Saturday, April 25, 2015

Officially Launched

Rosewood really a nerve tonic oil too. Sweet sweet happy
cedarwood atlas (non zong guo): help u feel strong and confident and also good connection with the world and be happy person.
$45 each

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sleep Sleep Quality

Singapore is a country with no natural disaster.

But we have one issue of the weather... 4 season summer , hot- hotter -hottest- Hot again.

Above is fu ling, i sometimes add one slice to chinese barley boil. Herbs that drain dampness 

Well for us living here we must first accept

1) Sleep quality may be affected easily
2) Dampness will sort of trapped in body
3) Temper not so good
4) Easily tired.
5) Sudden Acne big.

We talk about sleep now... Many of you have sleep issues, is like can sleep but wake up at 3am or 4 am and cant sleep. Or mind active cant sleep.

This is because day time the damp hot weather create a dampness heat environment in our body. Once have a bit of dampnesss if we ignore... than at night combine with a number of cant sleep well.... it become big dampness

Think about a piece of damp cloth in kitchen not dried for 2 days... it becomes soggy and smelly stagnants. This is how dampness affect ur boody, making it heavy, sleep cant sleep, channels block the flow of life in body.

This result sleep, tummy bloated, mood bad.

Than u on ur aircon and Fan, the wind enters in a body make cause twitching eyes,  headaches, sinus.....

I have helped so many with sinus issues (refer to beside the blog ).

What to DO?

Conceptual understand the country u live in and adapt to it. Now if ur sleep quality no good, simple ,

i) u can do 10mins recharge a day by rubbing some auric roller or clarity roller at ur neck , inhale 3 times. Than close ur simple breathing.

ii) Barley is your friend, 2 chinese tablespoon chinese barley, boil water, add a slice of Fu Lin. Boil 30mins can le. drink the water.

iii) Chrysanthemum flower 3-5 a cup 5 times a day before sleep helps better sleep too. If u want can use jasmine flower

iv) Works wonder but seldom u will do, 5 drops Bryan relax Blend and 3 drops lavendula vera immerse footbath for 15mins. This can cure sleep and backaches...only after 2 months of doing.

Lemongrass essential Oil 

Well I lately find lemongrass oil remove dampness also beside Bryan relax Blend.

  • Make a refreshing foot bath. 3 drops to a bowl of warm water, and soak your feet for 10 minutes. If your feet are aching, add two tablespoons of Magnesium .

  • Make a massage oil by mixing  5 drops lemongrass and 2 peppermint , 2 lavendula, 2  drop marjoram and it with 30ml rice bran oil. This blend last for 2 months. Best aches massage. This blend also helps digestive facilitate nutrient assimilation and boosts the functioning of the digestive system, which is helpful for treating bowel problems and digestive disorders. It also prevents the formation of excessive gas and increases urination, which helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Shopping Cart Launching Tuesday le:>

DO remember attend my East Meet West Class, is a fun and good class....

Thursday, April 23, 2015

East Meet West Health Beauty Class Once a year

Only 60 students allow

Date: 19th July 
Time: 930am to 1230pm
Venue:To be decided.
Fees: $88

Material of Kwa Sha Plate given to all and a bottle of oil.

This is a class that I have not been conducting for past 2 years.

Many has been asking about this class. So a come back and will only be once a year.
Every class abit diff. This class u will learn the latest kwa Sha method and acupressure

East Meet West Kwa Sha, Moxibustion and ba Guan Introduction for home use

1) Meridians Fast Learn

2) Acupressure
i) Using Kwa Sha plate
ii) Moxibustion Stick
iii) Fire cupping demo

3) Herbs knowledge TCM cooking
4) 6ml of new aromatherapy Oil launching (High Mountain Healing Oil) worth $35
5) Making of New Vinegar herbs ahahhaha
6) 8 mins Qi Gong

Material include Kwa Sha plate, notes

Only 60 students allow

Date: 19th July (In chinese TCM non religious this is illness removal day best for acupressure)
Time: 930am to 1230pm
Venue:To be decided.

Email : 

Lian Zi Xin

I went medical hall buy $1, can make tea many times

It enters the lung, heart and kidney organ's Qi to clear fire.,... Especially bad tempered and also mouth ulcer etc...Yang Shen, Yi Qi.

It can help mild insomnia and also no harm for body when take few times a week. Good for fever, swell, sore throat, anger, tongue pain, Pek Chek

This few days if alot meetings and feeling dry throat and tongue pain.This kind of tea drink 3 times a week or when needed is good. Like office suddenly anger or heaty feeling, drink better than anyhow buy herbal tea.

Super heaty anger

1) 10 stick in a cup of boiling water steep for 15mins.
Drink when cool.

Apply auric roller neck and chest and inhale, it works together fast.

Additional Optional 3 Mai men Dong

If excessive thirst, u can add 3 Mai Men Dong too which I have taught many. it nourish Body energy.

1) Moistens the Lungs and Stops Cough.
2) Generates Fluids. 
3) Clears the Heart, Eliminates Irritability.
4) Moistens the Intestines.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Awakening ur sagging love handles.

Many of us are not fat. Fat is a sickness. We are actually body not tone. People say us look ok, but deep inside ourselves,  we know our waistline and lower back sagging until "meat" need to tuck in. I dont call it love handles. I call it "MEAT EXTRA". I dont want.

First sign of aging is when u look ur lower back from mirror. The pound of meat sagging represent the water retention, the toxic and the skin lost of elasticity.

When young people fat hor, even they fat their meat firm one, we all if fat hor, meat is flabby. U can use this meat to slap difficult people will die also.

I am giving you a simple programme to let u have a feel to have tone body improvement in 3 days so u have confident.

Are you ready?

I am going to keep it so simple for u for 3 days. So u can see result in 3 days. Is re struturing your body. And u need to follow strictly.

Day One: Eat the breakfast, lunch and food before 5pm. Once reach 5pm to 9pm only water or a bowl of lotus seed soup (this applies if u take breakfast and lunch and abit dinner (fish soup).
If u no breakfast, this method infact dont have the energy to burn fats.

Perform Squat 20 x 4 set:

Knee must behind toes, do slowly.

Day 2 and 3 same.

Day 1 to 3:

Morning when wake up and at night before sleep, apply sunflower slimming oil at lower back. After massage drink warm water.

Toning detox fight sagging massage (Refer to above Pic)

1)Grab the meat up portion by portion, gently but grab it up to activate circulations. Do for 10 times (spend 1 min on it)
2) Pushing the old toxic out of the love handles. Both hand on waist line, like scolding people like that. Than use thumb push outward 10 times.
3) Now press the points for 2mins, this is to activate the so old meridians which lost the capability to circulate as aresult muscle become stagnant and qi stagnant, indirectly help back aches
4) I love this, palm hor push ur meat upwards out 15 times

Do twice a day for 3 days. And look mirror again

This 3 days limit ur sugar, eat clean.

A slimming oil for health and beauty and toning.

Sunflower Slimming oil is power because i blended with detox and body toning herbs:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cedarwood Friday Launching

Cedarwood Atlantic ($45)

Best value for money oil. Good for people with low immune or allergy. Balance spleen and liver. Energy day and relax at night. Is good oil for people problem sleeping at night sometimes.

Is one of main ingredients for my hair shampoo. For children hard time focusing and ADD, ADHD and autism , can use cedarwood oil.

Evening time u can apply bottom of feet for sleep. If u try lavender for sleep, sometimes try cedarwood.

One of my favourite oil. I use really for good for skin problem for acne or eczema. Stimulate limbic region of brain which governs emotion. For calming and purifying properties.

I use by inhale or mix 2 drop in 2 drop rice oil apply neck.

Is really a focus oil . If u combine cedarwood and lavender can help children alot.

Best use back of neck which go straight to brain. Or big toe related to brain. Apply cedarwood oil direct big toe, press all surface area of toe also when pain area press abit more can release headache and head poor circulations

(Antifungal, antiputrefactive, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, insecticide, regenerative, sedative, tonic)
Cedarwood oil was by the ancient Egyptians two to three thousand years before the birth of Christ. It may be the first essential oil to be distilled.

My first experience of cedarwood was because of doing hair researched. Ahhaha last time ancient Ang Mo Countries, use cedarwood in their floor to ward of witches. Wa.....

But herbalist use it to cure illness like cough.

It is now a important ingredient for skin (body blemishes and aging) . U can mix into ur shower gel (big bottle 10 drops) or Body lotion to make it powerful.

For stressed skin - Add 3 drops of cedarwood oil and 2 drops of lavendula  oil to a small pail of warm warm water. Soak a soft good morning towel, wring it out and then apply it on the skin. Be careful to avoid the eyes. When the cloth cools, soak it again in warm water, and reapply. 

For stress and tension-  footbath with warm water, and add 3 drops of cedarwood oil and 2 drops each of ylang-ylang and rosemary oils. Soak for 15-20 minutes. 

3. For muscle pain -  fill a bath with warm water, add 4-6 drops of cedarwood oil and soak for 20-30 minutes.  (if u have bathtub) Follow by 3 oil. If not add mix with Bryan relax blend for power bath.

4. For coughs - upper-respiratory congestion, colds and sinusitis, combine 7 drops of cedarwood oil and 3 drops of lavender oil to 25ml rice bran oil, gently massage this mixture into your chest and upper body. 
NB: Only Atlas Cedarwood best, no china one ok.

Affirmation with Cedarwood Atlas

It allow us to look at our past while looking forward to the future in strength of heart and wisdom and with security of love.

Shopping Cart Launching

Omhealth has shopping cart launching le.

All these 15 years thank to old customers for typing order and email. So this few months, i spend alot effort.
Also because this 15 years many times we delivery of item and collect payment later, endup many accidentally forget payment ahah so far i cant track payment and each year more than 20over items not paid.

So to be more organised the system of pay before delivery will be part of shopping cart so u can have more time when buy items without typing.

Yeah I mountain turtle so old le than have shopping cart.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Out of Stock Day Hydrator arrived le

Even in face book many love it..... Have u ordered?

Friday, April 17, 2015

AlmondCal event

Breathing exercise time! Want to learn more? Tomorrow come see me SMS 83064108 if u wanna attend launch almondcal ; no one do it like Bryan ehehe
Posted by Bryan Gan on Thursday, 16 April 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Chapter 12 of my Book

Read ba:>

18th April if want to come just email ok.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Goji C Why?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Are u coming:> 18th April

18th April 2015, 2pm
Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road 8 Singapore 408601 (next to Payar Lebar MRT)
Launch presentation by Bryan Lao Shi, Naturopath Eugene He and TCM Physician Xu Lili
Special door gift specially created by Bryan and Eugene Lao Shi for all participants
Fee: Free to all Almondcal preorder customers.
To register, email with your name, order number and contact number after you have made your preorder purchase. Or leave comment here u want to come.

Closing Date Thursday as need order Buffet.

Power of Bryan lao Shi with Eugene Lao Shi and advisor Power Dr Xu Lili
AlmondCal is a daily calcium and mineral supplement designed for maximum absorption. AlmondCal is the world's first natural almond flavoured calcium supplement.
Support healthy bone density
Support muscle and nerve function
For healthy enzymatic activity
Support immune system
Easy to drink formula
Each serving of AlmondCal contains:

High bioavailability, water soluble calcium citrate malate - supports healthy bones, teeth, nerves and muscles
Magnesium - supports absorption of calcium and relaxes muscles. Supports heart health
Zinc - improves absorption of calcium and supports immune function
Vitamin K2 MK-7 from Natto - supports bone health, immune health and absorption of calcium
Vitamin D3 - supports calcium absorption, bone and immune health
Bamboo Extract - contains natural silica for strong bones, hair and healthy skin

Algae Day Hydrator

Many waiting and is coming in on Friday:>

Because is really rare the ingredients

Monday, April 13, 2015

Oil and You and breathing

Many people like to buy aromatherapy oil. But some buy because of the scent not on the medicinal value. As a result in market there are a series of shop selling fragrance oil as aromatherapy.

In 1990s, aromatherapy was the peak in Singapore, many good shops in aromatherapy like coralmoon, sunspirit, essential, beandbecoming aroma oil.

Some of them I work as part time for their shop. But soon I stop doing it, as a see some shop they change the expiry date label for oil because they are not main supplier and slowly aromatehrapy dies off in 2003.

I started my aromatherapy business in 1998, first set of oil are
Lavendula vera (thanks to my teacher), Peppermint and Grapefruit Pink.  I can easily put expiry date on the bottle but again I learn from my Master in Aromatherapy: " No need, in Australia people buy oil base on trust of the therapist and u need to produce fresh oil , a human nose will notice:" So infact my oil are all by fedex and ensure quality and fresh till today.

All these years , I have been producing oil base on my scent and healing knowledge . More like cater for Singaporean.

Bryan's Blend since 1999:
1) Bryan relax blend: remove dampness and exhaustion
2) 5 element oil (old name, flora Power 7): remove negative and cleansing purification
3) Dragonfly oil: Clam the mind and bring hope
4) Healing Trees Oil: Series of BIG trees to encourage flow of Qi in body and was launched in botanical garden,
5) PAFlime : A first unqiue species with no other blend, purpose to recall youth and joy and lost energy in our body system,
6) Coming Up, Miracle Love Oil: A self love oil to care our system, activate body Qi to heal.

Apply any of the blend at neck, bottom of feet:

Aroma Belly Breath (PLEASE TRY u will find amazing result

Use any oil . apply neck a drop, bottom feet a drop. Than peppermint a drop temper and stomach.

So oil use is Peppermint and any oil blend;

This activate ur body system to heal. Try 5 mins only.
    Increase energy, release tension, fight fatigue.
      Lie flat on your back with pillow tucking them under the neck and knees. Even lie down this way and close eye, flow of Qi begins.
      Place your hands palm down on your stomach at the base of the rib cage.
Help to heal body and complete body circuit healing energy with aroma oil. Effectives for people with chronic pain, hives and eczema.  It works :>

All the oil can be order from and details

18th April , re u coming to support calcium launch? and is free , email to and have buffet and talk to me that day.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


East Meet West Kwa Sha, Moxibustion and ba Guan Introduction for home use

1) Meridians

2) Acupressure
3) Herbs knowledge TCM cooking
4) 6ml of new aromatherapy Oil launching (High Mountain Healing Oil) worth $35
5) Making of New Vinegar herbs ahahhaha
6) 8 mins Qi Gong

Pre-requisite: Open to those who have attended any of Bryan Workshop strictly.

Fees: $88, Students who attended before can re attend at $68 (10openings only).
Material include Kwa Sha plate, notes

Only 60 students allow

Date: 19th July (In chinese TCM non religious this is illness removal day best for acupressure)
Time: 930am to 1230pm
Venue:To be decided.

Email : 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dragon Blood Series

In 2005 I am the first one to introduce rice bran oil for face, body and aromatherapy for Singaporeans. It is chosen compare to Jojoba, almond oil etc because of our weather and this has become best oil used.

In 2012, first to introduce Balonglong in Singapore media and crazy for it everyone and now some fruit juice store have this item le

In 2015 , Xue Lian Zi and more...

2014: DragonBlood Demo and gain recognition

I have 2 dragonblood series: And first in Singapore and only one doing dragonblood series and was shown on TV demo.

1) A8D Dragon Blood Gel. It absorb quickly so if is not moisture enough u can on top of it dab abit moisturiser. $80
2) Ultimate Eye Gel  $55

Dragon’s blood sap helps to protect the cells of the skin, and reduces redness and swelling.  It also contains a group of compounds called proanthocyanidins, which actually repair collagen, the lattice-like main protein that makes up much of our tissues. Additionally, Dragon’s blood contains taspine, a known tissue-healing agent. 
The A8D also contains peptide.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 New Blend Stay Tune

Bryan Lao Shi Charity MOVE 2015
9th April: Provide lunch for 60 elderly.
April period: To share healing method for joint pain with Tibetan doctor so they can go back and help alot of poor elderly having joint issues. 
picture from Jerrod Maruyama 

A) Purity and Tranquility (Miracle Blend) $50

Is a special blend created to feel love. Deep inside in you is a fountain of healing love energy. This scent will remind you of 
parental love and love from Universe. Is a love love love oil and activate your body self healing energy.

Lovable Mix: Mandarin,Lavendula,Vanilla,Rose Absolute, Violet, Vetivier, Sage.
This few oil, ratio must be correct to achieve the effect. Each blend takes me ages to produce.

A scent blend  to communicate positive emotions of…joy, love, gratitude, happiness, sympathy.

Lavendula Testimonial:

I love this fresh lavendula vera oil. The baby of how omhealth is born.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Roller good news

Auric roller and Clarity roller both good. If first time give ur friend, give auric roller as is natural fruity. But remember wipe the side once a week as the side roll may oxidise the smell.  $18 each

Rose balm arrived le

My calcium launch le, now order can attend a opening calcium event la on 18th April.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A heart to Heart Talk Lavendula Vera Oil ( a yearly article)

Lavendula vera oil is the oil omhealth founded in 1998 and till today, I am very stringent over the freshnest of this oil.
And those who are in aromatherapy will uderstand that freshness oil the scent will be different base on season too and climate. Is my oil and my mom till today say, cannot increase the price of this oil till I old . In fact this grade cost $50 plus in market le.

The flower oil are the one that has most effect on scent different.

Example are

rose geranium
rose otto
lavendula vera
Ylang Ylang.

So for lavendula vera we extract only from the flower top not the stem or leaves. So is of very high grade.

This is to explain further for some who finds why lavendula vera scent diff. At any time the grade medicinal values will be of it best performance.

Bryan Lao Shi. (this article , is good to put up monthly, so to remind new bies too)

New Charity MOVE:
I will be meeting with Nepal and Tibet doctor, to share with them some techniques using lavender peppermint and marjoram for helping the poor in the  country also those who suffering from joint issues:> 
Sometimes I think I need to let go some time and focus more on things I love to do. So far rejected 2 TV show and event ahaha.... and again thanks for continue support on ordering of my aroma and skin care, all at its happiest natural freshest quality

HURRAY.... Be different, be omhealth.

Rose Otto Water

Omhealth has two kind of FLORA water

I use after cleasning, dab face. Or sometimes skin rash can dab on it; Very fast recover.
U can many times a day dab on face.

I suggest for those suffering dull skin. Try my 3 days method. Each time use cotton compress face  with rose water 4 times a day . Rose water from fridge ok; U do 3 days. Than drink honey Acacia honey morning and daily GOJI C. Just 3 days. See how ur skin transformed.

And they are really natural

1) Lavendula Flora water with grapefruit extract
2) Rose Otto Flora water hydrosol

Especially rose otto water the scent is special. Now many expect rose water to smell like what we smell those perfumed rose and smell stayon that kind. Nope that are mostly fragrance rose.

Rose water smell exactly like when u crushed some fresh rose petals and u smell... is a very unique freshness with some herbal grass scent.

My rose otto hydrosol is so fresh u will love it.

Rose Otto Hydrosol: Keeps your skin hydrate and nice throughout the day.

It has natural hydrating properties drawing moisture to the skin; it further nourishes, soothes, and balances skin. The  fresh scent encourages inner harmony. Rosewater is useful for all skin types. Rose water does not contain any additives, preservatives or other artificial substances.

People with dry skin can experience amazing benefits of rose water. When you apply rose water on your skin – you can notice soothing and softening effect of it straight away.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Aromatherapy Bryan

3 Oil of love: This 3 oil balance the heart and stomach energy. It balance in a way than help u to sleep better.

Sometimes I put a drop each on palm and than 4 drops rice oil and massage chest and stomach. Very good for Singapore energy3

Every oil has an affirmation so the energy will vibrates at its highest.

I trust the Love of the Existence and receive in it the deepest parts of my soul, in all the places that have lost hope or feel fear. I allow unconditional LOVE to heal all of me, to be present with me in every moment with every emotion.

Bryan Relaxation Blend:  optimizes metabolic functions by toning up the liver, stomach and intestines, thereby helping you to grow stronger and healthier. It regulates the endocrinal secretions of hormones and enzymes and also tones up the nervous system, thus making you more alert and active. Finally, it boosts the immune system, protecting you from a wide range of infections.
I use it 5 drops warm water , use good morning towel warm body scrub. Or sometimes footbath.

Emotion: See things as it should be. Awaken the sleeping dragon in the body to face challenge with courage

Bergamot Oil:  antidepressant and inspiring in nature. It represent joy and energy in cases of sadness and depression by improving the Qi of body. In a way it stimulate hormonal secretions, thereby helping to maintain proper metabolic rates. 

Emotion: Fight unhappiness and promote fairness in life and feel wellness.

When bergamot, lavender and tea tree oil mix and put pail of water it cleanse body and is a strong natural disinfectant. So strong, u mix and wash floor. Kill all germs and bring super 
wealth luck.

PAFLIME:  Good and good. What to say, is good. Heals all past sadness and childhood unhappiness. Many times, is because of past that prevent us from moving on.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Damp Qi Weather Soup and Skin Whitening:> (2011 Article Revamped)

I have decided to improve on old article and can help more people.

This soup is MAMA soup but enhance with a student call wendy recipes.

NB: After drinking this soup, second day, you do a face mask with pearl white clay powder, than lavender flora water damp ur face follow by neroli oil face massage and a warm towel cover ur face for 5 mins, than wash face with ice water. Super radiant from inside out. Refer to the youtube on flower water and oil method for beauty.

Yes the dAMPNess Qi of the air and your ZZZzzz monster is attacking you this period. Many feel extremely sleepy, joint pain and tired. Some even feel no mood and have body-ache. Also stomach easily have problems. Hives and rashes seems to surface alot this few weeks.

Yes nothing but dampness. Time to use the right aroma oil and also herbal tea

Dampness is WHAT? Ang mo dont know one.
Dampness is abnormal state of the body’s energy that results in  accumulation of fluid-type stuff. Dampness has obvious physical manifestations: mucus and phlegm are examples of dampness in the body, so a runny nose, coughing up phlegm, or feeling congested are all related to dampness.

 But dampness beside neck shoulder can also occur in our middle and lower bodies, too, and sometimes these manifestations causing u feel heavy, sluggish, thick, and kind of grimy. 

Overall, feelings of heaviness, sluggishness, and lethargy can be linked to dampness in our system.

 Dampness can settle in our emotional being and cause fuzzy-headedness, memory problems, and difficulty concentrating. Some panic disorders are related to dampness in the emotional center.
Dampness can also settle in our joints. Chronic joint pain that tends to be worse with rainy weather often has a damp component – also really any time there is edema and swelling, dampness is playing a role.

UR BRYAN relax blend oil for powerbath, peppermint oil and 3 oil method kwa sha neck can remove many dampness le..... U do anot...


After drink the soup. 2 hours later, 1 drop rose geranium, 1 drop rosemary and 1 drop lemon in 3 drop rice bran oil massage stomach and neck. Than press below for 3 mins. Or 3 oil apply neck shoulder u self kwa sha neck, feel good ok.

A) Footbath to remove dampness from body and encourage better sleep

1)6 drops of Bryan's Relax blend in pail of warm water and immerse foot in it for 15mins:> (3 times a week) feel the difference:>
 Bryan relax blend have a herb call HUO SIANG. remove dampness.

Herbal Soup: Bryan Lao Shi remove dampness, body fatigue, bone pain, anti-Sianness

A)Lotus seed 30 B)扁豆bian Dou half cup, C) 赤小豆 half cup D) 土茯苓 (6cm by 6 cm x 8 slices; And 粉葛(a small piece)

remove body ache and toxic , calm the heart. 清香沁脾,具有营养机体.

E) Honey Dates x 2Wash few times clean, than add 2 litre of water and boil for 1 hour. Drink the water dont eat the bean. Drink 1 cup at noon and one at evening.

U will feel the super good effect after 1 hour. Feel great:>

NB: U all see this simple article, took me 2 hours to write and edit picture.... ehhhee. U all must not waste my effort and must cook and drink ok:>

All skin care arrived fresh :
Special Oil of the Month: Freshly distilled for OMHEALTH with high freshness and healing content:

Fresh Season Bergamot (300 compound)

Bergamot oil is a staple essential oil in therapeutic aromatherapy, being particularly suited to stress-related illness. Its bright, sweet (but not too sweet) aroma is universally loved. Its an oil from the citrus family, along with orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime, with similarly effective mood lifting properties. Bergamot is a cold-pressed oil, a method of extraction that imparts a fresh, tangy scent. Bergamot is actually a tree that produces what appear to be small oranges; the oil is yellow to light-green, the color of the slightly unripe fruit from which it comes. The essential oil is truly versatile, with many practical applications; here's a quick look at how you can use this oil in your natural health and wellness program.

Bergamot essential oil is foremost a miraculous neuro-tonic, and a powerful helper against depression caused by fatigue or unreleased tensions and frustrations. Aromatic massage with the oil is naturally indicated for those with poor circulation, heart palpitations, hypertension, and general stress related dis-ease. Depression due to the stagnation of life-force energy is often the result of accumulated stress and repressed emotions of grief, frustration or anger. A protective oil by nature, Bergamot is indicated whenever the flow of natural energy is disrupted, leading to imbalanced states such as irritability, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Bergamot encourages the release of repressed and inhibited feelings, thus helping to release and decompress. The sparkling and yet gentle floral scent gives the oil a sedative yet uplifting quality with the primary effects being calming, balancing centering and clarifying.

Special Healing Blend: 10ml rice bran oil: 2 drops Ylang Ylang and 3 drops bergamot.
Always use this blend massage

Monday, March 30, 2015

First Post After Back from China

Well it was a difficult one week. But again , we must be strong and I always remember Mr Lee, talks about being grounded, excel in yourself benefits people and be a responsible person too. Do your job well....My task is a to share with your knowledge and true information and his works will further strengthen my journey on natural therapy.

So what is your new views of your life and task? Cant see clearly .... make this tea and think. Dont have a life of dont know what u want. Today today set a target.

For me is to go Wu Tai San next. This trip from China I have learnt much new natural therapy and will share further.

Tea for Eyes ah:>

Tea of  Clarity by Bryan Lao Shi

1) Sang ye: 20 to 30 gram (must immerse water 30 mins and rinse) 桑叶 3 leaf also can)
2) White chrysanthemum 6 pieces (it can look yellow de) 杭白菊
3) CHeapest quality Shi Fu 3 (optional) 石斛

2.5 to 3  cups water boil Sang Ye and cheapest ShiFu for 20mins, Off fire, and add white chrysanthemum. Sometimes u can add one slice of Gan Cao if u have sore throat.

After a week of tearings, this tears from the heart , is like it just flow from your eyes may result in eye iritations and fatigue, so this tea can help u to regain ur eyes comfy. Just 2 cup for a day will do the work. no need to drink when no problem. After 2 cups, no need drink anymore. But u can make this tea once a week , a cup will help eyes to be strong.

I remembered once I need to study abouy tears and crying; ---> Crying have few types, the most sad one is the tears that flow non stop without even making a sound. Than after some time ur lungs will feel the heart aches....As liver, lung, heart Qi affected.

So u can make this tea to regain ur energy and be a good nice person from today and be a strong, compassionate, hardworking Singaporean. And stay grounded.

Properties of Tea:

  • Expels wind, clears lung heat - wind-heat with fever, headache, sore throat; also for lung dryness causing dry mouth, dry cough, lung heat with thick and yellow sputum.
  • Cools liver and clears the eyes - liver channel eye problems due to wind-heat or yin deficiency, red, sore, dry or painful eyes, floaters.
  • sadness and giddy
After drinking this tea, inhale peppermint or eucalytpus a drop from tissue, can clear eyes irritation very quickly.


记得小的时候 (生活教育,陈老师,爱同小学):


NB: Product List (to be continued...)
 all courier resume on Wednesday start.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015



Saturday, March 21, 2015

After 3 hours of walking my foot legs exhausted. The healing trees oil and rosemary is good for footbath as it clear fatigue and veins blockages; follow by neroli facial oil!

Havering six chrysanthemum before sleep when travel prevent fatigue heatiness follow by lavender oil bottom of feet and rosemary neck shoulder

Nb: Ever since intro xue Lian Zi some shop out of stock and markup price; that's why lao shi don't like to say where to buy; in future lao shi will collect some$$ from them and ask them donate charity

Friday, March 20, 2015

Product List

Link for product list can be found here:

Product List (to be continued...)

This trip is also a interesting trip; besides quieting mind; met up a daughter of a old grandmother in china who was very fit even at age of 90 she walks like 30s and looks young; a technique of palm full set acupressure was imparted to Bryan and also some foodcure; I think is a really fruitful trip ;) the weather is extremely cold because of studying and sleeping 4 hours and many hours in transport , this morning I have a serious neck pain because u all know I have bone degeneration and scoliosis since young ahaha and age catching up; well luckily I brought my oil and do a Kwa sha and now take some rest and I am 90 percent ok le; I think is lack of water because I refuse to drink certain water may not be hygiene as I scare of LS and can't find toilet; today I boil some water and bring out le! Heard is raining today !
Since 2004 many who travels to cold countries told me rice bran oil and neroli facial oil works wonder and this is true ! Face hair and body is nourished ! Anyway do take more nourish food , I find that Singaporean diet seriously lack of vegetables

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In china now before going to the mountain to close deal on selling clarity and auric roller and is approved the boss wife love it