Monday, June 6, 2011

After Part One on Saturday -- Many feedback

Hahahaaa...I believed some new newcomers will start to wonder whether I am conducting a sales workshop. Never did they know this workshop is power packed with knowledge .

During the first 5 mins, I have remarks from super newcomers,"Its cheaper to order oil from Thailand online...."

Another student who has attended my classes before, shared about my oil which is considered very cheap as compared to outside retail shops. Hahahaa... after the workshop, some went to Orchard and saw the aroma oil such as Frankincense selling at $90, while as mine is $45. I can make it more affordable because I do not have any advertising cost neither do I have to pay for any rental for shop space. Bryan's high quality aroma oil is fresh and no MLM.....

I always believe if you are sincere, people will know one day. Its not an easy journey but I enjoyed the process of learning and sharing :)

If people asked me how good is my aroma oil, I will request them to check out my blog :)

New Case : Another Sinus recover better over the weekends after attending the class.
Sinus can be cured one ok.

NB: Fresh Oil has high medicinal value, and very effective as compared to oil that has been kept in store for long. I am very confident with the quality of my oil which is the freshest and SPECIAL.

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