Sunday, March 20, 2011

Watercress Goodness

Watercress: Greeks, who used this vegetable to improve the health of soldiers. Watercress is a good source of vitamin B6, which helps get blood glucose to a normal level and can help menstrual cramp. Boost your immune system to protect against colds, watercress will provide you with a good amount of Vitamin. Watercress is high in alkaline salts and the vitamins essential to ward off catarrhal conditions.

I don't stick to one kind of food or HONEY. Sometimes I will take Watercress Eucalyptus Honey during he noon for health. It doesn't taste fantastic but with watercress and eucalyptus extract, I just drink it. I find it nourish my lungs and whiten nourish my skin. Try this if you have finished your Linden or Acacia honey.
For people who have cough/sore throat/recovering, take this cure. Its perfect. If not for health, it works great for loss of voice, mild stomach discomfort, sore throat, cough and loosen expel phlegm from the throat. Only $28 a bottle, I get from Wisma Atria basement. You can get any other brands you prefer. Personally, I find this one best because added with Eucalyptus.

"Ah Ma secret recipes and Magnetic Therapy" was a great success yesterday. I would love to thank everyone for attending. Have you miss this final class of the year? Well, it will be on 9 July 2011. This workshop will only be conducted twice a year.

Yin Yang Gong done correctly in one breath .......
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Anonymous said...

Hello Bryan lao shi,
Besides wisma atria, where else can I buy the honey with watercress? BTW, what's the name of the sho selling. Txs!!