Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skin Vita Serum--- Directive

My skin vita serum was first sold to a Chief Clerk in a Army Unit 8 years ago. Her skin became so nice after using it for 2 weeks. She continues to be my walking spokesperson and introduced it to her friends. I met with a setback when a lady questioned me why my product packaging was so not professional and she only used serum above $120.

This incident made me to strive on even harder... to further improve my packaging and always make sure nothing but the freshest ingredients for my consumers.

Our ageing skin cells sent more than 50x incorrect " melanin- production" signals causing the skin to produce more dark cells. Skin vita serum is the serum that acts like a "IPL" to effectively suppress incorrect melanin production. It penetrates and intensively lightens, and reduces spots that appear with age, restoring translucent and fairer complexion.

Spot and Blemishes can only be reduced and not completely remove. Weather in Singapore can be rather harsh on our skin since we have the sunny sun all year round. Whitening products from other countries may whiten our skin temporary but thereafter, skin becomes thin and may get hurt or even darker.

Good way to anti spot is

A) Hydrate skin (do not whiten first)

B) Strengthen skin

C) Naturally Whiten

Our skin must be hydrated, and hydrate as first month's procedure before doing whitening. Use Antiage serum during day, and Skin Vita Serum at night. Face and Hydrating Mask is so so needed.....

Product informations about serum can be found at

During "Health and Beauty with Bryan" I will introduce a tea for skin whitening and tips... (For NEWCOMERS. On 4 Jun 2011)

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