Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workshop for NEW COMERS 4th Jun $15 at CSC

"Health and Beauty with Bryan PART 1"
This workshop is an independent workshop. It does not mean you will be forced to proceed to another workshop after attending this workshop. It is a very powerful workshop on its own since 2001. Many students love it and many find improvement in health.
Do you suffer from IBS? Neck pain? Insomnia? Hair loss and White Hair?

"Health and Beauty with Bryan" on 4 Jun for Newcomers or those who have never attended this opening workshop before and dived straight to some of my other classes.
What is Butterfly Dance with music therapy? What is the first breathing exercise Bryan taught on FM 97.2? What is the first soup taught by Bryan on "Good Morning, Singapore"? Empress Dowager and Queen Elizabeth, The Last Empress of China and the First Queen of England how they meet up for beauty =)
Why is this workshop interviewed by many countries?
What is the POWER of this workshop?
Fees : $15
Venue : Civil Service Club
Date: 4 Jun 2011

Popular Class, limited seats.
Do register now with your contact number via

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