Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Damp Energy Trapped in Your body

Dampness in the weather may cause general body tiredness, fatigues, slight body aches and have the feeling of "NOT FEELING SO GOOD".The weather we facing now may result excessive of damp qi trapped in our body. It may also cause lethergic and fatigue too.

Drink Chinese Barley of water without sugar if possible.

If you have a bottle of Bryan's Relaxation Blend, please make full use of it. This oil is blended with many herbs. One of the main ingredient is " 藿香", which helps to remove dampness in the body.

Some new methods to use Bryan's Relaxation Blend
A) Add 4 drops of Bryan's Relaxation Blend into a bowl of warm water. Put a "Good morning" face towel into the warm water. Use this face towel to scrub your whole body after shower. It helps to remove general bodyache and feel refreshed.

B) 1 drop of Bryan's Relaxation Blend onto your palm, mixed with your body lotion (amount of the size of a 20 cents body lotion). Massage your tummy with the mixture 54 times clockwise directions before sleep. It helps to induce sleep and fight against bloated stomach.

C) 2 drops of Bryan's Relaxation Blend onto tissue and keep inside your handbag. The aroma will stay in your bag for a week, and helps to drive away dampness. If you happened to encounter someone coughing badly near you, eg on a bus, take out this issue and inhale slightly. Its a quick way to prevent sickness.

D) 4 drops of Bryan's Relaxation Blend onto tissue, tape it onto the blowing fan to remove the dampness of the place. Once our body system inhale this oil for 3 seconds, it activates the 5 elements in our body to expel dampness.

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