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Pearl powder White Clay Rejuvenating Detox Mask.
*$45 only purity.
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Pearl powder is the most natural form of skin care that has long been regarded as a traditional Chinese medicine of high reputation. Studies of modern pharmacy and pharmacology have shown there are a variety of proteins, amino acids, trace elements and minerals in pearl powder has hyperglycemia rejuvenate skins, enables skin to have a tender, delicate appearance.

Pearl white clay is one of the most versatile clays, and is also the mildest of all cosmetic clays with its gentle nature, mineral content and absorbent properties. The clay is made up of fine clay particles, and has a lightweight fluffy consistency. This clay will gently draw impurities from the skin without removing natural oils while simultaneously exfoliating, cleansing, and stimulating circulation. White clay is suitable for all skin types, be it oily, blemish prone, normal, sensitive, dry, or mature skin.

Bryan's Personal Testimonials:
My skin is actually “combo/oily”. After washing with a quality cleanser, it looks and feels dry with tightness. After applying moisturizer, skin becomes significantly oily just hours later.
I used to have monthly breakouts. The pores on my face, especially around my nose seemed large and more apparent with age.

I decided to try the following methods:

POWERFUL 5 steps DETOX skin

Step A: I cleanse my face with Antiage cleanser
Step B: I perform facial steaming with Rose geranium and Fankincense oil(or with Lavendula vera oil alone)
(Facial steaming : Filled a large bowl with steaming hot water and add the oil. Next, draped a towel over my head before lowering my face into the bowl. Using the towel to keep the steam from escaping the bowl, I held my face about an inch above the water and let the steam open my pores.)

Step C: Wash my face with cold water follow by dapping Organic Lavendula Vera water

Step D: Apply Pearl powder mask on face. Leave it on for 15mins.
(Add a teaspoon of pear powder clay mask in a small saucer, add some lavendula vera water to it and mix to form a thin paste. Apply onto whole face.)
Step E: Allow mask to dry. (Your skin will feel tight as it dries because pore-shrinking action is taking place…) Rinse the mask away with warm water. Apply your moisturizer as normal.

Features of this mask:

Increase the activities of some antioxidant enzymes. Pearl powder can prevent the normal cells from being damaged by endogenous free radicals or peroxides and thus preventing the appearance of senile patches and delay the skin aging. It has long been the most important ingredient in expensive skin care products for ancient Chinese loyal families to keep their skin youthfully tender looking.


How many types of mask should a person should use?

We need two mask actually. A detox mask (green clay or pearl powder mask) and Hydrating mask (Face and Eyes anti age mask). You can do a Detox mask twice a week, and three times a week for Hydrating mask. White clay is very very useful for sensitive skin. If you have green clay and white clay, use them on alternate weeks.

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