Friday, November 19, 2010

Shampoo FAQ

Hair Growth Dark Hair Shampoo out of stock for 3 weeks. Will update you once new stock arrives. Thus, do not order first for now.

Shampoo have two types:

1) Herbal Shampoo --- Daily use. Very good to strengthen hair, free from chemicals, beautify hair and prevent hair loss and darken hair consists of cedar wood, ylang ylang powerful.... And latest new formulae with further nourishment.

2) Hair growth Dark Hair Shampoo--- Daily use for those who already having hair drop problems.

3) Dandruff Shampoo --- Control dandruff without harmful chemicals, to use short term only.

Which shampoo should I use?

Beginners: Always use Herbal shampoo first. Unless you have dandruff or hair loss problems....

Scenario (I always see what symptoms I have)
1) Hair drop for no reason --- Use hair growth dark hair shampoo, use wooden comb..... For a month. Once shampoo have used up, you can switch to Herbal Shampoo.

2) For hair maintenance and nice hair
Use Herbal Shampoo for preventive maintenance. However once a while, you can use hair growth shampoo for stimulation and circulation of scalp.

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Anonymous said...

I have started to use Hairgrowth Dark Hair Shampoo just this week. Colleagues have commented how shiny and silky my hair is now. I love the shampoo and the smell,my hair smells really good after each wash. Now I can ditch the salon's shampoo for this.

Thank you, Lao Shi.

jean aka aunshine