Sunday, June 5, 2011

Princess Of Flower Sleeping Beauty cum Skin Radiant Flower Tea


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Bees feed on this flowers

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Remember I mentioned last week that I want to share a beauty drink? Before sharing the information in my blog, I will make make sure a few friends and clients tried and see the effect. Last week, two of my clients who had insomnia tried and tested. Works Wonder... However, it also depend..

Then again, if you have insomnia why not spend $6(a big bottle) to have better sleep, as well as lightening skin pigmentation and many benefits..
I bought the above tea from Chinatown, #01-14/16 Hong Lim Complex. Do share this good remedy with people who have problems sleeping, freckles and blemishes. However, pregnant ladies and people who are allergy to flower pollen should not drink this.

Insomnia or poor quality sleep contributes to IBS, Neck pain, dark eye circles, dandruff, anger etc.... I want to thank Heaven for providing a flower that really helps and it cost only $6 which can last for many months. Give it a try. No harm trying because its flower tea. I have super good results with it.

Personally, I find this tea is like a natural " Sleeping Beauty" without having the side effect of sleeping pill. Do not drink during the day but about an hour before sleep.

How to drink?
1 teaspoon in a cup , pour in boiling water . Steep for 10mins. Strain out the flower, Drink when cool. You can add linden honey (optional) for super serious insomnia....


Ease joint and muscle pain, and taken for urinary infections and to ease sleep. An infusion of the dried flowers helped to decrease nervousness, sleeplessness and the pains of rheumatism. It makes a useful urinary antiseptic when taken internally due to the arbutin it contains, and can be taken for cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis. It has a mild diuretic action, reducing fluid retention and hastening elimination of toxins via the kidneys. It makes a good cleansing remedy for gout and arthritis as well as skin problems such as acne,pigmentation. It has a mildly sedative action and can easy anxiety, muscle tension and insomnia.

I always pray to Heaven, should I be given a chance to be on media (TV show), I hope my information can help more people even if its only a 5min session. Every one of us may be having different career but I believe in every career, we have a chance to do good, help others and spread good. If you can always have this thought in your mind, work will be a lot more enjoyable and meaningful to you.

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May I know Where else can we get this tea other than Hong Lim Complex?

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