Sunday, July 5, 2015

Singapore Botanic Gardens Congrats

Since 2001, I have been organising walk at SBG. Started off in 2001 where are conduct yoga and breathing exercise at SBG. That time, the group was around 9 . One of the attendee is the famous Fengshui Master now.  The others were mix of my students from HDB and NTUC income.

Time flies.... And last walk was 2013. Time to organise one. Stay tune my old students">

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Facial Mist

This facial mist I have discontinue because of the scent of Siberian Ginseng some may not like

But suddenly a group of ladies, want again and say is the best mist. Because it is so natural and promote circulation.

So it will be ready soon. Stay tune!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Perfectionist Moisturiser

Perfectionist Moisturizer Extract has

Rosehip Oil *, Jojoba Oil *, Coconut extract, Soya beauty, aloe vera, Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, 

This moisturizer was launched in 2010, it helps to replenish the skins natural moisture and hydration levels to maintain healthy skin functions and a radiant appearance. 

It has very high quality texture and helps to protect the skin from dehydration and damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors. 

The cooling smooth qualities of this lotion offer relief from dryness and irritation and are quickly absorbed into the skin thanks to the light water based formula.

Directions for use:
AM/PM: After cleansing and flora water and serum, apply a small amount of Perfectionist to the entire face and neck avoiding the eye area. Allow to absorb and you have the perfect base for makeup application. 
You will receive the maximum benefits of this perfectionist

Now at

Monday, June 29, 2015

Herbs de 秘密

1) 30th August 18th Year anniversary : Register $25 till tomorrow. And will confirm you when there is seats by Friday
2) 19th July East Meet West Moxibustion, kwa sha, fire cupping meridian class , last 5 seats

Clearing the heat of weather and boost immune system:

1) Lavendula vera + Peppermint one drop each with 3 drops rice bran oil. Massage neck shoulder urself
2) Than a drop peppermint on palm, rub both palm warm than inhale abit only. and use ur palm finger comb ur head. Or use a kwa sha plate end gently move from top of head to base of head 10 times.

Follow by 2. and follow by 3.

The few oil combine with massage can clear heat and headache energy.


After the head massage, drink a tea can help ten times recovery from headaches, neckaches and tiredness.

Best Prevention Maintenance this weather is to drink my Peony White Tea. It works. ANd is super good quality. Now avaliable 13 box arrival le, under miscellaneous.

Bryan Lao Shi Power tea to drink after massage head.

Bryan lao shi 速速消暑防痛茶。

Aromatherapy Chinese Herbs  The reason why I call this blend aromatherapy herbs because when boil, whole house have scent of flowers and can clear house bad energy . Ahahah

Also when they are combines can be very effective in flu and cold prevention.

1) 荆芥 5gram,防风 5gram,赤小豆 2 tablespoon,香薷 8gram,甘草 5 slice,黄芩 10g,川芎 (7g)。 Two slice葛根。

Boil 1.2 litre of water for half hour.

above plant is 香薷

History of above Huang Qin : 李时珍 (the ancient famous doctor who written herbs dictionary)生于明朝嘉靖年间,自幼聪明伶俐,好学上进,小小年纪就立志考取功名。光耀门庭。

正在李时珍的父母悲伤绝望之际,村子里来了一位从远方云游到此的道士,这位道人白发长髯,颇有一种仙风道骨的味道。闻言道人专治疑难杂症,小时珍的父母急忙把道人请到家中给他看病。道士给小时珍号了脉象后,捋捋长髯说: “不妨,不妨,此病只需服用黄芩30克,加水两盅,煎至一盅,服用半月即可痊愈。“时珍的父母半信半疑地按方煎药。奇迹出现了。半月之后,小时珍身热全退,痰多咳嗽的症状也消失了,身体逐渐恢复健康。一味黄芩居然起到了立竿见影的治疗效果。

Bryan Lao Shi Herbs experience since 1998: I am no TCM but i work with flowers and herbs for shower, drink .

U dont need to be a TCM to be able to match some simple herbs. This is base on many years of experience. Below herbs i blend with help of TCM doctors approval.  

U imagine ancient time how herbalist work, is they communicate with plants daily and come out of formulars.

The formulars below make use of scent plant dried like a tea. To drives away headaches heatiness and calm mind. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Love miracle Oil Blend and LemonGrass Oil

Lemongrass and Beauty Blend seems to goes well together.
U try a drop each in cotton and inhale. Is wonderful scent ahahha:>

This 2 oil is amazing , u can try to order as it is very fresh arrival 

Love Miracle Blend:

Love Miracle Blend
  • Ease stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Very harmony and activate a person calm cells
When there is alot of disagreement and alot of misunderstanding, quickly dab this oil.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil was launched in 2004, is 11 years le. 

And most of you know that Bryan 3 oil method very good for aches and pains. But sometimes when the pain is related to nerves, add a drop of lemongrass oil is good.

Lemongrass oil is strong oil, for this oil, u can test whether a drop direct to ur palm u ok. For me is super ok. For some they add a drop rice bran oil and one drop lemongrasss oil than apply affected area.

Air Pollution
Diffuse lemongrass essential oil throughout the room as desired.
Airborne Bacteria
Diffuse lemongrass or mix  with water atomiser in a spray bottle to use as desired.
Awareness drives away depression before sleep.
Place 1 drop in the palm of your hand, rub hands together, and inhale softly for up to 30 seconds or longer as desired.
Lemongrass oil can put 2 drops in a glass warm water hand bath for 15mins.

Lemongrass’ antifungal properties make it effective aiding athlete’s foot and nail fungus.  Many migraine sufferers find it effective.  It is considered an antiseptic and astringent useful by some people to cleanse oily skin and help close pores. It can increase mental acuity and  help stabilize and balance emotions, especially during times of distress and emotional trauma.  

Snow Cream is back

Love Miracle Blend Oil blend is extremely good for relaxation and also calm the body system

Is a oil that release stress very quickly and also hostile environment.

U can dab abit on wrist and try.

Is arrived also.

Monday, June 22, 2015

30th August 2015

18th Year Anniversary

U will learn more useful wonderful chinese herbs too...

Date: 30th August 2015
Time :930 am
Address: Orchard Road
Venue: workshop or venue once confirm will email to you
Email include: Mobile and name

Admin : Leng Leng

Health And Beauty Workshop ( Is actually no agenda because will share on spot, thats my style
but , basic remedies will be included....) Do enjoy this workshop.

1) Correct way of cooking soup and their powerful remedies
2) Effective acupressure that helps in many health issues
3) Ancient health Porridge
4) Claraincy machine demo by Lao Shi (not hard sales but thank you gesture)
5) Honey enzyme remedies by API uniflora by Bryan
6) PapaGao and sleep remedies by 3 legged bryan
7) Juicing and its powerful properties.
And more...........................


Sponsored by




White Tea and Cancer fight

Omhealth White Tea is very good grade. Even expert say is good.

This quality is very expensive in market. Here a big packet till full, is $50 . And  u can take a long time to finish.

Get a packet share with family. No need drink daily la. May be 3 times a week.


many know drink tea can sort of deal with cancer prevention. But again we dont over drink. A cup a day is good. And each time drink one teaspoon and one time can le.

Below is a latest research why White Tea is good:>

For people who are sick or tumor related. U can drink white tea in the morning or noon.

Also Ginger is good source of sickness prevention.

white tea is produced almost entirely in the Fukien province of China. It comes from the same species of other teas, but has a higher proportion of buds to leaves. The buds are covered by silver-colored hairs that give the plant its whitish appearance.
White tea is also the most minimally processed of all tea varieties. Unopened leaf buds are rapidly steamed and then heat-dried, which keeps the leaves fresher and reduces oxidation. In comparison, green tea is composed mainly of leaves which are steamed or fried before being rolled. Oolong and black teas undergo even further processing.
The scientists theorized that such minimal processing could leave white tea with higher concentrations of polyphenols, naturally occurring substances that have been shown to fight cancer.

Chemical analysis confirmed their theory. White tea contains the same types of polyphenols as green tea, but in different proportions. Those present in greater amounts may be responsible for white tea’s enhanced cancer-fighting potential, says Dashwood.
Encouraged by reports of cancer-fighting chemicals in green tea, the researchers decided to test white tea to determine whether it has similar qualities. They brewed four varieties of white tea and subjected each to a laboratory test using bacteria. The test, called the Salmonella assay, determines whether a chemical can cause or prevent DNA mutations, the earliest steps leading to cancer.
White tea inhibited mutations more efficiently than green tea. This means it may have more potential to prevent cancer than green tea, says Gilberto Santana-Rios, Ph.D., a post-doctoral research associate with the institute, located in Corvallis, Ore.
The researchers, now performing experiments in rats, report that their latest data indicate that white tea may protect against colon cancer in particular. They attribute this to elevated levels of particular liver enzymes.
The researchers say more studies are needed to determine whether white tea actually protects people against cancer.

White Tea: Is not very cooling. But if u keep one more year, it become no cooling;
Below is a Ginger White Tea

When Ginger and white tea combine and drink twice a week. U can find alot benefits: Immune will further enhance. And the tea and ginger combine become not heaty and cooling.

Image result for ginger tea


  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger, sliced (Bounced it)
  • 1 MUG (TEA POT) boiling water
  • 1 tablespoon of White  tea 
All in the pot; Wait for 20mins

Drink when cool, add honey abit.

Rose water goes to World Wide Le's-Beauty/story20150619-354058

This rose water was shown in few TV show and is proud to share with so many:>

Skin Health

Scent of Omhealth Flower water

the aroma of good flower water may vary from season to season even when it comes from the same geographical location. 

This is because the weather can have a dramatic effect on the plant whilst growing, and during seasons of extreme heat, rain or drought, the plants delicate chemistry is changed which in turn affects the fragrance.

These slight variations can often be an indication that a hydrosol is natural, and not man-made.

You may be surprised to learn that many of the 'floral waters' available today have been made with synthetic compounds which have no therapeutic or beautifying qualities. Others are produced by adding essential oils or absolutes to water by using alcohol or some other type of dispersant or solvent. This may appear to be perfectly acceptable, since the finished product contains essential oil and has a pleasant fragrance similar to a natural hydrosol.

U go smell alot of toner in market , smell very nice consisten smell. And u think is it really natural?
To me skin toner is the KEY to good skin.

History of Omhealth Flower water
Omhealth in 1990s has few flower water: Rose Geranium, Teatree, Witch hazel. Slowly all these will come back as atomiser.... U will be excited ok:>

In 1990s, I came across flower water sold by Singapore some health shop. But slowly it was not sell now. One of the reason, the cost is too high and if there is no buyer the water will be not fresh. Omhealth flower water is so fresh as many customer get weekly so the bottle u get is always within 2 weeks of extraction and no keep in store. This is good. Some flower water in market or departmental store they can keep up to 2 years. And some add fragrance to it and call flower water.

Soothing Eye Masks
Omhealth has 2 flower water: One is Hydrosol and one is flower water
Rose Otto Hydrosol is the purest rose water you can get here.
Lavender water with grapefruit extract is another purest lavendula water you can get here

Rose Otto Hydro-sol is very good for super sensitive skin and it stimulate skin and tone skin. Help fight skin issues and balance PH of skin.  In a way it also indirectly good for female system
 Cleopatra, famous for her ancient beauty secrets, used rose water in various face masks. It also prevents aging by reducing wrinkles and tightening skin pores. Dry skin can be hydrated by using rose water as a moisturizer. U see in market, an skin cream cost $150 for rose inside. Imagine u have whole bottle of true rose distillation for u. And hope u really treasure this de.

Lavender water: Hydrates: Soothes and also whiten skin.It control breakout and fight pollutions.

After wipe face with cotton, the cotton, can wipe hand and legs.

How I use these water?

1) I put cotton dab face. Than after that, i use this cotton , wipe legs and hands. U can see alot dirt de.
2) Sometimes I wet the cotton with water, put fore head, cheeks area. For 3 mins. Than I use Rose facial Oil or neroli facial oil, massage face for 3 mins. Than put on a warm towel for 3 mins. And wash face with cold water. Skin good and dark eye circle reduce.
3) For rose water i put fridge and wet the cotton and cover eyes compress, help fight tired eyes.

Support Omhealth and grab a bottle or rose water: It goes well with Vanilla facial scrub and also pearl clay mask.

Friday, June 19, 2015

East Meet West Kwa Sha Class

Hi all

East Meet West Kwa Sha moxibustion class , do register.

Admin : Leng

East Meet West Health Beauty Class Once a year

Limited seats, if dont have will reply.

Above pic is an example , we wont be doing this as ahaha no need to that extend.

20 more seats leftDate: 19th July 
Time: 930am to 1230pm
Fees: $88
Email to with mobile and name

free: Material of Kwa Sha Plate given to all and a bottle of oil.

This is a class that I have not been conducting for past 2 years.

Many has been asking about this class. So a come back and will only be once a year.
Every class abit diff. This class u will learn the latest kwa Sha method and acupressure

East Meet West Kwa Sha, Moxibustion and ba Guan Introduction for home use

1) Meridians Fast Learn

2) Acupressure
i) Using Kwa Sha plate
ii) Moxibustion Stick
iii) Fire cupping demo
Principle of moxibustion treatment
3) Herbs knowledge TCM cooking
4) 6ml of new aromatherapy Oil launching (High Mountain Healing Oil) worth $35
5) Making of New Vinegar herbs ahahhaha
6) 8 mins Qi Gong

Material include Kwa Sha plate, notes

Only 50 students allow

Date: 19th July (In chinese TCM non religious this is illness removal day best for acupressure)
Time: 930am to 1230pm
Venue:To be decided.

Email : 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The healing rose massager (Original)

Apply enough rice bran oil and than few drops of lavendula vera, peppermint marjoram. Apply even.

If not squeeze 20 cent size coin of lotion on palm, than 3 oil. And apply back.

Use the massage, left of spine, up and down no need use force. Than press each point 6 second. Certain area have damp energy will pop up more purple.

Items will be in shopping cart under miscellaneous at 5pm

FilialRosemassager: If massage upper back is good for detox and liver energy stagnant removal
White porcelain high end face kwa Sha plate: $28


Last month was really busy for me.
Beside launch of and also handle of some work and expansion of omhealth. I was busy with taking care of parents.

The snow Lotus cream is out of stock.

U see as we get older, our parents also....

Being in 40s and 50s, our parents normally now is in 60, 70 or 80. So ensure them to be taken care of with proper diet and mental emotional care is important.

I use alot of oil for parents, i just put in tissue and stick to fan and blow at house. 

For mom, I encourage her to use rose otto water and rose oil for face. And also for her female health I encourage niam her to use Holy Sacred Frankincense.

Try to let them do Sandalwood body scrub , they will feel good.


My Skin Type

Anyway, personally my skin is very thin and dry type. So twice a week i will do a full oil facial massage.

How I use can visit label under facial Oil. I have a video. This rose oil has many ingredients and if can everyday apply facial Oil at neck and chest it has healing properties.

Sometimes u ask me, if have moisturiser , what can u do with oil?
Well apply neck de.

Below is point can help for prevention female illness alot. Also for liver
unblocking the choked meridians and maintaining smooth flow of energy through the meridians. U use a wooden massage stick press, can feel sore abit. Not too hard.
3 mins a day

Feet Pressure Points to Control Diabetes

best if u have wooden stick. U can put the stick with 3 drops of any oil and start pressing.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bryan lao shi white tea

This white tea has a lot of good effect de 

Monday, June 15, 2015

18th Year Anniversary

30th August 2015 ; 
Health and Beauty 18 year anniversary
At a Glamorous place
Do register fast;

Sunday, June 14, 2015

不要癌的智慧 : Part 1 (under label) beside (cancer no no)

Today is the day I will start my article on cancer. Have been writing for magazine with more than 1000 articles yet I have never touch on this topic unless I know what I am doing.

In fact my mom side , have many relatives and close one die of cancer. And is devastating the process sometimes. And this few years, the number of cancer related and tumors related email I received is almost 1-2 times a week. I dare not give any advice except prayers and essential oil methods using frankincense because of insufficient verification of certain food etc.

But today I am quite sure of certain findings.

The series of articles will talk about cancer prevention methods and cancer  remedies. In Chinese we call 预防与治疗。 We know there are many recipes related to cancer, when have cancer is like having a flu, u have to take flu medicine, but prevention of flu u cannot take flu medicine. So u cannot take those herbs for treatment for cancer as a daily supplements.... or over take. So must take note.

I see some people to prevent cancer, they over take of herbs end up is just waste of money. Or listen so much and confuse.

Keys things for people who have cancer:
1) Be positive and know that cancer cells actually are from normal cells but just being naughty this period
2) Change your lifestyle and your emotions. (Feeling sad and angry all the time is high percentage of cancer relapse (my findings, doesnt represent any medical research, base on database collected)
3) Dont over listen, when a person have cancer, sometimes friends around are so protective and over suggestion end up stress cancer patience.
4) Change your body type, balance Yin and Yang of body using soup recipes.
5) Boost immune system with different types of Juice . Also infact Eugene suggest Goji C take daily.
6) Afternoon nap half hour, cant sleep , just close eyes and relax, use oil like lavendula vera and frankincense Holy (all cancer related , omhealth will give 30% discount of holy frankincense, strictly cancer or tumor related, please dont misuse.
7) Clear the Stagnation of Ki and Blood in body. Using breathing exercise.

Key things for people to prevent cancer (is 101 methods but i list afew and next time slowly share)
1) Breathing exercise daily.

  • Touch therapy Breathing: This breathing exercise helps relax the body and slow down breathing. Start by lying on your back in a comfortable position. Apply frankincense or lavendula vera and Love miracle blend on chest 2 drops and stomach 1 drops.Rest one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest. Concentrate on breathing through your nose using your abdominal muscles. The hand on your stomach will rise when you breathe in and fall as you exhale. Keep the hand on your chest still while breathing. This deep inhale and stomach float up 5 times. Than relax and normal breathing for 5 mins. Bottom of feet if can apply Spice Oil.Image result for abdominal breathing exercises
All the oil I mention is optional, if u dont have is ok, than do the breathing. The purpose of this article is not to sell oil. But for those who have oil, u can further use ok.
Remember when the body has正气, your chance of controlling and prevent sickness is higher.

2) A glass of water when wake up . Warm water.

3) Laugh out loud 6 times (I teach laugh therapy in 2001) this helps to remove Liver and emotion Stagnant Ki. A lot of research, breast cancer is due to Sadness and worries and female hormones problems. So laugh out loud or shout in storeroom few times is good.

Emotion related cancer are, stomach cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, female related cancer because of 七情伤感。

4) Acidic body is also a problem
Problem with elderly is their body very acidic.U must drink Green Juice.
Stress is the cause of many illness, but this u already know , yet u stress about things. After so many years le, I today want you step aside, close your eyes. Think, in office, if u stress until cant take it. One day u sick le, at most ur colleagues send u a basket of fruits, people will forget u.

In life, as long as you do your part, things u cant control, u let go. And also when people really bully u up to your head, confront with wisdom and compassion and forgive. If u are always overwhelm by negative people, just tell yourself , u are positive person and may ur positive image shine love and light to people around u. So imagine urself become super hero rather than victims. like carebear ok.

5) Dont be over tired yourself. Really life only one be nice to yourself. Also when have small illnesses attend to it. As small illness can be big illness. Also at all time, remove heatiness and damp energy in body is very important.湿毒,当一个人啊,风,暑,火,寒,燥毒 and not totally clear, it plant the seed of sickness to body and cause illness.

Taking variety herbal soup and food is important. Dont stick to one. Also personally I take my Go Ji C, alternate days or 5 times a week. But if feel flu coming I take daily.

Western way of curing cancer: (my language and dont represent doctor views)
Chemo, radiation, hormones, change bone marrow etc.

Type A
And cancer have the localised cancer. This type tumor cancer is the shield not broken and not spread yet so will go through operation to remove the tumor. Follow by radiation etc. Depends on conditions.

Type B
Localised and yet has the signs of spreading .This type normally will remove tumors and surrounding tissues. beside remove tumors, example will remove the breast or some part of bladder or intestine. But this type operation must ensure remove clean of the cancer tumor as if unclean remove it will spread even faster.

other types are, spreading de, tumor too big (need to reduce size of tumor), also taking some medicine for hormones like for breast cancer.

Careful: During cancer period , many finacial very tight le, there are alot of remedies u will start to find out from friends etc. Some are very expensive herbs like one dosage $800 etc. But it depends on ur financial. And some TCM cost $600 each treatment. Especially certain famous who cure famous people. Again I find that a normal Good TCM will do also. Is the person mood. Dont over control them and make them unhappy.

First Soup of the Day (Prevent SIck Energy Tea) ( or u can grind powder like me)
If not u can mix the herbs no need grind and boil water drink.

When a person Positive Ki is big , chance of sickness will be lower.
If we want to lower chance of getting disease, we need to increase Ki.

Yang Ki Energy.

U can drink this once a week

Go medical hall, than ask them grind powder to a bottle. ( my this bottle eat 6 month also didn't finish )丹参,太子参,生田七,泡参,霍山石斛 (Middle range cost $120)

Morning two mini spoon, in a cup of HOT water, and stir, once turn warm drink empty stomach.

U can drink this 3 times a week. No need daily. Thats why mine drink 6 month le ahhaa.

Above can be taken for healthy people and stressful people 3 times a week empty stomach.
For those who medical condition like heart disease and taking blood thinning medicine ask ur TCM. Also pregnant woman dont take.

30th August 18th Anniversary Talk

Fees: $25. (no reply means full)
admin Leng

NEws: Algae Serum and Day Hydrator is a very good product, and is in stock now.

Thank You Panasonic Singapore

It was a wonderful experience to work with Panasonic on health and beauty equipment. 

For me, it takes me a long time to test out things before I will introduce. So indeed is a good products. I love the facial Steamer and the roller plus eye massager. Next time have chance will demo.

U know I always wanted to take part in blog award thingy 10 years ago but as you know my English here is more like Singlish so is not possible. Yesterday was a wonderful chance to share my blog experience with many experienced bloggers and health beauty experts too. I believe many attendees knows more than me, and is willing to seat there and listen to my niam for an hour ahahha.

The pictures all turn out so nice

It was also wonderful time to share with many panasonic Home beauty equipment. At the same time sharing with bloggers the importance of blog and sharing positive information to help people and also Positive energy. Thank You God for giving me this chance as I started off as a blogger too in 2001 from website to blog blog in 2007. 

NB:thankful to Panasonic and also SPH .Ahahha I have cracked the same jokes on pronunciation of Chrysanthemum and crysanthemum again so as all will remember the importance to distinquish types of Ju Hua.