Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bryan's News....

Completed your notes for Ah Ma Secret recipes and Magnet therapy class today. So busy until I don't have time to update...Bryan's English is not good enough to document my notes into proper English. Anyone who is free and saw my Ah ma's Post can help me to consolidate into a page and send to me so that I can cut and paste.... Need your help..

The research on magnet acu point for stomach bloated works wonder! Improves memory and prevent of 老人痴呆,strengthen kidney for male and female.......Our body have a Big Fish and a Small Fish point to activate to increase immune system.... How to prevent herbal porridge..... How to make Chinese Tea for beauty and health......5 years ago saw an AH Ma doing plant Qi Qi Gong.... interview her and will teach in this class.....MORE...............

Yesterday, I tested on myself by drinking coffee at 4pm (normally I can't sleep if I drink coffee at this time of the day). I applied magnet therapy on two acupressure points. Guess what hapen? I sLeep well ..... Is it Placebo effects.? Of course not. Its proven and I am just testing on myself.

This workshop is the essence of many years research on Ah ma's secret recipes..... You will love it.

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