Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Care and Parenting

I used to share about natural therapy for both parents and kids in childcare center. I remembered there was a Japanese couple in the above group who were so amazed with Chinese Herbs.

Bryan's wishes:

Educate the next generation about herbs and breathing exercise when they are young. This can be done by bringing them to herbal shops, teach them about some simple flower tea and make them brew for you. Tell them the properties..... Teach them about one herb every week. Let them memorise the properties. Example, show them how does Rosemary herb look like and inspire them....

Do you know why I love herbs and natural therapy so much? That's because I watched how grandpa dried herbs and brew tea every morning when I was young. The first herb I learnt was 苦草,罗汉果。 That was perhaps when I was about 4 years old...I still remembered how grandma carefully dried the herbs on a bamboo basket under the SUN.

Learning about herbs is not as boring or old fashion as you think...Herbs is actually always there in our everyday life.. You can start with Green Bean Barley water to detox :)

Its been 4 years since I shared on eczema and sinus with the above group of parents. They took effort to improve their children's health, and conditions of sinus has improved tremendously. Sinus is not difficult to overcome for kids. Warm their lungs with Qi and Cupping.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am 1 of the participants in this class and my then 2 year old gal has cleared her eczema with the help of your natural method!:) She is now happily waiting to go to P1 next year... Thanks Bryan!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Please share on how to clear eczema. My gal who is 5 years old has ezcema and i hate using steriod cream again and again..