Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lavendula Vera

The response towards Lavendula Vera was overwhelming. I received many enquiries about Lavendula vera... As I have mentioned in the program, there are many species of lavender in the market. After so many years of research, I concluded the best lavender is this Bulgaria Lavendula Vera. Its gentle, sweet and nice.

It is more difficult to find good aroma oil in Singapore now, unlike 10 years ago. I am very happy to share Lavendula Vera with many of my friends who find it really good and effective.
Lavendula Vera has many usages. It is good for nerves tension, muscle spasm, anti- bacteria, antispetic and calming. I called it the first aid kit at home.


yishan said...

hi bryan,
can u tell mi where i can buy lavender in singapore.

Bryan said...

Yeah i do hold this lavendula vera Bulgaria, at $28 for 12ml, but i also have normal lavender at $18 for 12ml.

U can order by sending me an email

Oh, i am not multi-level marketing ahahhaha ....

Throughout this 10 years, i only able to research on 10 herbs and oil and use on myself personally. Currently i am researching on coconut oil.

Edric Hsu said...

Hey Bryan, my Lavendula Vera oil that I got from you last time is almost finished already!

Been using it for almost everything from adding into oils blends and facial products to applying on mosquito bites etc!

I want to get another bottle from you, and maybe a Tea Tree Oil too!

Pearl said...

Hi Bryan
I have been using your Lavendula Vera since you introduced it to me. It's an all rounder. My 3rd/4th bottle is running out, so will be calling you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
I'm Helen, Divorce three year ago with 3 kids. Have to look aft 3 kids, housework & working etc..... Aft the hard day I find I can't relax & can't sleep thru out the night. I wake up every one or two hours thru out the night. The big problem is still not waking up evry one to two hours Is I can't relax.
I recevied lavender Vera from you.
I try the method in your list.
"Just one drop lavendula vera in tissue rub it to both palm together and perform press. breath in press in hold awhile and breath out release & put the issue under my pillow case."

Can u image how sleepy i'm during the day.

Only last night I didn't wake up at all.

So this morning feeling very good.
Thank you very much, Bryan

Bryan said...

hi thanks for all ur support.

Lavendula vera is one of my greatest findings thank you

Anonymous said...

Best lavender in the world, some beauty salon claim theirs very natural but i trust ur sincerity because the oil i get from u smell fresh and fresh....

thanks bryan for introducing me this kind of lavender...
is veyr useful for me