Thursday, June 23, 2011

Key to Good Skin from within

Key to a vibrant and radiant skin also depend on pure aqua in skincare products.

I am not sure if you have noticed some skin care samples still smell the same and look ok even after 5 years. Yes. The amount of preservatives is tremendous.

In Asian context, it is believed the Qi in our body and using of natural products contribute to good skin. Of course, not forgetting drinking enough water and having enough quality sleep contributes to good skin too.

Antiage set from Bryan:
Antiage Set empowered with QI: $205
Antiage Cleanser + Lavendula vera water + Antiage serum + Moisturiser help to lock in energy, water and nutrients that keep skin soft, firm and radiant.

Day Time: It is a must to use Marigold Protection Chemical Free Sunblock. Many used it for a week and noticed that their skin no longer looks dull because it deflects away the pollution from lights emitted by,
1) Mobile Phone
2) Computer screen
3) Office Lights
4) Afternoon sun

Night time is a must to use either PERFECTIONIST or Marine Collagen Moisturiser.

Night Time: Perfectionist minimises pore and smoothing skin surface; It leaves skin feeling comfortable with a refreshing and sensuous blend of herbs and flowers.

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