Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Testimonial

1) J. from NTU spent $4000 on XX hair treatment for dandraff and hairdrop problems but still see no results.... Two months ago, she tried the Bryan's dandraff shampoo ($28) and hair growth shampoo..... SHE IS NOW OK!.

2) Md Ee , attended POwer talk and performed POwer Bath using rice bran oil with Bryan's relaxation blend has recovered from chronic pain and insomnia by performing twice weeky, Sat and Sun.

3) Sui Na who has a lot of outbreak even after using my products, her outbreak was not controlled. After a chat with her, I realised it is probably due to her sleeping habits and the sun block she used (did not have proper cleansing; very often sunblock block the pores). I suggested her to drink some herbal tea for better sleep. She is ok now...YEAH!!

4) Sinus Problems for years, recovered after trying out my herbal tea recipe and acupressure found in this blog(see right hand column)


Anonymous said...

U can read valuable information at yr RIGHT Hand Menu(Previous Entries) for slowly scolling down with yr mouse at the SAME Blog for the following: -

a) Bryan's Hair Conditioner(1)
b) Bryan Shampoo(16)
c) Haircare(9)
d) Insomina(6)
e) Rice Bran Oil(19)
f) Sinus(5)

Thk u for yr attention.

Have a Nice Wkday.


Anonymous said...

talk about sunblock clogging pores...what is the correct way of removing it?