Friday, May 27, 2016


Good news:

Below are latest energy products:> All packed with powerful flowers and herbs

Especially the algae scrub the ingredients used also power.

Omhealth will have the new range of skin and body products:>

1) Brocolli greens body wash
2) Facial serum NEW with full pack antioxidant
3) Yellow Herbs Body Scrub (Tumeric, seasalt, neem etc)
4) Deep Sea Algae pack with antioxidant body scrub
5) Baby Baby Baby body wash (super flower free from chemical for babies)

All this products will be launched in limited quantity, stay tune:>

I may launch a bundle so all can try:>

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Heart and the Mind

Today I want to share with you

Mind and Heart :> Be a heartful person.

I find alot of people use too much mind. Many times when things happen, we starts to think of defence and negative area. Sometimes when in office,u lost something, instead thinking u lost , u think that someone stole ur things.

When I was younger time, I always hear people says listen to you heart. And I wonder what does that mean? Listen to your heart? But why everytime my heart say somethings , my action may turn out different?

Mind is always busy when heart wants to say something.

Mind is always afraid of one thing, that is your heart. WHY?

(Do u remember there are times, when u want to say something in ur heart but mind takes over and say other things . Example, ur heart already forgive ur friends and u should be saying the forgiveness words and let everything ok, but u mind is like bu不甘心(go against ur heart) and say otherwise and worsen things)

In an actual body system; Mind should be the Servant and Heart should be the Master. But many imes the mind "no big no small" and want  to become the Master. ANd the heart which should be master, dont want to interfere or cant be bother. And allow mind to remain the master.

But the mind is aware that which is the actual master, so  any moment, heart wants to say something, a fear arises in the mind to stop the heart from further action.

Mind is afraid love , trust and any thing to do with the heart.

In fact heart is naturally the master. Why does heart remaind quiet in many . Because the heart is born to be master and too kind and allow mind to be pretent master. But a servant is a servant. That is why the heart always want to say something, the mind create chemical to make u feel sick,

The mind always want the person to be heartless. So heart can never become master again.

But people who have a good character and cultivate good pratice of kind heart and mind development. People do escape from mind . ANd become heartful

I think now I have better understanding of what is listen to your heart,

When there is fear and sadness in ur thoughts just tell yourself, ur mind is trying to be the master. And the real master is the heart.

Practical ways:

How to balance the energy of mind and heart?

Scent works in a way to balance this energy.

Items that works:

When ur mind and heart starts to feel troubled: apply victoria secret on ur chest and neck  and relax. See how it dissove the fear away.

Use rosewood oil at bottom of feet sometimes when u lack of ideas and see how it balance.

Omhealth has very good range of essential oil and skincare;. If u have finished ur skin care try our eye series .

NEWS: 25th Sep 2016 workshop is a fun one. Use ur heart register this workshop and stop the mind from telling u are busy and lazy
This is a very beautiful workshop

all these years i have so many receipes and foodcures and most effective herbs to share.

And this year u will love this workshop:>

U will learn new raw food and flowers u seldom eat:>


Monday, May 23, 2016

Newsletter once every 2 months

Newsletter will be sent this week to all who attended workshop before with information on special herbal tea receipes pass down by my Teacher.

Apology: If i happen to send 2 times u ignore ok, because i still no time to check database ahahah.

Seldom people send newsletter le, i decide to back to the future this time. Pack with proper information recipes:>

Also dont forget 25th Sep workshop alot of good information. Once newsletter sent tomorrow, it will be filled up fast:>

A letter from my oil to me.

Time flies, this year will be the 18th year anniversary for this first generation essential oil

Profile: omhealth consider low profile in aromatherapy business. We seldom adverftise or mass marketing. If u notice in my workshop i spend less than 10mins talk about my products and just share on health techniques.
Thats why some customer with me 10 years still unsure how to use some skincare ahahha luckily lately i notice and produce the website product details.

Hehehhe today my oil write a letter to me:>

Oh lately i keep using coconut oil for body and face sometimes, gosh the skin wake up really nice nice!!! please try le.

Little history of the oil:

Lavendula vera: Imparted by a famous aromatherapist and was used in elderly home extensively with rosemary (that time our volunteer has HDB hub staff also)
The scent depends on season will be of different smell.

Peppermint  ( Inspired by chinese herbs that seems to move wind and circulation in body)
Rose geranium (taught by ABN Bank a old lady who suffer from cancer, use this oil with carrier oil and frankincense, latest research in taiwan used by cancer patient to emotion balance)
Rosemary Spanish ( once i did a volunteer work and use this oil on a dementia client and works well, is now a important oil for study when blend with lemon grapefruit rose geranium)
Grapefruit Pink ( Wonderful oil i use in Australia when I studied there)
Eucalyptus Radiata ( once a teacher taught me this eucalyptus is special grade which wont aggrivate asmathic)
Lemon ( inspired by japanese that use this oil to boost immune system)
Mandarin ( once in 2002, a gift from a friend where the oil totally bring calmness and like chinese new feeling)
Marjoram (from stomach issues to colic to high blood pressure and muscle aches, )

If u notice this few bottles of oil the label didnt change since 1998. Except the quality of label improved.

Back than these oil are used for my blending service only. Where people tell me their issues and blend accordingly for them at Takashimaya one of the aromtherapy shop. This are of highest grade. But in 2001 they start to be sold in the market. Till today to have preserve the memory of how aromatherapy was founded I insist to stick on this label even it didnt meet the standard of labelling of putting which country or etc.
(But all oil has gone thru two Australia test of Cofa and Msds).

I can change the label anytime I want but i didnt want to. Because the label was designed and drawn free by a local designer mr Hsu and also to me, packaging is a look. If ur quality inside no good, people will know soon.

All oil are great, even TCM and some Qi gong master compliment on my oil. :>

Thank You Oil :>

Full range of oil at

Omhealth has many oil testimonials but i really no time to publish ahaha

Friday, May 20, 2016

25th Sep 2016

This will be a wonderful talk. We have upgraded the slimming good circulation Jam receipes and u can make them in 15mins:>

This talk is a gather together chit chat session and u will learn about meridians organs circulations DIY too:>

Do come:>

now have 60 seats more:, name and mobile.

Fees: $45
Venue: CSC
Once a year only:>

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get Younger with Bryan

The most wonderful COCONUT OIL EASABSORB (takes me long time to research this one and is suitable for SIngaporeans)

For hives and eczema can refer to the label beside:>

Last two nights i was abit lazy and use this coconut on body and to face to sleep. Wake up with wonderful results.

Is ok to have oil on face and body 2 times a week. Is a wonderful experience.
Normally after i cleanse my face, i will apply the serum than after totally absorb will use oil for face.

Omhealth Oil series has

1) 4R rose facial oil
2) Neroli facial oil
3) Immortella facial oil

if u never use oil for face... really really must try.

We have 3 different types of powerful carrier oil they are

1) Rice Bran Oil
2) jojoba oil easabsorb
3) Coconut oil (scentless type) easabsorb

Use oil (but must u smartly if we are living in a 4 season summer countries)

Alot of commercial oil dont suit Singaporean skin because of the weather. And time time to use it must also take note. I only use oil in evening for face. But body can day and night.
And i use oil for face twice a week but body daily.

When we get older our skin is slow to regenerate. The fat cells under skin will shrink and the inner layers of our skin become thinner. 

Skin loses its firmness and elasticity and we’re left with wrinkles.
 Everyone will have to deal with wrinkles at some point, but the severity of the problem will differ from person to person depending on genetics, weight fluctuations, sun exposure, and the kinds of skin products we use over time.

Using oil evening time works wonder.

Omhealth Coconut oil

Is the grade for body and face.

This coconut oil soften the skin and the feeling is great. For face u just try abit on face will do.
Body and and neck can apply. Wake up with good skin.

  • It maintains the skin’s connective tissues, preventing sagging and wrinkles while repairing damaged skin.
  • It prevents the formation of dark spots due to aging and sun exposure.
  • The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and lauric acid in coconut help to repair damaged skin and protect against harmful UV rays.

How Bryan use his either rice bran oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil?

For body: I will put enough drops on palm, and than a drop rose geranium and lime oil on it and massage legs and hand. Whiten skin and rejuvevnate skin. To me is like a defense for illness.

For face: After cleansing tone, i will use any oil above i have just 2 drops warm palm and dab to skin after the serum.

remember many times the way we use oil is different from Ang Mo countries. And omhealth oil hor all are fresh and good.

Do remember to register this talk early. Many like to last minute than register:>
Specially design to chat with u findings in a comfortable way:>

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

25th September 养身养神

25th Sep 2016 is a very very powerful Health and Beauty Talk with Bryan

Every year I only have few times to share many important findings and foodcure. So i take it very serious on these talks and seminars so u can learn something useful. And for better living when we aged.

Venue: CSC New auditorium
Fees: $45
Time: 930am to 12pm
Image result for chinese herbs
We will focus on meridians, slimming detox methods, acupressure body movements. Working with 5 organs and how to detox individual organs

We will talk about ancient back Ki Exercise for pain release.
Tea Cure

Many more beauty to health.

We have left 60 seats although is few months away. ,

Videos on Face Massage

 Lavender flora water is with grapefruit extract and follow by rose hydrosol


Good Skin

Good Skin or I say healthy skin that everyone wants.

A) Is breathing exercise 3 mins  a day ( it become my habit to perform deep breathing before i get out of the bed in the morning)
B) Adequate Water is needed daily
C) Skincare................

omhealth skincare works on body mind and emotion:

The Moisturiser series take cares of everyone

The way of using omhealth skincare is cleanse, tone and serum follow by Moisturiser

Moisturiser: Marine Collagen (for oily skin use evening, if not some can use day and night), Perfectionist (super good moisturiser with matt finish look and packed with flowers), Synergy Cream (it has frankincense, ginger and circulation herbs).
Snow Cream is extremely good too for the weather and rejuvenate skin.

Super sensitive skin u can use: Algae Factor Moisturiser for day and night first to build ur skin strength. This algae moisturiser ingredient is equivalent to the branded brand $380 50ml moisturiser the Laaaa,,,,, , Many love it too.

Omhealth Facial Serum targets to
SERUMs Range
粉嫩白, 抗敏感, 补水
i) Algae factor Serum can be used for sensitive skin day and night.
And normal skin best also.
ii) Antiage serum : First generation serum with powerful hydrating power that repair skin deep level
iii) Magwhite serum: One and only one skin brightening whitening serum which ingredients that surpass many brands. This serum till today used by many

Omhealth Skin repair and cell activation range

We have two hydrating mask that suit Singapore weather:
free from SLS, Paraben and harmful chemicals

i) Hydrating face and eye Mask: Ingredients calm skin and also reduce dark eye circle and tightening. This is the only mask that can use under eye. And once a week u can treat it as a sleep mask.
Sleep Mask DIY : Apply antiage serum or Algae factor serum on face follow by this hydrating face and eye mask and go to sleep. Eyes area of course use HA eye serum

ii) Rose Bionic Mask: It is packed with chrysanthemum, rose, water lock Hydra to let ur skin "drink water", lock water and also feel good.

Special Care

Famous A8D dragon blood face gel: 补充流失elasticity and collagen.


Seems to be a trend in the market having alot of new beauty shop, using very young nice skin model and very bright shop and making the whole shop looks like nature...

Some shop are ok but some although make u feel natural, if u look at the ingredients is free from one chemical but pack with other chemical.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Neck SHoulder body aches

NB: Omhealth promotes aromatherapy and if u have other brand oil, also can use this method. Remember my main purpose is to encourage u to use good oil for health.

Now the weather resulted many to have neck shoulder and body aches.
The damp energy etc may worsen the aches and fatigues

Do use the 3 oil method:
(blog right side 3 oil method many stretch are good)

Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram and some coconut oil on palm and massage neck shoulder and stomach.

Stay at B for 20 seconds and slight stretch.
If can proceed to C

Do and let me know. I do le very good. Before do, apply 3 oil

Dampness can be reduce by using bryan relax blend few drops with coconut oil on tummy.

This COconut oil is very good:>

Omhealth has 3 carrier oil: Rice bran oil, Coconut oil and Jojoba oil.

Dont forget the voucher ends tomorrow mamahao

Alot of time many has pain because didnt do deep breathing exercise. Now if u are reading this sentence now, do 5 times deep breathing to stomach hold breath for 3 seconds and release. U will be surprise......

25th Sep workshop is a very powerful health and beauty workshop by bryan lao shi
Fees: $45 , 930am to 12pm

U dont want to miss it with alot of new pattern and review of old pattern is chit chat learn and sharing.

email to with name and mobile:>


(white peony bark)白芍药3g, (dried honeyed liquorice)灸甘草3 g, 粉葛 a piece,赤小豆 2 tablespoon, omhealth Dried ginger 3 slice

Put all ingredients in pot of water boil for 30mins small fire.

Very good for body aches, dampness. ANd is a tea:> Drink 2 cups will do.
Neck shoulder and tension tightness, headaches also can find relief. is roots and beans very good.

Inhale some peppermint oil from tissue when drink, u find it very good:>

We are having another project this Thursday for elderly:> Busy busy le:>

Monday, May 9, 2016

Radio Today dont forget

12pm FM 972

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Using Oil

There are so many ways to use aromatherapy oil

For me, sometimes i will pour few drops of coconut or rice bran or jojoba oil on palm and few drops of any essential oil than massage chest or neck":>

Dont forget the shopping voucher

Voucher name is mamahao and than recalculate ur total. There will be a one time $12 for spending above $100

Friday, May 6, 2016


In 2013, Omhealth has found Amla and Goji was very good for health.

So he decided to look for a local company to develop this item Goji C. And for 2 years omhealth has helped this company in promoting that.

Today officially announce that I have completed the working relation with As u know my style i am moving on to new research:>

U all can continue to support them ok:> I want to wish Junedo for the kind support in local and thank you for engaging my ideas:>

Filial Piety

NEWS: Shopping Cart Voucher is for Mother's day till Monday: Voucher name is "mamahao" and please press recalculate button before payment. Only for $100 and above and one address one time use">>>

Writing and reading a book and emotion balance.

Well, the reason why I have a workshop coming up on book read is to encourage people to read and write again.

Reading and writing is very different from reading from smart phone. (photo from here)

When i tell those in 20s about that, they cant relate. But if u are in your 30s and 40s.... 50s.... 60s... u should get back the habit of reading and writing.

Remember our time in school before assembly, we have a 10mins book read session. Or at school before lessons start, everyone, need to borrow a book from library and we read in class with our FORM teacher. Plus writing  a summary of the book u read.

Reading and flipping of book, is therapeutic. It can balance alot of body organs and eyes is related to liver meridians, reading can help to reduce anger in body and promote good health. Writing exercise the Ki and energy of body so there is a smooth flow.

Tell u alot also no use. If u can go and get a good book , read for `15mins, than write a paragraph on how u feel end of week.

U will find that ur obstacles in life, ur worries, ur stagnation will be cleared.

Below is a passage about filial piety, u can try to write tonight in ur note book. Feel the feeling. U will have alot of emotion flows going on. Use Beautiful Love Miracle blend on ur wrist before u write. See how it works. If u dont have this oil, u can use lavendula vera and grapefruit pink too.

Above is non religious but poems on filial piety:> I will explain more in noon time:>

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Shopping Cart

Soon a voucher will be release on Monday

for mother's day">

Of $12:> Stay tune

Omhealth oil Quality Message

18 years le ahahah , newbies ask me what is quality of my oil:> Ok there u go. Enjoy good oil ba. In market there are few brands also very good some are MLM but their oil also good. remember

aromatherapy is a big market of love and respect.

It takes me 18 years to build omhealth. From a box of lavender oil go to different company with mom to promote oil , that time sell few bottles of oil in one 3 hours seminar. I will do all I can to protect the reputation of omhealth.

We take pride in our business and we work very hard to promote the usages and care for nature and people.

 Mother's day is coming. Today I want to thank my Father and Mother for believing in me and help me in all aspect . I wish my parents good health and all of ur family in live with love and light. 


 Hehe a few lawyer friends advice me to put this in blog:> Omhealth oil safety has been around for 18 years so is important to protect the reputation.

 I find hor, time has changed le, newbies always wanna see this see that.. ok la this few day let u all see until happy. Help me see this good ma:>

Hehe a few lawyer friends advice me to put this in blog:> Omhealth oil safety has been around for 18 years so is important to protect the reputation. Many years ago, a Cxxx company sells fake lavender end up in news and people for once dont use lavender but didnt know the Cxxx company is using perfume not essential oil.
I find hor, time has changed le, newbies always wanna see this see that.. ok la this few day let u all see until happy.

Help me see this good ma:>
Omhealth essential oils are of a premium quality and are suitable for use in all kinds of cosmetics application including but not limited to soap making, aromatherapy and as raw materials in skincare and beauty treatment.

Our Premium essential oils are 100% pure and carefully sourced from around the world using only the most delicate extraction methods have been used to preserve the unique signatures of the plant.
• Base on our current supply the below mentioned essential oils, to the best of our manufactured from:
Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil (Lavandula augustifolia Oil) - Bulgaria
Peppermint Arvensis Essential Oil (Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil) - Europe
Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum Majorana Leaf Oil) – Egypt
Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil (Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil) - Europe
Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (Cedrus Atlantica Wood Oil) - India
Rosewood Premium Essential Oil (Dalbergia Sissoo Oil) - India
Clary Sage Essential Oil (Salvia Sclarea Oil) - France
Lemon Natural Blend Cold Pressed Oil - Italy
Lime Cold Pressed Essential Oil (Citrus Aurantifolia Oil)- Europe
Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia Carterii Oil) - India
Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil ( Eucalyptus Radiata Leaf/Stem Oil) - Australia
Bergamot Calabrian Essential Oil ( Citrus aurantium L. Subsp. Bergamia Oil) - Calabria
Tea Tree Australian Essential Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia Oil) - Australia
And other list of oil in
• They are free of any GMO-Fragments.
• They do not contain ingredients produced from genetically modified organisms,
• Base on the information from the supplier, we can confirm the following:
All information on Certification of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet is correct.
It is important to note that we are not responsible for any customer product claims as there could be a possibility we may change suppliers in the near future and therefore we cannot guarantee stock from existing source.
We hereby certify that the information provided above is true and correct
OMHEALTH Bryan Lao Shi

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Many has forgotten I am an aromatherapist ahahha

Since 2006 Bryan was active in giving seminars in many companies. Below are for a group of journalist from  Germany, Italy, Spain , France....

All these years I have focus so much on education and busy with seminars. Forgotten that not all know who i am and what I do. I think a simple video speaks

Yes since 2001 , omhealth has used oil in all seminars and with love and care, it has reach a niche quality market.

Stroke and Care for elderly

stroke symptoms 300x200 Essential Oils for Blood Clots and Stroke

Bryan Lao Shi Project 2: To use frankincense blend for elderly this year and provide lunch.

This month Frankincense oil sold will be used for the lunch box for them.

U can use any brand of essential oil as long as u feel comfortable:> The techniques is what u can learn from.

My first experience with stroke patient was in HDB Hub and also volunteer at St Joseph Home when doing aromatherapy massage for elderly. Also United Medical Care we have use aromatherapy oil for hand massage for elderly

Sudden numbness, tingling, weakness, or loss of movement in your face, arm, or leg, especially on only one side of your body.

  • Sudden vision changes.
  • Sudden trouble speaking.
  • Sudden confusion or trouble understanding simple statements.
  • Sudden problems with walking or balance.
  • A sudden, severe headache that is different from past headaches.”

  • Bryan's 15 years of using oil to compliment combine with Doctor rehap can speed up recovery.

    Aroma Clinical Oil Rescue:
    Lavendula vera 28, Grapefruit Pink 25 , Frankincense (45/90)
    And rice bran oil is the massage base (45)

    Body Wipe: 2 drops lavendula and 2 drops grapefruit pink in pail of water (small) Wipe their body with good morning towel.

    Frankincense: 2 drops rub abit their chest, neck and fore head and let them inhale from ur palm. Apply touch therapy on their head.

    Massage blend: 20ml rice bran oil: 5 drops lavendula, 5 drops grapefruit pink. Blend well. Everyday take some from this bottle massage neck gently and stomach.

    Thrombotic Stroke (due to blood clots) –

    80% of all strokes are caused by blood clots dislodging from a point of origin in the body and traveling to the brain.  It can take a few days for the full symptoms of a thrombotic stroke to be apparent. 

    Bryan's 3 oil and grapefruit pink and frankincense are anti stroke oil.

    Aroma testimonials:
    John suffered a stroke few 2 years ago.  He lost the use of right arm and also paralysis of thorat tongue. Her family use frankincense and also 3 oil on her after see doctor and rehap.
    Within three months she recovers better.

    For recent stroke: frankincense would be good choices and rub
    it on the forehead and back of neck.

    Please check beside this blog under label: Frankincense usages;

    Frankincense: 乳香也是中藥的一種外科和内科药材,用于止痛、化瘀、活血,乳香“性温,療耳聾、 中風、口噤、婦人血風。能發酒治風,冷止大腸,泄僻療諸瘡癤,它能使瘀滞的经络得以疏通,拘挛的经脉得以舒展,屈伸不利的关节得以通利,其用药大都是能够镇惊熄风、平肝潜阳,通经祛瘀、舒筋活络、活血除滞的藤类之品。

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Oil quality

    Art of doing Business for omhealth and everyday I look at this motto to remind myself. 

    Since 1998 have first bottle of lavendula vera and now to many oil. Countless workshop to train many. And some has been sales in other brands and continue to have good relation with omhealth. And still call me lao shi. Thank u:> My pass down the use of aroma oil techniques:>

    When we do business we must rejoice in others success and look at ways to improve ourselves. We must also learn how to have business ethnics and respect:>

    My teacher's words on business and can apply on work

    用心计较般般错, 退步思量事事宽,喜欢斤斤计较的人必是心量狭小,福浅得薄的人,而肯吃亏的人必是君子,所以说欺人是祸,饶人是福,吃亏就是占便宜,因为人亏天补,天公爱惜傻人。量小福小量大福大, 心窄是苦,心宽是天堂.

    天大地大, 太阳光大,父母恩大,君子量大, 故君子之善不与人争,争者如是非。修子应当体谅别人,宽以待人, 才能培养宽厚仁慈之善心.

    Ahhaha many forget le, I am an aromatherapist Bryan Lao Shi. I insist good oil and quality oil. Media called and labelled me as wellness guru for a reason. I never want to mention this as at all time we must keep humble. But lately I find some very young oil dealer talk without respect de. So take note ah:>

    19 years of training and practical use of oil ; Do respect this 19 years. 


    In ancient time , why we have aromatherapist, because we filter for u and ensure good oil goes to u. But people now dont respect the role we play and ask " ur quality etc" but i understand times are different, so today i compelet this article for some:

    水水 Skin part 2


    Details Product:

    When it comes to beautiful, the secret is hydration.

    20s , 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s skin texture wrinkles may appear. But hydration is an important step for your skin to reach enlightenment.

    With Bryan Lao Shi natural method, you can activate the skin capability to rehydrate again and provide a good moisture care.


    Now we are in 4 season of summer weather, Many skincare commercial may not be suitable for us.
    So omhealth has designed simplest skincare for all skin type.


    Cleanser: Astiquer cleanser and Raffael Cleanser (is important to use good cleanser)

    Soothe skin
    Now Singapore weather is hot, so after cleansing, we take the flora water out from fridge (rose otto hydrosol or lavender water) in cotton and dab face for 2mins- 3mins. It cooled irritated or cool the skin by 2 degree so ur skin can calm down.

    Hydrating Serum (choose between Antiage Serum or Algae Serum)
    Day: Antiage Serum or Algae Serum (both serum hydrates and repair skin and are very high grade active ingredients.

    Night : U can use hydrating serum or magwhite serum

    Moisturiser (DAY)
    omhealth moisturiser u need to experiement urself.

    For matured and all skin type:
    Algae moisturiser   --- all skin
    Perfectionist  --- all skin (day or night) , matt finish for skin

    Synergy Cream ---- more to matured and dry skin , very flora herbs and rich too. )day or night

    Day time: u can just use SPF25 sunblock with collagen after serum. But if that day skin very dehydrated, u can apply after the above moisturiser

    After cleanse, soothe, serum use

    Marine collagen (rich to moisture skin and repair)

    Eye Care Series:

    Now many many after using my eye series can see good results in eye skin hydration

    i) HA Eye serum twice a day after cleansing face

    Morning: Dragonblood eye gel after HA eye serum
    Night: U can continue Dragonblood eye gel after HA eye serum, but if is matured skin use the warm sensation Ginseng eye cream.


    i)DragonBlood A8D skin repair GEL; If this gel going to be in market it will be $280 type.

    Is a special Gel, u can use alone as moisturiser, or can be after serum . and after this gel u can apply mini bit moisturiser.

    Facial OIL:
    Dear al please use facial oil: It can repair all skin type. It wont clog pores. Use the H2O2 method.

    Neroli facial Oil (many buy le still not using well, well sometimes just put alot massage face and neck and body in shower and rinse body with warm water)

    Immortella facial Oil

    Rose 4R flower facial Oil

    Monday, May 2, 2016

    Rinse Mouth with Happiness

    Support your ONLY ONE Aromatherapy Omhealth Singapore since 1998

    If the customers can use and stay on since 1998, it must be good.

    Kick start with omhealth

    STarter pack

    Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram, Lemon, Rose Geranium (half of market price), Eucalyptus radiata, Grapefruit Pink

    ( above batch are the first oil from omhealth in 1998, we didnt want to change the label as this has become a powerful identity, all are fresh and how u can tell? U know it when u use it)

    Lately one of my techniques for forehead rashes and white heads is so effective.

    First perform a white clay mask twice a week.

    Than daily for 5 days, use a lavender water damp cotton, and 2 drops lavendula vera on it and compress on problems area for 1 min or 30 seconds.

    Omhealth lavendula vera let me sell not melon. Is good and stay on this price because of the Dowager instruction.

    For fresh breath, use one of these formulaes.

    bad breath?

    I experience bad breath if i give seminars and talks for 4 hours and continue talking without rest.

    So for seminars I will bring a bottle of DIY mouth rinse.

    Bryan's Mouth wash receipes:

    A mug of water: 1 drop cypress oil, 1 drop tea tree and 1 drop lavendula vera, pinch of seasalth in a mug of water, can rinse mouth few times a day.

    A2)  U can add a teaspoon of honey to above mug of water if u wan some sweet taste.

    Gum Disease or bleeding or mouth ulcer toothpaste

    Pearlie white SLS free toothpaste on tooth brush and than a drop tea tree oil and a drop myrrh oil on it and brush teeth.

    Commercial mouth wash has used some aroma oil in them like tea tree, spices oil, myrrh, lavender,  cypress and thyme oils. Some popular commercial mouthwashes are made from essential oils.

    Omhealth essential Oil
    Essential oils lifespan depends on freshness and how u keep it.Their therapeutic properties and aromatic scents may diminish if not properly stored. 

    As essential oils are potent, a little bit goes a long ways. As a result, sometimes small 10 ml bottles of essential oils can last for months or even years when stored properly. 

    Certain essential oils such as cedarwood, myrrh frankincense improve as they age. 

    Other essential oils, namely the citrus ones which are cold pressed such as lime orange lemon  can oxidize and lose their potency fairly rapidly. Properly storing and caring for your essential oils can prolong their useful life.

    Omhealth essential oil is always in fresh state, we dont import in bulk and keep, but all ur items is fedex till today direct from Source. The moment u receive the oil is within 2 weeks of extraction. Something till today i insist. Support local aromatherapy blend that works very hard since 1998. If u are using other brands , continue to support true aromatherapy as long as is good oil. As thankful to mother earth for this flowers and herbs.

    omhealth wealthcome u to use my recipes not using my oil i am ok:> Energy flows.

    Story Of Cypress

    I find it good for tiredness and anger release too.
    I first come across cypress as a oil to clear negative from aura and use in some cleansing process . But the medical properties is amazing. Is used both in east and west
    Chinese we cal it Song Shu

    Kitchen luck antibacteria
    5 drops cypress a small pail of water and cloth wipe everywhere in kitchen even fridge.
    Kitchen represent female luck in family and man's too. So cypress oil cleanse kitchen is best to improve health and wealth for family.

    According to medical books:Cypress isan astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, deodorant, diuretic, hemostatic, hepatic, styptic, sudorific, vasoconstricting, respiratory tonic and sedative substance.

    25th sep talk health beauty talk dont miss it.

    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    Aroma Luck Book Read


    All who have attended omhealth workshop before.

    Fees: $55 (include tea a pastry)
    x1 Anniversary marble worth $25 (collectiable)
    Venue: Facing the river cafe:>

    Will be a Saturday this time.

    Announcement will be made for the date;

    The art of reading a book for leisure, knowledge, stress and comfort will be lost soon.

    When was the time u have sat down and read a chapter.

    Flipping a book is far more wonderful than smart phone reading.

    A book: Need to go through alot of effort for the writers to publishers. And informations need to be as accurate as possible. Internet information well..... can be unreliable.

    What is the first book and ur stages of life till now.

    1st Book: Mickey Mouse ?
    2nd Book: Literature
    .... fengshui, aromatherapy, short stories, etc

    Aroma Health Luck Book Read by Bryan Lao Shi is the first attempt workshop to read you books that he has collected.

    Bryan's grandfather (mother's side) was a book collector. He used to ask Bryan to go brash basah to help him buy books. And before he pass on, many books were donated to library.

    Book read is part of Bryan's life and how it inspired him to his path now.

    Book read session is to celebrate Bryan's omhealth 19th year anniversary in a cafe.

    It will bring back alot of good memories with You and health information and beauty and abit of luck items.

    Friday, April 29, 2016

    Last Time and Now

    Health Care 80s and 90s and now.

    Back in the 80s and 90s, health care and supplements or skincare are very basic and simple. Even organic food taste better that time (i am not a organic food lover, i eat food that are fresh and free from pesticide)

    I still remember in 80s the main supplements i will have once a bluemoon was HI C: Vitamin C back in 80s this is so popular and we do take sometimes ahahhaa.

    And now is still around. I think this vitamin C also not bad if not cant be last time till now. Even I have goji C , i encourage u all try other brands.

    I dislike some brands, say theirs so good and everyone things no good. I come across a MLM says, their pills supplements good and outside all pills no good. And say fresh food best and when I ask

    if fresh food best, can i just eat vege and fruits fresh. They say" oh , nowsaday food no more fresh".

    How irresponsible le this words.

    Being in healthcare line for 19 years. I just want to tell u: Keep things simple, eat all kind of fresh food and unprocessed food.

    Coke can drink may be once a bluemoon. Mood and emotion is the key to good health.

    Brands Chicken Essence:
    Best tonic and i must is really safe and natural. No other brand can take place. I always tell many who are totally burn out take some chicken essence for 3 consecutive days.
    I think is very good.

     Picture taken from website thank u

    When I was young , i am totally drawn to herbs, cooking and natural therapy. Partly i was so easily sick when young.

    Back to the Basic

    A) Cooking few times a week, even no time but if u can make some tea drink daily or simple soup few times a week, is best. I rather if u can cook more soup than take more of Goji C (although very natural). I prefer u take more fresh fruits. Goji C cannot replace fresh food vege fruits .

    B) Simple acupressure daily with aroma oil will bring balance to body.

    I suggest u have my basic oil ( 8 Essential  since 1998)

    Lavendula , Peppermint, Marjoram, Grapefruit Pink, Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Lemon Oil,Tea tree Oil
    All are so fresh ( how u know, imagine customer with u since young till matured still using this basic oil)
    Lavendula is so useful if skin have some out break i will damp a cotton with lavender water and 2 drops lavender oil on cotton and compress those inflamed skin.

    Acne, I 3 days direct lavender abit with cotton bud follow by layer of aloe gel.

    Body is full of meridians, the pure essence of aromatherapy and acupressure seems to help flow of meridians.

    Without fail since 1998 i use aromatherapy oil daily till today. And I am Ommm Young ahahhahaha. Errr .... Ooops

    Lately need to go on a TV show on beauty. Someone says, bryan do u want to go for some botox and filler as our media doctor is free for artiste..

    I totally say no.  I mean how u feel a Wellness guru selling natural product and face tight like botox... Not convincing. I still dont know how many years I can HOLD DE ZU. But with my massage and accu and soup i will plus my dragonblood gel.

    As I aged, frankincense is my daily one drop oil to end my skin care rountin. For me, after apply rose water, serum and moisturiser.

    I will put a drop frankincense on palm and rub both palm till warm, than inhale and slap my face gently and press on lines area.

    Below article from a website

    • News:  A 2011 research says Frankincense oil produces cellular apoptosis (cellular death) in human leukemia cells! A chemical constituent in Frankincense is currently being studied for its promising potential to induce cellular death and inhibit cancer cell proliferation in ovarian, liver, breast, bladder, lung, and brain cancers.

    In Singapore instead of moving forward in Aromatherapy we are moving backwards. Fragrances like those perfume sticks are called aromatherapy here.  Real aromatherapy is using only pure fresh essential oil.

    Many dont understand the meaning of selling essential oil Now aromatherapy business is all from Mother Earth energy. If u have only $$$$ intention, will not go far.

    So now u know why, Businessman A and Businessman B sell same essential oil but seems Businessman A , works better.

    Well is vibrational energy of the seller. If u are a kind heart person and when u sell aromatherapy oil with love and care, the energy is great.

    For me now, 3 times a day, apply healing trees oil at ankle and walk this stones slowly.

    Cancer Prevention:
    To prevent cancer, well sometimes also dont know how why it pop up even for someone who is healthy and proper diet.

    I think what we can do is to prevent and face it.

    A) Remove dampness in Body at all times, Simple tea like barley  etc is amazing
    Nepal Bryan Ginger is good 2 slice a day drink

    B) Release Liver stress: Stress and anger cause liver block and unable body to detox.
    So do some liver detox exercise i taught and acupressure like Tai Cong Point.
    Goji C good 3 times a week. Peony White tea is good

    Also I make herbal tea like 夏枯草,菊花,金银花 tea

    25th September 2016

    Bryan Lao Shi  personal boost immune  prevent cancer food:

    Dark cherries
    Kelp juice
    Ginger water
    White tea
    Artichokes and fennel bulb
    Tumeric powder
    Maiteka mushroom boil Water
    cooked tomatoes
    tumeric powder

    Fuling tea


    bryan lao Shi and u meet up on health and beauty part 2. U will love this class.
    have u registered

    Fees $45
    CSC club . 930am to 12pm

    Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Skincare ---- Part ONE

    We are always amaze by the number of skincare products in the market.

    Remember every year a same brand will come out with new "Pattern" and is always the best. And sometimes the previous year item stop production. Is like every year u have new items packed with latest technology.

    Omhealth Skincare:

    we design skincare more for Singaporeans. Understand skin structure and keep it simple.
    U only have one facial skin, so think, can they really take it so many things.

    What u need is

    1) Cleanse
    2) Soften Tone
    3) Deep hydration
    4) Nourishing
    5) Sun block

    Omhealth has 2 cleanser:
    Astiquer facial cleanser cream : I use daily that wont dry the skin up but cleanse gently thoroughly.
    Raffael Tea tree cleanser: It is deep cleansing.

    For me, a good skincare series should have 2 cleanser, One is the milk texture and one is foam type.

    When to use which?
    When u wake up see ur skin is it oily that day, u can even use milk cleanser le, than mini raffael cleanser and quick cleanse.

    Working with good cleanser and chemical free is very important . It will definitely change ur skin texture.
    Cleansing face in morning is good to final cleanse with gentle warm water.

    2) Soften and tone: 

    Lavender water and rose otto water is the freshest u can find here in Singapore. All items are so fresh u can feel it.

    Rose water and lavender water are both good for hydrating skin.

    Rose Otto water best for very sensitive skin.

    Lavender water with grapefruit extract is powerful for skin whitening and cleansing and trouble spot

    rose otto hydrosol: Even the most sensitive skin can benefits from it

    Lavender water and rose water both are very healing to body mind and emotion. Is a natural form of hydration that wont stress ur skin further. If u have troubled skin, u just be consistent, everyday use this water with cotton and compress problems area for 3mins (from fridge).

    Method A:
    How I use it?
    Method A: After cleanse I will damp the cotton and gently wipe face and neck follow by i wont want to waste it , so i will wipe hands and legs.

    Method B:
    Sometimes when my skin is tired, i will damp the water and put on forehead, and cheeks for 3 mins.

    Deep Hydration Serum:

    Bryan's skin serum was launched in 2001 and countless articles on it:

    Back in 2011 (

    Serum is to use after toning and before ur moisturiser; U see serum goes to skin deeper level where normal moisturiser cant do.
    So i suggest chemical free and pack with herbs and flowers. Serum cant replace your daytime and night creams. But they will boost your skin improvement project.

    Some skin is so oily and cant use moisturiser, they do use serum only.

    For good skin care incorporate the serum in your daily beauty routine. 

    Use only a dime size of the product.  
    > After cleansing your face, use an alcohol-free toner and leave it damp on the skin before applying your serum. This way, the ingredients will penetrate deep within the skin. 
    > Wait for a few minutes until the serum is fully absorbed by the skin before applying a moisturiser.
    > Keep your moisturiser in the refrigerator as when it is applied cold, it pushes blood away from the skin and in the process, creates a vacuum effect to pull the potent serum ingredients deeper within the skin. 

    Omhealth has 3 types of serum

    A) Antiage Serum : for all skin type, pack with hydration ingredients and repair skin. (can be use day and night)
    B) Magwhite serum: For skin brightening and reduce blemishes ( to be use at night)
    C) Algae Serum : For all skin type: can be use for day or night. (this serum is the one that cost $300 in market, except is free from chemical ahahaha and never do Advertisement) 

    All above can be found

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    Aroma Life Journey

    Chapter 15 is out

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Kiap away anger


    Leng leng all travel overseas, all orders i will try my best to pack for u personally. Errr uncle slow... So wait ok:> Cannot angry.

    Temper , Anger. All of us have that .

    We all get frustrated at times, but if you’re prone to bursting into anger and shout like a incredible hulk . It may damage your career, relationship or ur health.
    Singapore 4 season is SUmmer , so our fuse of tolerance is short.

    Now , do u remember the time what u loose ur cool and shouted or scolded people or reprimand people because u cant get what u want or because of office issues.

    During the shouting or scolding u feel wow, everyone needs to give in to you... U feel "great". people listen. But after that, dont u feel ok . Is like a WAR and ur whole body becomes weak and if u think back, is kinda embarrassing?

    Next time before u lost your temper, picture yourself how u looks like. It will be a free show for others.

    OTHERS :
    if u notice, alot people now loose temper easily. Now if ur boss or friends keep loosing temper to u. Pity them. Probably they have unhappiness at home or health no good. So if the person pick on u. Feel it takes away all ur major disasters in life and u going soon to have a good life. Let the person scold away all ur bad luck. But dont be there and stupid la, if not ur fault, find ways to handle with wisdom.

    Yesterday i was a CK tang fruit store, basement there. A office lady, after buy juice, take another plastic herself without asking (is ok la). The juice lady, scold until things like, (u use the plastic to stuff ur backside (in a rude hokkien way,,and niam non stop). gosh this is the last time i will buy fruits here ahahah.

    1) Perform 478 breathing exercise.
    2) use the rubber side of pencil or massage stick, rub some love miracle blend on the legs and press this Release anger point

    3) Rub Rose Balm ur chest and and neck.

    Now is easy to say la, but when u are very tired and people still come and "KIAP" you. Thats what will happen (u forget and loose control).

    "KIAP" Method to release toxin in body. Bryan Lao Shi Kiap to health methods.

    If people in office or house kiap until u cant take it. Smart way is to kiap urself release the toxin and than smile to that person . Smile is best weapons and really, in life, u are not there yet if u get angry easily. U re there if u get angry for 5mins and than use remedies to release the toxin and be urself again.

    But once a year definitely will have things u get so angry and takes longer to recover than u can use above methods.

    COPYRIGHT (Bryan Lao Shi," Kiap away Xiao Qi Xiao Ren" method.

    My KIAP and ur KIAP is different. So not too pain one and i leave it for 10seconds.

    Dont Kiap until u injured urself (exaggerate la, but nowsaday funny people this complaint that complaint, so let me disclaim here: U believe not believe i dont really kiap care, is free information sharing here for benefits of people, dont follow or read if u are skeptical)

    The kiap i use not very tight so wont injured fingers.


    A) Say: I choose to release negative emotion in my body organs. x 7 times
    B) Deep breathing.
    C) Spray Tranquility spray above ur head.
    D) Kiap urself

    Kiap to use is 2 blue 1 Yellow

    Blue Kiap thumb, web of index and thumb.
    yellow Kiap downwards middle finger.

    Tranquility Spray Mist is a healing mist that reduce anger in urself and surrounding. This period spray around uroffice at work.

    Founder of Kiap Kaip

    Bryan Lao Shi.


    Rose mask arrival
    Marine collagen face cream
    Serum Day antiage
    Magwhite Night whitening serum
    Rose water
    lavender water

    Fresh and good

    If u finish ur range of skin care. Time to give omhealth a chance.
    Kick off with the rose ottoe water or lavender water and serums.

    25th Sep 2016 workshop has a few KIAP method:> Have u registered?