Thursday, July 9, 2015

Headache Soup

This weather, the head easily retain wind. And this wind can cause neck pain, headache or pain until dont know what to do. Wind heat is very irritating, u can cause pounding headaches.

Frequent headaches, internal stagnant ---energy. Once clear , u can feel ok in an hour. Also I teach many to find knots at neck and upper back. U must also clear the knots.

I clear my knots, by apply 3 oil and than get those hard bals, and massage back on bed.

Refer to the label beside on headahces, neck ache shoulder aches

 also, use peppermint oil, put a bottle in bag. It helps

But when combine with lavendula marjoram it creates wonder.

Headaches, need normally 2 days max to clear. Is cause by body heat, and lack of water. Peppermint oil a drop at back of neck and temples, can release fast

FRet not. U use my 3 oil and also drink this soup and also before sleep drink 5 chrysanthemum, u ok de. 
Remember refer the 3 oil method, clear the knot at ur upper back. Normally have head pain, one of the spine segment sore, release that sore spot.

Also do deep breathing important, not enough oxygen the pain wont go away.

Perform a breathing exercise. Learn that now, 636 or 478.

My goodness have u tried my famous Heaven Scent. 3 drop lavendula vera, 2 drops lemon and 1 drop rosemary in tissue , put in ur bed room half hour before sleep. Smell like a garden of happiness ok. Try it since u have the oil.

(pic extracted from internet)


See le drink already more power.

Easily Headache, giddiness or migraine or Weak in Body
i)Fish head 500 gram, 天麻(left pic) 4 pieces,白芷 15 gram,葛根 1 slice
川芎  20 gram, 党参 20gram,淮山 15gram,ginger smash around 3 slice, red date 5, goji seeds 20. Water 4 litre.

天麻+川芎 immerse water 2 minutes and wash.
Wash clean fish head.

A Wok put some oil fried ginger and the fish head. Put aside after cooked.
B) All herbs put in 4 litre water cook for 1 hour in a pot. Than throw in the head and cook for 20mins.
C) Can liao

Almost within 30 mins after drinking, your headache will disappear or reduce alot alot. Also good for giddiness . If no illnesses, u can drink this, it strengthen your body.

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