Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teatree Oil and Lavendula vera

Teatree and lavendula vera which kills broad spectrun of bacteria without harming our health because the DNA of plants is same as us.

Healing method for Foot Fungus Infection
Day 2 - Fungus dried up
Day 3 - Ian shouldn't have peel it off, but hahahaa new skin inside.....

One of the most common yet powerful testimonial which I received from army boys :

Ian has fungus infection. Many red little dots on his foot, and some with pus. He tried doctor's cream but its creamy and sticky. As Ian perspires a lot, he feel very uncomfortable to apply the cream during the day. The unsightly fungus also caused him some difficulties to wear slippers. Hence, his mother decided to try my method.

For foot fungi or any infection
1) Day 1- 3: Day & Night apply one drop of tea tree oil on finger to apply on all affected parts and massage in. Its not oil (its like alcohol, it evaporates).
2) Day 3 : Skin at the affected areas should have dried up. You will be amazed with new skin growth as the old skin peels off.
3) Day 4 : Apply lavendula vera oil day and night to remove the scar.
4) Day 5 : Start applying lotion daily before sleep.

Fresh tea tree oil has ingredient A-Z, but low grade ones may be A-E.

Teatree Oil $25, Lavendula vera 101 $28

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