Monday, November 8, 2010

Mr Yeow, walking testimonial who suffers from HIVES for years, find remedies through touch therapy and using rice bran oil (evening).
Mixture: 15ml rice bran oil mix with 3 drops peppermint and 3 drops lavendula vera. Remove hives and itch within 5 mins.
Mixture keep in cool place can last for 3 months.... Day time u can use Kim's aloe vera gel
Urticaria/ HIVES is a skin rash occurring in humans. It is characterized by a raised, red, itchy area that contains many miniscule bumps. This condition is frequently caused by allergies; there are other causes as well, including immune disorders and viruses. Stress too.
More and more SIngaporeans has hives, why? .....
When u have hives, avoid 1) Heaty stuff like chocolates, nuts, ginger for a week. Eat clean food like tofu, green bean, soupy stuff.....Sleep well, perform stomach massage, bloated stomach and indigestion may worsen the hives. It comes fast and go fast but is irritating hives....
Power DIY tea for Anti-ITCH and Hives and Allergy R and D review on 13 Nov class
Bryan is having R & D with 3 doctors this weeks. Answer and receipes will be ready and give to all participants first hand on Saturday Class. And others I will put on blog soon.
Alot people after qi gong taught by me can sleep better now. Yeah.....

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