Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rose Geranium and Rosemary

Many of you have these 2 oil, but didn't make full use of them right?? Quite sad when people told me they left the oil untouched since the day they bought it. Oh no..Invest already must use. It can be used as final rinse after shower or in oil burner.

High Grade AAA oil is high in E-Energy, the scent will have good reaction on body after smelling for few seconds. I light up my oil burner today. You can also use the tissue method (drip the oil onto tissue and tape the tissue onto the fan). Both methods can help in anti-aging and beautify my body, mind and emotions.....Fight free radicals..
Received a very touching feedback from one of the participants who attended "East Meet West Kwa Sa, fire cupping and moxibustion" class:
Mdm A experienced sudden poor vision in her right eyes for 2 months. She can't see clearly, and it seems like one eye is using more energy than the other eye. She did the head kwa sa taught in class. After 3 sessions, she is completely ok now. Thank you very much. Those who attended this class, have you done your head kwa sa ? It can prevent stroke, poor vision, neck pain, headaches, ....... New class coming up ...have you registered?
........... Do you know all points I designed for you covers above in EMW class notes.

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