Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bryan 老师 become Ambassador :p

This is the picture of Mr Yusuke’s family house.
Mr Yusuke Urushibata, Japanese, was born to the legendary Urushibata family. Urushibata family was in Shizuoka Prefecture since the Edo period, presently one of the richest and well known family in Shizuoka, Japan.

Shizuoka is the home of Japan's famous landmark, Mt Fuji. Mr Yusuke is the 9th generation since his ancestor’s time. He had been to South America under invitation of the Japanese Government for exchange program to transfer charcoal making technology to the 3rd world countries.

Mr Yusuke is born with golden spoon, but that did not stop him from chopping off bamboos, and getting himself involved personally in the process of bamboo making. He was rather disappointed when he saw many imitations of bamboo charcoals from various countries.

Couple of years ago, I decided to tell people how to use bamboo charcoal without knowing who Mr Yusuke was. Little did I expect my efforts in promoting the use of bamboo charcoal has travelled to Japan!

Bryan Sen Seh (Lao Shi) has met up with Mr Yusike and hence received this letter of testimonial from the Master himself.

Mr Yusuka Urushibata’s words: (Translated):
Mr Bryan Sen Seh has put in great effort in introducing Natural health therapy in Singapore. I greatly respect his effort in promoting healthy living using bamboo charcoal without asking for any benefits in return. Charcoal making and bamboo charcoal is a important respectable Mother Earth way to heal, purify the Earth. Bryan's effort has gained respect and thus he will be the next ambassador for Bamboo Charcoal Japan in Singapore. Bryan's down to earth character and his passion will continue to go further. Thank you Bryan Sen Seh.

From here, you can see that if you do good from your heart without asking anything in return. Sometimes, more things will suddenly come back.....

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