Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Latest research review:

I have developed a power bath method that can reduce your body ache by 50%, release stress, HEAVINESS OF THE BODY, and indigestion almost immediately. In addition, this power bath method can help to reduce depressed mood in 8 minutes :P Release bodyache and increase body energy in just one bath.

It works..........

I am currently waiting for a doctor to test it out and give me feedback. It is a simple DIY method. You can be the next Yang Gui Fei, though plump but Confident. So far, 2 of my customers and I have tested out this power bath. It works like wonders for us :D

I will do a video on this. May not be easy to take video record in a bath room. Hey Hey! I will only be taking video on my legs only :p Will upload the video once I am done with it.

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Anonymous said...

wow, i am very anxious to know this.