Monday, December 13, 2010

Slimming OIl

This is a 4500 years old cypress, standing in the city of Abarku, located in the southwest of the Yazd Province is one of the region's seven historical and natural sites and is nominated to be added to the World Heritage list.

I know many of you are very excited about the slimming oil. Actually, I should call it detox oil, or body oil or perhaps Mama nature body cleansing oil. Simply because it does more than slimming. Another amazing research is revealed for my slimming oil. Its as though bringing the nature to your house. Above is cypress tree.

When I designed the Sunflower Slimming Oil, I decided to blend with certified organic sunflower oil and used it for massage stomach and kwa sa if possible .... Because it has detox properties.....

Two of the many ingredients include: Juniperberry Himalayas and Cypress EMF

JUNIPERBERRY ( Juniperis communis ) - .Juniper berry is a powerful detoxifier and an excellent blood cleanser! Reported to be effective for promoting excretion of uric acid crystals Juniper berry is promotes the release of excess toxins from the body.
Use Juniper berry to promote healthy nerve and kidney function.

A regulating oil and a natural diuretic and digestive aid Juniper berry is helpful for normalizing conditions of stagnation and excess.

CYPRESS ( Cupressus sempervirens ) - Cypress oil stimulates blood circulation and is restorative and calming to the nervous system; helpful for relieving nervous tension held deep within the body.
Cypress oil's powerful astringent properties make it an effective tonic for the circulatory and nervous systems. Effective for relieving conditions associated with congestion of lymph or blood circulation such as rheumatism, arthritis and sinusitis. A potent vasoconstrictor and antispasmodic .

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