Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exam Time

Hmmm....its the exam period once again...it is not only the students who are stressed up....I believed parents and teachers are feeling very stressful too.

Common Mistake A: Some parents gave their child too much Ginseng tea to drink, which causes the child to have flu or fall sick because of over cooling. There are many types of Ginseng tea, unless you are buying the wild American ginseng, that can cost $500 a portion (which I don't think is necessary).

Let me introduce you a special tea that can prevent heatiness and, improve Energy level during exam period. This tea will not hurt the body system. I have explained previously if you are too weak and tired, overdrinking of herbal cooling tea will only weaken the immune system.
Bryan 老师Exam Body Cleansing herbal tea
Its not exactly nice to drink but a powerful herbal tea
A)太子参 Tai Zi Shen - Nourish "Qi" and blood, nourish stomach and very good for poor appetite and weakness in lungs, sweating nervous and cough

B)麦门冬 Mai Men Dong - 有增强正气、加强抗邪作用,从而减少疾病的产生。正如《本草纲目》所说“久服轻身,不老不饥”。 Sore throat, tiredness, overwork , insomnia
C)山药Shan Yao - Protect the tummy and good for skin

Using a metal tablespoon of 太子参 and 麦门冬 and 5 slices of dried 山药. Wash and rinse twice with water. Add 700ml of water and boil for 30mins over small fire. Add a bit of honey and drink.
Drink after food during lunch time or evening time if you going to study late that very night....


Anonymous said...


May I noe I can get all these from medical hall? How much should I purchase?

Anonymous said...


How many times can we drink say per week? or as n when required?


Anonymous said...

If u are interested to buy these 2 types Chinese Herb fm Chinese Medical Hall, u just tell shop assistant how many person that u are boiling this Yao Dan for your family. Bryan Lao Shi has used one Metal Table Spoon for his measurement of these 2 Chinese Herb at his blog.

Anonymous said...

If u are interested to drink this Yao Dan, u just drink one cup as Liang Cha 1st bec everybody have different body type. Weather are really very hot, haze, humid & raining these few days in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Just buy 50 cent each item lor. I have done that. Make an effort and ask in medical hall la... people already give u recipe no time already still need to answer how much to buy....

Mrs Khoo

Katherine Josh said...

Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

You can access info online @

Anonymous said...

Hi.. my baby is 9 mths old.. Can she drink this herbal tea sine other liang teh is too cold for baby