Thursday, September 30, 2010

RiceBran Oil Usage III

Good news for you. Rice bran oil has just arrived fresh. You can also use rice bran oil to make a very powerful body scrub. Body scrub is normally done once to twice a week. It is good for detox and helps to smoothen your skin. I will send out tomorrow for those who had ordered. Also is very useful for tiredness and rejuvenation and reduce body pain


1 tablespoon of rice bran oil, 250 gram of fine sea salt (from Nature Farm), 4 drops Lavendula Vera, 2 drops Peppermint, 2 drops Rose Geranium in a nice jar. Shake well. This is the same salt scrub that you saw in some health shops or spas but they are selling at around $60 per bottle. Keep this bodyscrub in cupboard.

Method: Wet your body. Use a tablespoon of the mixture and gently scrub your body a few times only. Leave it on for 1 min and rinse off. You can scrub a few more times at neckache area or cellulite area. After rinsing, do not use soap. To enhance the effect of reducing celullite, applying slim serum at cellulite area is recommended.


Anonymous said...

this salt scrub looks interesting. Will try this weekend. Yeah i saw organic salth scrub $79 for 500gram.

Cheers save money for us again

thanks lao shi

Anonymous said...

hi bryan lao shi,

can i buy fr u e ready make salt scrub instead of mixed it by myself? pls advice


Anonymous said...

hi bryan,

i also agree, can u mix it for us and we buy from u directly, its easier for us busy persons .. appreciate if you could .

anyway, i email u to order the mother day special, but no reply from u, hope u can reply to confirm order.


Unknown said...

Lao Shi,
fantastic radio show.I try calling in but line is too hot. U are very patient to answer all the questions.

*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi thanks for support anonymous, this few day radio and recording so may not time to reply email fast, will do so by tomorrow.

Salt i have no time to mix la, imagine one tub so heavy difficult to mix and sell u all ahahaha. Also i dont know how to send by mail. Hmmm may be next year ok, when my business expand i have more people help me and can sell this at some stores. At the mean time u try to mix if possible ok.

Thanks wor. cheers.

Unknown said...

Hi no 3 anonymous.
i think it would be good to let bryan lao shi know who u are so that he knows.I will call lao shi a few days later if i still has not heard from him.Suggest you call him just in case he did not receive or missed out your email

Anonymous said...

hi bryan,

of cos not ask u send by email lah

but we can collect when u got class mah ..

easier for us ..

hope u can consider ..

u can charge us the cost of the ingredients and a service fee loh


Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous,

Below is just my personal opinion. No offence to anyone.

Sometimes it is really not about $$$ but it is about the time. I also agree that Lao Shi would not have the time to mix the salt (see his aboved comments, 2nd paragraph to be exact) considering his busy schedule. Please, people, it is good if we can spare a thought for others. If we are busy people, so is Lao Shi.

Nature's farm (buying sea salt) has got a few branches inslandwide and if you already have those aromatherapy oil on hand, it is even easier. Really, try mixing it yourself if possible.

I went to get sea salt from Nature's Farm after work and mixed the sea salt scrub just now. And that is it, I can use the scrub tomorrow.

For your consideration.

Thanks and regards,

Anonymous said...

Rice Bran oil is loaded with vitamin E. I use it all the time and my skin is very soft. I'm going to make a scrub myself--so much less expensive than buying one.

Sherrie said...

Bryan 老师

Had wanted to thanks you so much becos my daughter's cough and flu had really stopped after i use the lavendula vera + eucalyptus and hairdryer, additional with the watercress soup. It really miracles becos it really works well. I dont hear her cough le.
Thank you again, Bryan 老师

Anonymous said...

Lao shi i love the really nice lavendula facial steaming. It helps me to clam my cough when i do facial steaming, funny right.

Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

hi anonymous J,

may i know which nature's farm outlet u bought the seasalt from? call i try to look for few branches but they told me is out of stock lei...can u pls help?

million thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I got the sea salt from the outlet at Suntec City since my office is in Suntec.

I called up the branch a minute ago and they mentioned they still have 6 packets in their outlet.

Keke... I actually reserved 2 packets for you. Reservation made under your name (Lily). But...but they will only reserved these 2 packets for only 3 days (until this Fri). I reserved 2 packets instead of only 1 because I am not sure if you are mixing extra for friends too.

Sorry, I kiasu so quickly reserved for you even without getting your approval.

Nature's Farm @ Suntec: tel 6333 6949

By the way, people, there is another branch at Marina Square too (walking distance from Suntec).

Lily, I hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks and Happy Scrubbing.

(I'll be at Part 2 workshop this Fri).

Anonymous said...

Hi J,

Million thnks to you! I'll get the seasalt fr suntec by this friday!

do u hv any email? i got so many q to consult u lei....


Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Huh? Consult me? Wow, making me nervous.

My knowledge is all from Lao Shi's blogs and workshops. I am not in the position to give advice.

I always look up Lao Shi's previous entries for answers to my questions, otherwise I will send email to him.

Lao Shi's email:


Anonymous said...

i secretly use house fine salt and mix with rice bran oil. same effect, the after effect is more than smooth skin, my neck shoulder tension has improved with one scrub.

Lao shi , cooking salt also can right?

Anonymous said...


Erh... To be more precise.

We do not need to use the ENTIRE bottles of oil for the sea salt scrub leh. Just that FEW DROPS from each type.

Hence, this is not the way to calculate the cost of the scrub.

The 3 bottles of oil (remaining) can be used for other purposes.


Anonymous said...

THe rice bran oil and other oil have other uses, i mix in body lotion and hair shampoo. Also mix and massage neck shoulder. May be you can attend workshop before buy.

Or u can blend 40 jug scrub and sell to your colleague. One bottle have 200 drops of oil, 200 divide 5 drop is 40 set. Wow u can earn. one tub u sell $20 40 tub u can earm $700.

El why not we do that.

Anonymous said...

HI El, i belief we should apreciate laoshi, normally spa or outsidethey wont review the receipe and will sell in a tub.

U cannot calculate in this way of dividing the individual items and say total items is $100. Is so unfair to the person who reveal receipe. In that case you wont enjoy many things in life. I have tried this simple scrub. IS like going spa, u pay extra $38 for body scrub. now u just use a tablespoon.

The rest of the oil i use it for footbath, and hand bath. Plus mixing with cream for stomach massage. It alsohelps me in my constipation.

This are things money cannot buy. I am saying these because i appreciate alot what Bryan lao shi taught us.

Meng Hui

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi, Gd Morning.

May i know how to keep DIY Body Scrub at room temperature or inside the fridge & thank you?

fm MingXiang