Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bryan's Aroma Yoga Acupressure Class

Bryan Lao Shi's Aroma Yoga Class (Non religious)

I have been teaching and sharing my Aroma acupressure yoga for 5 years. Yoga should be relaxing and I do not encourage people to perform extreme yoga when your body is not ready. It will do more harm than good. I have been teaching in AMD for 3 years and I can see a lot of people with more radiant face and better body flexibility. Another place where I used to teach Yoga is at Botanical garden. The air is so fresh there especially in the morning.
Check out for my upcoming event(on the right hand side) next week. I am trying to book a studio to conduct a public course. The course fee may be $15 per lesson. Just 4 simple and relaxing lessons to complete this full set of exercise, that I have developed for beauty and health. Those who are interested in this course, drop me an email at, with the title as: Bryan's exercise class. I will contact you once I book the place. A little hint hint : Bryan's aroma yoga class has music, aroma and exercise. I will limit to 20 person per class. It should be a saturday morning class.
Bryan Lao Shi's happiness diary:
Happiness is NOW ! It is not tomorrow. It is not yesterday. Happiness is like a morning glory: yesterday's will not bloom again; tomorrow's has not bloom yet. Only today's flower can be enjoyed today. Be happy this very moment and we should all learn how to be happy always.


Anonymous said...

Hi bryan lao shi, i have been using ur slimming serum for a month plus. At first i thought it wont work but to my surprise my leg cellulite reduce so much and also my waiste line reduced. Skin very smooth.

Amazing product. I will continue to use

kai li

Anonymous said...

Hi lao shi i am abit unhappy, i ran out of your serum because urs out of stock. And i was in need of one. Went to buy one from outside at $180 for 30ml, use for a week le no effect. At least urs smoothen my allergy skin.

Sugesstion: Can you make your serum more available and make it big in Singapore. Pleaseis really good and best serum i ever use. I am an experienced serum using for 5 years, almost all brand tried. I can be your testimonial.

so please inc

Serene Yap

Anonymous said...

Bryan, i saw you at CK tang yesterday. Oh gosh u look so young and energetic. I thought i have just seen a University boy. I now belief why you have so many fans. You really practice what you teach. I saw you buy alot vegetables.... Do you buy vege at CK tang so high class ah.... Kidding.

Yeah agreed with those above, the facial serum is good, very good. Hope you have more new items. Iwould like to swtich all skin care product to your brand.


Anonymous said...

Wat facial serum u buy from Bryan?i want to try..

Anonymous said...

Hi,kai li,
I also want try the slimming serum u many mths u apply?just appy on,is it?or need some procedure?


Sharon said...


Can someone advise where can I get the Aloe Vera gel?


Anonymous said...

hi sharon
you can buy aloe vera gel from GNC, advised by bryan.

to, anonymous 11:04am

you can email bryan at to order. just mention anti-aging serum. its the best serum i have used so far. suggest you attend bryan's class and read more of his blog then u wont be so lost.

Anonymous said...


U got attend bryan's class?