Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morning and You: Re-attitude your Words.--- Important Findings.

[ Since 1997, I cultivated a habit of writing down positive affirmations on mini flash cards and use my aroma oil on a piece of cotton pad to enhance the effects... Personally, I feel if you have some chronic illness such as depression or insomnia, and still not much improvement after consulting various doctors....Perhaps you can try my method.
Sometimes I will add some aroma oil into a tub of warm water to do footbath for 15mins, and say affirmation such as," I am in the process of recovering and I can sleep sweet like a prince...." can use your own words =P

Do a checklist and reflection of your own attitidue. Do you curse, grumble every morning that you have to go for work? Do you complaint...complaint and grumble about your backache...Do you complaint about the poor weather? Do you always have to yell and shout at your children?

Most people tends to say the same things more or less the same thing when they wake up. However, is it a positive and cheerful statement made? Or was it whining and condemning??

If you always wake up with so much negativities, all your body cells will start the day with negative vibes.

When I wake up every morning, be it good or bad mood, I will listen to my voice recorded mp3, of 3mins relaxation affirmations. Have you ever tried recording your voice as you do positive affirmations? Give it a try and listen to it daily. (I shall let you hear mine in the upcoming positive affirmation workshop ok. Guide you till you HENG HENG!)

Bryan's Client Case Study (permission granted to share):
Mdm Lim is one of my client who suffers from cancer even though she maintain a healthy diet for years. However, she said she always wake up with a lot of unhappiness and complaints. At work, she tends to gossip, shout at people and feel angry. She was shocked and angry when she was diagnosed of cancer in 2005, after which she attended my positive thinking workshop at YMCA in 2006. She decided to change slowly. Mdm lim is super healthy and happier now

I asked her to observe the way how sick, poor, unhappy and lonely people talk. What words do they use?

1) Sianz lah... Suay life don't want to be human, Xin Ku, Si liao...Bo Bian lah, don't want to live...die better....Pain every day, life is so meaningless, No help liao lah ..... etc (Choy!!! Choy!!! Choy!!!)

Our words is really a matter of approach and attitude. There are power behind your spoken words which will affect your body and mind.

Bryan's simple remedies: Be willing to take the first step. No matter how small it is. Focus on the fact you are willing to change and you are taking steps to change. Miracles will happen one day.

(Example: you stayed with a difficult mother in law. It seems that nothing can change your life and your husband kept listening to her.... .Don't worry, if you follow my method slow and steady, your difficult mother in law will mellow down. Remember our body radiates Magnetic field. If you radiate out good energy, people around you will be affected)

Bryan's Aroma Positive Affirmation:
When Rose Geranium combines with Lemon and Rosemary, it breaks the negative thoughts in life and instill positive energy.
I like to add one drop of each oil onto a piece of cotton pad, and carry it with me in my bag. The aroma will last whole day. Sometimes, I will also hold the piece of cotton pad and say,
" Life is a joy and filled with love. I am loving and lovable and loved. All is well in my world"

  1. Rose Geranium: Activate positive cells

  2. Rosemary: Break away negative emotions

  3. Lemon Sweet: Bring in sweet memories in life.
NB: Bryan is a certified crystal therapist, positive affirmation and founder of Singapore Aroma Color Acupressure Workshop, and advisor of many happy people since 1998.

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