Sunday, April 29, 2007

Liver Detox, Foot Bath, Insomnia, Fatigue

Performing foot bath can helps to reduce fatigue, insomnia and enhance your health if you perform it with some simple acupressure.

I have spent 2 years to research on the concoction for foot bath water and which acupressure works the best overall health.


2 drops of Lemongrass oil and 2 drops Rosemary oil into a bucket of warm water. Immerse foot in it for 15 minutes. Wipe dry your foot after you finished with the foot bath. You will feel really relax.

I like to do a foot bath whenever I want to detox my body. I can sleep better whenever I have my foot bath. My body can also better absorb whatever nutrients or vitamins, that I took on the following day after the foot bath.

The picture illustrate the pressure point which you can activate when you perform your foot bath. It helps to improve body Ki flow.
Have fun :)


Cammi said...

Hi Bryan,

if I want to buy the essential oil from u, how should i order and where to collect.

Bryan said...

Hi, u could email ur orders to me at

i will post to u, once u receive u can transfer me money thru posb saving

Darren "Foot Detox Bath" Reservitz said...


I would also like to throw some comments on this foot bath.
I have been using this detox foot bath and I really find it more useful and helpful. Detox Foot Bath really gives a luxury sensation to legs if the legs are cramped up inside socks, boots and wooly slippers. Foot detox also helps to filter toxin from body which helps in reducing headaches, poor circulation, constipation and many other medical conditions.