Saturday, February 17, 2018

Brand new Good Health and Skin

I always ask myself, what is the new year resolution for health and skin?
Well for me every year i will set a good practice for my skin and health.

For this year 2018 I will only have 2 health and wellness event and I hope u can make an effort to attend.

1) 1st April 5 element exercise class at Studio Yoga
2) 15th July Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi with TCM doctors

Do attend from

I shall share with u the importance of making a tea daily for yourself.
Image result for skin cleanser structure

A good cleanser like Astiquer cleanser take care of cleansing and also all parts of skin

A) Kick off with a good cleanser

Many asked me about cleanser should we use a milk cleanser or foam cleanser

For past 15 years omhealth has two cleanser which I seldom talk about it because I Tot many will know as there are alot of regular users.

A) Astiquer Facial Cleanser
B) Tea tree raffael cleanser

I use A and B alternately because sometimes my skin need deep cleanse I use B. For me When Day I use Tea tree cleanser, Night I use Astiquer facial cleanser.

A good cleanser is free from chemical and also replenish moisture in the skin and it cleanser

Product Details can be found:
C) Lavender Organic Flora water is a must. Put on cotton and wipe face daily to clear white heads or black heads. Or u can put cotton and put on face for 2mins for clarity of skin.

D) Use Serum for face is a must when u pass 30 and most needed when u re in ur 40s 50s 60s u can see the great effect :>
Omhealth beginners u can use
Day Time: Antiage Serum   Evening Time: Magwhite serum

Sometimes u can alternate with Rose Brightening Serum either day or night.

E) Select a good day lotion and a night cream
Day I Use Day Hydrating Milk  , Night I use marin collagen or True Brightening Moisturer


B) The tea must be wide variety

1) red dates and ginger   ----  circulation drink before 1pm or 3pm.
2) Chamomile  --- Evening ( 2-3 times a week but cannot daily)
3) Peppermint --- Once or twice a week in noon
4) Chrysanthemum (twice a week, but if u drink chamomile dont drink juhua)
5) Wu Wei zi  ( Day time )

As we aged our intestine need to take care too. Recently i found
JustMe plum is very good , coated with herbs than improve digestion and u take one after good with a glass of water in evening time. U must watch the time u eat

normally after 7 hours, first time eat will fart alot and also go toilet. So I take either 10pm. U need to find ur right timing and take after food with a glass of water.

The promocode is cny15

Friday, February 2, 2018

Have a good back or knee ok

Painrelief practice a good treatment ( ask u all come free don't wan super good ok, my neck Wa comfy); sms 91281901 with ur name and email ! Come for one time free video! Just now my neck stiff I apply 3 oil le come relax Ahahaha! Just go one time va ; they really support omhealth wellness 20 year anniversary !

Monday, January 29, 2018

Beautiful Healthy 2018 1st April 2018 (5 Element exercise Class)

Hi all
you are the earlier batch who attended five element exercise class.  Hope u all doing well.

This 2018 5 element exercise class will be a special one:>

New Venue:
Yoga teacher teaching an hour
From Breathing , movements to herbs sharing calss.

 Super Beautiful Place:
Venue: 12 Kallang Ave, Aperia Mall #03-01/02, 339511
+65 8782-8633

Date: 1st April 2018
Fees: $55
Time: 930 to  1130
I repeat again:>
 Master Yoga Teacher lao shi will be teaching an hour and me and Gu Zhen Lao Shi an hour on herbs and acupressure exercise.

Date : `1st April 2018
Time:  930am to 1130 am
Fees:  $55

Door Gifts:
A Healing Mist blended by bryan Lao Shi  ( small bottle but more than 50 spray)
A Activated healing crystal by Bryan Lao Shi Activated for 10 days.

Yummy: Healing Tea and a cake provided

As this is a very wonderful exercise class. And will be announced on radio, so it will be filled up quickly. So register now:>

Monday, January 22, 2018

A very beautiful Skincare : Part ONE

I have been asked many times. Whats the best way to have better skin?

As we aged ( I am now in mid xxxx) and i can see how skin aged if i neglect few days of caring. Also our bone structure will change and support getting less.

SO (for me i start taking type 2 collagen for joints and also calcium le)

I remember younger time we can sleep late and yet continue our second day routine without much lost of energy.

But now.... Skin will be dull, energy will be low if we dont have enough rest.

Image result for skin beauty herbs
Antiging begins with basic skin care routine first

To have clear skin we need

1) Rest : If sleeping is an issue, have a noon 15mins nap is important and do breathing exercise too.
2) Hydration: This one i find many of us will neglect, when we so busy we totally forget to drink water. Try ensuring urself drinking 9 glass of water a day
3) Herbal Tea : One cup a day
4) Scrub is so important: Omhealth vanilla scrub will exfoliate the dead cells that block our shine.
5) Cleansing : I am always asked when to use Astiquer Milk Cleanser and when to use raffael tea tree cleanser. Well I got both (it takes longer time to use up ok).... Sometimes when i feel my skin very oily i use raffael and morning sometimes i use astiquer.

6) Toner is so important because omhealth has 2 main toner: Rose Hydrosol and Lavender flora water. Both equally good. Alternate them to use from cotton and leave them in fridge.
7) Serums:

Antiage serum : Use day
Magwhite Serum : Use night

True Brigthening rose serum: Use day or night

(no need buy all, try different one if each bottle finished)

8) Moisturiser:
Day Milk Lite Hydrator

Or spf25 subblock. mini size dab over it.

either one for evening
ii) Marine Collagen evening
iii) Synergy cream evening
iv) Launchiung latest cream soon

We will be soon replacing perfectionist with a brand new cream u will love it.


No automatic alt text available.
Independent studies:

I find taking Orchid Stem Cells after a week skin texture really improve. Even though I am not the spokesman, is strongly recommend u all try for a 1 week. U really can see de:>

I tried many brands... le la.... But u all can drink ur own brand. Trick is daily drink for 10 days than in future 1-2 times a week.

Now they have promotion Promocode cny15

So far uncle me and friends find it works:>

( this is a lobang and no advertising segment)

Please take care Joint and back and knee this one very good. Aiya i told u all the clinic have free treatment one time, u all dont listen. Many try le very good and no need sign package. I suggest u go try and they go off can le. Experience ma. No need sign de:>

Although the site put knee, u can go for neck or back pain.
(FREE la)

Image result for regenerix gold
Few months ago i introduce many 3 leg brand type 2 collagen supplements and yes is good. but now uncle find one also very good de .
So u can replace with this after u finish ur previous brand.

Many ask me:

Glucosamine or Regenerix Gold?
Glucosamine lubricates, Regenerix Gold repairs!

While it is a well-known fact that Glucosamine helps to lubricate joints due to its viscous nature, it doesn't stimulate any form of actual repair to a joint condition.
Regenerix Gold, on the other hand, contains hydrolyzed collagen type II which is critical for stimulating cartilage-forming chondrocytes (think Lego building blocks for joints). These chondrocytes may help reverse the effects of "wear and tear".

And is blended with tumeric, cat'sclaw, frankincense etc. And i find this effect very good.

They have a promocode Gold35
Like they say, all good things must be shared!! I only promote medication that will truly help and benefit you. Alot of you have tried this and its works.

The powerful
Regenerix Gold™️ is a special formulation that combines the powerful tissue repair ability of Regenerix with a unique fast acting herbal blend.

In our everyday life there's such a thing as 'wear & tear' of your body, this product will help you repair the condition.
You enter promocode GOLD35 and you can get 35% off. Be healthy before Chinese New Year OK!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Skin Rashes and Itch and Hives

If u have refer to my blog under the label "Hives" u can find quite a number of remedies.

For hives and skin rashes and eczema (more serious).

1) Immune system
2) Digestive clearance
3) See A TCM to get rid of either internal heaty or internal cooling.
( This powdered medicine u need to consistent eat 21 days to see results and during this 21 days diet must be careful)

Super busy this period I think as a teacher I also need to take care of the health so must share with u all the recipes:> Time flies many have follows omhealth for more than 15 years. Hope u all are doing well. Some students stays some disappear ahah this is life. But I remembered every single face who attended workshop and wish u all doing well.

Omhealth Products Methods:

1) Lavendula vera Oil, peppermint and marjoram
(One drop each and with few drops of rice bran oil massage stomach, it take care of stress and major stress related issues)
2) Double Blue Flower aloe vera Gel
( Apply to affected area and also can enhance before sleep a drop of rice bran oil)
3) Lavender or rose hydrosol
( For face u can apply this with cotton, the water put in fridge or u can damp the cotton and  compress on affected area)
4) Witch Hazel Vitamin B5 mist
5) Rice bran oil or Jojoba or Coconut oil few drops on palm and few drop of rose hydrosol mix and apply body.

Do u know in Japan latest trend is mix oil and water apply face or body. U all try is amazing.


Before Acupressure preps:
U can apply a drop lavendula vera and a drop of peppermint on ur palm warm ur palm and inhale. Now ready to perform acupressure for this points:

The reason is when lavendula vera with peppermint , it tells the body to open up the channel for acupressure.

The point 1 minute a day:> Emergency skin itch can do number 2 and 3 alone.

1) Image result for 印堂

2)Image result for 内关穴
3)Image result for 曲池穴
4) Image result for 合谷穴

Image result for 生熟薏米甘草茶
Tea for beautiful skin and also hive hives itch skin. And even Sinus:>

1) 生熟薏米Roasted barley and raw barley a tablespoon each
2) 甘草 2 slice
3)百合 8 pieces
4)防风 8 gram
5)redbean 1 tablespoon
6) 土茯苓 1 slice

Boil with 800ml water for 20mins. Drink the water twice a day for 5 days.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Upcoming event

Image result for learning

To tell you the truth, Singapore will have less and less this kind of workshop, Most people conduct youtube or web video. But for me, attending a class is best .
Email to : this few days. 

Venue will be announced on Monday, is all accessible. I am conducting less workshop every year but each workshop will be pack with new recipes and health care.

25th March 2018  (religious content)

大家来拜拜 6th years Gathering include Crystal , Art therapy and Grounding Meditation Class
Fees: $50

This is the most wonderful class and beside revision on ur Bai Bai Methods we will learn more crystal healing topics and aura balancing .

1st April 2018  (for all)

5 Element exercise class Officially 10 years anniversary. Bryan created 5 element exercise class generation 1 and generation 2.

The first 2 generation exercise will be sharing also. Than we launching the new Movement. DOnt miss this rare class.

Special Venue
Tea and bites included (mini , my 小心意)

15th July 2018 (for all)

Health and Beauty and Anti-aging with Bryan Lao Shi ( For newbies plus oldies always new topics)


Dont forget the basic that I have taught past 20 years and every year this is a must attend workshop even u have learn before but atending each time with new upgrade to ur skills.

女人我最大inside beauty news for beauty 
Sleep better
Pain aches remedies
Power food
Power acupressure
Kwa Sha and Moxibustion DIY
Cupping demo u can do
Special hand reflexology points

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Parent's Health

At our age now (35 to 50s) most of our parents are aging. Lately I start to have students asking me.

Students" Bryan Lao Shi, what sort of prayers or things can we do to let parents to have a better old age and less illnesses" Chant what mantra? Do what Charity?Look for which Masters?


Our parents bring us up to what we are now. And if they are around 60 plus, their health starts to goes downhill le:>

I would want to say is, return them with patience and kindness. And be nice to them. But if u ask yourself including myself. Alot of times we can be rude to them in words.

U know as parents age, their heart are very fragile. Ur words can broken their heart in to million pieces. So the best way to let your parents to have better life and health is to be kind to them. Even they are wrong, just talk nicely .

I know u, many times u might have shouted at them or impatience towards them and than u ask me what mantra to chant is also no use le.


Circumstances: Sometimes some parents gone thru serious illnesses and they may not be the same parents they were and always loosing temper... We need to give them kindness and love because they are suffering. Is not easy but with love and compassion all will be ok;


But sometimes, if a parents are those gambler and hurt their children. U need to apply wisdom. Really not easy on u. Really got those kind of parents squeeze the last drop from their children. I suggest these children need to protect themself and parents ensure them have food to eat etc but gambling and loanshark... hand them over to authority ba if is too much


By action take care of ur parents working with aromatherapy.

1) 3oil methods if they have backache or body aches.
2) use bryan relax blend and warm water let them have a body scrub with the Good Morning towel.
3) Boil a soup for them  ( black chicken and Lian Zi, Huai Shan red dates once a week) Cook them Ba Zhen Soup.

Prese Zu San Li and Li Yue Xue for them or teach them to press daily.
Image result for zu san li
Zu San Li is a longevity Point. Apply 3 oil with rice bran oil massage knee cap than press this point 2 mins daily

Image result for zu san li

Second Point is


second toes the corner near the 3 toes

Image result for 厉兑穴

Better sleep and release worries and anger and better digestive . U can use purification oil on this point.

In chinese they can handle 清胃安神、苏厥醒神,通经活络。主治齿痛、口喎、咽喉肿痛、鼻衄、癫狂、癔病、失眠、晕厥、多惊好卧、梦魇不宁、口喁唇疹、鼽衄、喉痹颈肿、心腹胀满、消谷善饥、黄疸、水肿、便秘、便血、热病、足背肿痛等病症。现又多用以治疗精神分裂症、神经衰弱、消化不良、鼻炎、齿龈炎、扁桃体炎

Launch of this 2 oil: 

The affirmation Flow can be used to treat sinus issues and tension stress.
and Equilibrium for sleep and calmness

Visit Shopping cart
No automatic alt text available.

Friday, December 29, 2017

New Year Tea :> FOr health

Over eating and reduce fat fat and improve digestion

Omhealth on 1st Jan 2018 will launch two new essential oil Blend.

Flow and Affirmations Blend  $45
Equilibrium Harmony Blend $45
Plants and Planets Body Lotion $45 (promotion)

A set of two at $80. WIll be in Shopping cart
on 1st Jan 2018

One person Portion: This is best tea to drink on Festive season as it can also help to prevent getting too fat:>

3 Hawthorn, a pinch of dried orange peel, 5 chrysanthemum
This tea helps to
improve the Qi flow in body, digestive issues, and bloatedness. And unhappiness chest tightness.

All ingredients in a big mug and pour in boiling water steep for 15mins. Drink when warm.

Image may contain: food

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Launch of items 2018

I would like to thank all students who with me for 10 or more years and understanding omhealth is a one man show. At all times I am still the same Bryan lao Shi from day one, and I am glad the busy schedule many will check informations themselves in blog or email and after 5pm wont message me. 
To thank all, we launch good products:>

This body lotion is first in SINGAPORE free from perfume, chemicals and totally think for ur wellbeing:>

Once again thanks:>to those who messages me alot of motivational words and I give u my blessings too.

Omhealth currently: Also busy with charity work. This week we have donated new shoes to childrens in cambodia, and more to come:> 

I hope the new body lotion remind u to take care of ur skin and wellbeing, Merry Xmas

Power Plants and Planets Body Lotion

This is $50 and is an amazing lotion. Will be in Shopping cart 9 am today:> at $45 till Xmas.

The first 20 mini gifts redeemed fully le:> 

Image may contain: drink

Main Ingredients:

Naouli :
Niaouli oil stimulates blood circulation as well as the secretion of hormones, enzymes, and other juices while also stimulating metabolic processes. strengthens skin immunity.
Quandong Fruit:

Quandong is super high in antioxidants. In fact it’s the second- highest antioxidant fruit ever measured.  They fight free radicals. Quandong contains twice the vitamin C of oranges. It’s scientifically proven to help heal many skin conditions and protect skin from damage. It’s a natural antihistamine, which helps reduce the itching caused by baby skin conditions such as eczema. Quandong is high in Rutin. This is a strong antioxidant which works particularly well in partnership with Vitamin C. Rutin intensifies the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. It’s also a great anti-inflammatory, ideal for babies with sensitive skin. What’s more, rutin is shown to strengthen your baby’s skin capillaries. It is rich source of source of Vitamin E, folate, magnesium and calcium,protects skin from the elements, helps reduce inflammation and provides excellent skin hydration.
Nerolina Extract: Fears of the unknown, uncertain, low self-esteem, feeling exhausted fatigued TO trusting, living in the present moment, self aware, rested

Strengthen Skin with:
Natural Vitamin E and B5
Soya bean, Aloe extract, Lavendula vera, eucalyptus radiata
Macadamia, Shea Butter, Jojoba

Pilly Lilly :High on vitamin C  and fruit acids that improve the firmness of the skin while keeping it radiant and youthful. Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory.• Brightens the skin and  Reduction of lipid peroxidation and DNA damage.  Promote a regenerative capacity of cells. Protects skin from oxidative stress and aging. It Improves collagen production. and provides substantial protection against the adverse effects of UVB radiation.
Kakadu Plum has phytochemicals like gallic and ellagic acids. Gallic acid contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and anti-bronchodilatory properties. Ellagic acid shows anti-carcinogenic effects to maintain healthy human tissues. This is one of the most noticed kakudu plum health benefits! As for body lotion Kakadu plum is used in many nourishing facial crèmes and masks. This gives a natural shine and glow to the skin. It can also prevent ageing of the skin.

Friday, December 1, 2017



Bryan Lao Shi Antiheadache 101 tea

April 2018 will have a talk on health and beauty mandarin. Stay tune

Image may contain: plant and food

Is a season many may get headaches or tiredness in the eyes. Also sleep also not stable. U can try this tea but drink 3 consecutive day can le. If u scare cooling add one red dates with the seed one. The amount below very save no too cooling:>

The tea enable release tension headaches, mouth ulcer recover faster and also unhappiness.

I also call it Anti Mad People Tea

as its ability to protect your heart, boost your immune system, improve vision, calm your nerves, lower inflammation, strengthen your bones, and treat respiratory issues, among others.

( Drink 3 times a week can le and each time one cup ) Please dont tell me is very cooling as inside only 5-6 yellow flowers. I really dont like people without doing research and teach people wrong things. Like red dates is heaty???? No is no is warming. Ok thats go ur recipes.


mix 6 yellow chrysanthemum and 5 Lian Zi Xin. It helps.

Chrysanthemum has 2 types, U must ask for Yellow one. (not the white one, but white one can be yellow color also) So ask carefull say u want the 药用菊花。

Both items put in a big mug pour in boiling water steep for 15mins. Drink.

Than after u drink apply lavendula vera, peppermint and marjoram with 3 drops rice or jojoba or coconut oil next chest and shoulder.

Omhealth Lavendula vera will increase $2
Peppermint $1
Marjoram $2

This 3 items farm increase alot le.

Also in 2018 there will have a new species of peppermint:> $38 . U all can try.


2018 will have 2 New Essential Oil Blend:
I have created 2 new scent u will love it:> Must support ok:> Stay tune:>

1) Inner light Blend of Equilibrium $45
Special blend
Specially blend for better sleep, spiral thoughts and also Obstacles that keep coming back, dissolve it
Health: For calming, peace and contented.
2) Star of Affirmation Blend $50
For positive thinking and plant in seed of love and light to ur system. With courier and also power to get back ur energy.

Health: For sinus and tiredness