Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Burn Scar eye bags are pretty obvious isn't it? Too much computer and overload with work I guess....gonna do a proper mask and neroli facial kwa sa later. Looks can really reveal a person's age when one overwork especially turning to 40 years old...

I had a burnt scar caused by a motorbike engine. It was rather serious with pus and deep burnt. So serious that sometimes I feel pain at night. Frankly speaking, I was worried that it will leave a deep scar behind. The doctor also told me it will develop a dark scar.

Of course, I refused to allow this to happen, so I use rice bran oil, lavendula vera, later of skin vita serum. Guess what? My skin is perfect now... Wanna see the picture of the recovered skin? The doctor who saw my scar was surprised too.

Once the skin is almost heal, apply Lavendula vera on the area directly day and night for 5 days, followed by few drops of rice bran oil on it.

2 weeks later, when the skin has grow back , apply skin vita serum at night .....followed by rice bran oil.

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