Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cold Hand Cold Feet

Cold hand cold feet, giddiness .... moxibustion.
Scare old already has a lot of illnesses.... moxibustion
Face looks dull and whatever you eat cannot be absorbed .... moxibustion

Trust me. Moxibustion is a skill to benefit you for life once you have learnt it.You can apply it for your family and yourself. Many people learnt and lazy to practise. Once you have any fatigue where no matter how much sleep you have, you still can't recover, but a simple moxibustion works.

Case Study: Bryan 老师 overate at night
Yesterday, I had too much of glutinous rice ball and sleep late because I wasd rushing for some projects datelines. Suddenly, I had bloated stomach, cramp and giddiness in the middle of night.
Hmmm...Bryan 老师 forgotten that I am no longer a young chap and should not be eating too much glutinous rice at night. I quickly perform moxibustion for He GU and ZU SAN LI and also the belly button. Within 5 mins, I let out gas....and my entire body felt good....Slept like a pig thereafter..

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