Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ah Ma's Secret recipes and Magnetic Therapy

I want to congratulate to THE FIRST AH MA'S WORKSHOP;

New class is 9th July , have u registered?

19 March 2011 FULL HOUSE;

New Date: 9 July 2011 [ 10am to 12pm]

I invested 20 magnets to be given to all particpants for this class. Bryan is not selling magnets but I want to share with you that good magnet is from Japan and commercial ones are selling at ridiculous price.

Ah Ma's Secret Recipes and Magnetic therapy workshop

1) 20 mins on Important acupressures and Magnet therapy method
2) Yin and Yang ah Ma's food that affect regulate haromonize your mind and body
i) Insomnia..... etc surprise...
3) Magic Taste of tea demo: How to make good tea , skill imparted by Queen of Tea Master in Singapore. (Invited as guest speaker for Channel 8 Tea tasting)
4) New Qi Gong for 活气通经络
5)Flower tea demo

6) Ancient Book of healing porridge recipes

7) Ancient poems for healing.....
6) Super tea for female before PMS

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