Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Years old wood Bryan's Sandalwood Oil

Yes. Its the purest and excellent sandalwood oil. I like to apply a drop of Sandalwood oil onto a piece of a cotton pad and keep it in a small empty bottle. The lovely aroma will last for months. I love sandalwood oil as it is a very purifying oil. I will mix 2 drops of sandalwood oil into 10ml of rice bran oil, and apply this blend to massage face once a week and hair sometimes.

Not all aromatherapy is pure and fresh. I focus on the energy of the oil. Good oil has high energy. Once you smell its aroma, you feel great. My Lavendula vera oil and Grapefruit pink oil are the best examples.

Benefits of Bryan's Aged Sandalwood Oil
The aroma of Sandalwood is sedative, with possible antidepressant effects. The oil may also be helpful in cases where depression has lead to sexual difficulties, and can support the nervous system and circulation.

Bryan's favourite Energy Blend: 2 drops of Sandalwood oil in 10ml rice bran oil. You can use this blend to massage stomach for male and female energy. People who experienced chronic tiredness, can do a massage using this blend with 2 fingers below navel.

Sandalwood Oil: 5ml $120 and a free 15ml sandalwood flora water.

Famous Anniversary Special for Bryan's sandalwood oil.

Free 15ml of sandalwood hydrosol flora water. A true steam distilled hydrosol from whole Sandalwood! Enjoy this exotic, alluring and deeply mesmerizing hydrosol which is perfectly suited for those who feel that pure Sandalwood is too penetrating of a scent. 5 drops on the face before serum or moisturiser brings nice skin.

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