Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleep And Sleep

Did you notice many youngster's skin is not very good? Many of them have wrinkles formed at a young age. Schools including JC, NTU etc are one of the places where I visit very often. I did a research and observed . They may be suffering from young age wrinkles formation. Its very common now because a lot of free radicals created is due to their lifestyle and stress.

You ever wonder why during our grandma's time, people back then do not seems to have so much blemishes. In this modern century, we have so many different brands of sunblocks but problems of blemishes persist.

Why do our kids fall sick more easily? Many brands of milk powder claimed they are good, but why does problems such as Eczema, gets more serious. TEN THOUSANDS of "WHY???" keep coming to my head. Looking at the various milk powder advertisements, each claiming they contain all sorts of vitamins etc... But why?
A) Too much processed and chemical products
B) Stress and sleeping patterns
C) Lack of "Qi" in the body. As such, when you give birth to the next generation, their immune level drops
D) Youngsters sleep at 2am!!!

Today, we shall discuss on SLEEP. Quality Sleep.

Get to bed as early as possible. Our systems, particularly the adrenals, do a majority of their recharging or recovering during the hours of 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. In addition, your gallbladder dumps toxins during this same period. If you are awake, the toxins back up into the liver which then secondarily back up into your entire system and cause further disruption of your health. Prior to the widespread use of electricity, people would go to bed shortly after sundown, as most animals do, and which nature intended for humans as well.

Sleeping Method by Bryan. This method takes a while to work. You must be very very very patient.

Good sleep ensures your skin to rest and produce collagen.
Items for Good Sleep: Lavendula vera oil and Grapefruit Pink oil; Healing Trees on bottom of feet and most important, Bryan relax blend 2 drops with 5 drops rice bran oil massage stomach.

Optional: Tranquility Healing Spray.
Perform a hand bath in warm water for 15mins before you sleep. Add 2 drops of Lavendula vera oil and Grapefruit pink oil into the warm water. Wipe dry your hand and cover your face for 10mins. You will feel great . Followed by Tranquility Healing spray.

Your mind will calm down after doing the handbath. Antioxidant scent will still be lingering on your hands. Place both palms on your head and say AH.................. Repeat 8 times. BEST.


Anonymous said...

I have serious insomnia, I found that your 636 breathing exercise works.

Anonymous said...

the healing spray is amazing. Wonder can spray on face?

Anonymous said...

I agreed to what Bryan lao shi mentioned today.
Sleeping early and wake up early is very very important. Too late no good for health(esp liver) and skin. Do exercise, drink plenty of water(not soft drink ah)& eat healthy.
I followed this lifestyle since my school days. I am forty plus but people around me thought I am mid thirty or younger.
So, listen and practice and you will look young, healthy and with glowing & radiant skin.
Jia you!!

Anonymous said...

After reading his Blog, i have went to sleep slightly early at 10.30am yesterday night.

I have went to meet my group of exercise friend to practise Fan Dance at the Natural Park. I love it very much.

Anonymous said...

I must make an effort to sleep early at 10.30pm tonight. I want to look younger like our Bryan Lao Shi with nice skin complexion. Auntie Annie is very attractive with nice skin complexion for her age.

Anonymous said...

very motivated lao shi. My skin is better with your serum too....