Monday, July 18, 2011

Flower of Forgiveness -- Aromatherapy (dedicate to my teacher in Brisbane Marilyn)

Forgiving people who have done you wrong is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Yap. That's right. Its not just for them but FOR YOURSELF. When we are unable to let go and refuse to forgive, we are carrying a heavy burden in our heart and actually hurting ourself the most....In fact, it may make you sick due to all the tension and stress you carry around daily without realising....

To forgive others isn’t always easy. I think it’s particularly more difficult if you have a stubborn or big ego....

Aromatherapy blend for forgiveness are

2 drops of Lemon oil, 2 drops of Rosemary oil and 2 drops of Rose Geranium oil into 10ml of rice bran oil. Mix well and daily this mixture daily. A few drops onto the chest, neck before sleep and say, "I LET GO". Repeat saying 7 times. Take a deep breath.... You will be so so surprise !!!

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