Monday, June 28, 2010

My collagen skin -- 2 Years R&D --- RESULT REVEAL

In 2008, I decided to carry out a lab test to prove that natural alternative therapy works and using chemical free products is good for the skin. The test lasted for 2 years and result is out now. Guess what? Results showed that MY COLLAGEN LEVEL TRIPLE.

How to interpret the picture:
The Orange dot is collagen. The Black layer is the skin. The Blue color is the moisture. The aim is to increase Orange dot.

Picture of my Lab Skin in Feb 2008

My goal was to have my collagen level increased or at least doubled after two years. Having learnt that collagen drink is no good for health, I will go by the natural way. I also understand that collagen in our body will reduce through bad breathing habits, and too much chemical product which can cause free radicals. I worked on these areas.

In 2008, a series of chemical free skin care was launched.

Picture of my Lab Skin in June 2010
(Used of Bryan's Antiage set and Peptide 7)

This picture was taken last week. Look at the collagen!!!!!!!!!!!. It actually tripled!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although there's some imperfection in the skin, caused by too much exposure under the sun, overall skin is younger and more elastic compared to 2 years ago. To prevent freckles from developing, I guess I must not be lazy to apply sunblock whenever I go swimming in future! Hahahaa..

So who said your collagen will drop when you are near 40s :p

Who said must drink collagen drink? ( I am against that, NO NO NO)

Who said natural skin care is too mild for skin?

Who said Chinese herbs and acupressure do not work??

New comers kick off using []

- Antiage set (A set that consists 4 skin care items at only $205!)
- Facial scrub (A facial scrub that is also highly recommended by doctors)

- Hydrating mask for face and eyes (A 2 in 1 chemical free mask)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Bryan Lao Shi.


PingPing said...

Bryan lao shi, thanks for sharing. Now I know there is hope to reverse aging, I'll work on my breathing habits and try to be calm at all times. I think you are an inspiration to people that anything is possible. Great that you share on collagen drink, as I was thinking whether it works or not, as there are so many shops selling collagen drinks. Holistic living is the way to go!

Anonymous said...


you have sunblock products to launch? will be great it you do! :-)

Anonymous said...

hi bryan

your essential oils (esp Lav, lemon, peppermint etc) really help to prevent incoming flu.. like to find out which of these oils are not suitable during pregancy stage and not suitable for toddler below 3yrs old. This piece of infor will be very useful for many of us . :-)


Anonymous said...

hi bryan

Will you be launching any day-use mosituriser with sun block protection?

Anonymous said...

Lao shi, your hard work has really paid off. I have been ur follower since 2006. Serum is my favourite.

wil ling

Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi,

Curious, since you did this test across 2 years span. Is it only use these three items to products your current result?

- Antiage set
- Facial scrub
- Hydrating mask for face and eyes

Others products, soups, tea and Technique that has been blogging in your blogs and web sites, equally contribute the result ?


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the others but I am using the antiage set, scrub, mask, rice bran oil, neroli oil, lotus cream and most of bryan's essential oil. They are a tremendous help for my skin to look youthful and bouncy.


Unknown said...

I think what Lao shi meant is those are good choice for newcomers as a start.

I get to know about Bryan Lao shi during a lunchtime talk at our company. That was the first time I came across such a young and knowledgable speaker who is so good at taking care of his own health and skin.

If 'curious reader' is new to lao shi, you should attend more of lao shi's classes. You will find lao shi a very nice and interesting teacher who has a very strong passion in promoting good health and good skin.

Anything lao shi shared, is for us to have a better and balance body system