Monday, November 15, 2010

Queen of Flower Tea....

Bryan 老师 Flower Tea:
A) 5 gram of 制陈皮
B)) 3 Chinese rose flower 月季花

Placed ingredient A and B into a mug. Pour in boiling water and steep for 15mins. Add a bit honey and drink to feel good when warm.

主治:月经不调、胸腹胀痈、瘰疬肿痛。。。。。stomach bloated, agitated, dampness of the body and feeling unhappy.
After drinking this tea , do a facial steaming of Rose Geranium essential oil with Grapefruit pink for 2 minutes.

The above internal and external qi treatment brings wellness to the mind, stomach and overall facial muscle, which helps to bring out radiance from within.

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