Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flawless Skin Antiage Set

Everyone would love to have flawless skin.
Touch your skin after washing your face, you can feel the smoothness, and also a slight glow after applying serum. This shot was taken with no makeup.

I am very happy the antiage set works well for many skin.
If you are new to my products, you can give it a try. Its clean, natural and sincere :)

A) Facial treatment cleanser / cleanse and nourish your skin
B) Lavendula vera charcoal flora water / tone hydrate, fight bacteria, clarity
C) Antiage serum / deep into skin to lift and hydrate
D) Collagen moisturiser or lotus cream. / Nourish, protective layer glow.
With just $205 you can have the best items.

E) Day time u can use this collagen cream or perfectionist cream follow by Sunscreen25.

Collagen Moisturiser has Vit B3 that reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, redness, yellowing, and blotchy spots on the face.

I called this, the perfect chemical free four steps. At night, you can use skin vita serum instead for skin brightening and glow. All the items, from A to D will constantly change its antioxidant flowers so as to allow your skin to enjoy the best.

Anti-age Procedure:

Apply face and eye mask 3 times a week. Use Neroli facial oil to massage face once a week. Products list as


Anonymous said...

Used many Dr's product till skin senstive. Thanks to this set. Is useful.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi your collagen moisturiser is really good. But u must remind others to put in fridge. U forgot to state in your product list.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Laoshi,

the new course date should be 2010 instead right??


*Bryan Gan* said...

I mentioned before my master advised that EMF fengshui class can only be conducted in 2011. Thats why the previous two class was final one. ANd need to wait till 2011.

Anonymous said...

Bryan LaoShi, where is your handsome photo, your skin rally look Good,and the photo shoot very professional.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, I m grateful to u. Ur vita serum, lotus cream, renewal scrub, 2 in 1 mask and rice bran oil greatly improve my skin. They are a saviour to my skin.
Thank you

Cheng leng