Monday, January 24, 2011

Kim's sandalwood powder: Purity beyond words...

Even in European countries since ancient times, burnt incense to bring peace and happiness because incense has the medical properties to cleanse the air and rejuvenate the body.

I must really thank Janis for making a nice incense burner for me. Felt like a royal family when I use Kim's sandalwood powder to burn as incense.
Burning herbal incense is non religious. Catholic church has frankincense too.
Kim's sandalwood powder can also be used as a body scrub. After scrubing, one feel as though recovering from depression and your skin will glow too.
Personally, I like to burn a bit of Kim's sandalwood powder in a incense burner and light it with a GUN lighter.... Lately, I have done a research on Christian incense and also all other countries incense.... Well, stay tune for a new workshop on incense....

This is a German brass incense burner .... In 1664, there was a great plague in Europe, and burning of Rosemary and herbal incense saved many lives.

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