Friday, March 9, 2012

Be kind to your mind: Body will heal if your mind rest 3 mins a day

Let us not hate ourselves for having negative thoughts. We must learn to be kind to ourselves. Make an effort to understand the importance of resting our mind for 3 mins a day. If you tell me you can't even spare 3 mins a day for yourself.......I will scold you *Double confirmed

Relaxation and proper breathing exercise is essentially needed to tap our healing power within , because if you are constantly in a "BUSY " mode, tension will shut off your body's own healing energy. I know many of you cannot do yoga. No worries. I will share ways to relax using non yoga method. It will only take few minutes a day, give it a try.

1) Invest in a good relaxation CD, with many tracks. Each track around 4mins.
Now turn on a relaxation music: (about 3mins track). Lie down on your bed, take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes, and release whatever tension and ache you are carrying. As you exhale centered, say to yourself silently : "All is well................" Repeat 3 times and you will notice how well you feel. Return to normal breathing and have a 3 mins nap. After you are done, open your eyes slowly

2) Those with healing crystal, left hand hold one, right hand hold one. Stomach put one, and a black stone at the base of your foot. You can feel the TCM kind of energy flow for some.
left and right hand hold the two stones healing set.

A) Helps in chronic bodyache
B) Chronic Insomnia
C) Depressions.

D) Benefit for those always feel sick, despite body check up reveals there's nothing wrong with you.
E) Helps those who always lost temper
F) Helps those who always " See Not Open" (Direct translation from Mandarin 看不开)


Anonymous said...

Your dialogues are humourous and "easy" to understand... :D

Anonymous said...

Your deep breathing...breathe in thru' the nose, and out from the mouth, or both through the nose?

*Bryan Gan* said...

IN nose and OUT mouth best.