Thursday, May 5, 2011

Perfectionist and Day Cream Powerful

Facial Mist because of the active Ginseng, people with very sensitive skin must take note. So far, one client with sensitive skin use and ok no problem =) However, you must judge since everyone skin condition is different. It is normal for first time user to have some mini biting feelings. People who do chemical peel, do use Lavendula Vera flora water first :)

Hahahaa...I knew for the past 3 days, I keep posting how good perfectionist is. So so sorry...but this is really my only channel to express. Do not feel offended and treat it as hardcore selling. I just want to share my excitement because my 2 years of research received heart to heart feedback. Those who are still using your own moisturiser, finish yours first ok.
You can't imagine how touched I am when I woke up at 5am every morning and receive happy feedback from happy customer at 6am.
Perfectionist Face Lotion and Day Protection Cream received POWERFUL feedback. They are all real life experiences. Not fake ones. I took pictures of the feedback only when permission is granted.

To reward myself, I decided to give myself a day off to catch a movie at GV today ^^

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