Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Healing 3 Saint

Research on aroma oil has been ongoing for me for 20 years. There's a reason why Omhealth aroma oil can withstand 15 years of "Wind Wind Rain Rain". Simply because the founder believe in : Sincerity + Freshness + Passion

Lavendula vera was the first oil which I introduced..and it has accompanied many of its users from youth till now, perhaps as a parent with kids.

The next 3 oil which many of you have are Rose Geranium (market selling at $90), Rosemary Spain, Lemon EFT.

This 3 oil has great history and you need to experience them for yourself. I have used the above 3 oil in old folks' home which produced great result in healing emotions.
Blend A (Fairy Pureness Blend)
On a piece of cotton pad: 2 drops of Lemon oil + 1 drop of Rosemary oil is known as Purifant, as invented by a professor.

Emotion effect: Help loneliness, indecision, sadness, aggression

1) Put the piece of cotton pad in your pocket or bag, the aroma gets diffuse out nicely.
2) Inhale slightly, visualise your health improves and smile.

Blend B (Angel of Calmness yet Alert Blend):
On a piece of cotton pad: 1 drop of Rose Geranium oil, 1 drop of Lemon oil and 1 drop of Rosemary oil.

Emotion Effect: Grief, Impatience, emotional fatigue, Panic Tension

It can be blended for massage on neck, shoulder and heart area. Just combine any 8 drops into 10ml rice bran oil.
I receive a lot of sad emails from people of all walks of life everyday. In the evening, I will use my power blend which consists of:
10ml rice bran oil with 2 drops of Rose Geranium oil, 3 drops of Rosemary oil and 3 drops of Lemon oil. This blend can last for 2 months. I will massage on my neck, shoulder and heart(chest) before sleep. Fan method, rub the oil on bamboo area, and fan yourself till you feel good.

Muji sells blending bottle at $2-$5,
Total price for 3 oil is $93. Promotional price now at $90. Email your order to

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