Thursday, June 16, 2011

Total Eclipse SHort news

Our ancestors are really terrific. They can tell when is eclispe just by looking at the sky and observing the nature without the need of science equipments. Well, its all recorded in our Thousand Years Calender. Youngsters should respect and study those secret herbs and tea passed down by our ancestors, and promulgate it to next generation.

Do you remember your Ah Ma telling you that on certain day of the year, whereby if you takec, it will be very "PO" to your body. Its true in a way...

Total Lunar Eclipse Effect on our Health?

How does a Lunar Eclipse, especially the Total Lunar Eclipse affect us? Lunar (Moon) Energy in general is a very maternal, nurturing energy. As the Earth, Moon and Sun become perfectly aligned, full moon is covered by Earth's shadow. During this time, the Lunar energy of the Full Moon is effectively "blocked out" and may caused feelings of fear, anxiety and/or abandonment.

During this time, relationships may come into question and/or there may be an increase in emotional intensity. However, this is only for a very short period of time(during the complete black out of the Full Moon). As the Full Moon begins to light up again, you will find this heaviness and intensity slowly lift and dissipate.

It is nothing religious but a kind of magnetic effect on our body.

I hope you can read this post with an open mind. During these few days, Bryan's Relaxation Blend and 478 breathing exercise will be very beneficial. Alternatively, Lavendula vera+ Rose Geranium + Lemon onto a piece of tissue and tape it to your blowing fan or aircon to enhance good healing energy into the body system...

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