Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bryan's recipes for beautiful Body Skin (2007 Article revamped)

Warms the skin up, and leaves it smooth and luscious.

We tend to pay more attention to our face and less to our body skin. Especially our legs and hands which can get dry easily. In order to have smooth skin, we need to make an effort to apply body lotion every night before sleep.

Today, I am going to disclose a beauty bath oil recipe that no one has done before.

This recipes will activate humectant--it draws moisture to the skin. Plus, it has enzymes that work with rice bran Vitamin E that further rejuvenate your skin.


A teaspoon of Kim's sandalwood powder.

A tablespoon of diluted honey water

A teaspoon of rice bran oil

A) A Teaspoon of Bryan's sandalwood powder. Wet and scrub whole body with Bryan's sandalwood gently for 2mins. Rinse off.

B) A tablespoon of diluted honey water with half a teaspoon of rice bran oil. Use this mixture and massage the whole body for 2mins.

C) Final rinse your body without soap. Its not oily but very very soothing.


Spa Grade sandalwood powder will rejuvenate tired body skin, remove acne body skin and especially brighten skin from within.

After the scrub, honey water with rice bran oil will nourish skin deeply with Best Vitamin E from rice bran oil and the nourishing power of honey.

Notes: For me, I pre-mix in a small bottle by using 5ml honey water and 5ml ricebran oil. During shower, I will shake this bottle, and apply to body. Massage a bit and do a final rinse. Within 7 days, body skin will be very super soft. You can try on your hand first. You will be surprised because is so soothing soft.

Your skin will feel super silky smooth without chemical ingredients. Great detox.

RIce Bran Oil $45  Bryan's sandalwood Powder $38


Anonymous said...

I have tried and it really smoothen my leg. Mei yin (u give me this blend last friday class)

thank you.

Just a feedback, i went to the acupuncture u introduce, it really help my health. Plus using the 3 oil method u taught in the class. My neck pain is gone.

Have a great day and may Joy with u all the time

Anonymous said...

Every morning, i sure to read your blog before i start work. IS very informative. Just received your lavendula vera, indeed is very fresh and nice hand drawn label.

Just a comment, remember to tell your client, to wipe the head of the bottle with tissue often, sometimes when u drip the oil, it may flow to the cap abit.

All the best bryan laoshi, and our school is looking into inviting you to give a school talk for our teachers. I heard about you from many schools. cheers

Anonymous said...

Good morning lao shi,

the flora water is one of the best product i ever use. Is very soothing and natural, indeed no chemical in it. Thanks for sharing with us.
I bring to office and spray my face lunch time

Anonymous said...

Serum good. label has improved with instruction, received the items. Used for 4 days. Skin texture has improved abit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

Can pregnant ladies use your floral water?

Anonymous said...

Yes flora water can be used by pregnant women. I am using it and 4 month now.

is very safe.


Anonymous said...

Hv tried the hydrating honey mask.
Bryan laoshi said that my skin is
very dry. I can actually see the
different in my skin texture after
the first mask. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tansie
May I know how to make hydrating honey mask? how long need to rest from the face and how many time per weeks?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao shi,

I have open pores problem. Pls help and advise me what to do with it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I'm thinking to try pre-mixed for dry skin, may i know wat type of honey? can i re-mix n keep?


*Bryan Gan* said...

normal honey will do. helen

Anonymous said...


Can tell me how to make the honey hydrating mask? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Bryan,

One more question, how many ml is 1/4 cup.

Very cute right....
Thank you in advance,
From: Helen

Anonymous said...

Can you leave the coconut oil on your face overnight without washing off?