thank my cousins for helping me business; so will soon start a foam business and also self care equipment run by them; all equipment will be cheap and good like exercise foam;

But give us a month time ok to proper r and d;

Also thank u all for the feedbacks on essential oils 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Courier company really faint me ahaha

Hi all apology , courier suddenly increase extra $6 which is ridiculous haiz!  So I may need $3 handling fees to help out le hope u all don't mind! We absorb all these years ah not easy

I know many only shopping they have handling fees all these years I don't have la;

So $3 hope ok for  u all; 

Is scary courier to some places can go up to $15 for certain part of aingapore

Don't worry u think carefully omhealth still lowest handling fees ah; I try my best le;

Thank u;

Fedex also increase my oil transport fees because I insist fresh , I also absorb le; 

Anyone take pic yesterday

Can u whatsapp me some fun pic ok

Bryan rest 3 Days

Hi all,

for 21st Sep materials I will send u all by Friday. Some video I will share here.
That seaweed kelp bud i buy from organic shop, address will put. Today sleepy.

This few days i rest first ok:>

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Make some jam for few to taste tomorrow

Auditorium ok

Bryan Aroma Acupressure Touch Therpy

Founder Bryan Lao Shi. To find the right sequence than acupressure works. Becausevieo limit time, so each point can do 10 seconds. Also before start must do 3 deep breathing and while doing remember to breathe .

Those who register class

tomorrow arrive 9am to register ; Classs start 930am.

Be happy, seats just nice remember to move in.

Is CSC civil service club auditorium, 60 Tessensohn road. CHeck map urself ok.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Come happily; will arrive 9 to set up and class start 930am

Enjoy and bring pen paper ok!

Try to get the hair serum very very good.

Courier increase again


courier increase another $2 each le.

I hope u all when order things notice $80 than have courier. We still absorb de.

Also busy packing for 21st Sep. So email can check till Monday.

Thanks ah

Roller Power:

Roller is $18 each and super worth it. Parents normally like the clarity. But I like clarity. Aura roller have a kind of happiness i cant explain.

Bryan's Clarity roller: Emergency clear headaches or tiredness, so effective because is careful blend of many gingers and remove wind fast. Different from normal medicated oil because it doesnt mix with those low grade oil. Is all pure and all herbs. (Inspired by our ancestor using pure hearb in a bottle only)

Bonus: Prevent get flu from others, if office people sick , sneeze, take out rub head and neck one roll.

Ingredients with Bryan's right ratio: Plai, Ginger, Tumeric, Patchouli, Bergamot, Vetiver, Lavendula

Bryan' Auric Roller: Fruity and mint. Is like a immediate lift up when suddenly meet unhappiness and you are outside. Or lost temper and scare health affected. Quickly apply templs and inhale. Also create a kind of shield for your body against negative thoughts.

Bonus: Feel happy outside. And can also reduce headaches cause by irritation and anger.

Ingredients: Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Blue Pea flower, Neroli, Mint.

A immediate lift for sadness. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are u excited for me??? Launching Soon.

First internationally launch in market , fully tested GMP approved and powerful product.

Ahahah during my break time do a video for u

Monday, September 15, 2014

21st Sep

TCM doctor will speak mandarin.

If there are any recipes from her, i will copy down and translate email to all.

So take note this class have some Mandarin content in it.

For me 4 languages . U must handle me well.

Romance Lettuce Tea

3-4  leaf, than in a bowl of water boil for 5mins-8 mins.

Off fire. Steep for 10mins. Drink when warm, half hour before sleep a cup.

This simple recipe for lettuce tea will help you with insomnia and also acts as a mild sedative. I stress with Sunday talk so make this for tonight!

Lucky Draw for 21st Sep 2014

A) All will have a $10 voucher for shopping that day for spending $80. Those who get that day items will enter the lucky draw. Those want buy that day, also can write items with name a address in a paper and pass to us, we will pack and courier, u also will be giving a lucky draw number that day.

B) $11 only 50 bottles avaliable, U can buy one at $11, normally at $18. Super citrus and blue pea flowers.


I find this old article very good.

U can you normal massage stick. Wood one, u can find Diaso. Or anyone found any massage stick cheap can tell me ok:> Must be wood. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Famous Five: Celebrate Anniversary Promotion set.

Ten spice oil:: proven to be highly anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic.

Famous five since 1999; purify cleansing, sweet compassion, remove dampness, grounding and practical healing, bacteria viruses killer! A set a year keep doctor and bad luck at low; immunity booster for family!
Full Set is $218:
now $210 and free a bottle of famous Fresh grapefruit Pink.
20 set till 21st Sep 2014 only.

Photo: Famous five since 1999; purify cleansing, sweet compassion, remove dampness, grounding and practical healing, bacteria viruses killer!  A set a year keep doctor and bad luck at low; immunity booster for family!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Are you still using the antiage set?

Remember the mosituriser can change to other types.

Perfectionist ( Day and night)
Synergy (Night, abit rich but powerful, day can dab mini bit)
Marine Collagen (Night and day abit)

21st Sep 2014

Hi all

21st Sep 2014, the talk i will have less slides because I have alot of things I want to share, if I spend time do slides, it will disallow me to share more.

So I will have less slides but more topics.

Please bring along pen and paper ok:>

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A letter that makes my heart tears

This email i just received. The words written is so good and thank you very much .  From my bottom of my heart thank you.

Subject: 共勉之

Bryanlaoshi 您好,


看到你从行到水穷处 坐看云起时到你游刃有余的用你那十八般武艺来个七十二变从一脚踢老板到导师到健康美丽由你把关到义工到上不同课程进修到研究新产品到拜拜到念佛到会niamspot check父母的孝顺儿子到上广播与电视到发觉美食到五点起来买菜做饭到游泳健身瑜珈气功到回复烦躁又令额头冒起三条线的问题到写blog到旅行到做家务到咖啡王子拉花到.........(姑娘的,生气liao,讲不完的,你不是讲要环保,换写你不会的lists会比较短吧!一个人着么可以会这么多东东,又是不古代的黄蓉,又或者你是《来自星星的你》的都敏俊shexiao liao

卧虎藏龙!laoshi你是发了多大的宏愿!or你是拥有超能力or你是把一个星期当一天来用吧,这可不是一般人都能做到,而且还要保持容光焕发摆个chok样拍照po上网(chok样最近香港流行起的潮语:耍帅摆酷,Don't play play horauntie我有跟上的,真的很不想讲自己是auntie,没办法leh我们是同个年代的人你讲你是uncle我不讲我是auntie就很act cute leh

你说你可以很凶,可这种pattern很凶又有肿(oi,你才肿laoshi有在workout keep fit,有喝普洱茶也有吃山楂糕的hor),oops 是有種的人通常很容易心软right你总是心太软,心太软...爱心泛滥)可以是很高端的疗愈达人又可以很草根地显示你的吃货相又可以很邻家男孩当乖儿子烧菜做kueh又可以很暖男(我喜欢,有问你meh)又可以带群众到庙宇喊着Huat ah Huat ah(不敢领教)又可以用broken hokkien很自在的给老人讲解“armm”米汤的奥妙又可以... ... ...。(在玩cosplay meh!是versatile ok

看到你不计较名利多少,只要是自己感兴趣的事情,又能找到其意义所在,便全力以赴,精益求精,不断研究,改善,在流汗流泪的日子里体验人生。只求认真努力工作,有原则,不愿巴结也无需获得每个人的赏识。不卑不亢,自爱自重,不随意放弃理想。(认真的男人是超超超帅的咯,应该建议李总理在群众大会把你非常激发人心的故事发表给年轻的一代听。Very motivating laoshi你匿名上网跟总理介绍自己啦,哇!一剑三雕,可以作个好榜样又可以帮公司免费打广告又可以出名,可以少奋斗十年, blog sure爆表,要赶快订货不然要等很久,Oillaoshi tell u don't PR hor n low profile hor ,噢对对要低调低调)

很都人都很羡慕你的成就,却忽略了你的成功是你用X10000倍(够吗?)的血汗努力辛苦换来的。laoshi(先讲har,不是niam你是gentle reminder ok,我知道你比我历害可你know better有讲座你这种使命必达的性格常会乎略自己)为了走更长更远的路,是善待自己的时候,偶尔也要让不为人知(我有不小心看到一点点)被深藏在心里某个小角落正顽固发霉的那个灰灰的你出来放假放空,虽然你贵为laoshi偶尔也会象我们一样碰上对生活的无力感吧!(元老battery ai flat liao,是少爷hor讲到laoshi好像很老,是尊重ok如果他老我也是一样老 !我不能借用你的台词don't worry omhealth is there for u 只能庸俗的叫你睡饱饱再去吃香喝辣减压)

laoshi请容许我放肆的给你一个大大的抱抱(自己想象一下hor)轻拍你的肩膀/头(二选一),然后很诚恳地告诉你:臭小子(Oil!是laoshi hor laoshi, serious lahOh! SoriSorilaoshi这一路走来,您幸苦了,这一切都很不容易,所以越显珍贵,老天爷看到了,我们也都看到了,可个中的辛酸血泪史也就只有你自己最能体会与了解,而我们却只坐享其成品尝你的成果,never mindlaoshi这一切都是值得的!因你正在做着非常有意义的事,最终最有福报的会是你。HockQi lah

最后起立行礼谢谢laoshi  祝阖家安康辛福!

best regards