Friday, March 18, 2011

阿妈的 Soup....

Using anti-age hydrating mask, pearl mask and skin serums and drinking chicken soup are weapons against aging, pigmentation and dull skin. Foodcures and chemical free skin care lightens dark spots and boosts luminosity in dull, unhealthy looking skins.

Beauty from within and beauty from external is the key to good skin.

In the past, people are stronger and healthier mainly because they drink a kind of soup. This simple soup is seldom consumed by you....its a simple OLD CHICKEN HEN SOUP. DON'T try smart and add HERBS.

If you don't believe, drink one bowl consecutively for 3 days. See how your skin radiate out a simple glow and feel more energetic.

One Whole Chicken (Kampong or Old HEN), 3 slices of ginger(smash it), 3 spring Onions and 3 teaspoons of rice wine.

Wash chicken (ask the stall holder to chop the chicken into pieces). Rinse with hot water once to wash away debris, dirt and smell. Put the chicken into a pot. Add water to a level 4 cm above the chicken. Cook with high heat till it boils. Add ginger and turn to small fire. Boil for 1 hour. Add wine and spring onion after an hour.
Have been too busy lately..decided to make this super tonic soup for myself and family. Its better than your vitamin pills. Increase vitality, reduce depression and fear. Many people have depressions because they did not drink chicken soup ...

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