Thursday, July 19, 2007


How time flies. I miss the morning show with Yong Mei and MCking. I will be meeting them for first makan today :D

I am very happy to receive very positive feedbacks for my facial serum and slimming serum.

Facial serum: Many told me their skin texture has improved and freckles lighten. However, no matter how natural a product is, there are bound to be a minority will be a minority to be allergic to it. I will always advise my customers to do a skin test before using. A beauty company wanted to buy my copyright of this product but I rejected their kind offer because they will repackage it and sell at $130++.

Slimming serum: Feedbacks include cellulite seems to reduce. Smoother and firmer skin at tummy area.
Oops, somebody also told me the packaging is not very nice. Hahahaa...Thank you. I will improve to a good pump bottle.


I have been doing research to find the best Lemon oil. Poor quality Lemon oil smell very sour because they are not fresh and probably have expired. The one that I conclude as the best smells really fresh and powerful. If you are attending my workshop in August, you will be able to smell this wonderful fresh Lemon oil.

Lemon oil is uplifting and cleansing. It replaces negative emotions by creating a cheerful atmosphere of freshness and purity. It can help dispel mental fatigue and psychological heaviness. The aroma of lemon can inspire increased concentration and awareness.

A Japanese study suggested that after diffusing lemon oil throughout a busy office building, typing errors decreased by 54%.

Simply placing a drop or two of lemon on a tissue can produce marvelous results.

Safety precaution to take note:
Lemon oil is powerfully astringent and antiseptic. It should not be applied undiluted to skin. Lemon can be photosensitizing agents, which can increased the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet light, causing accelerated burning and skin damage. Do not use Lemon oil on the skin in the presence of sunlight.

Cosmetic Uses
Lemon oil is astringent and detoxifying and is therefore great for blemishes associated with oily skin. Lemon oil also has rejuvenating properties and helps to brighten dull skin.

Lemon Skin Brightener
* 1 drop lemon oil
* 1 drop lavendula vera oil
* 200ml distilled water

Mix well. Cleanse your face. Apply this mixture onto skin using a piece of facial cotton pad. Followed by serum and moisturiser.


XueLi said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

Gong Xi Gong Xi for the success of another oil.
i am sure many will benefit from your success of the lemon oil. I had emailed to register for your Aug workshop and hope to see u


Camille said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

This mixture use as a toner, right?

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi hope to hear from u soon in radio is very good remedies u suggest


Anonymous said...

lao shi tell u what the slim serum did firm my tummy but no weight lost, i will continue use, but skin really very smooth ah

hai lin

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao shi,
My nine month old baby boy can't sleep well at the morning and night. Sometime he only sleep half an hour, it there any message oil so that he can sleep well. Because of this, I have dack eye circle, can Bryan Lao Shi teach me how to reduce this problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

For the distilled water, can use off-the-shelf bottled type?


Bryan Gan said...

Halo all,
yeah camille, is a kind of toner.

baby massage oil can be made with using 2 drop lavendula vera, in 50ml coconut oil, borrow a book in library and do baby massage with this blend, not only boost baby immune system but also sleep pattern

Or learn from my friend Wendy, Siao er tui na.

Distill water can buy from off the shelf one la.

preciousmoments said...

Hi Bryan

This is my 2nd time visits your blog. Congratulation on your success of another oil.

By the way, what is the purpose of the lemon oil? Can you elaborate more on that? By the way, i don't sleep well at night, any suggest for insomina?

Last but not least,if I wants to buy the product from you, how should I go about it and how much for each items?

Thank you.

Best Regards


Bryan Gan said...

Hi Kate thanks for your interest, oh the insomnia method is in this blog, so a search , the right hand side may be june issue one, with herbs very effective.

To get my oil, just email me and i will post u the items list.
my email is

As for lemon oil i explain very clearly in this blog, so read ok.

bryan here

Margaret said...

Hi Bryan

i attended your 7.7.07 workshop at ThomsonPlaza. i m also very impressed with your time management, being able to do workshops, experiment with beauty products, manage your blog & replying to emails pretty quickly.

I've some stock of essential oil at home which my sis bought some years ago. Please help to see & advise if there are of any good for use.

Please take a look here

and here

many thanks & cheers..