Tuesday, August 16, 2011

孝感动天妈妈咳嗽茶 (Posted in 2010) & has helped many

I called this tea: Filial Piety Anti-VERY ITCHY, DRY COUGH UNTIL CANNOT TAKE IT Tea. created by Bryan 老师 from the blessing of Angels.....
In addition, you can apply Lavendula vera oil, Lemon oil and Eucalyptus oil onto tissue to inhale. It will help you to recover from flu faster.

Use this brand now is best

Heartwarming experience for me by little Siao Yun
Siao Yun's mother had been coughing for 2 weeks. Her cough became dry and itch cough...and its WORSE IN AIRCONDITIONED place and at NITE.
Her email revealed her love for her mother....and I was really touched by this 11 year old girl...She said, " Bryan lao shi, my mom has finished antibiotics and STILL DRINKING cough syrup but cough never improve especially at night. Can you recommend a tea as she don't want to see TCM and COOK ANY herbs... just a tea that taste nice, please help ME because everytime I see her cough, I want to cry......... "

Siao Yun is only 11 years old but she actually tune in to radio programme. I can't tell her to cook for her mother right, so I have to think of something simple but works well.
Bryan's Instruction:
I told her to buy a bottle of "Pan Gao Shou Cough syrup", 50 cents 制陈皮 (a lot) and 50 cents of 甘草(many piece too) from the Chinese medical hall. Drinking the cough syrup alone will not help.
Procedure to make this drink:
I told Siao Yun to put 8 pieces of sliced 制陈皮 and a slice of liquorice into a Corning ware cup and pour in boiling water. Put in microwave for 20 seconds. Thereafter, take out this cup, add 1 tablespoon of  Pan Gao Shou and a tablespoon of honey (whatever she has at home).
Let her mother drink when its cool before sleep.
She sms me the next day...... YEAH...... It works ok, simple enough for her and no need to cook!
So far, this simple method has helped 3 ladies who had chronic cough to recover from itch throat and cough at night ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Bryan, Gd Morning.

U r really great & very creative to combine TCM cough syrup with other 2 Chinese Herbs to warm up in Microwave.

Congrats to Siao Yun & Bryan Lao Shi for another successful story of curing cough within a few hours by practising Filial peity toward her mother.

fm Sweety Baby

Anonymous said...

wow lao shi 万岁!

Siaoyun meimei, you are such a filial daughter

Gina said...

I am touch by this post, lao shi, ur previous sinus tea very effective, it works for me

Anonymous said...

Hi lao shi,

If i dun have microwave, what can i do?

Anonymous said...

U can place these 2 types of Chinese Herb with 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water for boiling the Chinese Herb water 1st(5 to 10mins) & then add 1 tablespoon of Cough Syrup for drinking before u go to sleep. U cannot eat Fruit & drink cold water after 6pm.

fm MingXiang

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it works. Amazing... Wasted so much money on cough sweets

Anonymous said...

Hi! lao shi,
Is it good to use microwave and hairdryer?
high electromagnetic radiation leh!!

Min said...

Anonymous, than u go and use charcoal.

EM radiation is ok if is under proper use. And please dont understand abit be a representation.

Hair dryer is ok to use, whats wrong and Singapore has all check intact. If not save u go and tell the government.

There re two type of health freak, everything scare, Kia Si. U are the one. If u scare use wood fire la. Stupid people .