Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gosh! My first cartoon when I was a kid

Sometimes when I look at this cartoon clip, I think of my childhood. Don't we deserve happiness? Who are these office people who make things dificult for u, why is ur husband or wife or children rude to you.....

Where are all the happiness that we used to treasure? It could be a simple thing such as a sweet etc.
I have said this many times....You have a choice. If you not happy with your life.... Change it. If it is really stuck and no way to change... Don't tolerate. I don't believe in tolerate. Just let go and choose another path.... . Remember everyone deserved happiness. Do not make things difficult for others :)
God give us blessing, while happiness is up to us to choose

How many of you have seen it?


Anonymous said...

Yes, i love to watch little frog cartoon when i am very young. It has brought me very fond memories of staying at Kampong with my parent, my sibling & my grandparent(Jalan Sago now is turned into Tampines Industrial Park). Bryan, thank you for sharing this Video Clip at your Blogs.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog very uplifting with singlish

Anonymous said...

Wow i was like in primary 1? Lao shi feedback, the cleanser is really good.

Jia You and Happy birthday


Anonymous said...

Really bought back my childhood days after watching the video clip.

How carefree and happy. Those were the days.

Wonderful memories:)

Anonymous said...

It's one of the cartoons I enjoyed watching during my childhood days....oh and i love the catchy tune too...haha...Thanks for sharing!

Have a blessed Birthday = )

Anonymous said...

Wow bro - this you also can find.
Nice memory. - one bad Lobster alway bully the foggy.

Last time cartoon is so good, more towards educating the children as compare to current cartoons.

I also missed that Xiao Bo Li Siang Ji - the Yo yo boy.

and Ha Ke the boy searching for his father

Anonymous said...

Wow you inspire me to search the goodies during our childhood.






Ya this is much more better than ben10. Wonder Media corps would like to rerun this for our young generation

Anonymous said...


all here