Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its your Choice

I am extremely busy these two weeks and I think my body needs special nourishment. I made a trip to the market this morning to get the following as shown in the pictures.
(Oh, I bought the soya beancurd from shopping mall. This brand is very tasty and yummy, ISO certified and healthy. Add a bit to porridge.)

About 6 pieces of dried oysters, 3 pieces of dried scallops, 2 Monkey head mushrooms, 1 slice Dang Sheng. Immerse in water for half hour, wash clean and squeeze out water from mushroom.

Following that, I boiled some water. Add in some red brown rice and some white rice and cook until it becomes porridge. Personally, my portion of red rice is 4 tablepoons and 2 tablespoons of white rice(porcelain spoon).

Saw the chilli bean paste above? OMG its so delicious and cost less than $5. It can cook a big pot.

Hmmm...Do not sms me to ask how to cook because this recipe is so easy to manage...must put in some effort and initiative to learn k.

Properties: Nourish kidney, Energy and beautify skin.
This is really healthy and yummy. Add fish sauce to taste.


Anonymous said...

where to buy dried oyster?

Anonymous said...

lao shi, whats the brand of the soya beancurd? Its not shown in the pic. Thanks

Anonymous said...

wa bryan, u so busy, still got time go market and cook? .. salute your time management skills :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
Is this recipe suitable for kids - 8yrs old?

Anonymous said...

You can get fresh oyster? Just dry under the sun, you will get dried oyster.

Anonymous said...

U can buy dried Oyster at the Provision Shop(Wet Market).

This Nutritious Congee is very easy to cook for strengthening our stamina, build up our body immunity & overall general health.

fm Ming Xiang

Anonymous said...

Can anyone advise whats the brand of the soyabean curd?

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
Miso also can la! even better!
I used to have miso soup with brown rice or add to porridge for dinner.

Anonymous said...

I really love soyabean curd. Hope someone can advise the brand. Can see that Laoshi is taking red rice. Which is better? Red or brown?

Anonymous said...

Karen Tong has used Song1 He1 100% WHOLE GRAIN(white rice) and Song1 He2 Brown Rice (HEALTHY RICE)- 1kg @ S$3.80 for cooking rice to eat maybe 2times per wk.

Example: 1 cup of white rice & 1 cup of brown rice(as my Measurement cup) depend how many family member in your family(Cooking time for rice is 20mins for Rice Cooker)


Shin Yee said...

Healthy and nice. Must try this weekend. Thanks Lao Shi for sharing this.