Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lavender Flora CharcoalWater -- Thank You

Have you tried storing it in fridge? You can also apply onto a piece of cotton pad and compress against your eyes....don't let the water run into your eyes :)

New comers may feel confuse which skin care to start with. Try this lavendula vera charcoal flora water, antiage serum and renewal facial scrub. You will loveit. Lavendula Vera Charcoal flora water is fresh from farm every week. You can feel its freshness when you use it ... Added grapeseed extract... POWER !!!

Lavendula Vera charcoal flora water is already in its 5th year anniversary.
Excellent for a 100% pure, natural and non-alcoholic distillate. Lavendula Vera Charcoal floral water has its own unique qualities. It is excellent for mildly blemished skin.
Many Eczema skin find it helps. Use direct from fridge and compressed on it. After your facial scrub, try it. Works wonder!

Fresh Lavendula Vera Charcoal Flora Water arrived by FedEx weekly... OMHEALTH - your only place to get fresh good skincare.

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Anonymous said...

for me, i transfer my flora water to a spray bottle .. and spray it directly onto my face .. haha .. that's why used up so fast .. but that's a shiok shiok method, love it when sprayed onto my face .. lazy people method ..