Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Factor LA---Mery Skin

Hi all , I have 2types of serum

A) Facial Antiage Serum $68 (use day or night)
B) Magwhite Serum $45 evening.

This two serum can use forever any find skin improves,

Now for further enhance, sometimes u finish ur antiage serum u can use twice a year a very expensive serum to adjust skin.$80 (market $200 for this ingredients)

Also Moisturiser lite and fine is $55 for many who love lite feel and have this La La ingredients.

All launch next week,

The serum and Day Moisturizer a set at $130 instead of $135.

Not much discount but u can count on the best ingredients.

The day lotion can be used as night for some who find my moisturiser abit rich can switch to this lite texture

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sneak Preview launch on 1st Feb

A tea to make

Trust Me

A drop ten spice oil 2 drops eucalyptus in tissue than fold half, inhale whole day can fight flu!!!

My product list is Click
Omhealth Product List

Also how to order refer to www.omhealth.com under order icon

3 gram each of yellow chrysanthemum, jasmine flower and honeysuckle (roughly a tablespoon each)

In a mug boiling water for15mins. Drink when cool.

Is good for detox and calm the liver plus remove body heatiness. Dont drink after 7pm.

Honeysuckle in itself is very comforting. Its sweetly-scented blossoms are antibacterial weapons in disguise. 

They're useful for treating bacterial infections and dysentery, as well as urinary tract disorder

> Many people immune bad now, twice a week can prevent alot of sickness. I put in Diaso teabags give friends.

发神经 (U here can be U or ur friends)
in hokkien, Siao eh, In cantonese is Fa Shen Geng, or can be XZB: Xiao Za Bo.

:inbalance in mood, lack of satisfaction, dont know yourself very irritating yet think people scare of you, always do things like u are right and cause people discomfort, u makeup until so thick until people cant see real u but in office or in real life people hate u. 
U dont makeup thought u are natural but ur heart so "small" people see u like need to smile not because u are popular because u have a high authority but outside u are nothing yet u live in your own world, ur kidney qi unbalance. 

U always not happy and abit of things u mad, basically ur liver is inbalance. U always look down on colleagues lower than u but "pray" to ur boss, actually ur boss see u also like nothing, u waste time only(what era already, 3 leg no use one la)

U at office thought urself very pretty or handsome, people go to u for 1 week only after that no u no quality or personality, u waste time (so ladies, attend some course , no need waste money on YSL makeup, u use SASA shop once can le, Handsome man, dont need tailor made ur shirt, u make le, only old aunty talk to u la or at most pantry aunty wash ur cup more clean). 

U very rich but u always eyes high up, didnt know u blinded by wealth,one day, ur face sagged, botox also cant help. 

U go around gossip people until ur mouth so wrinkled and need to use my rice oil. U love to gossip, cant help because ur lung meridians overwhelm, go use my lemon oil.

U rude to almost everyone like whole world is against u, but didnt know u are happiest person , u live in sufferings because ur stomach Qi is weak and toxic (power bath with bryan relax blend) 

U work in office many years, keep your techniques skills and dont want to share with young people, didnt know u are stupid because this make u very useless, as people cant still learn... ur spleen qi is weak, unwilling to share.

U graduate and work in office, think u are young or no respect of others. Please u digging own grave , use some lavendula and grapefruit pink.

U share with your friends Bryan Lao Shi Skin care ten years ago, people look down on the brand because not famous(without looking into the ingredients). 
Ten years later all ur friends look very old and jealous ur skin. But u cant be bother to tell them my blog or share. 
Again u know u are omhealth users with compassion heart, so u share with them again, yet they ask u again does it works. So u look at them and say : " LOOK AT YOU".... ahahha. U walk away with a glow, They email order from bryan lao shi and email reply slow, they complaint. Bryan Lao Shi roll eyes and niam them till they find in this world spend money also kana niam. But end up they no choice, wan pretty will need to tolerate bryan lao shi style.

U sms or whatsapp bryan lao shi, but he says already busy, but u thought is ok, but sometimes he scold u. U anger because buy things also kana scolded. But after kana scolded u confuse and dare not angry because think carefully, actually everyday he has 100 sms whatsapp or even facebook ... u should email ask and wait. And he has his ownlife and write so many articles and organise so many charity help people but yet u not understanding. Suddenly ur right eyes tears and confess... than u suddenly know the anwers can be found in blog and or after a few days u saw ur questions being answered in blog. And u happy and order many things and u so lucky and happy. 

If u or ur friends have above symptoms:

Drink this tea ba. ANd inhale Ten Spice oil and Eucalyptus!

TRY tissue of eucalyptus and ten spice oil, u will love it

Drink when needed :>

Today want to thank all who use the following scrub and keep sms positive feedbacks. Is really a very good scrub. U got to try.

Bring out your natural fairness and reveals glowing skin. A combination of potent herbal ingredients like jojoba mirco and many herbs which soften, nourish and visibly brighten your skin.

Use twice a week. Than after that apply rose or lavender water dab face. U can feel the glow.

It can really regulate melanin synthesis, lightens skin, clears spots, enhances complexion and gives the skin an even tone. 


Apply Scrub in a circular, motion on the abit wet  face and neck. Rinse with water and pat dry. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Courier company can't cope

Today my two cousins help to send products because courier can't cope !

Lai lai motor bike I ask them careful as is heavy rain ah!

So any delay please take note hor; take care of them ok!

Don't anyhow transfer money

Please don't transfer my product money to Cindy charity account!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bedok Mall 7th Feb 2015 .

7th Feb : Bryan Lao Shi at Bedok Mall shall with u how to have youthful skin:> and Open Luck facial Kwa Sha. My segment is 4pm to 5pm. And when see me say Poem receive a free gift from me.

Poem: 平安吉祥如意。

High quality serum

I mention many times the serums I have has been around since 2001 and till today is shines; same as lavender water etc this skincare are free from chemical and scent concentration will sleep diff from month to month: so serum should finish within two

Month but even for another six month is ok as lifespan is one year!

I explain this many years le but still have new user don't know so remind ur friends again when u buy for them

Aroma oil like lavenduala water rose water and lavendula oil smell will diff every few months!

Serum quality and quantity is design to finish within one month once open of course u can open up till 2 months or a year but why not use fresh

Jasmine Flower and Chrysanthemum flower.

Bionic Rose Mask has a full list of ingredients that u love. Today I shall touch on two of the ingredients.

2 of the many ingredients in the Bionic Rose Mask:

hrysanthemum extract and Co Ezyme

Co Enzyme has a very good properties to reduce the wrinkles and fight free radicals, Sometimes because our skin when young damage by UVA and it can repair and shield our skin from that.

It goes to the cellular level for healing skin.

Chrysanthemum extract
It prevent the UVB attack and treat some skin diseases in some medical usages. It is a natural skin revitaliser. It gives dull skin a boost of radiance.

This mask is best put in fridge and use from 10 to 15mins on face and rinse off. 

This mask everytime u use is like a $100 treatment in spa. U safe money and it has not harmful preservatives. Thats why many starts see radiance.

6 Jasmine Flowers and 4 Chrysanthemum flowers and a slice of old dried Orange Skins.


It helps to calm the mind and reduce body heat and also beautify skin.

a cup a day slowly your skin radaince from within. Reduce freckles and reduce formation of wrinkles.

Monday, January 19, 2015

8th March 2015: 100 attendees ( so far 30 registered)

This will be a very fun interesting seminar on important health tips and slimming topics with beauty tips. First 10 mins of talk are to review on the methods taught in blog and my talk for past 15 years which received alot of feedbacks  (leg pain and back issues)

Venue: National Library Possibility Room
Time: 930am to 12pm. please arrive 915am to register
Date: 8th March 2015
Fees: $38
Special Guest: Dr Xu Li Li (she will teach some moxibustion for slimming that you can perform at home... and some slimming tips which are useful)

Language use: English and Mandarin. Abit dialects for certain terms.

A talk that teach you
1) Soup of the Day
2) Herbs of the Day
3) Acupressure of the Day
4) Slimming method of the Day
5) Sleeping Quality
and more........................................................................................
6) Simple Qi Movements that bring harmony to one's body.
7) Ancient Master way of TaiJi method for sleep problems.
8) 3 mins foot reflex for beauty and health

Please email to class@omhealth.com and make payment POSB 033485310 with reference number.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I was so busy with charity event and seminars

I was so busy with charity event and seminars

do remember make payment of products OK;>

thank u:> dont mind.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best sunscreen with moisturizing

This SPF 25 sunscreen very good texture and also helps prevent freckles from spreading and it has collagen ! Try it 

Thanks ah

Hi try not to Whatsapp as Lao Shi need the energy to work this period.

Everyday 200 whatsapp, u put yourself in my shoes ah.... need to help people write blog... do this and that... if every single whatsapp reply.. I cant write blog anymore le. :>
take note ok

Email to info@omhealth.com and will take time to reply. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Comers

Pleaase email order to orders@omhealth.com
details at www.omhealth.com under how to order icon.

Please take note email take time to recover, not like yesterday send today reply. remember ok.

Om health.

One Man doing Ommmmm

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fine lines around eyes

Eyes and fine lines:

They will appear one, and very fast spread out if you

1) Dont watch diet
2) Dehydrated (When u pass 30, water daily cannot less please dont neglect)
3) Vitamin C intake and antioxidant is a must ( Mine lanuching soon)

HA eye serum--- Deep level to hydrate skin.
Eye Cream Ginseng --- Evening time, some use day time but is rich yet dont clog pores
Ultimate Eye Gel --- Dragonblood and pack with so many herbs really fight free radicals.

3 Precious items for eyes so sincere and yet a good price.

U can see when u are  16—you dont  have lines around your eyes. But nowsaday, young one also have le due to phone and poor diet.
During day time:  Tapping a little over your eye  plumps up lines by sealing in moisture, and it's nonirritating,” says And It's one of the best under eye gel after HA eye serum during day time.
At Night: Smooth on an anti-aging wrinkle HA eye serum follow by eye cream or ultimate eye gel every evening before bed. Although there are dozens of eye products on the market look for one which include many ingredients that fight fine lines.
Drink more water than you do. “Teeny lines around the eyes are often caused by dehydration,” A cup of flower tea 1 hour before bed. Your eyes will look even better. "Fine lines, like the ones around your eyes, repair themselves to some extent while you sleep, especially if u good very natural products like HA eye serum

Antioxidant Hydrating Mask: My hydrating mask is packed with antioxidant and cucumber extract for skin dullness and this one was the pioneer and for eye area especially.

Bionic Rose Mask: Collagen, hydrate famous now.... Facebook many feedbacks say good. And is amazing
Bionic Rose Mask: Is best for dehydrated and aging skin. U can use daily for 5 days and see how ur skin transformed.

Aromatherapy INhale eucalytpus from tissue helps tired eyes and dark eye circle.

Body Stretch

Stay in above position daily for 10mins helps fight tired eyes and dark eye circle. If can apply 3 oil with rice oil at upper back. The oil will travel and release knots of neck pain and release Qi stagnation causing dark eye circle and eye bags.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Email Maintenance

Hi all ,

the email server under maintenance till Monday.

All email I cant log in le.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Product List (to be continued)

Many confuse with my product and price...
Now a simple list first before shoppint cart

Omhealth Product List

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bionic ROse Mask

Is a mask that bring radiant to skin.  Put the mask in fridge ok.

And u can do daily this mask 10mins to 15mins wash away. Is amazing radiant.

Dont forget 8th March Beauty and Slimming workshop ok:>

Today I also make an effort to cook a dessert that is good for skin.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Rose mask

Hi all rose mask is my favourite ! Really hydrate skin and amazing ! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

omhealth Year End Charity Lunch

It is really very very Joyful to provide lunch to a group of Granny and Grandpa plus songs ahahha.
Omhealth is not just good skincare... we contribute quietly in many area to the society. Small got small do, big got big do. We do constantly many years le:>

Sometimes we teach acupressure, soup recipes, sometimes we sing. When we do volunteer work we must from heart and think of what they like and dont like. Be sensitive de.

And also be nice to yourself. Dont do volunteer work until urself so not happy, than is pointless le.

Since 2001 omhealth have been performing community service de. And also thanks to all my students for support on skincare too which also helps us alot.

Hydrate your skin and natural skincare fresh

At my age now, many suggest I go do botox or filler so can appear nicer on TV. No way. U will see me age slowly one. Is very ok. With Omhealth method, we age nice nice.

For skin I must admit, each day we aging, we need to make effort to improve skin. I dont go botox....
Because u do injection, once dont do, sometimes may sag even more. U watch TV u know what I mean.

I am born with a body base of f9. Means when young I got sick very easily.  When mom give birth me, I stayed in hospital for months.
And as a base , my body belong to the weak type, so cold hand and feet and also sick easily was once my body type.  For people if u born with good body type, please take care and this body is like a car and car travel far and steady.

So I do things to improve on it. That is why I cant sleep late, once I sleep late i get sick de.

28 days better skin
I find that drinking

1)10 cups of liquid is important. Coffee breakfast is important (black coffee slimming and antioxidant). Breakfast must eat, if dont eat, aged 5 times and face sag fast even u take tonic .
2) One red apply a day, one cup of tea a day
3) 1-2 eggs daily
4) Greens daily
5) Barley water 3 times a week
6) Detox stomach tea once every 2 weeks, those u drink at night second day shit alot that kind.
7) Porridge water evening daily
8) Black bean 3 times a week, dont care how u cook.
9) American Ginseng plus chrysanthemum drink 2 times a week
10) Calcium pills, honey acacia and lingzhi pills alternate month
11) Fish or Chicken essence 3 times a week
12) Soup 3 times a week . Must have bones in it. Once a month Fish Maw
13) Acupressure daily before I sleep on He Gu and Nei Guan
14) KFC or Macdonald twice a month
15) Potatoe chips once a blue moon
16) Chocolate dark 3 times a week.
17) I mask daily and apply lavender water or rose water many times a day. After that cotton didnt throw but wipe legs and hands.
18) Change face towel often
19) Pillow case must wash weekly
20) Silk cloth put beside bed or pillow
21) Rice Bran Oil and sandalwood powder a pinch and abit honey scrub body. Ur body skin soon will be smoother than many people face.
22) Tian Qi and Niu Qi twice a month so blood circulation good skin nice and leg no pain when age
23) I surround my office or table with crystals and colors. I believe colors play important role make u happy. I wear crystal. I love my black tourmaline, in a way is a Japan very sort after crystal now. Black tourmaline seems to calm me down. Also I find Titanium Quartz on office table bring calmness. I find puting a few pieces on office table is religious free and its aura improve surrounding.

I do have lines start to form le, but is ok, i now use dragonblood gel apply this area and seems to lift up. The use of rose mask for 3 months, has allowed my skin to be more pump up too. Also I find my eye area fine lines iron out after HA eye serum last year .

All Skincare found in www.omhealth.com

Omhealth is forever thinking ways to improve the skincare range. For example, your facial serum all was upgraded few years back to

1) Antiage serum (day time)
2) Magwhite Serum (night time)

1) Astiquer Cleanser which is milky type but cleanser face gently
2) Tea Tree Raffael Cleanser is more cleanse type

For me I use this two cleanser alternate days , or one morning and one evening up to you.

Toner Or Skin Softener Hydrator
1) Lavender Grapefruit water amazing nice
2) Rose Water Hydrosol so so good even for sensitive Skin

1) Perfectionist for Day and Night
2) Synergy or Marine Collagen ( I use night as it may be a bit thick)

For oily skin, may be you can just use my antiage serum follow by a layer dab dab of my SPF 25 Collagen sunblock.

1) This scrub Vanilla flora scrub is amazing to use. Many try this scrub and feedbacks was amazing
You ought to try this scrub

Cleanse Whitening Mask:
1) Green Clay Mask for super detox , may be drying to dry skin so leave it on 10mins
2) Pearl White Clay Mask, amazing and is for all skin type, I use this weekly now

Hydrating Mask
1) Cucumber and berries mask ; Hydrating face and eye mask
2) Rose Bionic Gel Mask: With collagen

Antiage products
1) Dragonblood Face A8D face Gel Absorb so quickly now I use as kwa sa face gel. I apply noon time ahaha.
2) Ultimate eye Gel: Best Eye Gel and with antiage ingredients to suit our weather and apply after HA eye serum .
3) Ginseng Eye Cream: Best Eye Cream apply evening or day up to you. Is very nourishing but wont cause eye seeds.

Special Range
1) HA eye serum lines that can be refilled
2) SPF 25 Collagen Sunblock that seats in so nicely to skin.

1) Neroli facial oil
2) Immortella Facial Oil
3) Blue Royal Roman Chamomile Facial Oil

Use water Oil towel method can see glow. For me I use oil alot on neck before sleep. As it is best nourish for neck And for neck i dont want apply too complicated things.

Secret My Secret:
Before sleep I apply 2 drops frankincense on palm warm it and massage neck and slap my face and massage chest. Increase energy flow and frankincense famous fight wrinkles.

Special Body Care:
1) Body must take care, Rice Bran oil apply few drops hands and legs not oily and very smooth second day.

2) Special Sandalwood powder a teaspoon in shower scrub body amazing whitening. And leave on skin for 3mins. U will be amazed

1) Cedarwood Hair Shampoo is amazing daily use.
2) Hairgrowth shampoo too circulate ur scalp

A) Argan Hair Serum is a must, u use one time u will know how good to hair and protects the hair.

More ancient method yet effective
1 drop rosemary oil, 1 drop lavendula vera oil, cup of warm water final rinse on cleanse hair and wipe dry. Fight dandraff.


There will be a launched of new moisturiser for night. If u find marine collagen not suit ur skin this one best and is nourishing.

Monday, December 29, 2014

My Anti headache neckache tea

bryan lao shi 4 antiheadache tea

Above tea is good for neckaches related headaches.
One of the key ingredient is ancient Ah Ma ingredient use in Fish Head soup. Call Tian Ma Fish head soup. Now not many people make le

Above tea make for internal heat and blood circulation headache related.

If got headaches neckaches drink one time and combine with 3 oil and neck massage can see good effects.

1) Tian Ma 2 pieces
2) ge Geng 2 pieces
3) American Old Ginseng a tablespoon
4)Ju Hua Yeloow 2 tablespoon put later

1 ,2 ,3 in 4 cups water boil 30mins. Than final off fire, add the Ju Hua. Drink when cool.
  • Calms the liver, extinguishes liver wind from either heat or cold patterns - spasms, tremors, headache, epilepsy, numbness, dizziness, wind-stroke, childhood convulsion, can be used for problems due to heat or blood deficiency.
  • Extinguishes wind, alleviates pain - headache, dizziness, migraine headaches that occur with wind-phlegm patterns, hemiplegia, dizziness, numbness.
  • Disperse painful obstruction due to wind phlegm - numbness and pain of the lower back and extremities.

I have headache this morning because last week busy with event and also write many articles and launching new products. So this morning make this tea drink and apply my clarity roller also. Wa Power....

If you have friends always headaches neckaches, try drink this tea

and buy them clarity roller, peppermint oil. Lavendula , marjoram and rose balm

This few best investment can last whole year and whole family can use.

I extract above pic from http://hillgrovefamilychiropractic.com/services-and-techniques/exercises.html  they have a series of good tips.

Normally I apply oil and do the roller.

Friday, December 26, 2014

3 Days Promotion

This Hair Serum many feedbacks and take care many hair problems.

To thank all this hair serum arrived fresh and will have promotions.

Both Item $110 and u will love it.
Hair serum check label beside under Bryan Hair Serum or this article

Most natural and loved item.

In short 3 new product this two months

1) DragonBloodUltimate Eye Gel $55
2) Bionic Rose Mask $68
3) Myrrh Oil 6ml $50

Thursday, December 25, 2014

50 bottle rosemask launched

Xmas I launched this rose mark because is a mask if a branded brand sell will be $180.

Bryan Rose MASK $68 and refer to www.omhealth.com under order icon

Is made in Australia specially formulation by Bryan Lao Shi. Are you proud of omhealth?

And is my way of giving back to you through research and using good quality ingredients. Read the ingredient list and be surprised.

Today officially launched. A hydrating mask with collagen, hydrating and can sleep over night once a week. For me i prefer daily do ahahahah and wash off.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cancer and Cancel Cancer

Lately many news on cancer... I spend few days to write this article. and hope u can read and label beside many cancer and frankincense related articles.

I am not a medical doctor.
The article below is based on my 20 years of natural therapy experience just to share. Do seek medical advice for any issues. I claim disclaim any claim, until no claim and cannot anyhow sue people till u claim is u read and u didnt read this sentence clearly and u blame people end up u claim nothing.

Cancer tumor and growth in body

In my understanding of natural therapy. Tumors or cancer, are like mouth ulcer similar in body(my anaoloy).

Some people even have cancer but when dont know have cancer seems to recover fast. Some once know is cancer, it affect the body fast and die fast.... Is the mind.... heart and Qi. but is best to body check up and handle with care. What I trying to say, a person emotion can either worsen or speed up healing.

Why? Well is the mind and body capability to heal a sickness like ulcer. for mouth ulcer, if u sleep well and eat more vege it recover fast. But if u very tired and busy, it drag very long.

In natural therapy, tumors or growth are like a body way of detoxing negative Qi and toxic cant be release end up through growth. When a body can learn to detox of mind and emotion and eat healthy the growth may just disappear.

Main problem with people when have cancer is they listen too much. Once a person have cancer, many friends or relatives will give many suggestion from herbs to etc..... 
What the patient need is someone to listen to.... A person to listen to their problems rather than suggestions. When a person mind and heart has alot of worries and no place to release out, it cause the body qi to be stagnant. But when u listen and care concern, their body negative qi is release and recover faster.

So from here, we learn one thing, if u always keep things in yourself and compress, tumor will pop up. In TCM, women prone to breast cancer because the heart alot burden and sadness trapped. Liver meridians walk through the breast which cause growth.

So why people use frankincense, rose geranium and lavendula vera  can help cancer because this few oil besides having alot of medical properties, it can release liver and heart qi stagnation.

Lately research frankincense can handle abnormal cell in body. For me I am not scientist. I just experience myself using Holy Sacred Frankincense even my healing frankincense has heal my cyst. and u can see my many students feedbacks for breast tumors reduced size.
Here is the article :http://www.rexresearch.com/articles2/frankincense.htm  read ba when free

  • Chemical extracts of Frankincense resins might possess anti-cancer activities, based on their anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic activities in rat astrocytoma cell lines. It possess cytostatic and cytotoxic activities in multiple human cancer cell lines, including meningioma cells, leukemia cells, hepatoma cells, melanoma cells, fibrosarcoma cells, colon cancer cells, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer cells.

  • Uses: Normally they put above mix with rice oil massage chest and breast.
  • Aromatherapy is used by patients with cancer primarily as supportive care for general well-being.
  • Aromatherapy is used with other complementary treatments (e.g., massage and acupuncture) as well as with standard treatments for symptom management
I find when go foot reflex, u add few drops of aroma oil like lavendula or frankincense works wonder.

Bryan Lao Shi Aromatherapy Kit

1) Lavendula vera, apply foot before sleep. Also sometimes before sleep see body where have mini pimple apply it.
2) Rosemary Spanish oil, is weird although this oil is energising, but at times i am stress before sleep, i use this oil with lavendula vera seems to work wonders. I also use rosemary and bergamot in essential oil burner. Love it
3)Bergamot beats depression,for many woman. For me i love it because it works.
4) frankincense oil seems to beat all problem oil, a bottle in office or beside beds helps u in many situation, it center my thoughts too.
5) Snow Chamomile, i use it to calm and when mix with bergamot of PAF lime, it boost positive energy

Tell you the truth, aromatherpy itself cannot just smell. U must press acupressure for it to work . So this is not taught right. For me before inhale any oil i will press this point. This point open up the senses and tell ur brain, hey relax la.

U can have many aromatherapy but how to use and correct blend need alot of years of experience.... I learn and learn from many Masters and i am glad it works for many.

Food Intake:
I am quite worry for the new generations. Look at their face, skin is really not good color. Because over use of eyes and smart devices and sleep late. They will have alot of health issues when is our age. I believe this blog dont really have people in 18 read....

cancer or tumors feed on rotten food, just like crabs. DO you know crabs are attracted to rotten food. And i describe cancer cell or tumors are like crabs that feed on rotten junk food u eat.

And rotten feelings. I tell you, people who have rotten feelings like anger, jealousy and unhappiness create rotten Qi in body that feed the crabs.

Food guideline: Try to reduce processed food. Eat greens daily, is not easy now but u must ok. Soup is important . Water I try to drink alkaline water le, i buy the singapore brand starwater.... but u can choose ur own brand. I am not spokesman. Japan korea cancer drop alot i heard is their house all have the alkaline water machine.
For me bryan lao shi, i feel damp energy is also main cause of illness. I will drink barley and roasted barley tea, Chen Pi with Puer, also some detox tea like Five Flower Tea (I buy yu ren sheng one, expensive but fresh), but other things i buy from outside.
U can also using Powerbath and using DIY seasalt body scrub to detox body. Do you know my sandalwood powder a teaspoon with 5 drops rice bran oil scrub whole body is very powerful.
In ancient time Sandalwood powder use in pre bridal shower scrub. They put a teaspoon sandalwood powder mix with rice oil 20 drops scrub body. Super smooth... Have u tried?

This also clear negative Qi in meridians.

Do you know my workshop 8th March 2015 with Bryan Lao Shi and Dr Xu Lili is open for registeration now.... Class at National Library from 930am to 1130am. U will love this workshop. Is a talk and talk with u and me. Fees $38
Email class@omhealth.com with name and mobile.

So Bryan Lao Shi breathing exercise is important.

Oil that works on clearing this is Dragonfly oil and PAF lime oil.
Once a day in wrist inhale abit than do 478 breathing exercise before sleep helps.


Crystal Healing for health. Before I share with you this stone. Let me share with u the ancient use of stones. May not have medical proof, but read as leisure for u. So ur knowledge good ma. Below articles are from ancient crystal healing de. So i take it there must have some reason why it was being used.

For me, i hold the stone and feel good, sometimes put on stomach , lie down and relax for 5mins.

works base on energy system.:  Sunstone is  an Oligoclase Na(AlSi3O8) + Fe, a variety of feldspar with gold-orange metallic sheen created from the inclusions of Goethite and hematite

For me,  it energise and bring light to a person body and it calm plus warms the heart. It was once used for protection, life force, and grounding. Sunstone prevent negative people from draining u.This includes parents, children, lovers, patients, bosses or anyone who is possessive, aggressive or overbearing. S

A good stone to strengthen the psyche as it promotes cheerfulness, good humor and a benevolent temper.

Allow though most notably known for its sunny orange yellow color, This triclinic crystal has been a symbol of healing through centuries. It most notably found in India and used in sun healing rituals as it was also used in ancient Greece for sadness and for treatments of gout . There was belief e who thought this stone kept the sun on course and protected the earth from disaster. It was also a stone offered for protection from "evil spirits" by the Native American Indians. 

Anyway see blog beside label , go under cancer or frankincense usages. Also this blog under the blog search engine, type the things u think or want find out many articles.

Rice Bran Oil $45
Holy frankincense $90
Rose Geranium $45 worth $80 in market
Bergamot: $38
Lavendula vera $28

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rose Gel Mask better than paper mask

Launch Date: 1st Jan 2015;

Ingredients: Purified water. Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolised Collagen, Chrysanthemum flower extract, Jojoba extract, Seaweed extract, Grapeseed extract, Rose Absolute,Licorice extract, grapeseed, vitamin E, Cranberry Extract.

Hydrating Bionic Rose Gel Mask

When skin is dehydrated u may look dull or aged, this 10-minute moisture facial gel restores moisture balance. 
Prevent fine lines and whiten skin because many time, freckles and blemishes grows with dry skin. I was inspired by some of my Taiwanese actress friend. She told me she will use mask daily. And they very into Gel Mask.
Good Gel mask must be gentle yet powerful hydrating. 

Because they are always under strong light and makeup, so mask is important but cant do paper mask all time. One good paper mask cost $5 to $25. but u think with this power gel mask u safe alot of money.

It is perfect for aged and sensitive also Singapore humid weather yet dehydrated skin. Also it is a good mask for  skin irritated by wind and weather.  This soothing mask formulated with rose, chrysanthemum, Hyaluronic Acid and liquorice to calms dry, dull and irritated skins. With Collagen it reduces fines lines and wrinkles.

This sumptuous, thirst quenching mask floods skin with moisture and nutrients, repairs damage, renews and revitalizes the skin for results you simply have to see to believe.

A soothing , cooling, and calming gel that helps soothe dry, ageing skin. It can achieve radiant, beautiful, and youthful-looking skin.  

What can it to do:
This soothing gentle gel helps soothe, hydrate, and detoxify dry skin with botanical extracts. It is excellent to calm and soothe irritated skin.

Suggested Usage:
Put mask in fridge-Apply a generous coat on cleanse skin. 
-Allow mask to remain on for 10 minutes. 
-Rinse with cool water. 
-Use two to three times a week or daily for intensive hydration.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

PMS cramped

I dont have PMS, but I know and I see how my ex colleagues cramp until need to squat down that kind.

Well, nowadays young woman don't really know how to take care health. With cramps and still eat salad cold food, result in cramps, and ageing yellow skin.

I have many doctors friends, when I share with them how my clients has recovered from tumor cyst after using frankincense holy, they just errr ok. Sigh..... a medince used by Chinese ancient, egypt etc no need gain medical science to verify validate. All these years many clients using holy frankincense share with me success stories. But serious cancer, they use as one to comfort their mind. because i dislike overclaims. There is also limitation.

I hope one day, medical science and natural therapy will seat down in discussion. Again I want to say there are some natural therapist also overdo, like all illness can cure one, which I disagree. Sometimes i feel if u have serious pain, is ok to see a western doctor to find out and may be take a few days antiinflammation pills follow by natural therapy to maintain.

Below material from a expert:
Science in Aromatherapy: The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research showed that a cream consisting of essential oils was sufficient to dramatically reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramping.

3 Oil for PMS pain, u can 1 drop each with 5 drops rice bran oil, massage navel and lower back.

Here's what the science shows about each essential oil:
  • Lavendula vera can relieve anxiety, depression and pain in previous human studies. And it has studies support its use as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Peppermint improves blood circulation and immunity. It is also useful in curing headaches, motion sickness and urinary tract infections. Pregnancy should avoid use
  • Marjoram Oil has been demonstrated as an analgesic, and to dilate blood vessels, which relieves menstrual cramps in previous studies.
In this study, four molecular components of the oils used accounted for more than 79% of the oil composition. Those four components have potent properties themselves:
  • The lavender and clary sage essential oils contributed two specific molecular components that are known to be anti-inflammatory and relieve pain in both humans and animals. In addition, one of those molecules inhibits the secretion of the prostaglandins that cause uterine muscle contractions.
  • Marjoram oil has a component that also interferes with the prostaglandin pathway, and has pain-relieving properties. Another component in marjoram is a known local anesthetic.

2 Oil method Female Power Blend / Male also can
Myrrh and frankincense holy produce a Royal scent. Myrrh if use alone too strong le.
Holy Sacred frankincense oil apply chest and tummy daily will reduce alot female illnesses.

Myrrh 6ml $50
Holy Sacred frankincense $90
Healing Frankincense $45
Empty bottle 15ml $2
Rice bran oil 100ml $45

www.omhealth.com see how to order
What’s incredible is Frankincense and Myrrh are used in TCM combinations or herb formulas mainly to unblock the flow of blood, treat traumatic injury and stop pain. 

They really good for for abdominal pain during menstruation and for irregular menstruation .  
In Chinese TCM Frankincense is known to ease the tendons and muscles while myrrh is used for non-healing sores such as bed sores.

U know last time i blend 2 drops myrrh and 2 drops frankincense in 10ml rice oil and apply to my neck bone problems. U wont have the hot feeling but it will slowly do clearing of pain, is not instant but it goes down to deep root of the problems.

I suggest the use of Holy Sacred frankincense if u want the scent to further help u. It can
  • acts as a sedative, great for insomnia, helps anxiety, anger and stress.
  • relieves pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, etc., soothes inflammation.
  • improves digestion and alleviates gas, abnormal sweating, uneasiness, and indigestion
  • promotes urination to purify the body and reduce bloating
  • helps regulate estrogen production and delayed menstruation. Helps PMS symptoms and pain.
Frankincense Oil blends well with PAF Lime, Lemon,,Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh, Healing Trees and Sandalwood oil but my powerful blend is blend Frankincense with is Myrrh. the two of these oils work like magic together.

When myrrh and frankincense oil blend with rice oil, it has properties for healing to use daily.

1) relieves inflammation of tissues in body
2) Protect body from viruses.
3) Blood circulation
4) nerves and IBS when massage stomach 

This Christmas, give something to your friend.
Blend 3 drops Holy sacred frankincense and 3 drops myrrh in 15ml rice bran oil. Do a nice label and print out properties and usages.

Apply the blended oil on navel and lower back is a must. Is call 2 point method. Than put hot water bottle. Girl Using Hot Water Bottle / Nils Hendrik Mueller - <previous> 10/06 <next>

Acupressure for cramps. Apply one drop blend or direct holy sacred to the point below and press soreness mayhave for 3 mins. Stop cramp and pain.

Power Tea for cramps
8 slice of San Cha (hhawthorn), 1 big boiling cup water, steep for 15mins. Add dark sugae 1 table spoon. Drink warm.