Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Day

Today is a good day. In Chinese, the calender of events was proven to tie in with the planets, weather and Qi. Well, this is non religious at all. As we are the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, and your body is governed by the 5 elements. Many research have been done in this area...

Just drink a small cup of red dates longan tea today and smile to your five organs with positive thinkings that all organs are in good shape.... .
If you can't visualise, just drink and say, "May my liver, kidney, heart, spleen and lung vibrate at the best energy." Take a deep breath......
Office method: Put 3 red dates crushed it, and add a few longan into a cup.
Pour in boiling water, steep for 15mins and drink.
Its so easy.
If not, you can buy YEO's brand
Feel good ok. Special Liu Li at http://www.bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.com/
It is so beautifully made. My whole family work hand in hand to bring happy energy to the products. Its a good day to get the black tourmaline too... Cheers

To newcomers: Bryan 老师has been in aromatherapy for 15 years and still growing strong.
I am very careful and particular with the quality and freshness of oil. I do not carry a large amount of stock but only constant supply through FedEx from the farm to my doorstep. Expiry date on bottle is not necessary because its like not very accurate...many shops change the date. Aromatherapy is about 良心。I put in a lot of effort to sell fresh oil, which is why OMHEALTH is growing strong. Once you use fresh oil, you know why I always emphasis about freshness.....
May God give me the strength to be able to preserve this passion for fresh oil forever despite the increase in freight charges and price in all herbs.
Example, fresh Rose Geranium and Lavendula vera has increased 50% lately.
Please enjoy and make good use of your oil. Do not buy and store in the cupboard.

"Lao shi, I bought a bottle of lime oil from you in 2001, And I open it at 2009. The smell is so fresh, I even bring to show an aromatherapist and he was amaze with the energy of your oil..... Keep up the good work". .... Katherine Yip

(Thank you Katherine...But I hope all of you will make good use of your oil and not use it years later...)

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Hong li said...

My mom neck shoulder pain has recovered alot. Thanks for introducing the 3 oil method. And the video is very useful. I urge all to see that video on 3 oil method.... thanks lao shi