Friday, June 2, 2017

Hives, Rashes, Feeling Headaches and Damp energy TEA

Hi if u have headaches and maigrain do use

3oil method (with rice oil or lotion) Lavender peppermint marrjoram massage neck upper back than a drop peppermint warm palm and massage neck and fore head temples

(pregnancy avoid all the recipes here)
天麻 (2 pieces), 葛根 (2 pieces), 甘草 (4 slices),苍耳子(1 Chinese tablespoon) (散风寒;通鼻窍;祛风湿;止痒。 主治:鼻渊;风寒头痛;风湿痹痛;风疹;湿疹;疥癣 ), 熟薏仁 (2 CTBS),薏仁 (2 CTBS)。U can after all cooked add 6 chrysanthemum. 

CTBS: Chinese Table Spoon. Do not ask me to translate herbs to English names because after translation, the uncle/aunty in the medical hall does not know how to sell to you. You must make an effort by asking your friends or print out and show this when you go to the medical hall.

I brew this tea once a week to drink even when I am feeling ok. The tea is specially good for feeling of headaches or migraine that is coming, hives and rashes due to damp energy. The combination is from my AH MA's secret formulas and further approved by Chinese TCM .

This new herbs 苍耳子 is a seed that helps sinus, anti itch, eczema. 天麻, 葛根 are the ingredients that are always use in making fish head soup which effectively cure headaches......

Procedure: Wash all ingredients and put into a pot of 800ml to 1 litre water. Boil for 20mins. Drink when cool. Drink when needed.

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Anonymous said...

Great Effort

hui jia said...

I tried at 12pm. At 2pm my headaches gone.... is it psychology

thanks anyway

it taste just like barley