Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet up with professor

To learn Thai natural therapy from royal respectable professor and is not easy to gain trust and I am very lucky to receive her personal teaching!
And I will share with u all

Bryan lao shi travel

I am off to learn from a professor on Thai herbs therapy and will be first to share with u all ok in Singapore in 2015

Bryan lao shi meridians of Thai and chinese talk !

I will be away and Leng Leng will check email for orders for me thanks a lot and do support ok

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Serums thank you promotions

Only 20 sets;
Mag white serum and antiage serum a set of two at $100;

Many love this serum; evening mag white serum and day anti age serum

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Famous Hair Serum Arrival on friday

Many were waiting for this hair serum because it was sold all to an Indonesian lady ( She get 40 bottles).

Is arriving fresh on Friday. 

Why Bryan Hair Serum so famous and not market product can compare because of the texture.

Bryan's Argan Hair Serum (Non sticky but feel good)

Avocado Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, , Argan Oil, Dragonblood extract
Amazing Bryan Lao Shi Argan Oil Hair Serum.
Control , Smooth, Shine and anti frizz.
contain Argan (best quality), Rose extract, Vitamin E, Dragonblood extract (tree)  and Carotene.
(restore hair shine and repair damaged, colored or perm hair)

Friday, August 29, 2014


Lotus dragonfly all sold as each silk is not more than 3 ; so will choose lucky one for u all; 

So I can choose for you base on ur name;))

21st Sep 2014

The 21st Sep 2014 Talk Topic is confirmed

For past 10 years I have different focus for different year.

So this 2014: ( Bryan's talk is always remedies, and theory will reduce to so minimum because dont want to waste the precious time to share)

A)  Body Pain management (with foodcure) and the correct stretch to do. (focus)
B) Aromatherapy roles in reflexes
C) Simple effective reflexes
D) Female tumors and cyst discussion with remedies (by Bryan and Dr Xu)
E) Sleep Disorder straight to the point remedies.
F) Hair and Skin Beauty on spot Q and A and tips.
G) Power food and Bryan Aroma Touch Therapy (BATT) techniques
H) Some acupressure and stretching that helps in balance Body Qi.

2012 we talk about digestive issues and u all can check blog for many remedies ok:>

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hair Dark Hair recipes

Hair Oil recipes (once blended can last 3 months)


Hair Oil (many recipes, this is one of them , more for maintenance)
Rice Bran Oil 30ml
5 drops rosemary, 3 drops lavendula vera, 3 drops lemon, 2 drops Spice up Oil, 2 drop rose geranium.

Most simple hair oil which can help attack head wind and headacche problems

30ml rice bran oil: 5 drops rosemary , 5 drops lavendula, 2 drops peppermint oil

More than Just Quality Products

I didnt spend much time to promote my products. Do take a look at ok. Skincare.

Anyway today is to thank all donors and students what we have done together this few years.

Quarterly Report for all students:
I have decided to announce things u all have involved and power of combined effort.
Since 2001 , omhealth has participated in alot of public work. And quietly with many students. This year we have
i) imparted acupressure skills to many elderly and some healthcare group.
ii) Cambodia road and rice building
iii) Batam education for children
iv) Sri Lanka Children education
v)  Local, medicine, coffin
vi) Rice and food
vii) Preservation of temple and prayers conducts for harmony and safety
viii) Library Buddhist assit fund
8) Haze 2013 mask for 200
9) Singapore Muslim Education funds
10) Physiotherapy sponsors for the needy
11) Physio equipment for Homes.
12) Mooncake Festival Tui Na, Food donation and tiger balm donation
13) Pi Pa Gao donation for elderly
and many more cant remember.  Thank you Cindy Seah and family, and other students, who last minute i need transport and coordinations helped me.
This saturday will be mooncake and ginseng distribution.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

21st Sep 2014

See you all on 21st Sep 2014. And good great news to share with you for pain management and tumors rectifications problems.

Bryan Lao Shi Tips

Off hand I have different TCM doctors under my research. So different months and period i will intro different doctor and all good and is not $$$$ type.

Bryan Lao Shi every year will research on some good TCM. This month, if u find body like fatigue,neck pain or stomach bloated need to eat herbs and need some tonics or nourish and no time cook. U can look for Professor Xu , XU BO SHI, 63230898 to listen pulse and prescribe one week medicine eat, less than $80 (normally $50 sometimes). And is eat one time can le. Good doctor caring and no ask people buy things and also good accurate detail. (Bryan Lao Shi, no profit, since 2002 has been sharing different doctors so as to help more people and prevent conned by branded one)
This clinic i am known as Hua De ahahah. Anyway mention my name wont have discount and I dont have money also ahaha.... Just that , when clinic heard my name , everyone very scare because i audit and post facebook. ahhaha

But no good one, I dare not post here, if not i wait die of poison ahahha... Choy Choy Choy

For neck he is good at opening neck cramped. U can request see he will do anot ahahah.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rose water mask

Try rose water in cotton and out face 3 mins; see how it glows later

Monday, August 25, 2014

Eyes Bright Method: Prevention method.

This is such a common method many heard of. Me too. But anyone find it works? Anyone know the exact procedure?

Also using clarity roller and inhale few times a week for elderly better than medicated oil and open up the eyes channel meridian. U all wonder why my roller is call clarity roller? Now u know right ahahah:>

Let me share here. How to drink this tea correctly first。
Eyes must take care, because of our phone and computer, i foresee many will suffer from early eyes degeneration. If dont take care, we will regret.

3 things:
1) Foodcure (greens a must)
2) Warm the eyes with warm towel ( often) sometimes can put aroma oil in water.
3)  Neck acupressure and temples acupressure and around eyes acupressure daily.

Frankincense is power eye tonic if inhale or massage neck . I know is an expensive oil. But u think inside has 100 drops. SO use 2 months is ok.

白菊 8 pieces ,枸杞 10-15,泡参 x1

Put all in a big mug, pour in boiled water and steep for 15mins. Pour out and than pour in water again. Now u have 2 cups le. Drink throughout the day.
U can drink above 2 cups a day, 3 times a week. Dont need everyday.

There are many types of Ju Hua, u must use Bai Ju.
 Drinking of this tea is to move the liver qi and reduce liver fire so eyes can be nourished. Is a preventive maintenance measure for eyes issues.

Again, u all normally will read and read and learn but wont do one. Or drink awhile wont drink. So make an effort ok.

For eyes problems , like long sighted or short sighted or Old Flower Eye.You can  do

A) Acupressure daily for eyes issues using ten spice oil method which I shown in video.( see label beside under ten spice oil)

B) Create a eyes kwa sa Oil with

2 drops frankincense, 1 drop rosemary oil in 10ml rice oil. (Life span 3 months) After 3 months can massage into hair and body for consecutive 3 days the remaining while in shower and wash away.

I have 2 types of frankincense,

1) Healing Frankincense
2) Holy Sacred Frankincense

Both works. But once a life time try this Holy Sacred one ok:>

Latest Research in Frankincense

A) Researchers from Japan and the University of Maryland both determined that frankincense oil has anti-inflammatory properties.  Studies have shown that the boswellic acids in frankincense have an anti-inflammatory action, much like the conventional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) used for many inflammatory conditions today.

 I used almost daily on my bone neck degeneration area.

B)  Its anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for bronchial restrictions with asthma and bronchitis.  Several properties of the oil make it beneficial for indigestion and ulcers.

I put a 2 drops massage stomach, neck and chest 3 times a week.  In a way the oil energy will tune the body.
My Blur Eye Vision Problems solved

Once I was over work and suddenly my eyes blur for a few days. Which I was quite worry. So i start to every night put warm compress of warm towel 3 mins. Than
I put one drop of Frankincense on the back of my neck and temples. If I ever have eye strain I just put a drop on my temples and it clears up. It works.

After apply frankincense, and after massage neck and temples. U follow this few points, it works wonder for eyes and head issues. U press down 3 seconds and release , each point 10 times.

Those who have my frankincense, dont waste it, start using ok.

Fresh Holy sacred frankincense ($90) and Healing Frankincense ($45) arrived. U can order now.

Anyway 21st Sep Health and Beauty reunion with Bryan talk 2014 ( new topics on old problems)

Are u registering. Left 18 seats.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Charity Continues

Actually I am just doing my part as a Bryan Lao Shi. And I am glad, i can activate some of u to combine with me to do further good for the society this OCtober (thats how i celebrate my birthday)

I am very very happy, omhealth combine with few friends and students:
we are contributing Tui Na, Medicine and also 6 tables of dinner for elderly during my birthday month. This is so meaningful. Thank u these friends and u know who u are:>


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dearest all

Today i talk to a lady

who use my skincare and was very good at first n glow. But today she talks to me suddenly skin allergy .

And when I probe further. Because she did laser daily..... and end up allergy and is not because of my skincare.

Dearest all.... there are in market now, ask people do many laser.

Not many people can do skin laser. Now everywhere u go is laser. It is not sutiable for many.

1) Thin ur skin (doctor surely say wont)
2) After skin laser skin become more sensitive if u dont take care
3) Singapore weather if laser u must take care further if not skin become very dry and will turn to allergy.

Personally I have many client injured by laser and after that what save them is rice bran oil and aloe gel. If u wan do laser, ask advice from National Skin Center please. Dont anyhow go see outside doctor, even they say doctor, some not very good one.

Please please why not naturally beautify ur skin. Laser is fast but can fast damage skin

Dear all, laser is very convenient now, but not all skin suitable. And also if u want laser, dont ask normal doctor, some they just wan to earn $$$, go to National Skin Center, they are more professional and will tell u actually u dont need laser. Dear all laser can damage skin de and make ur skin sensitive. I dont recommend and dont like....  Laser have success story make ur skin glow, but normally after a week become dull.... So please before u go laser, carefully think first.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bryan Lao Shi's work at last recognized le ( really climb from step 1 since 1998)

I am really grateful this TV show has helped omhealth to reach a new level in beauty and health. And I am the first internationally to intro brand new techniques. Is only few minutes but i spend months to think how to tell people what omhealth does in 8 mins. And is not easy really. And with Universe help and all of you who has supported omhealth, i thank u for giving me the courage. In this 8 mins, u see crystal, oil, silk, yoga etc and thats what omhealth does and something no one can copy but i will only share to u.

Have u registered


Once email confirm do make payment.

21 sep 2014 civil service club auditorium health and beauty with Bryan lao shi new topics 15 years anniversary! Have u registered?

Lavendual Vera lime PAF

This two oil brings back a lot of memories for me;

Lime PAF : the scent definitely brings you back to your childhood happiness; the kind of only worries is about teachers friends and classmates ; life was simpler;whenever I smell PAF lime it never fails to tell me, Bryan u re still young at heart , be courages and treasure what you have; a warmth energy seems to envelope when PAF lime is used; I don't know how is your experience with PAF lime;
I do hope u can try using it in your daily life.
A) drops 2 drops in cotton throw into ur bags or wallet
B) a drop in office table , see how your colleagues feel
C) just a drop in water rinse ur body for skin whitening

Well I do hope everyone in entire planet try this scent , I just lost of words to describe ; it comforts our heart, for those who spend ur life in studies work and family but when turn 30/40 felt what happen , why like that? Why ? Try this oil

Lavendual Vera: this grade such a wonder to use anytime especially bed time( thank u lavendula highest grade) thank u ;

Monday, August 18, 2014

Travel I am still Taipei

Travel :


20 几岁出国,爱买衣服偶尔可爱食品给家人。买不起太多。

30几岁出国,一定买手信给同事朋友,还要帮人买东东!出国为了show off.


Travel must bring essential oil because it makes ur life better

Rosemary oil I will put few drops cup of water final rinse hair
Lavender put pillow for good sleep
Rose balm helps in sleep and rest good

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today is happy day

Hi all day before I travel omhealth successfully provide yummy lunch and also herb toothpaste for the elderly!
Also thanks to all ;)

Oh rem support omhealth hor my cousin will reply orders email;

Rose water arrival fresh!!!

Busy Day before I taipei

Today final Volunteer work before I go Taipei..... Email i will take time reply. To many friends, they say, each email is an income... But to me volunteer work is more important.... Have a great day.

I will reply ur email ok; for orders, my cousin leng leng reply within 3 days. And I thank all who give me ur trust to order things u didnt even use before from online. This is call trust and everyone of you i thank u personally.


When i receive email this 2 days:

Does rosemary help hairgrowth and how to use.?
See the video two post ago and right side label under haircare.
please make effort.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rose water Otto

$45 arrivals fresh!! U can order le

Mask and also Flower water

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hair Care Video

Oil Used : Rosemary Spanish, Lavendula vera, Lemon, Rose Geranium,Rice bran oil and empty bottles and comb

Hair Care Video 2

Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 Oil power:

Silk Lucky Draw winner: Sock Yan: Do collect on 21st Sep Second lucky draw is this cup just bought from Taka at $200. If u get the face and eye mask ($68) and any one more item. U can enter this draw.

3 Oil is like your family that take care of your family:>

Photo: Thank u;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


3 oil since 2001 thank u

We all need SPICES

I always feel that spice can really prevent many illnesses. FOr me I feel it can prevent cancer related things (for me). I feel there is a reason to add spices to many food we eat. Of course curry powder u know is all spices that can boost immune system.

Photo: Ten spice oil really good! Qp, ur photography skill not bad. 蛮有意境!
Oil USed for earache and toothache

Lavendula vera and Ten Spice oil.

This is a very good oil. A drop on tissue, u can test out the scent last for 2 days and every moment it comes out different scent.

Is  a tenfold oil which kills many virals. For me i seasoned, i direct on palm and inhale. Ear or jaw pain, i compress a drop and it works wonder.

Earaches and Jaw Pain

It can means inflammation in body. See a TCM also take 3 days of herbs. Sometimes the powder so powerful and u can safe alot of money than anyhow buy things cook. U can request 3 days medicine powder can le. No need a week.

For this 3 days u eat clean and drink also Chrysanthemum tea with some honeysuckles, 2 small cup a day.

For earaches/ inflammation

Apply lavendula vera around the back of the ear, down through the jaw/neck to draw out the fluid, encouraging it to drain and reduce pain and congestion.
Than a drop of rice oil and 2 drops of ten spice oil above it around the ear.

Toothache because heaty last few days.

Last few days I have some toothache , i so scare of root canal, because i had one 14 years ago, very scare. So i  got out my ten spice and lavendula vera oils and would put a couple drops on a cotton bud and compressed all sides of the tooth, I layered the oils.

I did this several times a day. I also rinsed my mouth with 1 drop eucalyptus on warm water cup. I recovered second day.

I suggest before and after u go dental, a drop of lavendula and ten spice in a cup warm water rinse mouth.

Tea I drink: Marigold Tea of Jing Zan Hua can get from tea house.
Marigold Flower Tea

The Marigold (Calendula officinalis) has a long history of medicinal use; it is mentioned in many ancient herbals, including that of Culpepper, for use in the treatment of headaches, toothache, swellings and for strengthening the heart.

I drink this tea 2 times a week to bring any inflammation down in body. Each time i use 8 flowers. I dont like the taste la.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lucky set continues

Closing date tomorrow end of day and second piece of silk will be presented by Bryan !

U happy I happy all happy 

I make mistake in lucky draw

Silk lucky draw continues end tomorrow; made a mistake tot today closing date and give to a lady le; don't worry another silk will be imported by me and lucky draw still continues and will end tomorrow and announce Thursday and now two winners ; yeah so happy 

Drink porridge

Lucky silk winner is

Angie kesavan ! Do collect on stage 21 sep 2014

Mix rice and some small small rice than to porridge and add a tablespoon bovril vegetarian; drink three days can improve sleep and body aches; but cannot stop!

Monday, August 4, 2014

21st Sep 2014

If you love my healthbook than you will love this talk on 21st Sep 2014. A new approach to health talk created by Bryan and not bound by topics but free flow of informations that are researched and used. Will share freely in the class.

Due to our hectic lifestyle, many of us might not be aware of the nutrition value of the food we eat, the kind of stress we facing.  We might also not pay attention to standing and sitting postures which leads to backpain, knee pain and also stiff neck and shoulders.  It is also time for those who had not be exercising at all start to think about starting some exercise programs.  This health talks aim to create awareness and understanding in these various health aspect using natural method and preventive maintance.

16 years in the industry can talk until and niam until you remember.

Aloe Vera

21st Sep Reunion with Bryan Lao Shi
at newly renovated CSC auditorium
Fees: $45
Email and pay to POSB saving 033485310 : 

Topics: All about health and Beauty Talk

Special Guest: Dr Xiu for female health.

A very very fun and informative talk that details on

1) Breathing exercise
2) 5 organs toning
3) Right Qi exercise
4) Power Sleep recipes
5) Best acupressure for 2014.