Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let skin drink up

Hydrating is very important for skin.  Skin’s firmness and elasticity diminish, 
causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear. As a person ages, the fatty layers of the skin recedes 
while collagen and elastin, which support the skin structure, weaken. These factors result to thinning of the skin and an older appearance.

U must include skin youth ingredients in ur skincare routine, dragonblood gel is a must too.

As we aged the skin starts to dehydrate more. Ok hydration applies to all skin even oily skin, u can also have dry problems.

Apart from many moisturisers

Dragonblood Gel is very good for wrinkles and treatment of skin hydration

This innovative anti-ageing formula that helps to volumise the face.
Dragon's Blood (sap old tree) works by forming a unique second skin-like film 
around the face which effectively protects the skin against environmental 
and suits sensitive and stressed skin.

A8D dragonblood Gel is good treatment gel to use.

Dragonblood eye gel , daily treatment.


1) Rose Gel mask.
Is rose mask packed with antiage gel. It plump up face too. Anti-age* replenishing mask that helps fight the signs of aging typical with growing older.
A  pleasant formula, rich in active ingredients that leave the face firmer and minimize wrinkles. Nourishes the skin, leaving it toned and luminous.The face immediately appears smooth and radiant.

2) Antiage Face and eye mask.
The gel helps soothe, hydrate, and detoxify dry skin with botanical extracts of cucumber,herbs, etc. It is excellent to calm and soothe skin after a long day and eye area help reduce the look of puffiness.

Skin Acupressure

The pressure point just behind the jaw and a few inches below the ear lobe is responsible for increasing the overall glow and luster of the skin. Regularly accessing this point also balances the thyroid and treats hives.

颧髎Quan Liao:Left and right cheeks below the point concave in
can help prevent sagging skin.Hydrate skin. Press this point 1 mins after apply any skin care daily.

For All skincare 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tea tasting Omhealth White Tea

Have you drink my Omhealth White Tea?

Shampoo and Health

Promotion: For Omhealth First time launch hair care product was 29th July 2005

Full Hair Set: 5 set only

Shampoo (of your choice) $45
Argan hair Serum $55
Conditioner $45
Free one of the Oil
1) Victorian Secret or Rose Geranium

Order from Shopping cart or email, we will add in for u.

We use shampoo everyday. U can choose shampoo that give u fast result within one use. But do u know how much chemicals is in it, even is infused with flowers and herbs. The base is still full of chemicals.

Our daily life already very " Toxic" , we should change our shampoo to a good quality.
I always believe if u are healthy, ur hair will shine from within.
Main purpose of omhealth haircare is to build ur own hair beauty.

Checking the ingredients list of popular shampoos and conditioners reveals a lot of harmful chemicals that are anything but natural. These are not only a health risk for us, but also for the environment and other species. In a regular bottle of shampoo and conditioner we can find toxins such as oxtinoxatesodium laureth sulphatestearalkonium chloride, and triclosan, as well asvarious parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates.
Triclosan is used in shampoo for its antibacterial properties, and resembles the plastic additive bisphenol A (BPA) as well as dioxins. It poses a risk to our health, as well as others, because it can alter hormone function, such as the thyroid hormone system which regulates development and the metabolism.
Found in both shampoo and conditioner, petroleum products such as mineral oilsparaffinand petrolatum coat the hair and scalp. These cause a build-up of toxins, cellular development to slow down, and disruption to hormones. Some shampoos and conditioners also contain conditioning agents propylene glycol and stearalkonium chloride, the potential negative effects of which include allergic reactions and rashes, as well as immune and respiratory disorders.
Above article extracted from an expert:

All hair care products free from above mentioned

Cedarwood Shampoo: Daily use. After use u can 3 times a week use omhealth conditioner.
Henna Extract, Walnut Extract, :silicone-free, and artificial colour-free. U can use this shampoo daily really good.

Hairgrowth Shampoo: Chemical free base with  Cedarwood Rosemary & Geranium; 
Paraben & Sulphate Free  to improve the circulation to the scalp and help stimulate hair growth.

We can wash hair daily , especially in singapore i wash my hair twice.

Hair Argan Serum: Many market products start to have Argan hair serum. But so far none can compare to this one. Even some media artist love it. Is special formulation for Singapore weather and after wash hair, u towel ur hair dry and than apply to ur hair. U will find it great.
. It restore moisture balance. Every day our hair is subjected to lots of external elements such as smog, the headrest in the car, random strangers’ hands…not to mention the styling, dying and other things we do that can dry it out or make it brittle. In addition to restoring moisture,Argan Hair serum help with dry scalp and frizz while adding body and shine. Also is not oily sticky or packed with perfume where u cant stand whole day.
A bottle last 1 year. Is like a treatment to ur hair.

Walnut Conditioner: Designed for Asian hair, with light conditioning and a special ingredient to increase the natural shine of the hair. 

Features: Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Ethoxylate-free, Silicone-free,Artificial colour-free.

Hair Care are

1) Shampoo Cedarwood, Conditioner and Hair Serum.

a) Twice a week, I final rinse my hair with 1 drop rosemary oil and 1 drop lavendula vera and add rose geranium too. It stimulate hair growth and balance scalp.
b) Once a week I use rice bran oil massage hair and than cover warm towel. And wash off with shampoo after 10mins.

My once a week drink for hair and body health.
25 gram He Shou Wu, 3 reddates. Wash and pinch the dates. Than boil in water for 3 bowls for 40mins. Drink a cup.
Rest hor, i pour to a bottle, add rosemary oil and rose geranium and lavender and rinse hair for 2 days after hair wash ahahah. Thats what empress Dowager did... but she add more things...

U can attend 18th Years anniversary talk ... u will love it

Fees $25 email with mobile will reply when have seats.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Snow Lotus Impact

This snow cream is really good. U can put in the fridge and apply to your face for hydration and sometimes even slight rashes...

Try it. Is packed with real high mountain snow lotus, pearls, Fu Lin herbs to remove dampness.

I have few , try different moisturizer when u finish each bottle., has arrived fresh:>

Saturday, July 25, 2015

5 element Ki Exercise and Prana Touch Therapy and 5 element Qi Gong

Date: 6th Sep 2015;

5 element Ki GONG Class: 
Fees: $60 include a slap equipment
Attendees; 50 people only. 

Venue will be announced once confirmed.
Be seated at 930: to 1230. (with 20mins break)

Confirm ur seats by email to And a email will send to u to confirm your seats and payment.

good for
1) Bodyaches
2) Skin problems
3) Depressions
4) Anger management
5) Sleep problems
6) Lack of energy
7) Special Track : how to identify Ginseng and soup recipes.
Include foodcure for health and beauty.

The above workshop takes only 2 hour. But it can benefit you a life time:>

Since 1998 I have been doing simple Qi Gong in brisbane. And since than my butterfly dance therapy Qi has gain popularity in many parts of Singapore.

I hope you can make an effort to come for this workshop. Actually Qi Gong can be very easy and also wonderful:> Learn the tradition way. Simple , fun and easy:>

As for touch therapy. I have once imparted many in Singapore Training Academy Certified reflexology class. So I will be sharing with many on this part. So Wont you want to come?

"Prani 5 Elements Qi Gong and Touch Therapy" is a workshop you should not miss, because the techniques taught in the class is a quick and easy way to improve a person's "Qi" through Ancient Healing Art of East Meet West.

Touch Therapy was introduced by my master to me in 1990s. It has helped many who suffered from headaches, chronic ache and unexplained nerve pain. I strongly encouraged those who can come to join me for a skill which can be helpful for own health maintenance and share with more people who have the mentioned health conditions.

5 Elements Qi Gong is a Qi Gong to be done 7 minutes a day for better Energy and Face Radiance.

5 Element Prana Qi Gong: First in Singapore taught by Bryan lao shi to balance Qi. Balance 5 organs Qi.

Friday, July 24, 2015

30th August Relax Talk

Omhealth has been around for 18 years, from a trolley giving workshop to many companies and school, to Tv and now personal workshop. More than 20 000 students (as long u attended a 2 hour workshop ) u are my students ahaha.

Bryan's website :
Bryan's Life Story (singlish) : ( for new comers who want to know more about omhealth)

Sharing of foodcures and correct informations on health is important. We have successfully conduct many interesting workshops and benefits many.

Workshop 18th year anniversary is a reunion class.

Do email to register as , we will confirm your seats next Wednesday. with names and mobile. Fees $25, will ask u make payment when confirmed.

Only one helper replying email so be patience.

Date 30th August 2015.

Date: 30th August 2015
Time: 930am to 12pm
Venue: one of Orchard Hotel:to be confirmed 
Fees $25
Frankly speaking topics , I have not confirmed, i have too many to share... and will share till u enjoy so much:>

VERY FUN, Informative and Good.
Herbs, Cooking, Porridge for healing (different recipes),  Damp energy remove method.

Is like a stand Up comedy show , talk and talk and enjoy. No need copy notes or slide. This is a very fun talk.
Email include: Mobile and name

Admin : Leng Leng

Health And Beauty Workshop ( Is actually no agenda because will share on spot, thats my style
but , basic remedies will be included....) Do enjoy this workshop.

1) Correct way of cooking soup and their powerful remedies
2) Effective acupressure that helps in many health issues
3) Ancient health Porridge
4) Claraincy machine demo by Lao Shi (not hard sales but thank you gesture)
5) Honey enzyme remedies by API uniflora by Bryan
6) PapaGao and sleep remedies by 3 legged bryan
7) Juicing and its powerful properties.
And more...........................


Sponsored by




Email , Cindy here.

18 Years Anniversary Special Workshop 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

18th Year Anniversary Talk

18 years anniversary Bryan 老师
Dress code: as Simple as possible ; be comfortable;

Orchard (one of the hotel Ballroom)
30th August 2015
Health and beauty with Bryan Laoshi and friends
Include food for four season date of birth foodcure for health ( new track) all
Topics for health and beauty

Fees :$25 email name and Mobile and will respond back when have seats by next Wednesday !
i) Claraincy ( will have some goody)
ii) Api honey company
iii) 3 leg brand
Closing date strictly Wednesday ; will reply have seats by next Friday!
Include lucky draw!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Launching at 3pm today

The 4 New Blend:

This falls under Bryan's special healing blend.

They can be use for touch therapy healing. Any bottle, 2 drops to palm and wrist and inhale and than comb ur head with fingers 10 ten times. And than close ur eyes,

For Purification and Victorian Secret
 one hand chest and one hand stomach rest. 
Above with or without pillow on knee is ok. This two oil apply le helps to gain back body energy.

This Purification is a must especially viral outspread, apply bottom of feet. Or u visit hospital etc, a drop on wrist can purify. Victorian Secret blend, at all times change in smell base on ur mood.

For Morning and Awaken
one hand forehead and one hand neck rest (U can put urself)
Gain back confidence in life and also bring Good Aura to ur aura , good start , good day.

Awaken blend is good for memory and elderly. Study oil also. All in a bottle.

Below Healing Kwa Sha Plate. Will be yours if u order the full set above

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tops 10 Blend to be completed

Types of Blend created by Bryan

1) 5 Element oil (must have)
Physically: Tiredness and mind block and blur. Activate heart meridians. This is a good tonic for the nerves as it sharpens ones senses and encourages concentration. An effective treatment for headaches nerve disorders while having an uplifting effect on depression and fainting. 

Clear and protective. It is also very protective bringing a cleansing to home and office
when there are very negative  energies confronting one. 
This oil is the beginning first blend from omhealth. It is very strong and powerful used by many. 
And the energy build up of this oil because of the herbal blend. 

2) Bryan Relaxation Blend
Physically: Dampness in body, sluggish system. Activate the Spleen meridians
Use in the bath warm water can helps to heal the inner core energy, trapped sadness and dampness
In a way it works on the outer aura and then inwards to the inner core and then to the stomach. 
If you are in tears, fatigues and no one understand you. This blend will bring relief; 
if you have hiding tears,  use this blend and press Zu San Li  will remind you 
that you need to move on. And all problems can be resolved.Remove damp energy and release stagnant Energy. It uplifts mood, drives away disappointment, and relaxes tension in the majority of people, even if they are being treated for something else. Really good for feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness .

3) Healing Trees Oil 4 Big Trees in a bottle

Lost of confidence and also need good performance in office or before meetings. Also a very healing oil specially for health preventive maintenance.

Encourageous us to be kind and gentle to ourselves, not critical or judegmental. It creates a garden in ur life for love, health and so they it can grow

It create self confidence. It help in our confidence by first relieving fear, stress, and tension that prevents us from living life in the first place. And boost our potential of healings.
In touch with nature and when u go exercise, running or garden, it can help to motivate the healing power. This oil is really very strong and powerful. Especially if always being taken granted and people see u as weak. use this oil.  It enhance creativity and compassion and enlivens inner confidence as it brings balance and harmony into your life. 

4) Aeonian Dragonfly Oil

Is like happiness in a bottle. Vortex of energy that can be used to energise house furniture and energy. It shields your passion of love and true emotion, while a tender awakening of the sensual part of ur life. Soften the heart and welcome goodness energy.

It has greatest strength is its ability to heal the physical body, soothe emotional upset, speed recovery from emotional distress, and help you to get through trying times! It can help with to calm and soothe mental distress, help manage physical health, and change the way you feel and improve the quality of your life

5) Miracle Love Healing Blend
Physical: Depression and insomnia too can help. Aloness and unable to communicate well. Agitation and anger.  Stomach bloated due to stress can be relase using this blend and pressing of PC6 acupressure point. Warm the emotions.

This wonderful energetic and emotional blend helps u to face daily relationship issues. Facing the underlying issue that cause one feel unlove and release it

Helps to recreate happiness and not tie down to past unhappiness or past issues.Also help your inner child to 
know that he or she is worthy of love.

6) Awakening Blend

Physical: Poor memory and also a good oil to use before meeting. Known for its ability to awakens the mind and aids concentration. Can also fight against coughs, colds and fever, 

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic and deodorizing

Awakens the beauty of your true life force and meridians. A dab from inhalation awaken all ur energy centers.
opens to give the head a sense of upward lift. The head meridians benefits with the use of this blend.
Lost of energy due to daily stagnant energy. Lost of interest at work or family. Feeling hopeless and feeling not happy. Use this blend apply temples and inhale and massage Bai Hui point.

7) Victorian Secret Blend

8) Morning Dew Blend

9) Purification Inspiration Blend (MUST HAVE)
Physically: purifies the atmosphere and supports the mind. If need to meet alot people and feel drained, quickly dab and inhale it can help. It helps alleviates stiffness, pain and swellings.
Add to washing machine can clean cloths and purify.

Clears unwanted energy that store in body and prevent the flow of vitality. It is helpful when the cause of 
fatigue is due to emotional blocks and by negative energy. Helps to purify the body and immune system, raise a person energy level. Is great oil to be in your bag, When you need to visit hospital or is viral season, dab a drop at wrist cleanse the low-level energy. Help to protect from low energy and banish
Dab some oil on your wrist. When your house dont feel like your house, use this oil diffuse for 5 days. Tissue method stick to fan for 5 days.

10) Ten Spice Up Your Life Oil
Number one anti bacteria oil. Imagine so many spices in a bottle.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sunday Class

This is a class
which will blend in Mandarin because of some Chinese Meridians, u cant translate all to English.  So those who dont understand Mandarin, u can ask your neigbours:>

regards Bryan

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rose Facial Oil

This rose facial oil can really brighten your face.
Especially dark under eye circle, u can use it for simple facial kwa sha can really help.

This rose oil is amazing with rose flowers, chrysanthemum, herbs and Vitamin C. And is not oily and wont clog pores.

I urge u all to try.

Why U must try
Because is a powerful oil blend of flowers and active vitamin C, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids, to brighten, repair, and nourish while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

What it is formulated to do:
Luxurious and lightweight, this potent antiaging treatment oil quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to heal, nourish, and hydrate. 
Fine lines are visibly reduced and skin is immediately brighter and more radiant. 
Alot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, skin is defended from future damage and balanced—look forward to a brighter future daily. 

- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

For me, sometimes eyes area very dark eye circle or eye bags, twice a week, i apply under eyes and massage gently. And warm compress of eyes follow by cold compress.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tangerine Oil add to flowers

Tangerine oil is citrus family and it smell abit like

Mandarin, Orange 

Tangerine was sold in one 2 of ZOUKOUT and ZOUK event back in early 2001.....

Tangerine symbolize prosperity and uplifting moods and said to impact a person's creativity. It can help to increase playfulness and happiness, helping us get out of our heads and live more spontaneously or light-heartedly. 

For those who feel overwhelmed, overworked, stuck, heavy-hearted, depressed. Heart very tired, u put 2 drops tangerine tissue inhale or stick to fan tissue.

Tangerine helps to regain whole body cell and regeneration energy and repair cells and tissues.
Break down fats cells
In a way when blend with 3 oil and rice oil, it furthers help painful joint

Friday, July 10, 2015

August Lucky Draw

Start from 1st July 2015.

For all who spend $300 in shopping cart or orders:

U stand a chance to win this $1100 bag. result out on National Day.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rose Gel Mask better than paper mask

U can do this mask daily.

This bionic mask is like a collagen drink for your skin and can help to prevent and slow the initial signs of ageing such as pigmentation, fine lines and small wrinkles.

What it is:
A cooling, soothing gel to help counteract visible signs of aging for younger-looking skin with active ingredients and herbs flowers.

What it is formulated to do:Number of Kia Shu herbs are blended with rose extracts to help counteract visible signs of aging, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness, and sagging. This powerful Gel Mask strengthens and tones, revealing silky soft, radiant, beautiful, and youthful-looking skin. 

This mask is without- Parabens- Sulfates

Ingredients: Purified water. Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolised Collagen, Chrysanthemum flower extract, Jojoba extract, Seaweed extract, Grapeseed extract, Rose Absolute,Licorice extract, grapeseed, vitamin E, Cranberry Extract.

Hydrating Bionic Rose Gel Mask

When skin is dehydrated u may look dull or aged, this 10-minute moisture facial gel restores moisture balance. 
Prevent fine lines and whiten skin because many time, freckles and blemishes grows with dry skin. I was inspired by some of my Taiwanese actress friend. She told me she will use mask daily. And they very into Gel Mask.
Good Gel mask must be gentle yet powerful hydrating. 

Because they are always under strong light and makeup, so mask is important but cant do paper mask all time. One good paper mask cost $5 to $25. but u think with this power gel mask u safe alot of money.

It is perfect for aged and sensitive also Singapore humid weather yet dehydrated skin. Also it is a good mask for  skin irritated by wind and weather.  This soothing mask formulated with rose, chrysanthemum, Hyaluronic Acid and liquorice to calms dry, dull and irritated skins. With Collagen it reduces fines lines and wrinkles.

This sumptuous, thirst quenching mask floods skin with moisture and nutrients, repairs damage, renews and revitalizes the skin for results you simply have to see to believe.

A soothing , cooling, and calming gel that helps soothe dry, ageing skin. It can achieve radiant, beautiful, and youthful-looking skin.  

What can it to do:
This soothing gentle gel helps soothe, hydrate, and detoxify dry skin with botanical extracts. It is excellent to calm and soothe irritated skin.

Suggested Usage:
Put mask in fridge-Apply a generous coat on cleanse skin. 
-Allow mask to remain on for 10 minutes. 
-Rinse with cool water. 
-Use two to three times a week or daily for intensive hydration.

Headache Soup

This weather, the head easily retain wind. And this wind can cause neck pain, headache or pain until dont know what to do. Wind heat is very irritating, u can cause pounding headaches.

Frequent headaches, internal stagnant ---energy. Once clear , u can feel ok in an hour. Also I teach many to find knots at neck and upper back. U must also clear the knots.

I clear my knots, by apply 3 oil and than get those hard bals, and massage back on bed.

Refer to the label beside on headahces, neck ache shoulder aches

 also, use peppermint oil, put a bottle in bag. It helps

But when combine with lavendula marjoram it creates wonder.

Headaches, need normally 2 days max to clear. Is cause by body heat, and lack of water. Peppermint oil a drop at back of neck and temples, can release fast

FRet not. U use my 3 oil and also drink this soup and also before sleep drink 5 chrysanthemum, u ok de. 
Remember refer the 3 oil method, clear the knot at ur upper back. Normally have head pain, one of the spine segment sore, release that sore spot.

Also do deep breathing important, not enough oxygen the pain wont go away.

Perform a breathing exercise. Learn that now, 636 or 478.

My goodness have u tried my famous Heaven Scent. 3 drop lavendula vera, 2 drops lemon and 1 drop rosemary in tissue , put in ur bed room half hour before sleep. Smell like a garden of happiness ok. Try it since u have the oil.

(pic extracted from internet)


See le drink already more power.

Easily Headache, giddiness or migraine or Weak in Body
i)Fish head 500 gram, 天麻(left pic) 4 pieces,白芷 15 gram,葛根 1 slice
川芎  20 gram, 党参 20gram,淮山 15gram,ginger smash around 3 slice, red date 5, goji seeds 20. Water 4 litre.

天麻+川芎 immerse water 2 minutes and wash.
Wash clean fish head.

A Wok put some oil fried ginger and the fish head. Put aside after cooked.
B) All herbs put in 4 litre water cook for 1 hour in a pot. Than throw in the head and cook for 20mins.
C) Can liao

Almost within 30 mins after drinking, your headache will disappear or reduce alot alot. Also good for giddiness . If no illnesses, u can drink this, it strengthen your body.

Promotion is OUT

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Power Bath 2 ( see label beside for old powerbath method)

Do remember u can use shopping cart now for orders. And choose to transfer or Paypal. The system of pay first and send once payment made is good for me. So I can focus more time on research than tracking payments.

Cypress: Relieve asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, cramps, varicose veins, and heavy menstrual flow.It's astringent properties causes the tissues in your gums, skin, muscles, and even hair follicles to contract, which strengthens them and holds them in place. 
For people suffers from shock or nerves issue, u can use cypress oil.

Rosewood Oil: Open your heart, The essential oil of Rosewood is said to be stimulating and powerful in creating energy enrichment.  Help the body regain its rhythm with nature and in this process of restoring good health.  This oil very anti-depression, stimulating and uplifting properties of this oil instills confidence as it is known to bring fire back.
Helps in regaining your energy naturally. Fearful, anxious, disheartened, nervous and hectic situations will take go away de. U can use this oil wipe office table also.

18th Year Anniversary Class with Omhealth

All powerful news and informations.
Fees: $35
Venue confirmed will inform.
Email , mobile,, Leng Leng will confirm u with the seats.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Simple facial Kwa Sha

East Meet West Class

Class 19th July 2015

Will open for enough attendees
Fees: $88
A valuable class; Do include mobile.

admin : Leng

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Singapore Botanic Gardens Congrats

Since 2001, I have been organising walk at SBG. Started off in 2001 where are conduct yoga and breathing exercise at SBG. That time, the group was around 9 . One of the attendee is the famous Fengshui Master now.  The others were mix of my students from HDB and NTUC income.

Time flies.... And last walk was 2013. Time to organise one. Stay tune my old students">

Shopping Cart

use Shopping cart is very clear easy

U can choose pay by transfer or paypal

If Transfer is POSB saving 033485310 . Is saving account not current ok.

So start now by

the courier fees already implemented for a year. But some customer didnt know.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Facial Mist

This facial mist I have discontinue because of the scent of Siberian Ginseng some may not like

But suddenly a group of ladies, want again and say is the best mist. Because it is so natural and promote circulation.

So it will be ready soon. Stay tune!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Perfectionist Moisturiser

Perfectionist Moisturizer Extract has

Rosehip Oil *, Jojoba Oil *, Coconut extract, Soya beauty, aloe vera, Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, 

This moisturizer was launched in 2010, it helps to replenish the skins natural moisture and hydration levels to maintain healthy skin functions and a radiant appearance. 

It has very high quality texture and helps to protect the skin from dehydration and damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors. 

The cooling smooth qualities of this lotion offer relief from dryness and irritation and are quickly absorbed into the skin thanks to the light water based formula.

Directions for use:
AM/PM: After cleansing and flora water and serum, apply a small amount of Perfectionist to the entire face and neck avoiding the eye area. Allow to absorb and you have the perfect base for makeup application. 
You will receive the maximum benefits of this perfectionist

Now at

Monday, June 29, 2015

Herbs de 秘密

1) 30th August 18th Year anniversary : Register $25 till tomorrow. And will confirm you when there is seats by Friday
2) 19th July East Meet West Moxibustion, kwa sha, fire cupping meridian class , last 5 seats

Clearing the heat of weather and boost immune system:

1) Lavendula vera + Peppermint one drop each with 3 drops rice bran oil. Massage neck shoulder urself
2) Than a drop peppermint on palm, rub both palm warm than inhale abit only. and use ur palm finger comb ur head. Or use a kwa sha plate end gently move from top of head to base of head 10 times.

Follow by 2. and follow by 3.

The few oil combine with massage can clear heat and headache energy.


After the head massage, drink a tea can help ten times recovery from headaches, neckaches and tiredness.

Best Prevention Maintenance this weather is to drink my Peony White Tea. It works. ANd is super good quality. Now avaliable 13 box arrival le, under miscellaneous.

Bryan Lao Shi Power tea to drink after massage head.

Bryan lao shi 速速消暑防痛茶。

Aromatherapy Chinese Herbs  The reason why I call this blend aromatherapy herbs because when boil, whole house have scent of flowers and can clear house bad energy . Ahahah

Also when they are combines can be very effective in flu and cold prevention.

1) 荆芥 5gram,防风 5gram,赤小豆 2 tablespoon,香薷 8gram,甘草 5 slice,黄芩 10g,川芎 (7g)。 Two slice葛根。

Boil 1.2 litre of water for half hour.

above plant is 香薷

History of above Huang Qin : 李时珍 (the ancient famous doctor who written herbs dictionary)生于明朝嘉靖年间,自幼聪明伶俐,好学上进,小小年纪就立志考取功名。光耀门庭。

正在李时珍的父母悲伤绝望之际,村子里来了一位从远方云游到此的道士,这位道人白发长髯,颇有一种仙风道骨的味道。闻言道人专治疑难杂症,小时珍的父母急忙把道人请到家中给他看病。道士给小时珍号了脉象后,捋捋长髯说: “不妨,不妨,此病只需服用黄芩30克,加水两盅,煎至一盅,服用半月即可痊愈。“时珍的父母半信半疑地按方煎药。奇迹出现了。半月之后,小时珍身热全退,痰多咳嗽的症状也消失了,身体逐渐恢复健康。一味黄芩居然起到了立竿见影的治疗效果。

Bryan Lao Shi Herbs experience since 1998: I am no TCM but i work with flowers and herbs for shower, drink .

U dont need to be a TCM to be able to match some simple herbs. This is base on many years of experience. Below herbs i blend with help of TCM doctors approval.  

U imagine ancient time how herbalist work, is they communicate with plants daily and come out of formulars.

The formulars below make use of scent plant dried like a tea. To drives away headaches heatiness and calm mind.