Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brand New 2011....

I grew up in Joo Chiat area, where my grandpa lived with us. He will wake up early in the morning and do breathing exercise beside his orchid flowers. I remembered Grandpa planted a herb known as ku Cao. We will pluck the leaves together into a bamboo basket, rinsed with water and sun to dry....... . My grandma is a Hakka. Her kitchen was her pharmacy, ingredients such as pepper, vinegar, flowers, and even pears became her medicines.

I still remember the horror of finding pimples on my back during my days as a teenager. Grandma will brew some soup for me and the pimples will subside in a few days. My aunt who always has nose bleed will press a certain secret acupressure point and the nose bleed will stop... amazing isn't it....

Two major workshops coming Up:

1) East Meet West Kwa Sa class with fire cupping, moxibustion, kwa sa (all in 1 lesson) on 19 Feb 2011.
As you can see from this picture, the East Meet West Kwa sa designed in a way to activate all meridians.
2) MBBT and Ah Ma's secret recipes and magnetic therapy for health on 19 March 2011 (all will be given free magnet which can last for few years)

If you are newcomers, I really hope you can come for "East meet west kwa sa" class. It will really help you a lot. Moxibustion has helped many who feel fatigue and pain. Please learn and share.

And all my regular students, do not forget the MBBT Ah Ma Secret recipes and magnetic therapy for health. www.omhealth.com/bryanup.htm email to class@omhealth.com with your details.

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